Company Interview: Goldman Sachs 01 year 9 months ago
Hedge Hogs (book)Has anyone on WSO had a chance to read this new book by Barbara Dreyfuss? I have read only one review for it (in the Economist), so I wanted to reach out to the WSO Hedge Fund community for their thoughts/opinions. What do people think? Is it worth a buy? Or should I stick to borrowing from the ... 141 year 9 months ago
Internship questionHow do I go about finding good internship opportunities? I realize that simple google searches probably aren't going to do me any good, and I keep seeing that people have started doing internships at freshman and sophomore levels. I'm technically a sophomore now (future transfer student) and I'm rea... 31 year 9 months ago
Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 year 9 months ago
How often do auditors REALLY give a qualified opinion?I don't know if any of you have been following the Ebix trainwreck today, but the tl;dr is that they had some accounting issues that are now getting an investigation by federal attorneys. I did some digging and found that KPMG resigned as their auditor back in 2003 (or somewhere around then), and... 91 year 9 months ago
Is there utility in 24 hr Operations?In fields like IB 20+ hr days seem commonplace. Would it not be more productive to have two people splitting 12 hour shifts than one person working 20 hrs? Has any finance organization tested a two shift operation? ... 31 year 9 months ago
Cold email template. Thumbs up or downThis is a email template i was thinking about using for contacts through referrals. What do you guys think? I am having some trouble with the first sentence in the second paragraph. Should I separate the two parts? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! "Hi, I am a rising senior at ... 71 year 9 months ago
Networking into Barclays CapitalI'm a sophomore who goes to a pretty good target school right below the level of HYPW (think Columbia, Dart, UChicago, Cornell, Duke), but for some reason, Barclays does not have significant recruiting where I attend college. Has anybody tried to network into here? I recently met people who are work... 91 year 9 months ago
What Happens to Finance Grads That Don't Have Internships?We all have them. The friends that think everything is going to be okay, just because they went to a top 50 business school and have have a GPA above a 3.5. They will say things like "Employers aren't going to expect me to have relevant work experience. I have't even graduated yet!" or "How do I net... 191 year 9 months ago
HELP ! Interview from non-traditional backgroundI just got a call from a headhunter I've been using saying a firm wants to meet me in their office but first wants to do a 30 minute phone screen. How should I prepare for the phone screen ? It could be as soon as late this afternoon. I come from non-traditional background (strategy consulting for n... 81 year 9 months ago
Got any chances at top MFin?I am quite new to this forum and maybe do not understand some things, that are pretty clear for others here, but I got 1 question(it has been asked many times, but still cant figure out for myself) I want to enroll into MFin program in 2015, and start seeking programs now. Currently aiming for to... 01 year 9 months ago
Win a Free Ticket to the WSO Conference! A friend of WSO isn't able to make the conference so they wanted us to find a worthy recipient to take their place, so we thought "why not hold a raffle?"... To enter: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Tweet about the other words ~2 seconds of your time for a chance to wi... 01 year 9 months ago
Hedge Fund or Private Equity?Present day analysts- would you rather go to a hedge fund or private equity firm after your two years? Obviously have to assume that the companies are similar in brand name, AUM and whatnot. But would you rather be at a HF or PE firm all else equal? Why? Is it because of the pay, the hours, the ... 121 year 9 months ago
Blackstone Advisory in LondonAnyone have any colour on the group both from an external perspective (prestige, dealflow, exits) and internal (hours, work style, personalities in the office)? ... 41 year 9 months ago
WSO Conference: Only 2 Days Away!...and Reason #2 (out of 28) to Join Us. There are 2 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you should join us at the conference. Reason #2: Size up your current (and future) competition - in a friendly way :-). You'll get to meet plenty of like minded individuals who w... 01 year 9 months ago
Bear Market 2014/2015Since bottoming out in march 2009 the stock market has more than doubled in less than 5 years. This has been the longest bull market( out of 25 bull markets) since 1929. Honestly, the last 20% gains in the stock market have been a fools rally with no fundamentals behind them. The market is way over-... 431 year 9 months ago
Published Articles on resume I am reformatting my résumé for jobs/internships next year and I was wondering if I should include my published articles on my résumé. My question is that since the articles are about international affairs and not finance should I still include them? Not trying to waste lines on my résumé.... 31 year 9 months ago
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Experienced Monkey'sIf there are any experienced guys/gals out there that would mind ripping this resume apart it would be greatly appreciated. Be mercy! Thanks a lot in advance. ... 41 year 9 months ago
