Is this email acceptable to send to an MD (need responses ASAP to send timely follow-up)

Dear xxxxx,

I hope you are doing well.
It was great meeting you at the (insert bank) information session.
I thought it was really interesting that you had (insert semi-personal story he told here). Unfortunately, I had to go take a midterm, so I could not stay to hear the rest of the story.

I've actually been meaning to reach out for a few weeks. I spoke to yyyyyy and zzzzz, and zzzz had suggested I send you an email. I am going to be in New York City the week of Thanksgiving, and was wondering if you would be able to spare 10-15 minutes to speak with me then. I would love to hear about your experience working in investment banking--specifically, in (insert group name).

Networking with senior bankers in other divisions for a job in IBD?

Hey guys,

I have two contacts in BBs that I was hoping to reach out to get an entry level lateral job into an IBD role. One is a VP in a front office division and the other is a head of a back office division. Neither of them are in IBD. Before I formally reach out to them, I was wondering about two things:

1. How likely is it that they would know of/ have any ability to help me out for an IBD position?
2. How interested should I convey myself to be in non-IBD positions, should those be the only opportunities that come up?
I would much rather work in IBD, but if it turns out to truly be too hard to break in, I would take a job in another department as well.

Thanks a lot in advance!!



Two of my contacts at two separate banks quite their jobs...

So a few months ago, I had really positive conversations with two analysts. Both of whom, told me to send them my resume when I apply online and that they would pass my resume along. I had these conversations in August so It was a little early to be applying for internships then, so I hadn't sent my resume.

Best Way to Ask For Referrals During Informational Interviews

During my networking for SA positions, I try to contact and set-up phone informational interviews with the people I meet at the presentations.I know that usually talking to more people is better (both for getting a better picture of the firm and for getting interviews) but what's the most natural way to ask for a referral at the end of the information interview?

Greek or independent?

Would it benefit me to go Greek during my undergrad studies? I am majoring in Econ at a nontarget, and I feel like the networking could help. Any other pros or cons I should consider?

Recruiter's Name Misspelled by Firm

Hello, it's my first time starting a thread on here but I've been reading around here for some time. To begin with, I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone on here for their input.

Recently, I applied for and was subsequently invited to attend a networking event by a BB. In the invitation, it stated that I was required to RSVP with an employee of the firm that was listed on the message. After RSVP-ing, I received a message from the employee with more details; the only problem was the employee's name was different from the name sent in the original message by the company (clearly a typo on their part).

Sending Wedding Gift?

Wasn't sure where to put this.

Recently was networking with a local professional, and he talked about his wedding coming up. It was something we actually spent some time on, congratulations, etc.

I remember that it is October 25th.
He paid for lunch.
I followed up with a thank you note, etc.

Can you network TOO much?

As the title says. Currently I have landed an interview at a BB through one contact, while at other BB's I have yet to go through the FT recruiting process yet (they haven't started yet or are waiting to hear back from SA's). Should I continue to network at every BB although I've already received an interview and haven't?

Significance of getting referrals to talk to people in different positions

As a college student, I've been networking really hard and always asking if there is anyone they think might be receptive if I were to reach out/ anyone to whom they think I should speak. Usually, I they suggest other analysts. Every so often, they suggest a vice president or MD. I've noticed that the times when people of greater importance were suggested were with the people I connected especially well with. Could this possibly be a way of gauging how the conversation goes, or is this just a coincidence?

Anyone have any opinion on this?