Anyone here play Fantasy Baseball?

I'm thinking of creating a Fantasy Baseball league for this upcoming season over on ESPN. Nothing is set in stone yet but hopefully something can come to fruition.

I think it'd be interesting to get a league full of monkeys. Perhaps make it even more interesting and make it a money league? (via PayPal)

I know Fantasy Sports have been discussed around these parts before - mainly football - but I'm sure there's enough baseball fanatics out there that would potentially be interested in a league.

Any [potential] takers?

What are your buy-ins for your fantasy football leagues?

I'm in a few leagues + pools, my buy-ins generally range from $100 - $150. I've got some friends in finance though and heard about some of the big leagues downtown. Wondering what the typical buy-ins are. (I'm a co-founder at FantasyBuzzer dot com. We're a small NYC-based fantasy football startup, so not in the finance industry.)

EPL Fantasy Team

Hey Everyone,

So as the first week of opening Premier League matches wraps up, I just wanted to see if anyone else on WSO has a fantasy league team? This is my first year playing and am pretty happy/psyched with my teams performance for the first week. Totalled 58 points, even with a few players performing dismally. What are your scores for those who are playing? Line ups?