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Hello Monkeys,

First New York - Any Updates?

Anyone have an updates on First New York? Are they hiring?

Iphone & Droid Calculator application

Hey guys, I have been asking people about what they would think about a calculator application that would allow you to use your iphone to calculate NPV, IRR values to even monthly car payments and so on.

For those of you who have worked at investment banks as interns, you probably remember the analyst or the associate using their HP 12C calculators or the Ti's while in a meeting just to adjust a few numbers or to just verify that the numbers in the presentations are correct. What if you didn't need a calculator and can just use a calculator on your iphone, that would allow you to easily enter a few values and calculate banking related figures in seconds.

First New York- Questions

Have already browsed search function and had a few additional questions about First New York. Would love if any of you could give me more info/confirm what I've heard as some info on site seems dated.

1. How many assistant traders per class/how many of those get promoted to trader?
2. During the trial trading period, have heard starting bp is 500k? Can someone confirm?
3. How long is trial trading period/what is considered a good enough percent return to grad to trader?
4. How much classroom work is there during training? Any tests besides Series ones?
5. Assuming good performance, what is max cap given? If they only have $350mm and 200-230 traders, it seems like only $1.5mm per trader, which can't be right.

Information on First New York Securities?

Hi all,

I have an upcoming first round interview with First New York Securities. I was wondering if anyone has past experience with them before and has any information on how they operate or what sorts of questions might come up during the interview?

More specifically, I am curious as to First New York's general trading strategy. I come from a prop shop market making internship background where profits are generated from arbitrage strategies. Does First New York employ a similar market-making strategy or are they more focused on directional trading through some kind of technical analysis, etc?

I'm also interested in knowing whether they are looking more for people who have exceptional quantitative skills, or people who are able to articulate investment pitches?

Best Proprietary Trading Firms - 2010

I know this topic was posted before, but it's been a while and a lot has changed recently. I'm looking to hear primarily from active prop traders and those with first hand knowledge and experience; what are some of the best prop firms out there right now, and why? how has HFT and black box/grey box trading affected these firms' strategies and profitability? What are they now looking for in a new hire? and of course... chicago vs new york vs other: what's the best city for prop trading?

First New York Interview

Has anyone interviewed with first new york ?

I have a first round of interview soon. Can any one provide some information on their hiring process, nature of questions asked etc?


Can the training period at First NY be shortened

Was wondering if the initial 18 month training period can be shortened for more experienced individuals joining? i got my MBA this year from Texas and landed at BB in a fixed income as an assocaite this past summer. Have a lead for an intial interview at FNY and just needed to know if it can be shortened as I just want to trade.