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VC in the Southeast

I am entering an SEC school as a finance major, and I would like to know if you have any advice as far as VC in the south east goes. Raleigh or Charlotte would be my preference, but I'm not sure much of what Atlanta might have to offer. Will it be difficult to break into VC in the south east? I mean it's not Sandhill Road or anything, but I'm sure it is still harder than I imagine. Any and all responses are appreciated. Many thanks and best regards,

Choosing post-banking career path & how you made that decision (PE, Distressed, L/S, etc.)

Fellow monkeys,

I'm a banking analyst here in London and I am trying to make up my mind on which route I want to go down post-banking. Unlike many others I haven't really hated my time in banking as I have learned a ton and worked with great people and even W/L wasn't too bad (of course still far from a normal schedule).

Anyway, I want to leave the sellside and be on the decision side and actually (help) decide on investments.However, I'm having trouble on deciding which route to go down. Let's just assume a perfect (but unlikely) world where it is possible to get offers from all desired exit paths that I am considering.

When it comes down to pure interest, I feel like the distressed debt space is where I want to be for the midterm future (at least). The space is incredibly interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed working with companies in distress. What is troubling me is the question of "what after?". Let's say for one reason or another I wanted to leave the distressed space after some years, what options are still open? I feel like once you are in the distressed debt space, you are pretty much pigeonholed and you will have a hard time moving over to f.e. Corporate Development or buyout PE. Do you agree?

Singapore: Investment management job search advice

Hello everyone,

I plan to visit Singapore in second week of March for a business trip, and happen to extend my stay for an extra two days. Is it a good idea to cold call portfolio managers (starting from undergrad alumni and other active investors in my geography) to have a brief chat and eventually ask them to consider me for a position. Also can anyone tell me a few recruiters who might be willing to consider me and push for an entry level position (pre-MBA) in Singapore?

Best Double Major/ Major-Minor Combinations

If you were giving advice to an undergrad, what double major or major/minor combination would you recommend for the following fields?

Private Equity




Quitting with no gig lined up - deathwish?

I am a top BB, top group and top bucket analyst based in London.

I've done quite some soul searching, and came to the conclusion that I want to do VC in SF / Menlo. Have a comp sci education and experience in tech, so don't think VC per se is a far shot.

For a variety of reasons, my current plan is to quit banking, move to SF and devote myself to full-time job hunting over there. I've tried the headhunter route, but it's difficult to get traction from across the route. In addition, I am working 120 hours weeks, and finding it very difficult to put time into prep.

My question is: would VCs be put off by the fact that I would be unemployed when reaching out to them? I was recently ranked in the top of my analyst class, so that should provide some comfort that I'm actually good, and not someone who quit banking for fishy reasons.

Also, please ignore any immigration points, as I have the right to live in the U.S.

Consulting or Banking for Venture Capital

I am currently a sophomore at a semi-target with a BB ib internship this summer.

If you had 15 minutes with a VC, what would you ask?

If you had 15 minutes with a VC, what would you ask? This is as a potential interviewee at the firm.

How do you know if you're truly interested in tech?

With tech (and consumer tech - iPhones, Social Media, Video/Music Content) becoming such a big thing in daily life, how do you know if you're truly interested in it rather than just being a part of a more tech-focused generation? I mean, you see TMT groups being the more popular, if not the most popular groups in banking. And also more students in general interested in pursuing tech. But I wonder how many of them are truly interested in it?

Top in house corporate VCs?

I have been looking into the VC space quite a bit lately, though I have always been a part of the start up scene in my community. I was wondering what are your thoughts on in-house corporate VCs? What would you say are among the most notable in the industry?