Too many debt issuances and not many M&A Deals a bad thing for IB Analysts?

Hey all - wanted to get your thoughts on this: will an Analyst get any interest from PE recruiters if your BB industry/coverage group has had many debt issuances but only one large M&A transaction (2011)? On behalf of someone who is interested in moving to an Associate in PE. Thanks



List of Deals by Investment Banks

Hello all, I've been trying to find a list of the deals that WFS (specifically their Industrials coverage group) has done recently. The two sources I've found thus far that could give me this information is: CapitalIQ and Dealbook.

Unfortunately, I don't have a subscription to CapitalIQ, and Dealbook hasn't been helpful as of yet, so I was curious if you knew of any other free databases/resources I could use to find this information? Thank you

Resume review for SA 2015

Planning on submitting my resume very soon and would love some feedback. Any help would be really appreciated.

Best Path to REPE

Over the past year, I've become very interested in real estate. I'm 25 and have no RE experience besides investing in a multifamily property.

I'd like to end up in REPE one day. Which of the following would be a good path to take?

1. I work another year or two and get my MBA at top school. I'd then transition to REIB as an associate then after a few years get a job at a REPE fund.

2. I get my Masters in real estate and try to get into REPE directly from one of those programs.

Thanks for any input.

Non Target school undergrad help

I am currently a sophomore at a non-target school in Ohio looking for any internship opportunities in the field of finance. Does any current professionals or current upperclassmen have any advice for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

LGBT Investment Banking Conferences - Citi, GS, Barclays, JPM

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has heard back from any of the firms for their LGBT conferences:

Citi Pride Summit
Goldman Sachs Pride Summit
Barclays Bootcamp for corporate finance and Markets
J.P. Morgan Proud to Be

Portfolio manager specific industry- Please Help

How hard is it to be a portfolio manager in a specific sector (example: cyclical us equities, emerging market stocks, corporate aaa bonds) please help as I am trying to focus my career on an area and am running out of time!