do I read this 1500 page report?

Ok guys so I'm attempting my first investment and so far I came across this spin-off by BHP. I read Joel's book on special sits and it all sounded too persuasive so I decided to give it a go.'s the problem. BHP submited a 1500 page IM describing their spin-off. I just don't really know how to approach it? Read the whole thing line by line? Focus on some specific sections first? I mean I don't even know what I'm looking for and 1500 pages sounds like 2 weeks of my life!

How do you guys do it? Do you have some checklist when looking at investments? Do you build the op model first? Do you not build the op model at all and do back-of-napkin valuation?

I imagine a good way would be to first check the "must haves". Too bad I have no clue what they are. Advise?:)

Final Round Interview with Global Macro Hedge Fund

Hey Guys,

I have a final round interview with 2 directors at a Global Macro Hedge Fund for a position on their Corporate Credit & Equities Desk. Although it may sound redundant, how should I go about preparing? I plan on laying a foundation with understanding the current economic climate, having an opinion on the markets, and preparing 2 stocks pitches (both a long and a short). Given that I am interviewing with two senior professionals, should I prepare for more behaviorals, economics, financial markets, accounting & valuation, etc.?

Among the plethora of trolls, I know that there are experienced guys on here that can really help paint a better picture for me in terms of what to expect. I have worked extremely hard to have gotten this far and want to seize this opportunity.

Your Top Stock Picks for 2015

Just wondering what people are looking at/invested in right now. Personally I really like Facebook, Limited Brands, and Visa. I'm also waiting for oil to drop more.

Which Stock to evaluate and methods links?

Which stock should I evaluate? Twitter? Qcom? Fb? Yahoo? Alibaba? Apple? SolarCity? Should I use DCF and look at dividend growth models dupont analysis... What procedure does an analyst usually run through in order to properly evaluate a company. I will use Seeking Alpha and more research tools, but I would like to see what you guys have to say. Any website suggestions?

Investing consistency

I enjoy running, maybe something inside me is mis-wired, but I truly enjoy running outside, even in the cold.  I'm competitive and enjoy pushing myself and will occasionally entering a race.  It's fun to compete in a race and try to set a personal best.  I've had races where my times were abnormally good.  Everything was perfect that day, the weather was crisp, the course flat, competition a good match, and I was feeling good.  The race went perfectly and I achieved a time that was unrepeatable, at least until events line up perfectly again.  If you race enough you'll have more than one perfect day, maybe a handful, maybe a few dozen.

Anytime I ran a perfect race I knew it.  I could feel that what I had just accomplished was unlikely to be repeated soon.  I would enjoy my personal best, but in my mind it was always hedged with the thought that I couldn't really do it again, or maybe I didn't quite earn it.

In running like most sports the path to success is consistent practice over a period of time.  You don't train for a race by running haphazard varying speeds during practice.  You build up both time and distance with practice.  Consistently hitting goals in practice results in predictable race times.  If I could run five or six miles daily at a seven minute a mile pace I knew I could run a 5k at a 6-6:30 pace (note I said above I like to run, not that I'm fast.)  My race outcomes were predictable because I had a repeatable practice process, and in practice I ran consistently.

An ERP Retrospective: Looking back (2014) and Looking forward (2015)

Mod Note: This was originally posted on 1/2/15 on his blog "Musings on Markets"

At the beginning of 2014, the expectation was that government bond rates that had been kept low, at least according to the market mythology, by central banks and quantitative easing, would rise and that this would put downward pressure on stocks, which were already richly priced. Perhaps to spite the forecasters, stocks continued to rise in 2014, delivering handsome returns to investors, and government bond rates continued to fall in the US and Europe, notwithstanding the slowing down of quantitative easing. Commodity prices dropped dramatically, with oil plunging by almost 50%, Europe remained the global economic weak link, scaling up growth became more difficult for China and the US economy showed signs of perking up. Now, the sages are back, telling us what is going to happen to markets in 2015 and we continue to give them megaphones, notwithstanding their  forecasting history. Rather than do a standard recap, I decided to use my favored device for assessing overall markets, the equity risk premium (ERP), to take a quick trip down memory lane and set up for the year to come.

Student Inestor

(New to this forum please forgive any mistakes I make)

Best Performing Stocks of 2015

What do you think will be the best performing stock of 2015?

Stock Market Question

Hey all,

Guess this is my first post, but I've been cruising on here a while...

Question: Been in the market a few years but I'm looking for something very specific. I'd like some sort of site, program, extension, etc... that shows me a bucket of stocks in a grid formation with stocks that are up in green and those that are down in red. I've seen this on CNBC a ton but can't seem to find one.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Value high growth negative earnings

How can I value a company that is experiencing 50% revenue growth but high operating expense?
In the financials, they mentioned that that they expect to see this for the next several years.

How does one project the financial statements and value this? Also another thing is that their revenue has 50% of unearned revenue.