Hedge Funds and "Prestige"

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I'm curious about the role of prestige and pedigree in hedge fund recruiting: how much does it matter when you're going from one HF to another? In other words, when HF X is looking for a junior-level analyst, do they care most about (a) the reputation of that last fund ("super short term oriented" or "pretty quanty"), (b) the selectivity of that analyst's last fund (i.e. how hard was it to get that job), (c) the specific style of that last fund, (d) whether they know the analyst himself via networking, etc, (e) something else entirely?

Prestigious Pete

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to myself, Prestigious Pete. I am a jealousy amalgam, created from combining all the conceited, self-assured finance super douches into one man called Prestigious Pete.

RBC Investment Banking Future

Hey guys, I'm a current junior and have accepted an offer from RBC IBD for a summer internship. I'm just curious what the general opinion is about the future of RBC. From what I hear, RBC has a great culture and is recruiting aggressively to try and grow it's presence and brand name in the US.



Most Prestigious Socks?

Hey again you monkeys! I was wondering where I could purchase the most prestigious socks. I already have my entire ensable down for HS prom (yes, i'm in HS might as well start early right?) which includes ferragamo loafers, my dad's rollie, a hermes tie, red suspenders, a blue shirt from Thomas Pink with a white collar and pin stripe pants from Turnbull & Asser. I was wondering what is the most prestigious socks to wear with my ferragamos though? I will use this outfit for banking interviews one day too since prestige is the most important thing to project from what I know.

The Goldman Sachs

Can anyone tell me how I can get a job at The Goldman Sachs? I wanna make bank bro.

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Important of Undergraduate College Prestige

At least based on the forums here, a school's name even on the undergrad level seems to matter a lot... more than it should.

Like on the thread discussing Berkeley vs Cornell, or AKA Haas vs Cornell, many people were saying Cornell simply due to its ivy league name. But on that note on sites like College Confidential, there's many people saying Cornell's ivy name doesn't matter since it accepts many more students than other ivies, and is also the lowest "ranked" ivyschool. Also Cornell's location in Ithaca isn't ideal for internships and whatnot.

This being said, does a school's name matter significantly AS LONG AS you come from a target undergrad school (like UPenn, Cornell, Stern, Ross, Haas).

How prestigious is NYU Stern (UG) throughout the country?

I've asked Sternies on their Facebook group and they all agree that Stern has a tremendous presence on wallstreet, as many major firms go to hire there annually.

Based on your experiences, is Stern really that highly regarded among major firms?

Also is Stern a respected college in the West Coast just as it is in the East Coast? Or is its prestige limited to the East Coast?

Where does the Shark Tank rank in VC Prestige?

Any idea how tough it is to get a gig sourcing deals for the Shark Tank? I know there a super-early stage shop but they have some serious players in the industry cutting tasty deals. The group's absolute returns seem pretty strong based on their "update" segments.