Investment Banking Help! UIUC to Investment Banking?

Hi, I will be a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the fall. I have been admitted directly into the College of Business. I have my dreams set on breaking into Investment banking but am nervous that the University of Illinois doesn't have the rep in IB that I need to break in.

So, if I stayed at UIUC and got involved in business organizations, clubs, etc and got a 3.8-3.9 GPA and networked hardcore would I have a good chance for multiple BB and MM interviews and internships in New York or even Chicago?

Or, is my only chance to have a solid fresman year and then try to transfer to somewhere like UMich or Northwestern?

Chicagostan: Tunisia's Lendee

It's not very often that I have the opportunity or the ability to hold my lunch long enough to quote The Socialist Worker's webiste.

But then again when you are talking about Chicago, those sorts of comparisons are indeed relevant. For those who have never been to Chicago or for those who live in it but have never ventured west of California and south of U.S. Cellular Field, this bit of hard quantitative evidence is worth a read and a thought.

Yeah, exactly...

University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign MSF Interview

I am going to be speaking with the Assistant Director and Professor that heads up the program next week. Anyone have any questions that they want asked? Post here and I will link the interview when I do it.


Did Wall Street Cost the Dems the Election?

I find it odd, but it seems to me that a great deal of President Obama's biggest critics come from his own side of the aisle. Bill Maher springs to mind right off the bat (full disclosure: I'm a big Bill Maher fan - much to my wife's chagrin), but there are many others like him on the Left who think Obama and the Dems have done a lousy job with the opportunity they've had since his 2008 victory.

This One Is For You IlliniProgrammer

Came across this in an old The Onion and knew IlliniProgrammer must be alerted.

Headline: University Of Illinois Researchers Find Link Between Attending University of Illinois, Receiving Solid Education At Great Price

Byron Wien's Billionaire Cabal Bearish on U.S.

Byron Wien's annual "wienee" roast (you see what I did there?) for the lucky sperm club revealed some deep-seated insecurities on the part of the Masters of the Universe. The event hosted 50 anonymous guests, 10 of whom are reportedly billionaires, and I'm guessing all of whom failed to make the cut for the Bilderberg bash where the fate of humanity is really decided. In any case, this was no Obama fundraiser.

Michelle Obama's Vacation

This isn't really Wall Street-related per se, but it could speak to some of the perceived abuses that the Street always seems to be accused of. I'm talking about First Lady Michelle Obama's vacation on the coast of Spain. The trip is reportedly costing U.S. taxpayers $75,000 per day, but I'm wondering if this really is an outrage or if it's more of a tempest in a teacup.

Anyone who has attended Illinois or Rochester's MSF Programs please help

Is anyone currently enrolled or have recently graduated from either the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign or the University of Rochester MSF program.?

If so please let me know I am trying to decide between the two, and any inside information would be very helpful.

Thank you.