JP IB Risk

I searched around here a bit and didn't get much clarity on what JP's IB Risk really is. I'm from a non-target school and I'm going to their superday this Friday. I'm actually really interested in risk management, but will I be interviewed like its an IB position?

JP Morgan IB Risk

Hey all. I just searched throughout the site and found only outdated and unhelpful info on the IB Risk analyst program at JP Morgan. What questions should I expect at a first round interview?

JPM IB Risk Case Competition

I recently got invited to this compeition, and was wondering if anyone else on this forum is competing?

Market Risk Vs Credit Risk Management

Which one should be a better gig(to transition into an IB role later after an MBA)? have an opportunity to pursue either..
As far as I know Market risk involves calculating risk that the value of a portfolio, either an investment portfolio or a trading portfolio, will decrease due to the change in value of the market risk factors.

Broking Vs Risk Management

Which one has more exit opps..aim is to enter a BB in future..

have opportunity to start a career in either..

Case Study IB Risk Info

If anyone could help provide information on how to approach this study I would appreciate it, as I have found no help online otherwise.

What would be the biggest concerns in extending / amending a loan to a lending company (mostly financed in credit facilities / CLOs/ bonds) w

The company would like to extend the maturity date and offers an immediate paydown for extending its loan for 2 more years.

Any help would be appreciated.

Institutional Desk or Risk Management

Alright guys..i have posted this before but seriously I need to get more views on this.. so sorry fr posting again
here s the older post

Do you guys think that just executing trades at an Institutional desk will give me skill sets to move into a better role later? Or should i take the Risk management role which i feel will give me some skill sets and will require atleast some of the stuff which i am learning in my finance masters..

i understand that Risk Management can pigeonhole me but don't you think it is more prestigious than being a broker..?

JPMorgan IB Risk Bonuses

I recently accepted an offer to join an IB Credit Risk team at JPMorgan.

I wanted to know if anyone is currently in this program. Any idea about how are ANALYST BONUSES compared to being in other teams in the IBD (such as M&A, Leveraged Finance, etc)??? What about exit opportunities? What about staying in an IB as an Associate?