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CRE Asset Management vs Private Equity and breaking in


I've been a long time reader of WSO and appreciate the amazing insight that everyone provides.
I'm contemplating transitioning to CRE PE from corporate FP&A and have 3 questions (ok maybe 6):

Must Knows for Real Estate Interview

I have an interview with a REPE firm in a few days. My knowledge on the industry is not as proficient as I would like to to be. What are some must knows for an interview situation?

Elliott Associates: They Market like They Own it

Elliott Associates has this unique company motto that inspires its clients' complete trust: Marketing a property like they own it. Now, that is one real estate marketing strategy you do not hear every day. And if you do, you do not see it done every day as well. So, what does this mean in real business terms?

Invesco Advisors - Real Estate

Anyone have the know on this group? Positive or negative experience working with them? Their line of work seems interesting, but hoping to put together a better understanding of their day-to-day.

Investment Sales -> REIT Development

Im currently an IS analyst at a major brokerage (think CB, JLL, Eastdil) in a major market. Recently I was hit up by a recruiter with an opportunity to be a development analyst at a major REIT who was looking at one of the deals we recently put on the market.

REPE AM Analyst vs BB CRE Lending AM Analyst

Besides pay/prestige/exit opps, I would like any info on the differences in daily work/job description between these positions if any... is it more in depth on the PE side,etc.? On the REPE side, would exposure to waterfall/JV modeling be beneficial at all.. or is that left to acquisitions/investment analysts if the job is more asset level analysis only?

Thanks for the help!

Ditch banking for real estate development?

Need some help/advice, guys.

I'm a junior economics major at a well ranked, but not target by any means, liberal arts college. I thought I wanted to do IB, but I just found out that none of my summer plans are going to work out. I had an IB internship during last semester, but I can't work there this summer. I think I'm realizing that I can't make it into banking, so I'm trying to explore other avenues.

Acquisitions vs. Investment Sales (at the Junior Analyst level)


What's the big difference in these roles at the Junior Analyst level assuming the Investment Sales role would be at a top shop (Eastdil/HFF/CBRE/JLL)? Putting aside compensation, which would obviously be higher in an Acquisitions role.

Student Housing (Private/Public and Large/Small)

Who can name some players in the northeast? American Campus, Vesper Holdings, Core Campus, The Scion Group, Prime Property, MJW--- the more the better.

Anyone ever done a student housing deal? Acquired, disposed, constructed, brokered?