My not-so-secrets to success

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What You Should've Done by 21: a Controversial Guide to a Realistic Outlook

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I promised a few people some long overdue wisdom, but haven't had the motivation lately to actually write something up. But after reading this post, I'm inspired to write a foil piece that details my [rather unorthodox] path to manhood and the perspective on life that it's caused me to have.

The audacity to work on a team

Hello again WSO! A couple weeks ago I posted my story of how I went from non-target to MBB, and while I tried to input this lesson in that post, I realized I did not do a very good job.

Today I will be telling you about why it is more impressive, "alpha", and respectable to be a good team member rather than a leader.

As those of you could probably tell from my last post, I am a no-nonsense, strait shooter type person. I say what I mean, when I mean it and have little to no filter in what comes out of my mouth. This made my adjustment to the team mindset more difficult than most. This was especially true when I first started. Through what seemed like a lot of work on my end, I ended up landing my dream job. I was arrogant and selfish.

Ready to Enter the Jungle

I created an account on here because I work at a fast food restaurant and make $11 an hour. 18, and ready to make money. I dont have any background in business, which is why I created an account, to seek a mentor and teach me the ways and with enough dedication and guidance, become the next Wolf of Wall Street. Have money in the bank, closet full of designer suits, platinum Rolex and a super model wife.

Want to Boost Your Career? Be a Leader - Not a Boss

Keeping with the theme of my article from two weeks ago (regarding cold emails and helping/mentoring the younger crowd) I wanted to take some time to discuss the difference between a boss and a leader and how having one or the other can drastically change your future and career over the other.

Chances are a lot of you have bosses – and chances are a lot of you will have bosses your entire life. It is the unfortunate majority of the business world.

In my opinion, bosses are expendable, there just happens to be more of them out there than leaders. Seeing as how we are the next wave of business professionals and experts, I would like to lay some groundwork and get it in your heads what the difference is, so even if you never get to experience working for a leader, you can at least become one.

Losers Can Win

Hey Monkeys,

I’m a long time lurker and a first time poster on WSO. Please note that this post will revolve around my journey to investment banking. This sort of story has become much more typical, but I still think it has enough merit to be shared. Please bear with the entirety of this post, I promise there is a point to it all.

Bouncing back from a low point in your career--how do you guys do it?

Hi guys:

I was wondering if you can share your experience bouncing back from a low point in your career. Either the times when you felt that you made the wrong career choices (maybe you chose career path A but really should've gone on to career path B), or didn't get on to the career path you want, and now may feel stuck or lack the prerequisite you need. I would really appreciate hearing some of those inspiring stories from you guys, especially those who are already in the middle of their careers.


5% of People Need to Earn over $200,000 a Year to Feel Successful..

Good to know WSO firmly represents that 5% (Granted, not sure how many monkeys on here are actually on CareerBuilder). @"AndyLouis" This had to be a poll on here at one point, right? It always amuses how different industries breed different levels of income as 'successful', even though it's been beaten to death a hundred times over as discussion topics.

Anyway, It's a slow day. You can see the whole breakdown Below at BI.

[quote]What makes you feel successful?

Maybe it's getting promoted or accomplishing a difficult task. Perhaps it's a sense of fulfillment in your personal life or satisfaction at work.

Life Goes On...

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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.

-Robert Frost

what skills are actually needed for success?

I am a recent college graduate and I've found that most things I've learned in college are pretty useless (Econ major). In terms of success in the business world, say anything in finance and tech (non-technical), what skills do you really need to succeed? It seems to me it's 90% social skills and relationship management.