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AM Summer Analyst Comp

Does anyone know what AM SA comp is currently? I feel like my offer is below market value...

Making a switch to AM from MBB

Currently I am working as a Business Analyst at a top consulting firm (think Deloitte, McKinsey) in Europe. But recently I have discovered that my interests actually lie on the buy side rather than consulting.

AllianceBernstein's Reputation

Hey guys,

I am interested in joining an asset manager out of school. I have an offer to join AllianceBernstein in their rotational program. I was just wondering what is AB's reputation?

Help Needed! Wealth Management

Hey Monkeys, I was just wondering if I could get some help from you guys. So I work for a real estate crowdfunding company called Sharestates. And in order to broaden our investor base, we are trying to contact any wealth management people. If you any of you guys work in wealth management or have connections with portfolio managers/VPs/managing directors, please comment your name and firm or send me a pm. Thanks!

Position Title

Hi all, graduated last May from a non target school in nyc and got a job as a trade support covering the fixed income desk at a $200B+ investment manager. Firm is relatively small, about 80 people total from Front to Back Office, not counting non finance people. Was given the opportunity to move into the Cash Forecasting team after a former member transferred.

Weighing job prospects as a launching pad for AM

Hey guys, I created a new account so as not to be identified.

I am considering moving to a large PE FOF and also moving into the FI team at my current OCIO firm (AUM>$30B).

I am in a generalist pool at the moment, however I have worked with both the PE and FI teams. If I was to stay and accept the promotion then I would be placed in the FI team. I generally enjoy what I'm doing, however I believe that my learning curve has plateaued substantially. I enjoy the quantitative nature of some the risk management and asset allocation aspects however I am not sure if manager selection and asset allocation is where I want to be in the long term.

Interview Guide for Asset Management Interviews?

For investment banking there are quite a lot of interview guides and courses, such as the Wall Street Prep, Breaking into Wall Street, and the Vault Guide. I am wondering if there is something similar for Asset Management?

Is it even possible to break into bulge bracket banks' AM team after I graduate from college?

Hey guys,

I am a current junior studying Math and Econ at a semi-target school.

Although I am currently pursuing the actuarial field, I think I am also interested in the Asset Management field. This summer, I will be interning at an insurance Asset Management Company(so their clients are insurers) where I will be doing the insurance industry research with their credentialed actuaries. I am hoping to get a full time offer from the firm, switch from the insurance research arm to the asset management team within the firm, attain the actuarial credential, and hope to move into the Asset Management team at a bulge bracket bank.