What Decision to take?


I jus graduated from university with a finance degree and having a hard time finding a position in finance. I recently got an offer as a customer service rep ( Credit insurance) at a bank and wanted to know if it is a good opportunity to move up or is it a dead end?

Internships Require Current Enrollment?

Background: I graduated form college a year ago and I have worked since then for about 6 months. I just interviewed for a PAID corporate finance summer internship, it went pretty well.

Today they emailed me to ask if I'm still in school, as my application and resume says I have graduated.

Why You Should Reject that Start-Up Job

I've always considered myself entrepreneurial at heart. Even since I've started my work in IB, I have continued to work on developing a few "back pocket" ideas that I'm excited about. Indeed, ever since I can remember, I have wanted to start my own business, not because I hope to be the next Zuckerberg, but because I believe the ability to dictate your own work is more rewarding than any other employment experience out there. It remains my ultimate career goal, and with any luck, I will make it happen some day.

That said, I have to say that the rising fad of "start-ups" in what has been - arguably - a VC bubble (read more) has started to trigger my inner skeptic. Don't get me wrong: I think it's great that we are increasingly encouraging young people to take career risks and try to create value through entrepreneurship. But I couldn't help but be suspicious that there were a fair number of people getting the short end of the "start-up" stick, if for no reason other than the fact that the few friends I had that went to work for early- to mid-stage start-ups left their corporate jobs filled with enthusiasm and are now silently trying to break their way back into what we all know collectively as the machine of corporate America.

To recent graduates with no FT job

Just graduated with no FT job? Don't feel so bad.

The truth is, 1/3 of american college graduates are underemployed. This 1/3 rate holds steady even during busts and booms. When you look at recent graduates, currently 1/2 of your peers are underemployed, with 1/10 unemployed.

Now consider the fact you want a highly competitive finance job. Well, the numbers are against you. My point? Dont scoff at waiting to enter high finance career until after bschool, or working in accounting to then lateral. Take that unpaid boutique internship with a smile!

Keep working at it and maybe you'll no longer be a statistic. Regardless if you make it in or not, you still gave it a shot and the worse you'll end up is average.

Raise but no promotion...VERY unhappy

Fellow Monkeys,

Today is not a good day over in my neck of the woods. Long story short, but I was expecting to have a conversation saying that come March of next year I will officially be moved up in the company.

To give a brief, brief background...I was brought into a boutique ER shop as a sales assistant (this company likes to promote from within, so a move to ER or onto the sales desk is in my future). I have now been here over a year, and was expecting my bump up (as they've done with every other sales assistant in the past), however, that did not happen. Now there are a few possible reasons for this, but the one that is glaring at me is the fact that I would be the youngest person on the desk by at least 2 years.

Walk-in "cold call" question

Hey guys, looking for some advice. So I've been knocking on a few doors recently by making early morning drop ins which is a great experience btw. While doing my research of firms, I became more focused on understanding the strategies and culture (boutique and medium sized firms) which has helped preparing the resume and cover letter for the firms.

A different approach to job hunting

So a friend of a friend of mine is trying something new. They have been looking for a month or so with not many bites.

They decided to put an add in the paper and say something to the effect of "3 years experience in the oil and gas sector, seeks analyst position" or something along those lines. Is this a good approach or a bad approach? Why?

What b-school taught me about the job hunt

So in an earlier post I shared portions of what I'm calling my quarter-million-dollar notebook -- the eleven pages containing every note I ever took in b-school that I thought was worth carrying forward into my career. (Why is it a quarter million dollars? That's what I spent on b-school.*)

Here's what it says about jobs.

High-Level Execs & the Job Hunt

Some of this common sense, but thought there was some good tips in here for you senior level monkeys

From US News 7 Questions a High-Level Executive Should Ask on a Job Hunt


1. Should you work with a recruiter?

It's not necessary to work with a recruiter in your executive job search, but it may open the door to new opportunities. Many companies hand executive-level candidate searches over to an executive recruiting firm. Those suited for the job wouldn't hear about such opportunities when looking elsewhere.

2. Why are companies so secretive about hiring execs?