good free website for economic indicatorsHi, does anyone happen to know a good free website where the latest economic indicators (e.g. consumer confidence index, GDP growth of selected countries, etc.) are presented (and timely updated)? thanks a lot... 81 year 9 months ago
WSO Conference 2013: Reason #18 To Join Us There are 18 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you should join us at the conference. Reason #18: Joshua Rosenbaum will be back again this year to speak at the conference. Joshua is a Managing Director at UBS and author of In... 01 year 9 months ago
WSO Conference 2013: Reason #17 To Join Us There are 17 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you should join us at the conference. Reason #17: The 4 Discussion Panels: Throughout the day there will be our 60-minute discussion panels, each composed of 3-4 finance professi... 01 year 9 months ago
GS developer vs Barclays Capital quantI have an offer from GS to join them as a developer and an offer from Barclays capital to join them as a quant. I prefer to be a quant than a developer, but Goldman looks like a better place to be. Do you guys think that it's possible to make the transition from developer to quant within GS? Any adv... 91 year 9 months ago
Hey Everyone!Been spending more and more time on this site recently, and finally decided to jump in and make my way from chimp to addict; should be a fun journey. Thanks in advance for all the help and information! A bit about me; bachelor's from Ohio State, working in corporate finance in Nigeria right now, ... 21 year 9 months ago
HBS in 3 years: Google or PE ? Hi guys, I am having two offers: 1 is for a Google sale support function in Asia, and 1 is for junior analyst gig at a PE fund in London (~200M). My goal is to get into HBS in 3-4 years, and I have already got pretty good leadership experience. The PE pays very low (~ $50k) and they do more ... 101 year 9 months ago
What do you do for fun?What do you do for fun?... 151 year 9 months ago
Summer Intern 01 year 9 months ago
Khaki's?Are Khaki's okay in a business casual environment? Like at a prop trading firm?... 121 year 9 months ago
Learning during your internshipAnyone here find it absolutely impossible to pick up concepts from juniors you're staffed with while looking over their shoulder as they explain a new concept / method to you while simultaneously moving at lightspeed through the accompanying excel doc / ppt deck? I think I get it... kinda, then... 31 year 9 months ago
lifealert.jpg 01 year 9 months ago
few questions about M&A and LBOsin the last weeks i've tried to cover my understanding of the AM buyside but i had to face a simple reality: getting my place through the door of even an mid-top AM firm (in a equity/credit analyst) is close to impossible as a MSF student from a mid-top tier school (europe). that said i've been expl... 71 year 9 months ago
Client Service Associate 01 year 9 months ago
Trading 01 year 9 months ago
Reviews neededWhat do you think of this book? Worth spending the money? The Best Book on How to Get an I-Banking Internship, 2nd Edition (Used search function. Couldn't find much)... 41 year 9 months ago
dividend discount modelDoes anyone have a dividend discount model template they could send me? I will the trade some other models I have in exchange. Send me a PM if interested. - Thanks... 11 year 9 months ago
MBA looking to transition to trading... do I have a shot?I've been working in communications (newspaper reporter, then public relations/media relations) since I graduated in 2006 and unfortunately I've come to completely hate this field. I decided to go back to school because I had the opportunity for a massive tuition waiver at my current job and I finis... 31 year 9 months ago
Analyst 01 year 9 months ago
Stone Pier CapitalStone Pier Capital Advisors, LP is a Pittsburgh-based, boutique M&A, financial and strategic advisory firm.... 01 year 9 months ago
Operations Interview at Top PE FirmHi everyone, I just got an BO/MO internship interview at top PE firm (BX,KKR,SIlverlake). I had few IB/AM interviews before but this is my first time interviewing for MO/BO role. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what kind of questions I should expect, and what are different factors... 01 year 9 months ago
13 Little Things You May Be Doing to Sabotage Your SuccessAre you one of these two? 1. You've been out in the job market for a few years now, but you're still holding on to old habits. 2. Just looking to enter the market, but you need to just shed that college skin If so it's time to freshen up on a little etiquette. Here's 13 little things yo... 51 year 9 months ago
