attending events...does it matter


does it help to attend bank info sessions are these taken into consideration. is the sign up sheet important in other words

delete facebook?


would it make sense to get rid of facebook, so recruiters can't stalk you on it.
is facebook a factor in the screening process or is it irrelevant

also does facebook have value beyond college

GS/MS IBD in Toronto/Calgary vs. Mid-tier BB IBD NYC???

Please advise me - would it be better to accept a top BB (GS/MS) offer from Toronto/Calgary office? Or mid-tier BB (think UBS/DB/Barclays/Citi) in NYC? Both are IBD...

Which is better for PE exits? Would the GS/MS name outshine the regional difference?

NYC Meetup for Monkeys Interested in the Startup Scene

It's become clear to me that there are more than a few monkeys on WSO who wish to break the chains of finance and get involved in the startup scene. I know that it's always been a dream of mine to start a business of my own and pave my own way in the world and I'm sure I'm not alone.

With that said, I'm looking to see if there are like-minded monkeys here on WSO who'd be interested in meeting up in NYC to exchange ideas, network, and drink a few beers.

Leave a post here if you'd be down and live in the NYC area. If there's enough interest, we'll set something up.

First Year Analyst class June 2011

I am recent grad that got offered by a BB for their 2011 Analyst Class. I accepted so I will be moving to NYC in June. I know mostly all of wall street brings in new full time analyst in the summer months. I was wondering if anybody is looking for roommates, or has any thoughts on where to live, etc. I was hoping to find roommates who are also young professionals.

Goldman Sachs Spring Break Program 2011

Hey guys,

Anyone know when we should start hearing back for the GS sophomore spring break programs?

My London application status is currently under review but my NYC one still just says application received. Does anyone have their NYC applications under review? Im wondering if they are only looking at London applications right now.


Funny accouting intern discussing his day to day

Check out Dom Mazzetti talking about this accounting internship in "NYC".

Anyone need a roommate in NYC? Need to move in around Feb 2011

Hey all,

Anyone looking for a roommate in Manhattan for around Feb? I am doing an IB internship at a small boutique in midtown (probably ~ 6 months).

Anywhere from 1-3 roommates is fine with me, I just prefer it to be someone from WSO and not some weirdo on craigslist!

My budget is around $1000 if possible (i'm flexible) and I am flexible on location as well as long as it is on Manhattan, please let me know!!!! I need to plan this ASAP

Any suggestions are welcome, please send me a PM. Thank you so much!

Where to spend nye in nyc?

Hey bros, Im hoping you guys can help me out with this one. Which clubs to you guys suggest going to on nye?

underage and in the city

so like many of you on this site, im gonna be working in nyc this upcoming summer. unfortunately, im only gonna be 20 yrs old while the rest of my friends and everyone else at work is 21+ and generally really outgoing- i.e. they like to "have fun". i dont wanna be the outcast and would like to go out w/ everyone and have a good time- and for me drinking isnt even necessary- i just wanna be out. would it be ok for me to go out w/ coworkers and enjoy myself, with or without drinking even tho i am underage. also, do alot of the rush hour places nyc professionals lime to visit check id's