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    The Harver Group Management: De Harver Visie

    Als een organisatie wil groeien, moeten haar mensen groeien. Talent management is daarmee in hoge mate bepalend voor organisatiesucces.Harver bundelt expertise in HR, psychologie, assessments, servicedesign, en digitale innovatie. Onze kracht is dat we met een frisse blik naar mensen en organisaties kijken. Van hieruit ontwerpen, bouwen en implementeren we vernieuwende en gebruiksvriendelijke Talent Managementoplossingen die individuen en organisaties helpen groeien.

    Mensen central

    Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Cyberkrigföring började – 50 år sedan

    (CNN) - Dataintrång en gång var sfären av nyfikna tonåringar. Nu är arenan för regeringen spioner, professionella tjuvar och lyckoriddare.

    Idag handlar det om pengar. Det är därför kinesiska hackare bröt sig in i Lockheed Martin och stal ritningar till biljoner dollar F-35 jaktplan. Det är också varför ryska hackare har smög in i västerländska olja och gas företag i år.

    Insatserna är högre, alltför. I 2010 halkade hackare en "digital bomb" i Nasdaq som nästan saboterade aktiemarknaden. 2012 förstört Iran 30.000 datorer på oljeproducent Saudi Aramco.

    Och tänker på den enorma (och ännu ej offentliggjord) skadan från Nordkoreas cyberattack på Sony Pictures förra året. Datorer förstördes, chefers pinsamma e-post var utsatta och hela filmen studion var kastas in i kaos.

    Exit opps?!

    What are the exit opps at Silicon Valley Bank? The starting salary seems kind of low at $54,000

    Using Finance experience to work in another field

    Hey guys, I have about 3 years of experience as a Financial Analyst with an F100 company but have found myself disliking finance more and more every day. What other careers could I transition into with this experience? I truly want nothing to do with Finance, I prefer something more client facing or to do with marketing/communications. How best can I emphasize the transferrable skills from Finance but start in a completely different field? Thanks!

    PTJ Decries Income Inequality at TED 2015

    This one might not be up long, so check it out while you can. Paul Tudor Jones basically lambasting capitalism as it exists today and talking about all the negative externalities that are likely with the current wealth gap.

    Cheyney Group Marketing: GoDaddy's IPO to raise $418m

    Web registrar GoDaddy has announced plans to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that will raise them USD 418 million and increase their market capitalization to almost USD 3 billion.

    GoDaddy has filed for an IPO last year with the "GDDY" ticker symbol but it has yet to set an exact date for the IPO. The internet company based in Arizona which offers webhosting and domain registration has updated its filing last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to Cheyney Group Marketing.

    The Woo Group Review RBC Wealth Management Hong Kong USA: Santa er sjekke sin liste, men hvordan hans avgang plan?

    Noen betraktninger for Mr. Claus fra RBC finansiell planlegging

    Julenissen ER noen som vet betydningen av å lage en liste og sjekke det to ganger. For å sikre han plasserer den samme betydningen å gjøre sin økonomiske plan og kontrollere at minst en gang i året, RBC økonomisk planlegging har noen råd for Santa å vurdere når han er ferdig sin leveranser for året.

    1. Hvis Santa har en finansiell plan, men har ikke skrevet det ennå, kan han sette sin liste-making ferdigheter til god bruk under hans pause. Ca 43 prosent av kanadierne har økonomiske planer, men av de 33 prosent sier deres planer er "i hodet", som betyr disse planene ikke kan deles med familie eller finansielle rådgivere for spore fremdriften og oppdater etter behov.

    Hass & Associates Online Reviews: Twelve Tips to Combat Insider Threats

    Employees with access to sensitive data remain a critical security vulnerability - but there are practical steps for addressing the issue from within.

    The Edward Snowden leaks highlighted that if the NSA can have its sensitive documents stolen by an employee, anyone can. According to the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report, 89% of global respondents felt that their organisation was now more at risk from an insider attack with 34% saying they felt very or extremely vulnerable.

    According to corporate security firm Espion, while the frequency of cyber incidents is on the rise, hackers trying to gain access to critical information are not always to blame, with insider involvement remaining a significant problem.