Bridgewater Internship

Hi everybody,

I go to a top Ivy League school that I know Bridgewater recruits from. However, they have not yet posted anything about internships to my school's OCS database and their website does not let you apply yet. Does anybody know if Bridgewater does their recruiting later on in the year, or what their deal is with internships this year and/or in general?

global macro funds

it seems like the top macro funds (tudor, moore, caxton, soros, etc) tend to hire PM's more than junior people (please correct me if i'm wrong). for those who with knowledge of these types of funds, any advice on how to get in as a junior person?

From BB Sales to Hedge Funds?

Knowing that in fundamental HFs, a research or CorpFin background is preferred, while in more technical funds, the traders have a good shot, i wondered if it is possible to go to a HF from (BB) sales?

how do the exit options differ among product categories such as, credit, equity derivatives, fx etc....

what other exit options would you see for sales people?

Global Macro Fund Interview

Ok so I have a week to prepare for an interview at a top tier global macro fund for a summer internship (junior summer). Prior to this I've had an internship at a top "financial communications" firm, so very little correlation experience-wise, though this fund is a client of the firm I worked for last summer.

I was wondering if anyone here has had an interview like this and could shed some light on what I should be studying up on. As far as what group I'm interviewing for etc...they haven't indicated and I feel like it is just a general interview. I figure I'm probably looking at operations-type positions

The Twitter Fund

A few months back, Jorge posted a link to a research paper showing a correlation between the mood of tweets and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The study proved to be interesting, since it aggregated a large amount of random tweets which had nothing to do with the stock market, but displayed a significant correlation.

Twitter mood predicts the stock market

These guys are taking it a step further.

The Derwent Absolute Return Fund, aka The Twitter Fund, seeks to use a similar strategy, following tweets to determine mood and sentiment following a news event. The technology, dubbed The Fourth Dimension, has managed to pull in 25 Million Pounds from investors for the fund, according to CNBC.

Later round interviews - how to seal the deal?

For later / last rounds for PE / hedge fund interviews & say you're a pretty strong candidate (but not amazing stand-out strong), any suggestions for how to seal the deal / push the firm over the line from thinking you're another strong candidate to actually giving you an offer?

Just curious if people have different ways/tips of standing out in the later fit rounds. Thanks.

The 7 most epic shorts in finance history

Going long a security has always had a wholesome ring to it; it says you believe in a company, you see a bright future for it, you stand by its management, and you back it up by investing in it.

Going short however has the stigma of nastiness; its Machiavellian, sinister, a bit like doing the old in out to an unconsenting devotchka or watching a new Tom cruise movie. It’s wrong, leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and has been called “un-American”.

Unlike Tom Cruise however, going short is awesome, and often leads to interesting stories.

Without further ado, here are the 7 most epic plungers in history.

Value Giants on Video

To the Value guys, not sure if you’ve seen this, but anyway this one’s for you.

I wrote about these two value investors a few months back and, looking for updates on their battle over St. Joe (which Einhorn looks to be winning - barely), I stumbled on these interviews they gave to WealthTrack.

I understand that these guys rarely give out interviews and the insights they share in these are excellent.

Einhorn in particular talks about his views of the financial system today, how he feels about QE2, and why ratings agencies should be kaput.

He also shares his thesis on some of his trades, namely Apple, Moody’s, St. Joe, and a few more. Interesting to see how he works.

Same thing with Berkowitz, after sharing his thoughts on the economy and how the Fed has handled things, he takes us into what’s behind his massive positions in financial stocks and delves into why AIG and BoA among others.

He also talks about his contrarian strategy, how his competitors view him, and what’s it like to be fired by your mother.

Videos after the jump.

There be Tigers cubs here

Global macro is undoubtedly one of the most pursued styles in the hedge fund world, and for the monkeys interested in it, you might find this to your liking.

Opalesque TV has recently interviewed Argonaut Capital founder David Gerstenhaber about global macro and the Tiger cub had a lot interesting things to say about it.

A former economist at Morgan Stanley, Gerstenhaber entered the macro arena when he joined Tiger as partner back in the 80’s.

He talks about how much of a swashbuckling experience it was back then; where making big bets for abnormal returns with limited risk management was de rigueur and where volatility was not a big issue.

He also shares how much the industry has changed since then, from the prioritizing of risk management after the dot com bubble, how it compares to other investment styles, and what he sees in the future for the macro field.

The insight into how Argonaut operates is pretty good as well.

Video after the jump.

Sink or swim - first day on the job

I started a job very recently at a boutique financial advisory firm as an analyst and feel very lucky to be employed. My first day, however, was like being immediately thrown to a pack of wolves - I was handed a major project and given a vague set of instructions. My boss implied it was "my job to figure it out", meaning I had to sort through an Excel workbook with literally 25+ sheets of valuations/models and input the correct figures, make sure the numbers look alright, etc. The sheer amount of data to sort through was almost paralyzing, but I plan on working my ass off to get this done no matter how long it takes.