The Gist of Books Like Monkey Business (was Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Banker)?

I haven't found any interview or one hour lecture on YouTube (Like an @Google talk) of the authors of Monkey Business. The author of DIFGTBAB is anonymous, so I won't find it as well.

1st, I am not that much into this yet to want to read books by - to me - unknown folks. Heck, I have other interests and things to do with my time as well.

I don't want to pay for the abstract as well (You know about the site GetAbstract? You can read there Monkey Business in short form.)

However I would be more than happy to watch an honest one hour lecture on the subject on YouTube or spend one hour reading a thorough article on the subject to start with.

Where to go?

Edit: OK, then stick with the Money Business route if DIFGTBAB is not serious enough.

Video Search Assist - Big 4 Partner Conference

Trying to find a video I saw a year or so ago, no not a porno.

It was a footage from a accounting firm partner's conference where the speaker was giving a pep rally related to "not giving work away" or something along those lines.

A vague reference I'll admit, probably the reason all my internet searches are leading to me clips of robots, I mean star employees, saying why they love working at the big 4.

If anyone has an idea of the video in question some assistance would really put my mind at ease.

Eastbound & Down Season 3

Get fucking ready for it.

"This gorgeous sunset is rocking my nuts off."

New Hampshire Democratic Primary; or The Greatest Political Troll Alive [Video]

Actual footage from a Democratic pre-primary debate in New Hampshire.

This is Vermin Supreme and he is the only troll I have ever seen rival the early work of Sasha Baron Cohen. Here's hoping we can finally have a political thread everyone can enjoy...

Forex in the 80's

Stumbled on these videos on Youtube and thought you guys (especially those on FX desks) would get a kick out of it. With all the turmoil in our industry lately I’ve been hearing a few “Man, I sometimes wish we were in the 80s” kinda groans going around so, for all the FX monkeys wishing they were born a few decades earlier, here’s what it was like.

Barclays didn’t pay commission, it was pretty much all tape reading/price action plays, and traders woke up at 6am. Wait, what? 6 A.M.? WTF???

Videos after the jump.

Kyle Bass pawns BBC's HARDtalk

I realize that the BBC’s HARDtalk is supposed to be an in-your-face, pseudo debate/interview program but the least they could do is have hosts who actually know what they’re talking about.

Kyle Bass on the other hand knows his shit cold, and on the show last Friday the subprime superstar didn’t hold back on taking down Sara Montague’s accusive, somewhat insulting rhetoric and absolutely decimated her absurdly sensationalist arguments. All that while giving one of the most succinct explanations I have ever heard on what happened during the crisis, what led to it, CDS's, the current plight of Japan, Germany, the future of the EU, guns, gold, and his supposedly “highly fortified” fort in Texas. Truly great stuff.

People should learn not to dick around with someone who looks like Tony Soprano.

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Atlas Shrugged full movie now available

Unfortunately, just because it's out doesn't mean it's worth watching.

I'm only a few minutes in, but am already pretty disappointed. Moves really fast and the actors are seemingly awful (also, they don't know how to walk naturally, it's really fucking weird).

Anyway, I'll just leave this here. Would love to know what you guys think.

Edit: YouTube link no longer works, here's Megavideo