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Shooting for MBB, Semi-Target Uni, Strong Leadership, Good Grades, please humble me

I'm a junior at Cornell trying to intern at a top mgmt consulting firm. My resume is semi-anonymized, but you could find me pretty easily if you really wanted to, but I don't really care.



Infosys Management Consulting

Hi does anyone know any reputation on Infosys's management consulting group? It seems pretty new and I read an article today that they're hiring over 2100 new graduate students this year to boost their US consulting practice. I got an offer out of undergrad right now that I am mulling over but also a TC one from Accenture.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Advice please! Google v. IBM v. Deloitte?

Hi folks,

WSO has been a great source of advice throughout my job search - and I finally have options that I could really use your help to decide between! I'm a senior at a top 3 university, currently trying to figure out what to do for full time. I really wanted to work for MBB but didn't get an offer after interviews. I currently have offers for IBM consulting (interned last summer), Google sales, and Deloitte consulting S&O. I'm also interviewing for the Capital One business analyst program and a position with Royal Caribbean on the revenue management side. A consideration of mine would be to potentially work at MBB in the future, or work in retail/consumer goods, although I'm not sure yet what I want to do.

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Advisory Consulting

Currently an analyst in a F500 strategy group (internal consulting). Looking to move into Big 4 Advisory to gain broader experience and hopefully bump up into an upper tier B-School program.

I understand the various services that Big 4 firms offer but in terms of structure, are teams confined to a particular service area alone or does it vary for the team from engagement to engagement? I'm not too sure I would enjoy technology consulting, although I will admit I now very little about what it entails.

Deloitte (federal) or IBM (federal) or accenture (commercial)

Deloitte Business Technology Analyst (federal) or Accenture Business and Systems Integration Analyst (commercial) or IBM Strategy and Analytics (federal)