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I am 14 and want to learn more about finance.

I am 14 years old and have an interest in finance. I really want to learn more about it and eventually go into investment banking. Do you have any advice on getting into the finance industry? What path would you recommend? Thank you so much for your time.

Can't find search bar

I'd search for it, but, well, I can't find it.

I preferred older version of WSO

I dont want to diss the new site, but honestly I preferred the old site. It just seems like its harder to read with this interface. Please dont throw monkey shit at me for this, was just really wondering if anyone else felt this way. Also, I have to admit I'm very bad at dealing with tech updates lol

It feels like the user interface bar with all the menus takes up way too much space on the page and I'm not exactly sure why I feel its harder to read the threads. Am I the only one that feels this way?

EDIT: I think its hard to read cause its too bright

Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!

After many months and many hours toiling away, we are finally here, a new and improved WSO. Here are a few of the benefits you should enjoy:

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Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp

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WSO Undergoing Massive Site Upgrade & Redesign Starting Thursday March 26 at 8:00am EST

Dearest Fellow WSO Primates, the time has come to take WSO into the 21st century.

Starting Thursday, March 26 at 8:00am EST the live site will be "frozen" for several days (potentially through the weekend).

This means that you can still browse and read content, but NO NEW CONTENT will be allowed (comments, forum topics, etc) until the new site is live.

The reason for this is that when upgrading to Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, we have to take a copy of the database and make sure all of our functionality is working before turning the new live site on. If we allowed new content after the freeze, that would just be lost.

The goal is to have the new live site working before Friday at 12:00pm EST, but this is a massive upgrade, so there will likely be some snags / delays. Not only are we moving from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, but we are also upgrading our theme to a fully adapative cleaner theme based on Porto (you can see the template here:

Undoubtedly, even with all of the testing we've done, there will be things broken, functionality that doesn't work, or worse, the site performance may be too slow. Just know that we will be putting in super long hours this next 2-3 weeks to try and address all of them as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the user experience and community can continue to thrive.

Please feel free to comment in here suggestion, thoughts, concerns with the new site once it is live (hopefully by Sunday evening).

Thank you for your patience and support!
Patrick & the WSO Team

Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Her er hvordan cyber krigforing begynte-50 ar siden

Datamaskinen hacking var rike nysgjerrig tenåringer. Det ER nå arena for regjeringen spioner, profesjonell tyver og soldater av formue.

I dag, er det om penger. Derfor kinesiske hackere brøt inn Lockheed Martin og stjal blåkopier å billion dollar F-35 jagerfly. Det er også hvorfor russiske hackere har sneaked i vestlige olje og gass-selskaper i år.

Innsatsen er høyere, også. I 2010 gled hackere en "digital bombe" i Nasdaq som nesten sabotert aksjemarkedet. I 2012 ødelagt Iran 30.000 datamaskiner på Saudi oljeindustrien produsent Aramco.

Og tenke på enorme (og ennå ukjente) skade fra Nord-Koreas cyberattack på Sony Pictures i fjor. Datamaskiner ble ødelagt, kontaktpersoner pinlig emails ble utsatt, og hele filmstudio ble kastet inn i kaos.

came across a great blog from some i know, kid is a college senior has done about 50% a year, and now has a million+ under management. Also from a very prominent Wall Street family but he would be reluctant to say this. Family is invested in Tepper, Icahn, Chilton, Perry, Icahn....kid has legit info.

why is there no quant forum?

i wonder why there isn't a quant forum, i think wso has the population for it