Blackstone Maths TestHey Chaps, For some reason, which is beyond me, Blackstone are inviting me to drink their tea, fumble over the basics of corporate finance, let me explain why I want to suckle at the teat of Schwarzman and take a non-calculator maths test. Any one got any info on the last part of their invit... 21 year 9 months ago
I started a side company as an undergrad, should it be on my resume?Monkeys, I've started a small company (that doesn't involve my finance degree) with a buddy of mine as an undergrad, and it obviously takes up a part of my day, but I know I could work an 8-5 without it coming in the way after I graduate. Should I put this on my resume since it shows initiative? Or ... 31 year 9 months ago
Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers 01 year 9 months ago
Rubin Says He Has Too Many Dollars[quote=Bloomberg] Robert Rubin, who as U.S. Treasury secretary in the 1990s promoted a stronger dollar, said he has too much of his personal investments in the currency. A “disproportionate amount” of his assets are in cash and he “should be more allocated away from the dollar,” Rubin,... 91 year 9 months ago
How do you analyse real estate?I sort of know how to analyse listed companies, looking at the financials etc. I have never analysed real estate in any proper sense and as it stands I need to know, how do you big boys do it? Commercial real estate, fully let with majority lease expiration in 2015. It currently 'yields' x% which... 41 year 9 months ago
Company Interview: Prudential 01 year 9 months ago
Heading into my sophomore year at a non target.Greetings - I'm a transfer student whom is by credits heading into my sophomore year in an honor's college at a public school that is considered "Public Ivy", however it is a non target for IB. I've done two paid finance internships at very large company's in successive summers and decided to pos... 21 year 9 months ago
SAT/ACT/GMAT ScoresI recently applied for an Equity Research job at a MM. On the online application I submitted "N/A" responses for these standardized scores, then I networked and had an MD submit my resume. I got a pretty prompt response from the human resource and she asked me to provide these scores. Since then ... 31 year 9 months ago
Trina Solargood place to work? have an interview for a business analyst position upcoming. in shanghai. Develop and execute industry and value chain research, forecasting, and publications involving primary and secondary research as well as the statistics database for the benefit of the organization. Entai... 01 year 9 months ago
Company Review: HSBC 01 year 9 months ago
Company Interview: HSBC 01 year 9 months ago
Company Compensation: HSBC 01 year 9 months ago
Market expectation of bond pricesTrying to get into bonds more and 2 related questions here: 1) I had to interpolate maturities not on the Treasury website, for example 11 year Treasury. Right now the yield curve is not that smooth and I pretty much see 3 different segments: sharp rise 0-10. levels off 11-20, and then 21-30 yea... 21 year 9 months ago
Interest Rates Research -> BankingI'm going to be starting soon at a BB doing interest rates research, although I had originally wanted to go into banking I suspect my GPA was not up to snuff when I was applying for summer positions (it's a long story having to do with language courses). Before accepting my offer, I called several ... 51 year 9 months ago
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Company Interview: UBS AG 01 year 9 months ago
-delete... 151 year 9 months ago
What Color Suit is Appropriate for Investment Banking Interviews?I heard that wearing black suits weren't appropriate... I was told to go charcoal or navy blue... What do you guys think about this navy blue suit? is it too blue to wear to interviews? ... 131 year 9 months ago
JP Morgan High School Internship InterviewI'm a high school student who will soon have a phone interview for the JP Morgan Investment Bank High School Program. What can I expect?... 151 year 9 months ago
The Stock and Bond Market AnalysesStock Market Analysis Conclusions: It was a wild but unsatisfying ride on Wall Street this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 both had their second worst performing week in 2013. Wednesday and Thursday were the worst days as market participants tried to divine future Fed act... 01 year 9 months ago
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Would TAS or Audit prepare me better for top MBAI'm starting in audit in the fall and wondering if TAS is really going to position me better for a top MBA than audit. Understandably it will be tough getting into from either, but considering my main goal is management consulting and not getting into IB I'm not sure if TAS would be best. I do want ... 51 year 9 months ago
Breaking Into IB... While in High School?Hello, I'm a junior in high school, and I'm interested in a career in IB. I understand that most entry-level positions are aimed at/taken by college students, but I was wondering if there is any way to break in earlier via Internship programs/competitions that any of you may know of? Or, if there i... 261 year 9 months ago
UBS Investment Bank Internship interviewHey guys, I managed to secure a 30 min phone interview with HR and a 1 hour personal interview for an IB internship position with UBS. Pretty psyched. It's a CFO Investment Bank internship so basically I'd be with the Finance team of the IB division. I've already had an HR phone interview a ye... 161 year 9 months ago
