FT Recruiting after SA - Process

I struck out for SA recruiting this year with the BBs/EBs and ended up accepting a summer analyst position with Nomura's IB division in NYC. Of course this plan is not definitive, but if I do choose to try to shop elsewhere for a FT offer, what will the timeline look like? I am at H/W, and on campus recruiting for FT positions begin and end within the first two weeks of September for us. I'm not sure if that's considered "accelerated".

I have heard you should be networking as soon as the SA internship begins in June, which seems early to me. Another concern is, if I am offered a return offer from Nomura, whether other banks doing FT recruiting would give out offers before my return offer expires. I'm sure this is firm-specific, but what is generally the case here?

Best Nomura NYC IBD group?

Hey everyone. So I just accepted my offer as a summer analyst in Nomura's NYC IB division. I was wondering if anyone knew what their best group was, or what would be the best group to join for someone POSSIBLY looking at PE.

JP Morgan Investor Services vs. Nomura IBD

I have offers for summer analyst positions at JP Morgan Investor Services (hopefully in the Prime Brokerage team) and at Nomura IBD, both of which are in London. My long term goal is to work in IBD and eventually cross over to PE so Nomura makes more sense for developing my skill set and showing my interest in IBD. However, the JP Morgan brand is obviously stronger than Nomura. Does anyone have any thoughts about which is a better choice strategically considering my career goals?

Thanks a lot for you input!

Nomura 2015 SA Process

Did anyone start the process with Nomura IBD? I got an employee referral from an alum on November, but did not hear about their process yet. Thanks.

Career Advice - JPM DCM vs Nomura S&T

I'll keep this short and sweet:

You want to be an investor as a long-term career, and say you were given these two hypothetical job offers out of college:

1) Nomura High Yield and Distressed desk analyst - somewhat principal strategies like role where you perform fundamental analysis on different credits to identify investment opps. The desk has sizable balance sheet to deploy (think 1.5b+)

2) JP Morgan Investment Grade Finance - Project Finance analyst. You are essentially in IBD, though you will be under the DCM umbrella. You will be placed on deals that involve infrastructure, energy & power financings... think power plants, stadiums, pipes.. etc.

Nomura Summer Internship

Hi guys,

So I've just been offered a summer analyst internship at Nomura (finance division). I know that its a MO job but how will this affect my chances of actually moving in FO (equity research) in the future? I've heard some say that a summer internship is better than none at all, and since I'm just starting out it won't matter that much. I'm looking for advice, thanks!

Nomura IBD (NY)

In general, how would a place like Nomura in New York be for starting a career in investment banking? Does anyone know how well Nomura IBD in NY places into buy side? I know they're rapidly expanding their IBD team in NY, and they're particularly strong in Lev Fin / Financial Sponsors -- but does anyone know about Nomura's industry coverage teams?