How Much Would You Pay for More Time Off?There is a new trend in human resources developing in corporate America. More and more companies are allowing employees to sell their unused vacation time, but some are even allowing employees to buy more vacation time - in some cases from the employees selling theirs. This got me thinking: how ... 221 year 9 months ago
JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2013Anyone looking to run the NYC race this year? The NYC race is this Wednsday/Thursday at 7PM, with Thursday being the "real" race. I have to assume that some of you youngin interns/analysts have a reliable degree of athletic ability. Post race WSO meetup? ... 01 year 9 months ago
JPM Chase Corporate Challenge 01 year 9 months ago
Head Hunter ReviewsI feel this could be useful, and put a little power back in our hands, if we were able to review head hunters. Not too sure how personal we could get (e.g. names or just companies), but since the same sort of review is available for workmen, plumbers etc.. i don't see an issue. Of course this wo... 101 year 9 months ago
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How should I put my name? 51 year 9 months ago
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David Tepper Gives Hilarious, Optimistic OutlookAppaloosa's David Tepper was in rare form during his interview with Bloomberg TV's Stephanie Ruhle yesterday. He comes out of the closet (sorta), lists all the reasons the market is on the verge of an "explosion of greatness", and explains that he'd rather work at McDonald's than on the sell side of... 231 year 9 months ago
Typical M&A Technical QuestionsHas anyone got a guide/ website that compiles typical technical interview questions? DCF, modelling assumptions, CAPM, valuation etc.. Just want something to work through to make sure I'm hitting all the key areas Thanks all... 61 year 9 months ago
Last Night's White CollarSo I just finished watching this past Tuesday's white collar. Pretty good episode, but did anyone else think it was a major plot hole that Neil didn't try to bang Sophie (the blonde chick)? Maybe I'm nit picking but it seems like there is only one clear option in that situation...... 101 year 9 months ago
Page NumberingFor threads that go past the first page, is it possible to have the page numbers next to the thread listing like many other forums? Saves time on jumping to Page 4 for the new posts without having to go to Page 1, then go to Page 4.... 31 year 9 months ago
Here's what happened in the stock/bond markets last week (6/3-6/7)Stock Market Analysis Conclusions: TGIF or it would have been an unpleasant week for stocks. As it was, the Dow moved ahead 0.88% while small cap stocks advanced 0.35%. Nevertheless, more stocks fell in price than rose, and for the first time in recent memory, more stocks hit new yearly lows th... 01 year 9 months ago
stock market st.jpg 01 year 9 months ago
cunning linguist.jpg 01 year 9 months ago
Looking for M&A advisoryHi, I am sourcing for services to help our company with acquisitions. We may as well need structuring/tax advice as advice when it comes to screening potential targets in the region (Asia). What do you think is best a Big 4 audit firm (they do offer these services), or an investment bank? And why... 51 year 9 months ago
Congrats & Hooray! No More CFA! (...for now)Happy CFA break time, monkeys! Boy, what a ride Saturday was, right? We are done, for the time being at least, and wow, that is a great relief. How did everyone's exam go? I can say, with a high degree of certainty, that I've never had more inopportune bathroom breaks then I did on Saturday. ... 111 year 9 months ago
how did prop traders trade?Hello, I'm a student in finance and I had a few questions regarding how the prop traders at banks (before the blow-up) traded products like currencies and commodities. - Did they take naked position in futures or did they hedge their positions? - Were the positions usually taken and closed within ... 71 year 9 months ago
Squeezing the Lemon 01 year 9 months ago
Edward SnowdenAside from everything else going on, how does a HS dropout end up working for the NSA?... 61 year 9 months ago
MD with residency training thinking about top 10 MBA program. Hello WSO, I was hoping that someone could help me out. I am a medical doctor who is currently in residency training. I am from Texas, have an undergraduate GPA of 3.84 overall and a 4.0 in my major (biology) from my local state school, went to medical school in Texas, and then got in to a residen... 211 year 9 months ago
Learning about the operational side of PEDo you have any resources to learn about the operational side of an attractive investment opportunity? I know PE interviews often have a modeling portion, but I know there is also a qualitative aspect and I'd like to prepare. Thanks in advance... 11 year 9 months ago
