Career Advice - JPM DCM vs Nomura S&T

I'll keep this short and sweet:

You want to be an investor as a long-term career, and say you were given these two hypothetical job offers out of college:

1) Nomura High Yield and Distressed desk analyst - somewhat principal strategies like role where you perform fundamental analysis on different credits to identify investment opps. The desk has sizable balance sheet to deploy (think 1.5b+)

2) JP Morgan Investment Grade Finance - Project Finance analyst. You are essentially in IBD, though you will be under the DCM umbrella. You will be placed on deals that involve infrastructure, energy & power financings... think power plants, stadiums, pipes.. etc.

Project Finance Interview

Can anyone tell me what kind of technical questions to expect for a Project Finance Interview? Is it exactly like a typical IBD interview or do they ask different questions? It is for a BB, any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Project Finance - Job Strategy

I have been trying to break into IB since I graduated last year with no luck. I realize though I really want to get into project finance (infrastructure loans) and am considering to focus on credit roles. From what I understand credit risk way to get into the industry. However, I met a Project Finance Director at a European Bank and he transition from IB. Can anyone who is in Project Finance give job strategy advice?

Newbie to Finance Sector

Hello all, I am a guy with diverse interests from Finance, Economics, Statistics & Energy. I'd done MBA (Energy management) specializing in Finance. Green projects Financing is my keen interest and other interests include portfolio valuation, macroeconomics and badminton.

Risk it in Hongkong or Chinese SOE?

Hi everybody,

Since 2 years ago I have felt very attracted to project finance and IB in general. I took a class in project finance, and read some books, but I don't have an economics/finance background. I am currently a PhD candidate at a top university in China, and recently got a scholarship to go to HK PolyU on exchange for one year. I was planning to use that time to prepare the CFA and network and research about my opportunities to break into project finance, without coming from a finance background(I have a bachelors in architecture, master in construction engineering, and my current PhD is in management science at the school of civil engineering. Have lived in Spain, US, Japan and China).

going for coffee with MD in infrastructure finance

Hi all.

I am going for a coffee with a MD in infrastructure finance (MS, GS etc). I know this is probably just informational/get to know you type of meeting but I really wan't to show the MD that I have really done some research on it.

Any advice on topics that I should read up on or prepare?

Thanks alot!

Corporate Finance or Infrastructure Finance?

So I have to choose between two offers, corporate finance in mid-market M&A and Infrastructure Finance, they are both with big 4 accounting firms. Let's say eventually I want to move in IB or PE, which one has a better chance?

TAS Valuation in Japan to Project Finance in Amsterdam


To introduce myself, I am a second year Valuation & Business Modeling consultant at a Big 4 firm in Tokyo. I graduated undergrad with a 3.96 from a regional target (my school is somewhat well known but is top ten in the nation for international business majors). I am a pasty white American but through various adventures and uncountable hours of study, I have become fluent enough to conduct business in Japanese and German with minor difficulties.

Firstly, I am happy to help out so if anyone has questions about Big 4 valuations/Japan/language study feel free to PM me or start a thread and PM me to let me know you would like an answer from me (to make the convo visible to others who are curious).