my bullets are made out of iceim writing my resume, what do you think about these bullet points? (specifically on the wording and grammar please) • Oversee cash drawer ensuring that the amounts are correct and that there are adequate change for a speedy and convenient customer transaction • Head logistics in abs... 51 year 9 months ago
Recruiters contact me, but never respond backSo recently I have been getting calls from a few recruiters regarding some positions open at BBs and some PE firms. They contact me saying they saw my resume and that I am a good fit. They tell me alittle about the position and the bank/firm. They ask if I would be interested in getting more informa... 61 year 9 months ago
Financial Modeling 01 year 9 months ago
BMO Capital Markets?Anyone know about them? Anyone here work for them? How is the culture and pay? This will be for their NYC office and corporate banking group.... 31 year 9 months ago
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How to answer the current salary questionWhat should be put in an applications when it is mandatory? How should it be answered in interviews? For someone who's pay is not fixed per year, per hour, ect. is "0" acceptable when a numerical answer is required?... 11 year 9 months ago
Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 year 9 months ago
Need help with internship lateral adviceCurrently interning at a top BB in the commercial banking side doing analyst work for the summer. Definitely enjoy it but I couldn't land an IBD internship this summer. I want to network and attempt to try to get something for next year or a FT job if thats even possible at all. How do intern... 31 year 9 months ago
Share RepurchaseSay Company A has 200M shares outstanding, and each share is trading at $5. If it announces to buy back 50M of its shares. At what price will its shares be trading at?... 91 year 9 months ago
Credit Ain't Dead interesting to see some of the different desks doing a bit better this year (last year was not pretty for these areas) anyone in the biz care to comment on if the pickup in mb... 71 year 9 months ago
Division/sector fldp to corporate? Opinions?Im currently six months in a division/sector fldp. A role has opened up within corporate for financial reporting (think quarterly 10-qs, annual 10-k construction). I want to end up in corp fp&a not necessarily division fp&a. Should I make the jump to corporate? Is this financial reporting role fp&a?... 41 year 9 months ago
Motherfuckers, chance me for investment banking positions!School: No-name Community College, Texas GPA: 0.0/4.0 (Did not pass any class) Experience: Janitor's Assistant (Just like Sidney James Weinberg) Leadership: School's Orgy Club President Others: Don't-give-a-shit attitude, beer all the time, video games, models and bottles :) Biggest ... 171 year 9 months ago
.Thanks for the feedback.... 31 year 9 months ago
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Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase 01 year 9 months ago
Switch from financial data provider to ER???Hey guys... I was wondering how likely it would be to make a move from a financial data provider such as Bloomberg/Factset etc.. to a equity research position??? Wondering if recruiters would view it as just data sorter vs someone who has experience and understanding with financials/metric... 51 year 9 months ago
Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP 01 year 9 months ago
how are bonds traded?I tried looking for answers but I could not get a clear answer, so I am hoping someone will provide me one here. - For 10 year treasury note, if I were to buy x amount today at yield of 2.60%, does that mean purchased x amount will mature in 10 years starting today? - if it is maturing in 10 yea... 21 year 9 months ago
Upcoming Investing Conferences/Seminars?If you have a site/link with upcoming trading conferences(especially in New York or LA), post it here, thanks... 11 year 9 months ago
List of upcoming Trading Conferences?If you have a site/link with upcoming trading conferences(especially in New York or LA), post it here, thanks... 11 year 9 months ago
Should I Try Doing an Internship During the School yearI go to school at a state school that's about an hour from two major cities (Cincy and Dayton), would it be worth it to try and get an internship for during the school year. Basically since it would be a 2-hour round trip commute everyday it would be tough. Do you guys think it would be worth it?... 31 year 9 months ago
MAcc student ---> CommBanking, IBD?Greetings y'all! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I am an incoming MAcc student at a top 5- program (BYU, UM, UT). I have an non-target undergrad degree in finance, but attended a MAcc program in order to better develop my accounting skills, due to the fact I want to be a CFO one day (pipe dr... 131 year 9 months ago
Senior with no job offerI just graduated from college with a major in economics and still have yet to find a FT job. I have previous work experience in banking (boutique) and a BB (back office internship). Was wondering if anyone knew of any groups looking to fill last minute analyst positions. Also, what should I be do... 91 year 9 months ago
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Dual CFA/CPA DesignationI remember looking at a pretty well known Newport Beach HF a while ago and noticed that ~75% of analysts on their website had a dual CFA/CPA designation. I thought it was kind of an odd mix to have, but apparently someone wants to hire them. Anyone else have/know anyone with a dual designation? Does... 51 year 9 months ago