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1st year UK student

Long time lurker here

Networking in Salt Lake City?

How many folks on this forum are working in SLC? There's several major banks located downtown so I'd imagine at least a god few of you. Anyways, I saw some other threads of people organizing networking events at bars and clubs in NY, London, and other cities, so I'd figure I'd see if any would be interested in getting a few drinks in downtown SLC. I think maybe around 7 pm would be the best time because it'd be after work hours for some and a chance for a dinner break of those working late.

Security Analysis

I'm a college Student taking a Security Analysis class. My professor doesn't teach and expects up to read the book. The book we are using is Security Analysis and Business Valuation on Wall Street by Jeffrey Hooke. Im not very fond of the book and I was wondering if someone could suggest a book I can buy possibly a Text book on Security Analysis that is very clear?
Thank you.



How to Overcome Weak Undergrad School - Ontario, Canada

Hey I'm a 4th year student at a small university in Ontario, Canada - Trent University. I got into better schools, but basically had to go here for financial reasons. I am graduating with a Honours BBA and a 87% - 3.9 CGPA that I am hoping to leverage to overcome the school's lack of reputation. I also have a paid internship in HR, but I'd like to get into something banking or consulting related. My plan is to work for 2-3 years then get my MBA at Schulich. Where can I reasonably find work or where should I look considering the weak school I attended?

IU Kelley vs. UIUC Business Honors

Hey guys!

I am trying to figure out which school to attend and would like some input. Ultimately, I would love to end up in either ib or management consulting after college. I am trying to decide between IU and UIUC. IU would seem like the clear choice given the success of their ib workshop, but I was one of 40 applicants who was accepted to the Illinois College of Business Honors Program. Illinois has an ib academy, but it is a good bit smaller that IU's workshop.

Background check advice needed

i recently was offered a job and I accepted the offer and signed the letter. The third party first advantage is doing a background check. They are asking me to provide a employment letter from an internship I did 5 years back . When I called the internship company they said they do not provide employment letters for interns. I attached the offer letter I had. My main


from a non target school , trying to get to ibd , but also aiming for MBB

engineering student

from a non target school , trying to get to ibd , but also aiming for MBB