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0Financing Developer/Lot SalesHi all - I just received a deal to finance a residential developer and wanted to know if anyone has a model they would be willing to share or trade. ...121 year 11 months ago
0Learning Excel for the prospective Investment BankerAs we all know, an understanding of Excel in Investment Banking is a requirement for entry level roles. How did you guys learn? Was it through books? The internet? A course? Please share....31 year 11 months ago
0The IB interview low GPA question... oh yeah, ADD/ADHD.I was diagnosed with severe ADD as a kid - like, REALLY severe, like "here let's put you in a separate desk with blinders in the corner away from all the other kids like some sort of leper" severe - but after a long hard road I powered through the bulk of my disability and got into one of the upper ...91 year 11 months ago
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0Company Interview: Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO01 year 11 months ago
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0State School Consulting OpportunitiesWhat kind of consulting gigs could one expect after graduation from a solid state school with a 3.9 GPA? I am looking for what is realistic rather than what could be achieved with a lot of luck/networking etc. Assume: -Finance Degree (possible double major-maybe MIS) -Solid SAT Scores 2100ish...151 year 11 months ago
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0CAIS ConferenceAlternative Investment Conference Featured Speakers: - Stephen Pagliuca (Bain Capital) - Rick Lake (Lake Partners) - Akram Yosri (3iC Group) - Adam Berger (Wellington Management) - Keith Black (CAIA)...01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup01 year 11 months ago
0ACA/audit trainee looking for CFA adviceSo I'm a trainee auditor in London at one of the Big Four, currently in my second year of the ACA. I have a degree in finance (so am familiar with corporate finance and various financial instruments) and also have over a year of experience as a financial analyst in industry (DCF models, misc financi...131 year 11 months ago
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0Hypothetical Q - Renege via failing drug testHi guys, hypothetically, if one were to renege via failing a drug test what would happen? Aren't the results of a failed drug test private info? Assume that you won't have contact with this firm and you won't want to work for it in the future....171 year 11 months ago
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0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs01 year 11 months ago
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0How to explain employment gap on IB resume?....41 year 11 months ago
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0Case Study questionsJust got an invitation to a phone interview with UBS on Friday. In the e-mail, it says to prepare for a 15 min business case problem in addition to discussing my work experience. Does anyone have experience/information on case studies for positions similar to the below? Analyst / Associate, Marke...61 year 11 months ago
0Trying to learnHello WSO, I joined this site to get guidance from many of you accomplished folks. I possess a Finance degree with a minor in Accounting. I graduated college in 2009 and have worked in corporate banking since then. However, I feel that my knowledge about quantitative finance and "number crunc...21 year 11 months ago
0PresentationI'm a student from Geneva enrolled in a Bachelor degree with a commodity trading specialization. Looks like this forum is more visited by American or it's just a feeling ? I have heard about WSO thanks to a friend of mine. BTW this website is great, a lot of brilliant insights ! I hope be ...01 year 11 months ago
0Interview With a Buy Side Credit Trader - Looking for Insights and Advice Hi All, I have a phone interview for a trading assistant position for a buy side firm with the credit trader I would be supporting. The group runs a Core fixed income strategy. The trader is responsible for trading corporates and treasuries. May totally be off base, but judging from the relati...01 year 11 months ago
0Big4 to Corpfin: How easy is it really?I'm getting different opinions on this. Say you're a Big4 auditor who has been at the firm 2-3 years, you have your CPA, and you're performing well. How hard is it to transfer to a more finance-oriented role at a F500 company? I've been working in Big4 for almost a year now, and I'm making sure not ...71 year 11 months ago
0Interviewing for Middle/Back Office AdviceHi guys, I have a serious question about how to position myself and interview for a back/middle/office/operations (whatever you want to call it) role at an Asset Management firm. I spent a summer in equity research on the buy-side for a similar asset manager. Didn't receive an offer, and have had...21 year 11 months ago
0Deloitte AERS Business Risk Technology Consultant Chicago vs BNP ParibasNYC Information technology rotational operation analyst My goal is to eventually break into Private Equity or Banking. I know the chance to get there is pretty slim for either choice. Very likely I need B-school to make the switch. From my research, the role at Deloitte is IT or Internal Audit + very little consulting. The role at BNP was to rota...01 year 11 months ago
0New old monkeyHello. My name is David, and I'm new. A little bit of background on me: 30 years old 10+ years of administrative/office/customer service experience (little to no financial work experience) Liberal arts associates degree Just scored a very low level data entry processing position at a formi...01 year 11 months ago
0Equity vs. High Yield ResearchHi all, Wanted to probe everyones' minds on this topic - doesn't seem to be much out there and you only hear about equity research. Do you all think that ER is a bit saturated, or at least more saturated than HY? Also, I take it the exit opps are a bit different - I'd imagine that HY pla...151 year 11 months ago
02 offers - boutique ER firm v. startup asset managerA little about my background, I have a couple of years experience in finance, primarily in private equity. My longer term goal is to work at an Asset Management firm that is principally in equity investing with a value focus and exposure to other asset classes like bonds and currencies. That said, I...31 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce01 year 11 months ago
