Do's and Dont's of Salary Negotiations

Has anyone ruined their chances epically for a new job during a salary negotiations? I hate the idea of messing up a good opportunity during the last leg of the race after all the pain of rounds and rounds of interviews just because I was greedy and wanted a few extra $ $ bills.

On the flip slide, did anyone masterfully handle two job offers and raised their salary like a pro?

Searching for a Summer Internship?

Mod Note (Andy): bumped this back up from winter 2010 and it is still useful, but even more companies and banks are listed in the WSO Company Database (with e-mail formats)

If you're still on the internship hunt, no worries - lots of boutique investment banks wait to do their hiring until the Spring. Check-out the list of banks that I put together for potential leads and a Q&A video below.

Urgent Job Search-Need Help

Please help this non target- CUNY with 3.4 GPA, double major BBA Finance, BA Econ. ( Honors) with an Honors minor, to get an entry level job or internship in the investment banking/finance sector. I have listened to prior advices on this board and have started networking but to no avail. My experience does not include any banking in the past 3 years as I was busy handling my father's partnership of a local ethnic newspaper.Now that his business is stable, I want to officialy make my mark but so far have only received rejections, even for internships. I am willing to start anywhere as it has been a while since I graduated (2009) and would appreciate any advice/help. Check out the updated resume at

What's the best way to play my hand? Advice or Insight much appreciated

Fellow Monkeys;

I would like to kindly ask for advice on a very bad situation here:

I recently graduated from college from a semi-target, and landed my-self a job in a Investment Management gig at a BB. Although, not my line manager, my MD was very anal about 'educating' the new analysts, and took great initiatives to do so.

He was/is a very religious man (not that I have anything against it), but forced several juniors to come in early morning (6am-ish) to read scripture and pray for an hour every morning. He also makes sure that we do the same at Lunch time, and after work for an hour respectively. So on average, we would be forced (I do not have any religious affiliations) to comply with his religious standards by engaging in these activities for 15 hours from Mon to Fri.

Job Search Epic Fail - Advice Needed

Hey all,

At a target, studying a quantitative degree with a good GPA, solid EC's/resume, good work experience, etc but I am still landing no interviews. Have been networking for about 9 months now (averaging 2-3 quality calls/leads per week). Most people are happy to chat but say I'll be fine because I go to a target, have a solid resume so I'll be fine and so on.

But every year the same thing happens (this is my fourth year applying). I apply online (I'm in the UK), reach out to my contacts who say 'you should be interviewed don't worry' and I'm rejected pre-interview. When I contact them again they give me the same lines: the economy is down, competition was high and so on.

Northwestern Mutual internship before junior year?

OCR didn't work for me and I've been applying for internships non-stop since my summer break started a couple weeks ago. I still don't have any solid summer plans yet and the only interviews I have right now are for NWM, a marketing intern position with a small start-up, and a social media/marketing intern with another small start-up. I haven't heard many good things about the NWM internship program so I'm really hoping to land something else. The problem is that my financial situation doesn't really allow me to apply for internships that aren't in the southeast WI area and my freshman GPA was absolute crap and I'm still working on bringing it up to respectable levels.

Job searching advice for a North American new to Brazil

Hey guys. Long time reader, first time poster...

I moved to Brazil (Sao Paulo) from the US in April of this year and received my Carteira de Trabalho in July. I have Rosetta stone and am working my way through, trying to learn the language - my language skills are still "basic," but I'm learning nevertheless.

I've been in the financial services industry for the past seven years, mostly relationship management/sales in the discount brokerage arena (two firms). Before that, a quick (one year) stint in full-service and four years in the military. I hold FINRA Series 7, 24, & 66 licenses and a BS degree.

Does Harris Williams & Co hire international students?

Could any of you please help answer the above question? Thanks a lot in advance.

Managing a Job Search While Employed

In this Wall Street Mentors' Q&A with Scott Morris, we discuss how to manage a job search while currently employed - sometimes a tricky balancing act.

If you want some extra interview practice and a candid critique from a Wall Street professional, Wall Street Mentors is offering an Interview Special (50% off). Please email me at [email protected] to find out more. We also offer personalized consultations, in which a Wall Street Mentor can provide you with interview prep and a strategy for best marketing yourself.

Institutional Sales

I'm a senior graduating from Providence College, non-target school, with a decent GPA looking to work in sales. I've had two internships, one at an independent broker/dealer and the other at UBS in WM at the Providence, RI branch. I have plenty of experience cold calling. I recruited new brokers and also called potential clients so I'm very comfortable on the phones and have been screamed at, threatened, all of the above.

Coming from a non-target school and also not working as a summer analyst at a major IB, Where else should I be looking to get into institutional sales?

Any help is appreciated.