"Why Stanford Is Beating HBS Among Dual Admits"

This is consistent with what I've been hearing from inside sources for a number of years. That dual admits long used to split about 50/50 but that recently (for a few years now) it is heavily in Stanford's favor to the tune of 3:1.

"These choices are closely guarded secrets in the world of MBA admissions, but for the first time Bloomberg Businessweek today (Jan. 28) sorted through its most recent survey data to find answers to these often agonizing decisions...

"...When it comes to Harvard and Stanford, the results give the West Coast school a big edge—mainly due to the increasing popularity of both entrepreneurship and tech. Of the 63 applicants in BW’s sample who were admitted to both schools, 56% headed to the land of palm trees and warm weather, while only 22% chose Harvard Business School."

Please evaluate for profile for a top MBA (i.e. M7)

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to gauge a sense of my credentials to get into an M7 school (think WHS). Was hoping anyone with advice on the matter could suggest anything. I've highlighted my background below, however it's a little verbose!

I'm a UK resident (having migrated to London when I was 6 with my parents, as my father was an investment banker), but was born in India. I have been constantly moving between the 2 countries as a child. I was in the UK till I was 16, studying at a top UK public (independent) school, think along the lines of Phillips Exeter etc, where I did well academically.

How hard is it to transfer into Wharton/Harvard from a community college?

Have a strong desire to do i-banking, but I know this industry puts a lot of attention on the prestige of the employee's school. People on WSO have brilliant ideas and I really want to hear all your opinions. Much thanks!

Harvard undergrad sued for affirmative action

Harvard, along with UNC Chapel Hill, have been named in a lawsuit filed by a newly formed nonprofit group: Students for Fair Admissions. The lawyers for the plaintiffs were also involved in the Fisher vs. Texas affirmative action case from last year.

Basically, the plaintiff argues that Harvard is discriminating against Asian-Americans in its admissions policy, supported by compelling data. Since Harvard is a private university, it is being sued for violating Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act while UNC is being sued for violating the Equal Protection Clause under the 14th Amendment.

Surprise Showing by Yale?

LinkedIn has introduced "University Rankings," which supposedly ranks universities by their placement into various professions (I can't post links but if you search "linkedin university rankings," it comes up). I was a little surprised to see Yale placed at #3 for "Investment Bankers," and #2 for "Finance Professionals," as Yale, from what I've seen, is regarded as less than Princeton and Harvard (which were 6 and 11 for investment banking and 4 and 8 for finance professionals, respectively) for finance placement. UPenn, as expected, ranked ahead of Yale in both areas. Thoughts?

2.4 GPA - 760 GMAT - Interesting Stats

Would appreciate any help in regards to my chances of getting into a top 10 MBA Program:

2.4 GPA (top 50 Uni - 4 years out of school)
760 GMAT
Started own NPO
Started own company out of college that grosses 2 m/yr and employs 5 people
Now in Sales/Relationship Management at large US Bank

Is this the best approach to Harvards MBA essay?

As you know, Harvard has only one optional essay question at the moment:

"You’re applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, school transcripts, extra-curricular activities, awards, post-MBA career goals, test scores and what your recommenders have to say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy?"

Currently, I am thinking about answering it by detailing selected elements of my written application that I feel could not be presented in necessary detail due to character length restrictions, e.g. concrete responsibilities and outcomes of an extracurricular.


Hi, I'm a former Harvard Interviewer, and a Harvard grad. I run the MBA admissions consulting firm, MBA IVY LEAGUE out of Manhattan. Happy to try to answer any questions anyone has about the MBA or EMBA process.

Jillian, Founder & President
MBA Ivy League
(646) 276-7042
MBAIvyLeague (dot) com

Chances at M7 - Appreciate some advice

Posting for a friend here:

- Female
- Raised US
- Born Korea
- Korean citizen

Work (thus far)
- 1.5 years @ EY's Commercial Advisory team focuses on MM PE DDs (US)
- Interned at Accenture (US)
- Interned at large foundation with $2B AUM (US)

- Involved in university's student-run venture fund
- Ran operations for one of university's portfolio companies which does ~$100K revenue

- Top 10 University (e.g. Duke, Dartmouth)
- 3.70 GPA
- Double Majored in Econ and Policy
- SAT 2260, GMAT TBD

Three big questions:
- What are my chances at M7?
- How can I improve my chances? Any specific strategies for particular schools?