0Greenhill Real Estate Capital Advisory (NYC)Does anyone know anything about Greenhill's Real Estate Capital Advisory team and its analyst program? ...41 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse01 year 11 months ago
+1ODE TO THIS MORNING'S COMMUTEAnnouncements of five minute delays mean freezing on the platform for twenty, as PATH switches are apparently capricious about their malfunction schedule. You never know, and if you did that would take the fun out of it. Surprise me. Arriving at your destination, look forward to the wheezing trog...221 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital01 year 11 months ago
0cartoon caption contestI wanted to strip "pork" from our project, not a pork stripper! drmrs 3/13/2014...21 year 11 months ago
0Corporate Banking V. Capital Markets V. SyndicateHave three offers for SA positions: 1. Corporate Banking at a BB in NYC 2. Syndicate Group in Charlotte 3. Capital Markets position in Stamford Looking to do Coverage IBD mostly, and will most likely try for FT BB Lateral/Internal Lateral to IBD. Given these options, which SA position would he...51 year 11 months ago
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0Already followed up, no response, what to do?I had a superday with BAML last Wednesday. The last interviewer said I would hear back from them Friday or next Monday so I emailed both HR and the group head for result this Monday but had no response. I know at this point I probably have to wait but wonder if anyone had experience like this and wh...41 year 11 months ago
0Undecided about CF and CBI'm going to graduate in May and I still can't decide whether I want to go into corporate finance or Banking. My plan right now is to apply for LDP's at various banks and after completion decide which area I want to go in to. Does anyone know any good LDP's at banks? What do you guys think about my ...11 year 11 months ago
0Company Review: Duff & Phelps01 year 11 months ago
02nd round at T-rowe for associate analyst positionsHey- After doing 2 calls with T-Rowe, I have now moved on to the interview in Baltimore, where I will be meeting with a few analysts for a day. Does any one have any experience for this round? What should I expect? Thank you... ...01 year 11 months ago
0Merrill Lynch corporate credit risk analyst last roundI have an interview next week for the above-noted position with two interviewers I have already talked to in the previous round. The interview is scheduled for 1.5 hours. I never had a long interview like this before so I was wondering if anyone knows what I should expect, how I should prepare and w...41 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: GIC Government of Singapore Investment Corporation01 year 11 months ago
0Company Review: Barclays Capital01 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley01 year 11 months ago
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0Company Interview: Citigroup01 year 11 months ago
0Banker sunglassesI know we don't spend too much time outside of the office, but what kind of glasses do bankers usually wear on weekends? ...221 year 11 months ago
+42 Drivers of Income InequalityHey monkeys, So Forbes recently released their list of the top Billionaires in the world and there are several, interesting numbers hidden within that list. While I perused the list and read the various views about it, I couldn’t help but think about the issue of income inequality in our societ...211 year 11 months ago
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0Company Interview: Dimensional Fund Advisors01 year 11 months ago
0Company Interview: AlphaSights LTD01 year 11 months ago
0New User Analyst in Real Estate Finance working in NYCHello, I am from NYC and recently graduated from a liberal arts school. I am currently an analyst in NYC at a boutique investment bank/commercial brokerage firm that deals exclusively in real estate finance. I joined WSO so I could stay updated on the market and learn more about my job. In additi...01 year 11 months ago
0N/A please detele this postplease delete this post...31 year 11 months ago
0HiyaHi everyone, I'm a penultimate year student studying maths at a target uni in the UK, and I've got a summer internship in Finance at a top 10 bank. I am still exploring my career options and don't really want to get stuck working in Finance to be a charted accountant. Investment management is som...01 year 11 months ago
0Hypothetical- You just found out a family friend used to be a HF partnerLets say you are trying to break in and are pretty open to a lot of different positions/divisions in IB and finance overall . You also just found out that a family friend of yours recently left a pretty prominent HF a couple years ago but still has strong connections. That being said, what types...61 year 11 months ago
0Investment Banking Bonuses in INDIA Is this article genuine ? Do Asian Associates get anywhere close to $170k as bonus ? I believe the bonuses mentioned in the article are higher than the US standards ? What do...171 year 11 months ago
0High School Football Captain?Is it alright to have "High School Varsity Football Captain" on your resume?...61 year 11 months ago
0path .jpg01 year 11 months ago
0Women in Business: Sprints and MarathonsThe 14th annual London Business School, Women in Business conference is taking place on Friday 14 March 2014. Planning it has been no small feat. The organizing students have been carefully selecting the keynotes and panellists over the last 12 months. After months of preparation and planning, on Fr...01 year 11 months ago
+116 useful tips for junior buyside analystsIn the past few years, more buyside companies are hiring analysts straight out of college, or without 2 full years of ibanking experience. If you are in one of these positions, the 6 tips below might be able to help you. My own experience is more in public markets, so it might not apply as well to p...131 year 11 months ago
0Summer Internship - Still Searching21 year 11 months ago
0Best Double Major to Complement a Finance Degree?I want to keep this somewhat brief because I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death. I'm currently a freshman at a regional target school in Texas (I guess you could call it that). I plan to major in Finance and minor in Geology due to the large chance that I will end up in a career in oil and g...131 year 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: BNP Paribas01 year 11 months ago


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