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Bag for Internship?Hey everybody, I'm going to start my internship soon at a boutique investment bank soon. I have never worked in a professional atmosphere before, so sorry in advance for this dumb question. I googled for some help but couldn't really find much on the topic. What kind of "bag" do guys bring to ... 81 year 10 months ago
Good groups at Goldman Sachs other than TMT/FIGObviously, GS's top two groups are TMT/FIG. What are its other strong groups? What are groups to stay away from? I realize that Goldman has been discussed ad nauseum on WSO, but there isn't too much consistent info on which of the other groups are strong. I'm primarily concerned about deal flow/exit... 131 year 10 months ago
Need Internship Advice !What's up everyone? I one day wish on becoming an investment banker for a firm in Wall Street. I just finished my freshmen year at college and really want an internship. Although the chances of me getting one this far into summer break are slim I definitely want one next summer. What should I begin ... 131 year 10 months ago
PWM/Asset Management ResumeHey everyone, Can you please critique the attached CV? It is not mine, but from someone who wants to enter PWM or Asset Management and wants some feedback on the CV the person intends to send out to various places. Thanks in advance!... 71 year 10 months ago
Putting homebrewing under interestsI enjoy homebrewing with a couple friends of mine. I am trying to make my otherwise mediocre resume stand out and have something to possibly talk about in an interview. Will it make me look like a) a hipster douche b) trying too hard c) unprofessional? Thanks... 241 year 10 months ago
Summary in Resume?I went to a resume workshop at my school and the guy told me I should put a summary in my resume under my name/contact info and above the education section. He reccomended 2-5 lines. Is this something I should do and if so what would I want to put there? I'm a Junior currently... 81 year 10 months ago
Haas is in M7, CBS is out! Why is CBS ranked below Haas? ... 151 year 10 months ago
Hank Paulson Interview and New Documentary"Hank Paulson admits 'second thoughts about a lot of things' from financial crisis" Paulson states that he regrets the way he explained the "bail outs." Maybe it should have called it a "financial rescue" or "lender of last resort" type of function. Paulson also states that he believes tha... 01 year 10 months ago
Your thoughts on three popular Modeling Courses offeredGood Afternoon, I am hoping you guys can shed some light on which program I should do. I have been researching self-paced as well as instructor based modeling courses and I have narrowed it down to the following three; - TTS -IBtraining (Investment Banking Institute) -AnalystExchange -I... 121 year 10 months ago
Company Review: Citigroup 01 year 10 months ago
Interview with HRI had an phone screening with HR today I know that it doesn't do any good to think about it afterwards, but, out of curiosity, are there any signs that HR might give if they think that you are a potential candidate? ... 01 year 10 months ago
Anyone heard of or work for HFP Capital Markets?I saw one post on here talking about them but not much was mentioned. I have been looking for a job as a recent graduate for 2 months now and haven't been lucky at all. I got a call from HFP today asking me a few questions and they set up a 1 on 1 interview with me next week. Their websit... 81 year 10 months ago
Looking indirectly into the camera with body turned appropriate for a LinkedIn pic?Bodybuilders often turn their hips perpendicular to the camera and twist so that their shoulders are parallel to the camera. This makes their hips and waist look smaller while making their shoulders look wider. Also looking indirectly into the camera, showing primarily the left side of the face... 51 year 10 months ago
Why companies go private?What is the main reason for a company to go private? For example BlackBerry. What exactly going private will change in the business, and how it will help the company to do better? I see it as there will be the same sales, margins, same cash burn, same everything but the ownership. I also don't un... 71 year 10 months ago
56 year old man spent the last 12 years searching for rich wifeRobert Darling makes weekly trips from NJ to Manhattan to find wife with net worth of at least $750,000. So far he has had one date. 61 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: Lincoln International 01 year 10 months ago
Recent Finance graduate, need all your expertise on consulting resumeHey guys, Im a recent graduate in Finance major trying to break into consulting. I need to get my resume evaluated for the upcoming fall hiring session so please feel free to bash it, crap on it (with hearts) and rip it apart. Thank you all for your constructive insults ahead.... 51 year 10 months ago
Barclays IBD ACHave one coming up in London and was wondering if anyone had experiences of the process? More generally, any experiences from people at/who have interviewed with Barclays as well would be great.... 21 year 10 months ago
