The weekend wrapup 4.28.2012


• DJIA +1.5%, S&P 500 +1.8%, NASDAQ +2.3%

• Another month, another FOMC statement and Q&A. This month’s however was pretty meh; little has changed since the March meeting and aside from the Bernank saying that he’ll scramble the choppers when shit hits the fan, there’s barely anything to go on with this one. Definitely not the statement QE3 fans have been hoping for.

• Meanwhile, real GDP figures for the US have slipped from 3% to 2.2% (2.5% expected). And while personal consumption, home sales, and consumer sentiment figures all jumped to the upside, jobless claims were still pretty high.

The Weekend Wrapup 3.17.2012


• S&P 500 +0.6%, DJIA +0.4%, NASDAQ +0.5%, S&P/TSX +0.4%, IPC +0.3%, IBOV -0.1%

• After weeks of testing, Treasurys finally broke through support last Tuesday after the Fed’s soft FOMC statement (along with strong retail figures, a drop in jobless claims, the stress test results, and a relatively solid America) sent sidelined investors rushing to reallocate funds. There’s still a lot of money in the bond market and if equities continue performing, a lot of dudes will be forced out of their “safe havens”. Meanwhile, Operation Twist is a total dud.

The Weekend Wrapup 1.28.12


• The NASDAQ and the S&P barely finished in the green, gaining 1.1% and 0.1% respectively while the DOW finally cut its 3-week long hot streak, losing 0.5%.

• Not sure how you would've missed it, but anyway, the Fed announced that they'll be keeping rates near zero until late 2014, and 5 year note yields drop to their lowest, ever.

The weekend wrapup 1.21.12


• US markets clocked in another week in the green (its third in a row) as the S&P rose another 2%, the DOW another 2.4%, while the NASDAQ climbed 2.8%. Awesome. A few surveys however are pointing out that retail investors as well as financial advisers are largely bullish, meaning that the public is now in on this. Ugh.

• It wasn’t just the US that scored though; Canada’s TSX index also gained 1.32%, rate cuts in Brazil sent its index 9% higher for the month, 16.4% for Argentina’s Merval, while Mejico’s IPC was up 2% for the week.

The Weekend Wrapup 1.14.12


• US markets finished higher this week despite downgrade rumors and an uncharacteristic profit miss by JPM. The S&P ended the week 0.9% higher, 0.5% for the DOW, while the NASDAQ posted a 1.4% gain. Canada’s TSX also snapped gains this week as their benchmark fell around 40 points Friday. They did manage to eke out a 0.35% gain though.

• Mexico’s IPC on the other hand closed 2.2% lower, -2.4% for Argentina’s Merval (down 0.6% for the week), -0.2% for Chile’s IPSA, while the Brazilian BOVESPA, despite a downturn in metals, finished 2.3% higher for the week.

• Good news for the bulls, US consumer sentiment is currently at a new high. But will they act on it?


The Weekend Wrapup 1.7.12


• The January effect? Who knows? Nevertheless, US indices ended the first week of 2012 with the S&P gaining 1.6%, the DOW 1.2%, while the NASDAQ spiked a pretty good 2.5%. Bonds dropped.

• The same couldn’t be said for the others though; while Argentina’s Merval index rose 12.5% and Canada’s TSX jumped 1.95%, Brazil’s BOVESPA only managed a surprise 0.1% gain, and Mexico’s IPC lost 0.7% for the week.

• While the Fed’s keeping things steady, consumer confidence is on the up, ISM manufacturing figures are on a high, and jobless claims fell to its lowest since ’08. Refi applications and December retail figures are looking bad though; and the debt to GDP ratio?


The Weekend Wrapup 12.10.11


• This week was chock-full of ups and downs thanks mostly to the rumor mill but nevertheless, US indices ended the week in the black with the S&P up 0.9%, the DOW 1.4% higher, and the NASDAQ up 0.8%.

• Business growth seems to be gaining some traction. Add a somewhat stabilizing housing sector, an uptick in consumer sentiment as well as an expanding use of credit, things should be on the up (if we were to believe the Ben Bernank). The bummer though is that the ISM services index dropped to its lowest since January ’10, which doesn’t bode well considering how big a chunk the services industry is to the economy.

The Weekend Wrapup 12.3.11


• Wall Street hit its biggest week since March ’09 when the DOW surged 7%, the S&P 7.4%, and the NASDAQ 7.6%, bringing November into positive territory after the past week's bloodbath.

• The Fed cut liquidity swap rates to OIS +50 bps, making it easier for Central Banks around the world to grab dollars should shit hit the fan.

• S&P downgraded 37 banks.

The Weekend Wrapup 11.26.11

Belated Happy Thanksgiving monkeys! Here’s what went on while you were drunk and face deep in turkey.


• Punching in one of the worst Thanksgiving weeks in history, the DOW fell 4.8%, the NASDAQ 5.1%, while the S&P slipped another 4.7%. Canada’s TSX also dropped to a 2 month low (down over 6% MTD), while Brazil and Mexico are also in the red, falling 3.3% (down 6% MTD) and 4% respectively.

• Gold purchases by Central banks have risen three-fold since 2010 while ETFs have also been ramping up their holdings over the year, peaking the day before Turkey Day. Bullish yes, but considering CB’s like Mexico haven’t even seen their own holdings and with repatriations already starting, should we be looking into the old paper/physical gold arb trade again?

The Weekend Wrapup 11.12.11


• US indices were in the black this week with the S&P up almost 2%, the Dow up 2.2%, and the NASDAQ up 2% as well. Brazil’s BOVESPA also posted gains, up 2.1% after several sessions in the red. Canada’s TSX also ended a volatile week up 1.4% while the Mexican Index gained 2.4% after falling sharply earlier in the trading day.

• Things are looking up with the holidays right around the corner; consumer sentiment and spending are on the up, same with exports, home refis and purchases, while unemployment numbers and mortgage rates fall some more.