Peep Toe Shoes

Are peep toe heels appropriate for the office? For an interview? For an informational interview?

How to meet smart attractive women?

One of the major disadvantages of Chicago as opposed to NYC is that virtually all quality women who are 25+ are married, engaged, or in long-term relationships. Given that I'm 30 years old and would like to meet someone it's been quite frustrating. I have gone to young professionals events, tried match, and tried to meet women at bars (which always ends up being a debacle).

Basic Blood Work

This is a review of five blood work markers and a definition of what’s normal.

Soros beats girlfriend, she sues for $10M apartment

-George Soros has a temper
-the old man still appreciates fine tail
-beside being a bimbo soap opera star, knowing GS may be enough to qualify you to study Economics at Columbia.

Meeting women on the street?

I'm living near NYU right now, and I can't walk down the street without passing at least 3 girls that I'd like to get to know better (if you know what I mean). I wish I had the balls to approach them, especially seeing as how I'll probably never seen them again, but I'm not particularly attractive and I don't know what I'd say. When you're drunk at a bar with your friends on a Saturday night, you don't feel guilty for hitting on girls b/c of the setting. But broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon alone is a completely different story.

Rich single hot women where are they?

Before i start i want y'all to know i love women like any other men crave them for, there is beauty when we buy rolex, Armani, gucci but then their exquisite beauty meaning women with round Oval face, Pale milky marble white skin, body of Katy Perry, and Exotic eyes like Actress Eva Green or Singer Lights Valerie Polxietner, My Standard above normal i study a women like i study my textbook before a test in High school now im free but then again all those years of my youth the golden age as you supposedly smile looking back i can't reason why i never found that RICH HOT SINGLE WOMEN.
Now time running short for me so i sum it up in a few word below.

Just how much do women enjoy finance?

So i was randomly going through my facebook the other day and saw a comment on a female friend on mine at a BB mentioning the worst part of her day was going to the ladies and hearing the people crying in there.

A one off? well the replies from several other women below saying "yea its so bad at my bank too etc. etc." suggest its not.

Do you guys notice this? Is this news to you or just expected.


Are you a club man?

I broke up with my girlfriend last week.

Not that I am still hang up on her or anything but a few bros suggested we head out to a club to meet some women etc.

Apprehensive as I was, I still went along with it. But once again, it was confirmed to me I hate the club scene. Yeah, I hear all that bullshit about that's the only place to meet women, but I just can't stomach being there.

WSO, am the only one who feels this way? (Generally, not to offend anyone) Women you meet are not even worth hooking up with, let alone girlfriend material.

Footing the Bill for Dates

Anyone have a rule about not paying for anything during the first/second/third date (from a guys perspective)?

I think its hard as a young monkey going out with girls because they think your loaded and they expect you to take them out to nice bars/clubs/restaurants.