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My GMAT Study Plan

I just took the GMAT this past weekend and scored a 760 (Q49 / V44), so while everything was fresh on my mind I wanted to make a post here about the process that I went through.

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Ask Clear Admit: Can I get into a top MBA program?

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Wharton ($) Vs Kellogg ($$)

I have a dilemma as I have an offer from two schools - Wharton and Kellogg. Wharton is offering 20% aid while Kellogg is offering 65% aid. Female currently am in MBB and have assured rehiring so that I have no problems of placement post MBA.
Question is which should I choose?

MBA - CorpFin


I've been working at a mid-sized bank's treasury for 4 years and I'll be applying to MBAs in Round 1 next year. I'd like to get your thoughts on programs (top 25) that are especially good at CorpFin/Corp Treasury since that's where I'd like to end up post-MBA (with a preference for the East Coast).

Thank you!

Best MSF/MFin program for S&T?

Columbia MS financial economics, MIT MFin, Vanderbilt MSF, CMC MFin....?

Shot at top 10?

Recently been thinking about going back for an MBA. but not sure if I have a shot at a top MBA program. Currently an IB associate at a bulge bracket in New York with 5 years of experience. Analyst promote and did my early years at an ibank outside the US. Had crappy grades in undergrad from a non-target school and only got into banking by networking my ass off.

Rank these Undergrads!

So, I'm transferring. Please list the following undergraduate schools by NYC M&A prospects. When making your decisions, consider on-campus recruiting, prestige, alumni network, etc. Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Johns Hopkins
  • Baruch (Zicklin) finance
  • Cornell non-AEM
  • Fordham Gabelli - Rose Hill
  • Rutgers Business School - New Brunswick
  • Binghamton quant finance
  • LIU Post
  • URochester

MBA Decision: Johnson (Cornell) vs. McDonough (Georgetown) vs. Stern (NYU..maybe)

Hi all,

I was recently accepted to the full time MBA programs at Johnson (Cornell) and McDonough (Georgetown). I was also waitlisted at NYU Stern.

I'm currently working in consulting in the greater New York City area and am seeking a career change into finance. I'm weighing my options on which program to attend and am interested in getting some feedback from those in the financial industry. Some thoughts below:

-program has immersion learning experience (Asset Management focused), sounds like solid hands on approach to learning
-top industry: finance
-strong job placement in northeast, which is where I'd like to end up coming out of the program
-average starting salary + signing bonus coming out of the program is higher than Georgetown, slightly lower than Stern

What are the 'unicorn jobs' that M7 MBA students sometimes hold out for?

I read recently that HBS and GSB sometimes have lower placement rates upon graduation because the students hold out for 'unicorn jobs'.

What would be some specific examples of jobs like this? Is it referring to positions such as C-suite at start-ups, or are there specific firms which they target?