Getting an Interview with McKinsey

A colleague of mine (non-consultant) was at a McKinsey recruiting event and recommended that I apply. I honestly didn't give it much thought initially as I've been doing quite well for myself. However, my colleague pressed the issue a bit and peaked my interest to the point where I started looking into McKinsey. After researching the company quite thoroughly, I became very interested in landing a position there.

I come from a somewhat non-traditional background and my primary concern is about getting an initial interview. I'm fairly certain I can do well with the case, I just need the opportunity.

McKinsey Case Study Preps (over Skype)

Hello dear Wallstreetoasis members,
I have just returned from a sabbatical year and am taking 30 days to get up to speed with news, revisiting university modules and practicing cases/competency questions before applying to McKinsey.

I do have a very good grade from St.Andrews, Scotland (UK) (a non-target as far as I know) and had completed a relevant Masters (i.e. Finance/Management) with a First/Distinction before turning 22 as well as an internships in a top law firm and a top investment bank (both with positive letters of recommendation).

Would this greatly reduce my chances of a first interview? Am I better off just focussing on other toptier MC firms?

Why am I getting interviewed?

I have an interview tomorrow with a top global strategy consulting firm not MBB but just below them, all of the employees I have researched have their degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Oxford, etc. I am in a top 20 business school with a double major and a modest 3.2 GPA. They contacted ME. Many of my classmates have much better GPA's etc. yet were declined. And on their website it says you have to have at least a 3.4 to be considered. They have my cover letter, resume, and transcripts so they are well aware of my 3.2. Why are they interviewing me? Is this normal for companies to state that as a requirement yet still interview below it?

Don't these McKinsey/BCG/Bain guys have shit to do? Wtf

Around 2PM when I have my lunch every day, I briefly check Facebook and scroll down my newsfeed....and every time it's FILLED with 5-20 posts (all from one guy) who I went to school with who's working at McKinsey as first year analyst and he's literally updating his FB/Twitter every 25 minutes. Same thing with the other guys I know who are working for BCG, Bain, and Booz down in DC. Don't these guys have shit to do?! Is management consulting really THIS easy/lax? From their constant updates I get the feeling they're bored out of their lives and are just sitting around the cubicle updating Twitter on their Blackberries.

Structuring or management consulting


I've got an associate offer from a 2nd tier IB (rbs/bnpp/socgen) in structuring in london and an analyst offer from a top consultancy (say mckinsey) in the asian emerging market country. The first position pays obviously more and seems to be more interesting,  but I still can't figure out what exit opportunities it may have, and how being from a bad no-name bank may hurt my career in the long run.

What would be better to choose? What do u think about this dilemma?

McK/B/BCG Investment Management - Seriously!

Hey all,

So I have a second round interview with an internal investment management subsidiary of McKinsey/Bain/BCG, This group manages the money for many of its partners and clients. The job would be a mix of quantitative modeling and hedge fund risk analysis. Basically, evaluating the economy and creating models for that evaluation and evaluating hedge funds and other good investments.

For a well respected company like McK/B/BCG: is this a good start to a career? (entry-level)
What are the exit opportunities here?
How would this be looked at for top 10 B-Schools?

Any insight on related experience, or relevant knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!

Just bombed an interview...

I'm interviewing for an experienced hire position at McKinsey and just had the one hour case prep over the phone. And I got fucking destroyed.

A little background... I'm currently an engineer, graduated in 2008, and applied sometime in June. Heard back from a recruiter end of July and had a 30 minute phone screening. Passed that, and she had me schedule an hour case prep, which just happened.

Never been through a case interview, and in the meantime, I bought case in point and watched all the Victor Chen videos. So I have a general idea of frameworks/etc but didn't have a chance to practice outloud with somebody.

Any current consultants or those preping want to help me out? I'm willing to drive my ass down to the city and buy you dinner/whatever.

Offer from Mckinsey vs banking offer


I am in a serious dilemma of choosing between the following:

Mckinsey offer (General Junior associate) and a local bank offer in structured products sales/structuring. My goal is to get into top business school in US H/W/S and then IB & S&T associate at Goldman. I know what Mckinsey is golden for MBA, however I am considering the following:

1) My interest is with S&T, i.e. the local bank offer would make my job more fun for me.
2) If I take Mckinsey, it will be much tougher work than the banking offer.
3) I know someone who worked one year at this exactly same bank then switched to Goldman in London, however, he had to do internship right before full time, i.e. he started over as first year analyst...

Management Consulting Exit Opportunities

Hello. I am new here. I have been with a consulting firm for 5 years. I loved consulting. The pay was great, not bad hours, got to travel, did interesting work, had a good time. However, I feel now it is time to leave and move on with my career. I wanted to know what options I have for exit opportunities and if you think my ideas are any good.

While at the firm, I did some financial cases, but I mainly focused on working with media companies.

Should I apply for a senior management/executive position at fortune 500 media company viacom?

Should I apply for a position at pe firms blackstone or kkr?

Should I start my own venture capital firm?

Booz to M/B/B?

Does anyone know how viable it is to get to m/b/b from booz & co? recently accepted an offer from them through a connection and i'm thinking if i can be a standout and do well, maybe try to get to m/b/b after a year or so. Went to a non HYP ivy, but didn't do well. I have a connection at M who told me that your gpa becomes less important over time, and ultimately accomplishments at your firm will trump that. I'm looking to get into a strategy group at an Investment Bank following my consulting experience and from there get my MBA. i figure it'd be easier to do that from m/b/b.