Recommended sources, literature, etc for guidance in startup development

I am meeting with venture capitalists early in December. I want to know if you could recommend literature, websites, contacts, or any helpful info in the development process of my tech startup. I know others have been where I have, and I would appreciate guidance.

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Reading material for consultants

I'm entering the systems integration consulting field very soon at a Tier 2 consulting firm and would like to know what literature is favored by analyst and consultants in the industry.

Favorite short story?

I love literature. Recently I've become more engrossed by short stories, particularly the themes and ideas that an author can convey in a few pages as opposed to a few hundred. Until a couple of weeks ago my favorite piece was by Hemingway called "Hills Like White Elephants".

A couple weeks ago I found my new favorite piece:

Ernest Hemingway wrote:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

He was challenged to write a 6 word short story, and, in my opinion, this is the best short story ever written. I'm sure most of you understand what it means. So I'm curious, what are your favorite short stories? Or the ones that hit you right in that dark spot we sometimes call a heart?

Difference between BS and BSE in Comp. Sci at U-Mich (LSA vs. CoE)

So I'm going into U-Mich this year into their LSA school (main school sorta) for Computer Science. I've been contemplating on whether or not I should try to get into the College of Engineering for Computer Sciences... Differences would be that in LSA I would get a BS while in CoE I would get a BSEng. I would still get the same career resources that CoE students get but I was wondering if just getting a BS will prevent me (as opposed to somebody with a BSEng.) from getting jobs/grad school acceptances. I've tried asking this at other forums, this place wasn't my first choice, but I figured somebody here may have something intelligent to say about it.

I'm mostly interested in trading if that matters.

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Welcome to the Wall Street Oasis Recommended Reading list for Venture Capital. The Easy Reads section contains books meant to give a general idea about a career or industry. Technical Reads are meant for people with some business experience or with some exposure to the industry, and it may include more technical writing. The Career Jump-Start section focuses on literature that will help you get a job, including: interviews guides, firm/recruiter lists, and/or compensation data.

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