Contacted by a Recruiter but it seems like he's pulling my leg

Hi guys,

Long time lurker on WSO, but HAD to register to ask the people here since I'm drawing a blank.

I have a recruiter who's contacting me with a position available in Washington, D.C as a Research Associate within a "-$40B+ firm with multiple strategies". I tried to discover what this firm he's referencing in his email was but I had no luck.

Does this even make sense? Are you guys aware of any such firms?

Applied Economics vs. MSF for DC Agencies

I am looking at the John Hopkins University Masters in either Applied Economics or Finance as post-study after law school. I would ideally do the part-time program, so I can work in a federal pathways position for students and cut down on any debt I might accrue (that and the GI Bill should significantly cut down any debt) and gain work experience. I would like to use JHU's Econ dept's supposedly large network most of all as my current school's network outside of Texas sucks really bad.

Finance Scene in Washington DC

Hi all

I was wondering if how good (maybe how bad?) DC is as a place to begin one's finance career. I'm not expecting it to be on the same level as NYC, SF, Chicago or even Houston/LA, but relative to other cities, is it that bad of a choice? I don't think I'd be a good fit in a megacity like NYC right off the bat, so that's why I was thinking DC might be a good option as it still offers an urban lifestyle on a smaller scale. I'm wondering, however, if the political/public sector scene is overpowering though and finance jobs might be harder to find.

How to find IB VPs in specific area?

How can I find out who holds a VP position at an investment bank in a specific area of the country? In this case the Washington, DC Metro Area. Thank you!

Houlihan Lokey DC

Got a first rounder with HLHZ DC coming up for summer analyst. Anyone got any insight into what to expect or the office in particular? I know they do a lot of A&D work. It's for HLHZ's Corporate Finance division.

great option for accounting courses

If you need to get some accounting courses under your belt for a reasonable price, check out this program. I recently completed the economics and accounting graduate certificates here, which was pretty much the best I could do coming from a non-target exercise science major and a previous career coaching travel soccer teams. Yes, after an ACL injury at 25, I decided to see what else was out there. A friend of mine shared this with me haphazardly, but it saved me from going back for a second bachelor's, so I thought I'd pass it on.

To make a long story short:

Lamont Peterson vs Amir Khan

Anyone else watch the fight? I'm kind of pissed the way the decision went and the ref penalizing Khan, it seemed like he played to the hometown favorite.

I-Banks in Washington,Dc

I want to apply at some investment banks in the DC area as an analyst and then switch over into the trading relm... Ideas please!? Is this possible anywhere but NY?

DC Monkeys Networking/Dinner

Hi, I'm working at an MM down here in DC, I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing lunch or dinner. I'm about a 5 or 10 minute walk from Dupont Circle. PM me for contact info.