Credit Trading to Leveraged Finance IBD

Wondering if this move is doable or if it is common in the industry. How transferable is the skill set? Feedback appreciated.

Calling sell-side credit traders...

A few questions for those in the credit space...

1.) Book size, what max risk levels are typical at a BB for an experienced trader...? I expect there is a difference between IG and HY but there must be some ballparks... obviously in the regulated era we live in this is a little murky, so lets call it inventory.

2.) PnL - what is a typical profit target for a relatively senior trader at a bank? I'm thinking around 10-20 bucks?

6-Week Credit Trading Internship - Need Advice

I'm headed to NYC to work at Barclays for 6 weeks in Credit Trading. It's not the traditional internship given scheduling complications I have, and I am wondering how I should prepare for something like this. I have been following news, learning credit default swaps and monitoring the FED, but I am just curious what I should really be prepared for.

Interview With a Buy Side Credit Trader - Looking for Insights and Advice

Hi All,

I have a phone interview for a trading assistant position for a buy side firm with the credit trader I would be supporting. The group runs a Core fixed income strategy. The trader is responsible for trading corporates and treasuries. May totally be off base, but judging from the relative return nature of the strategy, the need to generate alpha and thus intellectual creativity on the desk seems crucial to the team's success. I was hoping to gain some further insights and advice on how to tackle this interview, impress the trader, and learn more about the core strategy. Thank you in advance!

Credit Trading all-round recommended read?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a book covering most aspects of credit trading, e.g. Options, indexes, illiquids, high-yield, etc.? I have searched but many people simply ask about CDSs, etc., but I was wondering if there were any books covering the wider asset class?


Government bond trading Vs Credit index trading at a BB

Any advice on what to choose for a full time offer? Relative to future of industries, job interests, career evolution, etc.
Assuming the bank is quite strong in both, that I am interested in both areas, and start at an analyst level.

Credit desk

I am currenlty working in corporate restructuring at a consulting firm. While I thoroughly enjoy what I do, I think my personality drives me towards trading. Is there any way (without getting an MBA) that with my background I can get on a credit trading desk?

Quick help!!! Difference between credit trading and rates trading???

Hey, is there a difference between credit trading and rates trading?

I thought they are both just trading bonds?

Thanks a lot!

Credit trading vs. Long short credit hedge fund

Please explain main differences between fixed income credit trading at a good buyside firm vs. long/short credit hedge fund.

Credit trading seems more attractive b.c. you get to learn more risk mgmt rather than being heavily research-focused, but can someone confirm / breakdown how each day in the life is different for an associate?

How much more mathy is credit trading? What are the relative pluses / minuses of each? Are sellable skillsets wider for the trader?

I am tempted to enter sell-side credit trading to try to get into buyside later instead of pursuing long/short credit fund now b.c. I want the trading skillsets but just wanted to make sure that you actually don't already get this from going long/short?