Goldman sachs Credit Risk CRMA

I just want to start out by saying this is not the first time I'm contacted by a GS recruiter the last one was for the Global Investment Research group which clearly went sideways in the phone screening. Here is the email I received earlier today:


My apologizes for the informal email approach. I recently came across your resume on and I wanted to reach out directly regarding the role below.

I'm a recruiter with Goldman Sachs and I’m currently working on a role within Credit Risk and I wanted to see if you were exploring options on the market. By looking at your background, you or someone you know could be a great fit for this position and I’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss with you further.

IB Summer Internship Abroad Looked down upon?

I'm a junior at a target school (Top 6 in the US for Economomics). I was not able to secure a SA internship at a BB.

I'm going to contact some boutiques to see if I can still get an internship in IB (US). I was thinking about applying to internship in South America. I know Goldman Sachs has offices in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. I'm particularly interested in Chile because I have friends there and rent would be virtually $0.

Now my question would be:

What's better, an internship with GS in Chile, or an internship at a boutique in the US (San Francisco or New York)?

Are internships oversees looked down upon?

Keep in mind my goal is to get a FT at a BB in the US


BB PWM internship exit opps

This summer I will be interning at a BB (think GS or JP Morgan) in PWM. I am not sure what exactly I want to do in Finance but figured having a BB name on my resume is better than working at a boutique as an analyst. So my question is, what are some suggested fields that I could pursue after interning in PWM? If I decided to stay in PWM for a few years, went to Graduate School, and decided to do something else, is it really that hard of a transition?

Looking for personal experiences! I have read pretty thoroughly about this subject on WSO but wanted to give it another round of discussion.

Goldman IMD valuation analyst interview

Anyone have any advice going into a GS valuation analyst role within IMD division? Valuing securities of all sorts. Any idea of technicals that would come up?

GS FIG clarifier

I've searched through the forums and have seen two divergent opinions regarding GS FIG's placement to PE.

S&T SA Analyst Offers: GS HK v. MS FI NYC v. BAML NYC

Which one of these would you take? Assuming you get along with everyone (yes, assume I'm "that guy"), and don't have a preference for location. Prestige is out the window; I just want an opinion of where you would start your career at just due to the overall strength/mkt. share of the desks at those firms above.

Goldman's crossword puzzle

Anyone want to try it?

Goldman Sachs never hires applicants from PwC FT.. why?

I spoke to one of the HR employees at GS and she told me that due to a compliance matter GS have a quota for the number of people they can hire from PwC. It is very disappointing and ridiculous to hear that they have such a weird policy. Do you guys know anything about this issue?