S&P 500 Components Price Historical Data

Hi all,

I am looking for a database that would allow me to download the historical stock price (for at least 10 years) of each of the 502 components of the SP 500. I don't mind if I have to pay for it as I would like to avoid loosing some days in appending 502 stock data one by one...

Thanks a lot !

What does a Data Analyst do?

I have an interview with a well-known multi-asset manager for a Data Analyst internship.

Is this FO, MO, BO? I couldn't find too much through the search bar. This summer I interned at a boutique IB in a FO role so I'm deciding whether this might be a good next step. Any thoughts?

Good free data source for historical prices of options on futures?

Plenty of resources for futures and equity options, but I'm having trouble finding a quality and free source for historical prices of options on futures. Who's got 'em?

Bloomberg quote code format also appreciated, though not as immediately useful.

Equity Research Problems

Hi guys,

I currently study in Madrid and I'm doing the Master in Finance after doing several internships in IBanking and now I'm going to start in Consulting full-time. During my studies we had to do several equity research projects, including company valuations using DCF, multiples and accounting based valuation. However during all of these projects I found that doing research and getting the financial statements is an absolute hassle. Either the information is plain wrong or difficult to attain (despite access to both Bloomberg and Factset). So from my perspective there is a real lack in the market for financial data especially just easily downloading historical financial statements. What is your view on this?


What should I do for the summer?

It's quite difficult to get a job in financial/data analysis and modeling, especially now that the recruiting season for banks is over. I am a sophomore in college, and would like to, in some way, acquire experience in this field and show it on my resume or LinkedIn. What do you recommend I do for the summer?

Reis/CoStar alternatives?

My organization pays a lot of money for Reis. Just through spot checking and comparing to our prior transactions and our appraisals it's apparent the Reis is an entirely unreliable data source. We switched over from CoStar last year because it was just kind of mediocre.

Can anyone recommend a source of real estate data that they find fairly comprehensive and accurate?

Harris Williams Industry / Data Reports


Someone passed this on to me, so I thought I'd pass it on too.

Harris Williams do some great free and frequent industry update reports: http://www.harriswilliams.com/news-resources/indus...

Deloitte Data Analytics or Chase Leadership Development Program?

Deloitte FAS
Forensics & Data Analytics > Data Analytics Associate

JP Morgan Chase
Chase LDP rotational program/ commercial

Which would be better for full-time and why? Exit ops? Pay scale? I can't find much info about either track.

Getting Data

I want to run correlations between historical prices of stuff. I can go on google finance and see charts but I would like big tables of data to run regression analysis on.

Is there a way to get this data for free?