Q&A with CompBanker, Part 2

I just read through our whole interview for the third time, and wow, there is some seriously thought provoking, downright great advice. If you thought part 1 was hearty with information, just go ahead and read part two below; where CompBanker talks about the specific advice he would give to Monkeys, and even what he does in his precious free time.

Hopefully a lot more of these to come with our experienced users, but for now, sit back and enjoy the final part of CompBanker’s interview.


Q&A with CompBanker, Part 1

Today, I have a very special treat for monkeys that frequent WSO. This weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of WSO’s finest. Some say he’s part Saint, part Guru, but If you have posted on the forums seeking some good ol’ fashion advice, you probably know the name CompBanker.

Wall Street Over Compensation?

Out of curiosity I took a quick look at how much Net Revenue is generated by an individual employee across GS, MS, Google, and Apple.
--GS net revenue per employee is about ~50% lower than google and ~40% lower than apple.
--MS net revenue per employee is about ~30% lower than google and ~20% lower than apple.

Most recent quarter net revenues were annualized and compared to total employees -- full-time, temps, part-time. Net interest income was included for GS and MS, and excluded for Google and Apple (non-operating, not truly driven by employees).

salaries for VC vs IB

wondering about compensation for the two industries at each level..who gets more? benefits? perks? for the sake of comparison lets assume were talking about a BB bank vs top VC firm eg. KPCB, sequoia etc

IB analyst vs VC analyst
IB associate vs senior VC analyst
VP vs Principal
MD vs Venture Partner


How I got into Banking

Mod Note: bumping this thread from November 2006 up top to the forums for new members who haven't seen it. Great story from one of our top members.

So I'm new here and spent a good deal of time reading all of the posts from the past few weeks. I thought I would share my story.

So I am at a Business school in New England majoring in Computers. No banks recruit at my school with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 smaller ones. We have almost no alumni in I-Banking and I certainly don't know any of them or even bothered to find out who they were. I didn't have any previous experience in I-Banking but I had taken a couple Accounting, Finance, and Economics courses.