Lessons you wish you knew at a younger age?What are some lessons you have learned through your career or life that you wish you could have known back in college?... 51 year 9 months ago
Follow up on an emailed application?I applied to two summer internship positions for a BB over a week ago and have not heard back since(same firm, different recruiters and positions). I got a hold of their emails because it was posted on my school's job database, and emailed my applications directly to the individuals. I also applied ... 31 year 9 months ago
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Graduate Trainee compensation 01 year 9 months ago
Graduate Trainee interview 01 year 9 months ago
Basic Guide Ramping Up On A Company With Public Information (Part 2 of 3)We published part one last week which can be seen here and we are using Facebook as an example as it is well known to almost everyone. See Part 1 Here Now that we know the story well, lets go ahead and build the financial model. To do this lets review the latest earnings print (8-K) to see wh... 151 year 9 months ago
Deloitte Buys McColl Partners Investment BankHow would you feel if your firm got bought by Deloitte? I think this is pretty interesting. It doesn't happen alot does it?... 81 year 9 months ago
senior consultant 01 year 9 months ago
What does this deal mean for Sagent Advisors? 21 year 9 months ago
Finder's FeeI work for a small fund and spoke to a small company a couple of months ago. The company needed money, but it didn't really fit the mandate of our fund so I didn't followup with him. Oh wells, I speak to a lot of companies and he probably speaks to a lot of other funds. Anyways, I was talking to ano... 81 year 9 months ago
Business Analyst Intern 01 year 9 months ago
MBA Class of 2015 - Kenan-Flagler (UNC)Just wanted to see if there was anyone here that will be matriculating to Kenan-Flaglers full time MBA program this year?... 181 year 9 months ago
Check these 2 super cars casually racing Check it out, if ya need to pass the time... 21 year 9 months ago
Corporate Strategy - Alcoa?Anyone heard about this group? Was curious what salary/exit ops would be. Thanks.... 31 year 9 months ago
Research Associate 01 year 9 months ago
Messaging old interviewers for networking?What is your opinion on reaching out to old interviewers (places where I made superday but did not get the offer in the end) from the last recruiting season as an attempt to reconnect for fulltime? The interviewers I am thinking of reaching out to are ones I feel I did fairly well with or had co... 01 year 9 months ago
Hate My JobI am thinking of telling my manager that I hate my job. Every day I walk into work, I want to puke because its not what I want to do. If I tell my manager that I hate my position what do you think he will do? I have only been there for 5 months. If you think they will fire me, do you think they wil... 21 year 9 months ago
Why don't IBanks let their workers sleep?Why not hire 15 guys at 80 hours a week instead of 10 at 120? I understand wanting people to dedicate themselves 100% to work. But if they manage their time well, pay for maids and food delivery, and still cannot exercise a few hours a week and get a good night's rest, I don't see how people can p... 21 year 9 months ago
Denver Investment Advisors 01 year 9 months ago
Full Time PWM/Asset Management Analyst Programs When does full time recruiting begin for PWM/Asset Management Analyst programs begin at firms like GS, JP, UBS, etc. begin? I realize now this is the area I want to be in. I've previously done the classic freshman year internship in PWM before, but after a slew of other internships I think this ... 01 year 9 months ago
Best During The Semester Job for College StudentsHey WSO, As a current college student, I've been looking to put a little more cash into my pocket. I know that the stereotypical job for a college student during the semester is an on-campus job. But, I'm curious to know if you guys have any other unique suggestions for earning some money during ... 91 year 9 months ago
Another transcript / grades stuffHello everyone, I just got an offer from a top BB, and obviously they are going to conduct a background check. Here are two facts : - I have half-terrible grades. BUT - I never ever lied on my application, I somehow got called for interviews and then offered a position without mentioning grade... 51 year 9 months ago
Best way to short Yen / JGBs?Hi all, Am interested to hear any of your thoughts on the most effective way to: 1) Short the Yen 2) Short Japanese government bonds For reference I'm a small-time investor just looking to invest a few hundred $$s. Thanks... 101 year 9 months ago
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