Junior Credit Analyst Internship at Mortgage Company

I was wondering how you guys felt about credit analysts for mortgage companies? I'm in Canada and my ultimate goal is to go into CRE cap markets or investment banking/S&T. I don't have anything else right now so I will likely take this opportunity but I was just wondering about where this position can lead to in the future?

AMA: Top 15 Life Co CML Origination Analyst

I'm not sure if this interests anyone on here, but I'm bored so here it goes; I'm an Analyst at a large life insurance company doing commercial mortgage origination. We're typically top 15/ top 20 as far as volume is concerned. We write loans on all the typical property types with various structures. I've been personally involved in roughly $1 billion in origination so far. I've originated a few of my own deals so far, and continue to take the reins more myself. If this can be of help to anyone, ask away!


How to Choose a Mortgage Broker

As soon as you have decided to purchase a home in Jakarta, Indonesia, you must acquire mortgage financing for your acquisition. Up until around fifteen years ago purchasers had to go straight to banks to get loans and finding the accurate match was a lengthy procedure. Mortgage Brokers are experts in home loans who will take into account your financial state and financing requirements then shop everywhere for numerous lenders to discover the best promising deal on financing for your acquisition.



Funding MBA Tuition Fee

Given that Top 20 B-Schools charge USD200,000, how do most MBA candidates fund their tuition fee? What sources can we rely on? To what extent (full or partial funding) do they fund the program?

While I'm aware of scholarships and bank education loan, is there any other mode of funding the fee? I mean given the yearly supply and demand of global MBA candidates, do we have any (specialized) institutions that help students fund the program?

How would mortgage payments affect IRR?

How would mortgage payments affect IRR?

Mortgage Industry - Secondary Marketing Analyst (need help and insight on career direction)

Hello everyone,

I've been working in the mortgage industry for almost 2 years now, and, recently had an opportunity to take on a position as a secondary marketing analyst at a private mortgage company. I'm working under the director of the secondary marketing department who sells, manages, and hedges the company's loan pipeline. He maintains relationships with investors (Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, etc.) who purchases the company's funded loans, and hedges in order to mitigate risk.

First real estate investment leverage

I know many people here have experience doing their own investments, so I was hoping to get some info. How much leverage would you use for say, the buying and converting of a property into 3-6 units. I'm thinking student housing, or something around those lines. I live in the midatlantic and both cities I'm near have tons of schools. Could possibly also have access to 100k-ish in equity. Also, is this something you take to a community bank, or a cre mortgage broker? Please feel free to point out any obvious things I may naively be missing here or other things to consider. Much appreciated.

Can any monkeys recommend/suggest HUD mortgage brokers?

Fellow Monkeys,

My firm (think Berkadia/Wells/Greystone/Red) does a ton of agency lending but is looking to do more FHA/HUD business. I've been digging around for a few months and attempting to locate fha/hud borrowers (commercial side) but unfortunately have not had much success. Does anyone know of any HUD brokers?

Thanks for your help,
Curious George

Is Mortgage Banking part of Real Estate?

I am eyeballing a Mortgage Banking internship at a place which claims to be my state's #1 financial institution in Reverse Mortgages.

Is this relevant at all to Wall Street or should I steer away from it? The Internship would be paid.