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Double post - to be deleted

Double post - to be deleted

Regulatory Reporting @ GS vs. Treasury @ JP Morgan CIB

Hi All,

Just thought I'd get some opinions over a possible career switch I might have in the offing. I am in Reg Reporting role @ GS and have an opportunity to switch to a Treasury role @ JP Morgan's Corporate and Investment Bank. I was wondering if I can get some opinions as to the merits of the move.


Can anyone offer some help with interview preparation?

Hi All,

I have applied for a Corporate and Strategic Analyst entry level role at an international manufacturer. The role is supporting corporate dev, strategic planning and corporate communications.

2.5 years in Big Four audit: Ask Me Anything

I was recommended to do an AMA thread by the good people in this thread:

While as that one was from the perspective of a first year auditor, I myself am a third year one (well 2.5 years in).

As background I work in London auditing corporate clients and am simultaneously doing the ACA exams (British chartered accountancy). As such what I say might apply more within the UK than elsewhere.

I'm on WSO as I'm looking to move into Corporate Finance as soon as possible (I do not like audit) but I do think that one can learn a thing or two from audit.

So ask away, I'm happy to answer the questions of the WSO community from whom I've learned a great deal.

What finance topics should I touch up on for a Summer in Corp Dev?

I'll be working at a f500 and I was wondering which finance concepts should I touch up on?

Corporate Finance with PG&E

Hello all,

I received an offer to be an entry level FA role with PG&E a F200 utility/energy company in San Francisco, starting after I graduate. The position will rotate me on different teams in the finance department until I'm assigned to one. I have a few questions that I hope you guys can answer. If you google the PG&E finance department overview page it will explain everything, the forum won't allow me to post the link.

1. Which area will promote the fastest to climb the corporate ladder?
2. Which area pays the best?
3. How much salary should I negotiate for?
4. Does anybody know any websites or manuals I can use to master Excel before I start the job?
5. Can I switch to a tech corporation once I reach SFA or am I stuck in utility/energy forever?

How to break into automotive corporate finance roles undergrad

I'm wondering what the best way to break into the automotive industry's corporate finance scene would be.

So I got out of a target school undergrad without much direction like many.. 3.6 GPA with a finance degree/concentration and a job with Huron consulting group in healthcare and I'm graduating in May. The problem is I realized my true passion would be working for a major automaker. They never recruited at my school so I don't know how to apply to their programs without just randomly applying online.

I just realized this and now I'm graduating and freaking out, any advice?

Architectural Signage Southwood Group Custom Graphics Specialists - Historie

I 1970, efter eksamen fra college, begyndte Ernest Dwight at producere træ tegn som en forlængelse af sin nye kone broderi business. Mr. Dwight interesser i arkitektur og træbearbejdning, kombineret med grafik og bogstaver aspekter af broderi og monogramming i hans kones business, forudsat en unik blanding af kapaciteter til at indtaste tegn business. Virksomheden, dengang kaldet F & D Wooden Signs, i første omgang fokuseret energi opfordrer arkitektoniske og design virksomheder i North Carolina.

Any CorpFin people who decided to get their CPA - How much did it help you?

Hey everyone,

As per the request from some people here and other people I've talked to, I am planning to get my CPA once I finish the few accounting hours I have left to sit for it. Due to my situation (will be in Internal Audit wanting to move to F500 CorpFin) I think it would be in my best interest to do so. With this I was wondering three things:

- For those of you that got their CPA's and work in corporate finance, how much has it helped your career?

Credit Analysis to Financial Analysis (CMA in Canada)

Hi All,

This is long, but any sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated.


What are the chances of going from a CFA/Credit Analyst type role to a Corp. Finance type role? I'm located in Canada so no CPA here. But is it worth considering enrolling in the CMA program?

My profile:

I'm sitting for CFA L3 this June. My experience consists of entering in financial spreads, making adjustments to get at the underlying earnings trend, analyzing the business/financial profile, help make credit rating recommendations subject to Sr. Analyst oversight.