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dyed hair

I'm a girl and I dyed my hair in high school. It's platinum blonde right now, but should I dye it back to black?

Shaved Head

Looking through all the threads on this topic, it appears that there are not many serious answers to this question, so I'll ask it here. What are your opinions on a student completely shaving his head when applying for SA/FTA positions? I normally keep long hair, but recently cut it short a few months ago. Unfortunately, my hair is visibly thinning, and it's quite odd to see that happening to someone my age, so I decided to just go fully bald and shave it off, haha. I actually like the way it looks! I think I would actually like to keep this look.

How do you wash off American crew Fiber?

How do you wash off American crew fiber? Hand soup doesn't help much.

Interview in Golf Course (France) for boutique investment firm


I am having a job interview in a golf course / 5-star resort for a boutique investment firm (which is located in London though). Interview is on a Friday at 9 AM, so that people is clearly staying at the hotel resort there. Location is in France, not far from Monaco.

According to the secretary, the same day (the same location?) they are having some meetings with some Arab investors after me.

I am hesitant on whether to wear a suit (Family Office) or business casual (khaki + shirt).

What is your opinion?

Thanks in advance

Helpful fashion cheat sheet

See inside the post...

Best Dress Shoes

What are your favorite dress shoes? Since you wear them 15 hours a day.

Good Store to Buy Hair Product

What stores do you recommend going to to find good hair product like paste?

Socks that don't sag?

On a new kick where I'm buying new socks every 6 months. My last go around I grabbed a bunch of pairs from the Tie Bar, because they're decently priced, and I like their ties. Problem is, they're like 50/50 on staying up for even the most basic walks to the water cooler. Any recommendations for socks that aren't going to sag? Looked around through search, and there's surprisingly little on the topic.

Which Fitness Tracker do you use?

You want a fitness tracker that's cheap, stylish, and does its job, but is it possible to get all 3 of these things in one?

Smart watches are out of consideration right now because we obviously all have that Lange, Rolex, or Patek on our left wrist and we're sure as hell not wearing another watch on the other wrist. We're not trying to look like Pauly D from Jersey Shore rocking 2 watches at once.

You can't walk around Manhattan without seeing every other person rocking a FitBit. And I know TD Bank was recently giving away free green FitBit's to new customers.

With all of that said, I'd love some feedback and/or recommendations on what fitness trackers you're all using nowadays...?