Lets Talk TempingSo, much like the post on the front page, I'm living the nightmare. Graduated in May '13, non-target state school, finance major/philosophy minor, mediocre gpa, one internship at a boutique financial advisory firm. I've done pretty well in the few interviews that I have gotten, but getting those int... 111 year 10 months ago
Dare to solve this puzzleI looked into this for an hour or so. Any suggestions?... 81 year 10 months ago
Interviewing at Houlihan Corp Fin- Permanent HELPHey everyone can anyone give me some feedback on houlihan corporate finance permanent interview preparation. all feedback and insights are welcome. Thanks... 01 year 10 months ago
What Should I Do This Semester?I've attached my resume to this post to give people a better idea of my current position. My goal after graduation is to land an ER, AM, or dare I say a job at a HF straight out of undergrad. The deadline to register for the December CFA test is rapidly approaching and as I study away, I find mys... 31 year 10 months ago
Jefferies interview processHow long does it take Jefferies to get back with an offer or rejection? This was for lateral. Do offers come from HR or actual team? ... 121 year 10 months ago
WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 09/07 - 09/13In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: 19 Hedge Fund Perks That Pity You [quote] We already know working at a Hedge Fund, and hell, really anywhere on the buyside is the dreamland of Finance (discounting financial political positions of course). But here's 1... 01 year 10 months ago
Need some helpAny solutions?... 11 year 10 months ago
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Citi IBD ACHi, I have an AC coming up for Citi in London. I was wondering if anyone had experienced the AC process and had any insights to share. Thanks!... 11 year 10 months ago
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Company Interview: ABG Sundal Collier 01 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase 01 year 10 months ago
Do most hedge fund managers come from top MBA?It seems that every hedge fund manager comes from Wharton, Columbia or HBS. Few have come fron NYU or Chicago Booth. I dont see many that have started from nothing, like entrepeneurs. Why is that? Is being a hedge fund manager the only career that requires an MBA? an if so, why only the top MBA? Bec... 481 year 10 months ago
Advice for applying to consulting internshipsHi, this is my first post after checking the site out for some time. Right now I'm a rising junior trying to land an internship in some kind of business technology/consulting role after a summer internship in engineering that I didn't think was too interesting. I'm an electrical engineering major... 21 year 10 months ago
ABG Sundal CollierNordic Investment Banking Powerhouse... 01 year 10 months ago
Contacted by McKinsey BTO RecruiterI applied online for a Business Technology position few days back and recently got contacted by an Experienced Hire Recruiter at McKinsey BTO. We spent a couple of minutes talking specifically about BTO (what it is/what it isn't), the life of a McKinsey Consultant, etc, etc. He then told me he w... 01 year 10 months ago
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CFA ScholarshipAnyone actually applied for one? Technically I really could pay for it on my own, but I'd rather not. Anyone have any experience doing this before?... 51 year 10 months ago
Work Experience for CFAQuick question: For the CFA you need 4 yrs related work experience. Is there any time limit to when you have to get it? For example, if I'm not currently working in a qualify industry, pass all 3 levels while still working in said industry, will there be a limitation to the amount of time I have ... 131 year 10 months ago
8 Unethical Ways to Get AheadThese hacks are uniformly unethical. Some veer into fraud. They should be regarded as informational and for entertainment purposes rather than as actual suggestions. You shouldn't do them. If you do do them, you are a bad person. OS Software Licenses Lots of government bodies/agencies buy comp... 261 year 10 months ago
Investment Banking InstituteHi everyone, I am interested in enrolling in the Investment Banking Institute or analyst exchange program located in Boston, but was wondering if anyone has ever personally or know of anyone who enrolled in the program. Is worth my time and money? If so, please give feedback. Thanks, ozi... 11 year 10 months ago
IBM Corporate FinanceDoes anyone have any knowlegde of IBM's Corporate Finance group? I am interviewing for their Accountant program in their Corporate Finance group. I would be curious to know more specific details about IBM Finance and their program. ... 21 year 10 months ago
Investment Banking Institute...Is it worth it?Has anyone signed up for this course and found it to be beneficial when applying for jobs? Any information would be greatly appreciated...thanks!... 21 year 10 months ago
