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ER to IB resume; please critique


I am a third year BBA student at a second tier university in Canada. I had a 4 month internship at a hedge fund in Toronto and now for my next work term, looking to land an IB position.

I was hoping to get my resume critiqued for grammatical and anything else that may be wrong with my resume.

Thank you,

Consulting Resume Review - M7 Pre-MBA (Please Help!)

EDIT: This post is getting urgent as my first app is due in about a week! Thank you so much for your help!


I'm looking for a little resume guidance. I'm applying to a few pre-MBA programs and can't utilize career services at my MBA program yet. I don't want to hand in a piece of cr*p that comes back to bite me in recruiting season.

A few things I left off:

My undergrad was my second university. I earned 122 credits there and 32 at a prior institution. Prior was a top 50 university, I left before failing out; extenuating family circumstances. Figured it could be left off at this point but if you disagree please let me know.

Member of CFA society and the Financial Planning Association - cutting down room (more important than what's listed?)

Hobbies - cut for space.

Fraternity - never held a leadership role so I left it off

Abbreviating Numbers in a Resume

I've been working the last few weeks on trimming a two page academic CV down to a one page resume. I've cut most of the fat and have made enough progress to reach a pretty concise one page. However, for some bullets I've had to reduce numbers less than 10 to numerals in order to prevent any one bullet from exceeding two lines. I've also had to make some other compromises and I'll give a few examples below.

I'm assuming if I've had to change "six" to "6" in one bullet, I should also use numerals consistently throughout? Is doing this a big issue or will people understand it's necessary to save space and maintain consistency?


1) "40 plus countries on six continents" became "40+ countries on 6 continents"

Non-target with IB experience

Please provide criticism or advice. Am I using the banking lingo correctly? Thanks!

Corliss Online Financial Mag: Japan, Australia May Join China-Led Bank

Japan signaled that it could join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) after all if certain conditions were met satisfactorily.

This is despite the United States already expressing concerns regarding AIIB and its capability to pass social and environmental standards and China's already growing diplomatic influence in the region. Still, about 30 nations, including major EU members, participated in this economic project.

Now, even the notable allies of the US -- South Korea, Australia and Japan -- are reportedly reconsidering.

Desperately seeking resume critique - Corporate Finance/Business Analyst

I graduated college in May 2013 and was lucky enough to grab a job as a Mortgage Analyst at a Credit Union. I am applying for entry level Business Analyst jobs at any company I can find on Indeed, Craigslist, or linkedin. I am shooting for larger corporations as I have experience working in large company HQ's. I would really appreciate if you could tell me what you like best about my resume and what can I improve on. Also, if any bullets can be improved or re-written better.

Advice Needed! Non-Target with IB Experience

A little background: I am a Sophomore at a State School (non-target, local target). Last summer I interned at a local IB boutique and was offered (and accepted) to keep interning throughout the school year, where I have mostly been working in M&A. This summer I am aiming towards an IB internship at BBs in Spain and at boutiques in Los Angeles, Boston, and NYC. My approach will be cold-emailing hundreds of contacts. I know I am somewhat late to applying but I have been waiting for a $300M deal to close at the boutique, which unfortunately has not done so yet, although it will soon. In reviewing my resume, I am primarily concerned with the IB vocabulary, as I am not sure if I am using it right. Any and all critique/ suggestions are very much appreciated and welcomed.

I'll work at Abercrombie & Fitch this summer

I already have investment banking experience to add in my CV, but it was just 6 months as an intern. That's all my work experience and I couldn't get any offer related to finance for this summer...

Should I also add in my CV that I'll work as a shop assistant in an A&F store?

If so, how would you do it? Just a short line in the experience section with the brand name blablabla or in the "other stuff" section saying that I worked as a shop assistant because I like fashion or whatever?