PwC FSR (Financial Instruments, Structured Products and Real Estate) Advisory Role Vs. Morgan Stanley Asset Management

I got two offers, one from MS for AM and one from PwC for FSR a smaller niche group and i would be focused on derivatives and mortgage back securities. The pay is similar for the summer intern role for both, and i liked both the atmospheres equally. MS has no possibly for full time, and PwC has a strong opportunity for full time but does the MS name mean more in the long run and possibly open more doors?

Anyone have any insight into either or a similar situation?

Investment Banking Internship Chicago

I have a long winter break, 5 weeks, and was looking to gain some IB experience. Would Boutique Banks in Chicago offer internships for winter break? Also, would this experience help me significantly towards SA 2015 recruiting? (No previous finance work experience).

Bad form in finding freshman summer internship?

Whats up WSO,

I'm currently a freshman at a semi target university looking for an internship this summer. I'm going to tap current connections as well as try out traditional networking (i.e.- cold email -> call/informational interview -> relationship fostered) but I think I might also try out something else- I found a list of 500 boutique banks in new york city, and I want to email them ALL directly asking for an *unpaid* position at their firm over summer.

Wall Street Oasis Content Management Intern(s) Needed

Wall Street Oasis is looking for one-two interns to help me manage our content, specifically the homepage, forum and blog content, and help manage the contributing authors.

The internship is unpaid, but tangible/intangible benefits you will receive are listed below. You will be working remotely and communicating with me at least once per week (via chat/email).

If you're looking for that internship to get your foot in the door and fill your resume with some real-world experience for a large financial community, this is the perfect opportunity for you.


From PWM to Sales/Trading

Hello all Monkeys,

Pwc Technology Advisory Internship vs Big Tech

I'm a Computer Science major, spent the last two summers interning as a software dev, and this summer decided I wanted to try something new. I got an offer PwC for a Tech Advisory Internship and the pay is way below what I expected (I mean I knew consulting pays less than software dev, but I didn't realize it would be this much less). Unfortunately most of the tech firms I'm looking at told me they don't start recruiting until December or later (I have a return offer from the place I interned at last summer but I don't want to do the same thing again), and my offer from PwC expires at the end of November. I also find software dev insanely boring. Anyway my options are:

1) Take the PwC offer
2) Gamble on a Big Tech offer

Question about employee referral

Hi guys,

MD in one bulge bracket bank offered me to make a referral for me. He works in New York, but since I study in Europe, I would prefer landing internship in London. Is that ok, I mean do I have much bigger chances in New York because of this situation? Thanks for your answers!

Non Target school undergrad help

I am currently a sophomore at a non-target school in Ohio looking for any internship opportunities in the field of finance. Does any current professionals or current upperclassmen have any advice for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Element Capital Management?

I recently obtained an interview with a hedge fund called Element Capital Management in NYC for a summer internship position. From what I understand its a macro fund, mostly quantitative, and around 4 billion AUM. Would appreciate it if anyone has any more information on this fund, i.e. culture, people, experience, reputation, etc?