19yearold needs career adviceHi everyone. I live in Asia but I am studying my undergraduate degree in Canada. I am going into my sophomore year next fall. Currently, I am working at a fund of funds as a summer analyst and enrolling in a 4 week financial modelling course (IBI). I realized I want to go into investment banking/ca... 51 year 10 months ago
The Real Reason College Costs so MuchThoughts? Excerpt: [quote]"Nor is the president addressing what Mr. Vedder believes is a fundamental problem: too many kids going to college. "Thirty-percent of the adult population has college degrees," he notes. "The Department of Labor tells us that only 20% or so of jobs require college d... 591 year 10 months ago
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Company Review: Deutsche Bank 01 year 10 months ago
Baruch Masters and Big 4Baruch Masters was a scam. So I enrolled into the Baruch Masters program because of the internet telling me that it was a feeder school for the Big 4's. But I'm checking out the OCR and it looks like the only Big 4 hiring full time associates in Audit is E+Y, KPMG and Deloitte only has internship... 131 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: IBM 01 year 10 months ago
Rapist Discovers His Victim Had HIVRapist Discovers His Victim Had HIV Oh, the irony: He rapes a chick, she doesn't even wake up until well into the whole thing and then she gives him HIV. The comedy practically wrote itself. ... 131 year 10 months ago
Top 10 Douchiest BandsSolos and boy bands don't count as a bands.... 151 year 10 months ago
Dating the Economically IlliterateI've been dating this sociology major for a while now. Mostly, she's great, but sometimes she says some things that make me suspect she thinks all businessmen are like Tex Richman, the evil oil baron from the Muppet Movie. For my senior project, I'm making a multiple regression model to explain w... 521 year 10 months ago
Came across a crazy LinkedIn profileThis person worked at a top BB IBD group the summer before senior year of HIGH SCHOOL. Granted, it's a top 5 prep school, but still.... 61 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 year 10 months ago
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Girl stabs her classmate to death because of her perfume (graphic) Unfortunately, there is no english source for that but basically it says a girl (18) stabbed her classmate (15) to death because she didn't like the perfume she used in t... 51 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: Scotiabank 01 year 10 months ago
FoF InterviewHey all, I have a FoF (hedge funds) interview coming up soon, and would really like to some insight on what to expect? What type of questions, analysis will they ask of me? I know it's more of analyzing hedge funds and less investment analysis, but I am very new to this and would like some help o... 11 year 10 months ago
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How to find date/time/phone # for next earnings call?The company reports earnings on Nov. 1st, but i can't find the time / phone number for the call. Is this information not out this early?... 41 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Lazard 01 year 10 months ago
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Company Interview: Bloomberg 01 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Barclays Capital 01 year 10 months ago
Bonus Bananas September 13, 20131) Where Is Dick Fuld Now? Finding Lehman Brothers' Last CEO (Businessweek) - This won't exactly evoke sympathy for Fuld, but it's at least an even-handed treatment of the once-mighty BSD who has all but vanished. Obscurity is a good look for Dick, I think. 2) Goldman Sachs Is Dividing Its Haves ... 131 year 10 months ago
SMU VS...Im a second year student at the University of Arkansas. After this year, I'll have a 3.7-3.8 GPA. I already have spent two summers working for an independent stock broker in my hometown, Dallas. I also have a few fairly well known recommendations, I'm in a fraternity, the NSCS, and have a few other ... 121 year 10 months ago
Jordan Company, KelsoBoth seem to be fairly large funds with a pretty lean investment team. anyone know about these two?... 91 year 10 months ago
Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 year 10 months ago
Company Compensation: Oaktree Capital Management 01 year 10 months ago
Undergraduate ProspectsHello everyone, I know this is typically for MBA discussions, but I am applying to a number of schools this fall and thought it'd be best to get some advice from people in the field. Which of the following colleges would have the most pull on Wall Street? I have been looking into UVA, University of... 31 year 10 months ago
how do you go in for the kill?When you find a job posting that you absolutely want and are qualified for what is everyone's preference for how to approach it. 1) Contact alumni via email --> speak with alumni --> apply on website. 2) Apply on website --> contact alumni via email --> speak with alumni. These are just basic... 51 year 10 months ago