SAT/ACT for Consulting Position

So out of high school I had pretty pathetic SAT/ACT scores, but I had almost no motivation at the time. I went to a community college and transferred to an elite university where I now have a 3.85 GPA. I'd like to get into consulting but I'm wondering if I should even bother with such low test scores...

Many community college students don't even take the SAT or ACT, so could I claim that I never took it? (I also never reported it to my current university) My friend who also transferred from a CC just got into ibanking and told them he never took the SATs. (which is the truth)

What should I do? If your wondering how low my scores are, let's just say I'm confident any firm would toss my app the second they saw them.

GMAT vs. SAT's

I'm about to start studying for the GMAT, but wanted to get a feeling for how people improved from their SAT's. If people could post their SAT and GMAT results and what test prep they used for GMAT I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Test scores vs. GPA

Here's a question that should make you all feel like you're listening to high school kids again.

How much can good test scores offset a poor undergrad gpa? I have been a bit of a fuck-up in my non-major classes 3.2 cumulative vs 3.9 major through sophomore year. On the other hand I have decent test scores, 34 ACT, 750/750 with 760 on the Math II. Are MMs realistic out of a non-target or are local boutiques a better focus?

Resume Questions (SAT, coursework, cover letter)

I'm a college junior applying for a summer internship, most/all for finance positions. Questions about the resume:

Thoughts on including SAT score? (700 verbal / 800 math) On one hand, math is good and apparently banks like it or ask for it. On the other, I'm a junior in college, thinking it may come off as scrambling for something impressive or filler. Don't know.

Cover letter... include one if not asked for?

SAT on Resume

I hear putting SATs on resumes is the new cool thing to do...what is the general cutoff for putting it on? I'm not exactly looking at huge internships (yet)...I have a 740 verbal, 750 math, and 790 writing. Should I put all of that on? What about the 2280 total?

How to not get weed out on BB application?

Dear Monkeys,

What documents do you you use when it comes to supporting documents on your application on the BB website to get noticed other than cover letter, transcripts the basic stuff? SAT score? GRE score? or your published paper?

How do you stand out and not get weed out on the BB's website?

Perfect SAT Score

So in high school I got a legitimate, single-sitting, zero-questions-wrong 2400 on the SAT. I will be a sophomore at a target this fall, and would like to be able to land an internship in trading/asset management/consulting/HF world (unrealistic but I can dream) next summer.

SAT/ACT as a determinant for recruiting?

I used the search function, but didn't really get an exact answer to my questions, so I figured I would ask away.
How much emphasis is placed on the SAT/ACT during recruitment for college? My friend is quite worried (he goes to my school as well, which is a non-target) because his SAT score was quite low (he wouldn't tell me exactly, just said in the 1250 or so range) but his ACT score was a 33.

In an interview, do the interviewers actually care about these scores? If so, are they willing to accept an ACT score rather than an SAT score and he can just shift the emphasis of any SAT question back to his ACT's?

Include SAT on resume?


I was wondering if my complete SAT score should be included on my resume. I am a rising sophomore at a target school. I have a near perfect score for the critical reading and math portions of the SAT, but my writing section is pretty terrible. If I only list my CR and M scores on my resume will interviewers ask questions because of the recent SAT format change? Thanks in advance for your replies and help.

What companies will my high SAT help me get in?

I have no finance experience and went to a state school (3.8, econ/math). I'm late 20's now with some consulting experience (just average firms). I have a 780 math SAT and 800 GRE quant. I'm looking for firms that won't care I don't have experience and will give me a look based on those scores. Any thoughts? Any interesting jobs outside finance would be fine too.

BTW, no excessive hours jobs.