Investment Banks and Too Big Too Fail: Bigger Than Before

Too big too fail. Any student of finance has heard about this moral hazard issue described by such cases as Long-Term Capital Management. Such was the motif during the bailouts of 2008 when former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson single-handedly rescued the American financial system.

Will You Rush the Biggest Frat on the Street?

I daily cast my doubts on the ability of Wall Street to survive in its current form.

There are my misgivings about the economic stability of the TBTF business model and the daily screeching of monkeys hoping for greener pastures.

But then I read about something like this, and I am reminded of the ultimate magnet Wall Street points at the metal heads of monkeys and how it reels them in like salmon.

The Allure of Prestige

We all like money and ultimately need it to survive, but as many a Stocke Exchange Board Member and Financial Regulator alike, will tell you...

On the Casting Couch

No not that kind of casting couch action, I’m talking about Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too big to fail movie adaptation here.

After a long and much speculated casting, HBO has finally released it final cast sheet and a lot of big names are in the lineup, Shalhoub, Giamatti, Woods, but I feel that more than a few is a little off. I mean come on, Billy Crudup as Geithner? and Topher Grace is in it?

Anyway, here’s the list for you guys to tear apart: