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Company Compensation: BlackRock 01 year 11 months ago
Please critique my resume !!! Trying to break into IB Hi guys! I am currently studying a MSF degree from a non-target university and trying to break into IB and ER. That being said, any advice you guys can give me is very appreciated.... 51 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers 01 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 year 11 months ago
GS SSG vs. Structured CreditHi, does anyone know how relevant are the work between GS SSG and Structured Credit? While the former is more of an investment/HF business and the latter is mostly a trading business, the structured credit products to my knowledge is very illiquid, so think there is really a very thin line here (e.g... 31 year 11 months ago
Views on BC PartnersDear all, What is your view on BC Partners in terms of culture/reputation/strategy/performance? What sets them apart from other Euro large cap funds (compare with CVC, Apax, Permira, Cinven etc.)? Any views would be helpful and highly appreciated. Thanks... 01 year 11 months ago
MM to BB LateralWhat kind of chances do analysts at good MMs (think HW, HLHZ, Jefferies etc) have for lateralling over to BBs? Also, what is the usual route for doing this? Do you work for a couple of years and then start sending out feelers to other banks?... 131 year 11 months ago
HF Recruiting in London and Zurich/GenevaI have a few questions about HF recruiting in Europe.. 1) Do HFs in London or Zurich/Geneva generally consider bankers from Continental European offices like Frankfurt, Milan or Paris, or are they exclusively recruiting from banks in London? 2) If so, how do you get in touch with HFs and recru... 81 year 11 months ago
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UBS' Recent Transaction?Anyone know about UBS' Recent transactions (M&A mainly)? Anything would be great. Thank you guys.... 51 year 11 months ago
Larry-the-Cable-Guy.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
US On The Brink Of Another Crisis? Currently the United States faces a deadline on our debt ceiling due for October 17th, which requires congress to come up funding or plan to pay back debt owed during this particular cycle. If not, the US will have defaulted on debt obligations for their first time in history, which is why Jack Lew ... 91 year 11 months ago
Chances of Acceptance into MS Finance Programs?.... 81 year 11 months ago
2014 Recruiting - Chatter About things starting upI've been hearing some chatter around the bullpen and from the recruiters that things are starting to get going. Fresh from a headhunter today - Centerbridge, New Mountain, GTCR & Audax are all going out this weekend / early next week and over over the next few weeks everything will be happening. ... 641 year 11 months ago
Economic Consulting Superday -- Anyone Have Some Tips?Not trying to rehash a subject, but I found that many of the responses to this topic were pretty old. I know a lot of other kids are hearing back about super days this time of year and I was hoping to gain some insight into the technicals that are likely to be asked at a economic consulting super da... 01 year 11 months ago
Resume CritiqueHello all - I've been at the job search now for about 5 weeks since returning from a cross-country charity bike ride to raise money for cancer. Trying to leverage all connections I have and meet/speak with as many people as I can. I applied to the list of about 200 IB's for analyst positions in IB a... 51 year 11 months ago
Lateral Analyst LF Roommate/HousingHi - took a lateral analyst job in NYC and am looking for a roommate in Manhattan. I'm looking to pay 1500-2000 depending on place - flexible on location (no UWS/UES). Non-smoker (unless drunk), relatively clean guy who will be out of the apartment most of the time. I do like to have a few drink... 11 year 11 months ago
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how's valuation risk group in a BBI have worked in a commercial bank quant analyst for two years, and I am going for the final round interview with a valuation risk position in a BB. Here is part of the Job decription: "The technical team in Valuation Risk Group is responsible for reviewing valuation models as well as methodolog... 01 year 11 months ago
Sterne Agee FIGWhat do people know about Sterne Agee FIG? How about their new MD?... 101 year 11 months ago
In IB how much time could you get off for getting Married + Honeymoon?Lets say you were an age 29-31 year old associate at a BB or a solid shop. If you were to ask for 2 and a half to -3 weeks off would he get either fired or really shit on hard by everyone (even the head up their ass 1st year Analysts who are thinking: weak sauce...) . Or do you get a free pass becau... 221 year 11 months ago
Fortress Internship I am a senior at a top undergrad and just got an offer for a summer analyst at Fortress (they said they won't hire full time without experience.) I haven't gotten a decent full time offer but am still waiting. My Question is, assuming I get a decent full time offer, will they allow me to start in Au... 31 year 11 months ago
Bain referralHey folks, I have a good friend who is a Principal with Bain and who has said he would be willing for me to use his name in my application. Does anyone know how this can be done? Is there an opportunity in the application process to include a referral from a Principal?... 141 year 11 months ago
Government ShutdownIs it like a symbolic thing? A few weeks tops of non-"necessary" jobs being out of operation does what? And isn't that largely what the Republicans want anyway? And why the dramatic name? People probably think we're going into martial law or something. Call it the Negotiatory PMSing and Pissed-Of... 61 year 11 months ago
Mentalist season 6I feel like I'm the only person who watches this show, but I'm a huge fan. I'm eagerly awaiting the season 6 premiere on Sunday the 29th. At the season 5 finale, Patrick Jane narrowed down the list of potential Red John suspects to 7, and produce Bruno Heller has confirmed that RJ is definitely on... 51 year 11 months ago
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NYU Stern or Baruch MBAI'm sure this question has been asked a lot but I was hoping to get advice for someone from my perspective. I have 4 yrs experience as a real estate/housing analyst. Graduated from Hofstra with BBA in finance. Completed 2 cert programs at NYU: credit analysis and real estate finance & investment... 121 year 11 months ago
CONFIRMED: Dick Fuld Knocked The F*** Out!File this one under poetic justice, or maybe shareholder feedback. Apparently Richard Fuld was trying to work off some of the extra pounds that come from running a company into the ground when a fellow gym member cold-cocked him, knocking him, as they say, the fuck out. Really. Here's the link: ... 81 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Capital Group Companies 01 year 11 months ago
What are my options?Hey all, I am seeking some advice. A bit of background on myself- I am a fourth year undergraduate student at a strong non-target school with good alumni connections on Wall Street (in all the BB's and some of the MM shops). I have strong stats, EC's, and I have 7 months of investment banking ex... 71 year 11 months ago
Should I turn to the Dark Side?I'm pretty much losing my mind at this point. Countless applications and cold calls & emails. I haven't received a FT offer yet. College graduate. I'm currently doing an internship at a healthcare investment bank in which all I do is cold calling. I've asked the MD upon several occasions to teach... 251 year 11 months ago
Too late for fall internship?I've been hitting the phones, cold calling a bunch of boutiques in the past month. Got a few bites, and finally got an offer. I was pumped. And then boom. Get an e-mail over the weekend saying unfortunately, do to some last minute issues they can't have an intern at this time. Just my f*cking luc... 81 year 11 months ago
S&T: IB vs Commercial BankAs the title states, can someone explain the differences in the S&T groups at an IB and at commercial banks? Despite a few final rounds I couldn't get an internship offer at an IB but have an offer in the Markets team at one of the large commercial banks here (Australia), which I'm hoping will so... 01 year 11 months ago
accepting an offer and potentially reneging? repercussions?I am in a particular situation where I have been extended 2 offers. One in commercial banking (I was actually was on the 'waitlist' per se, pending if other candidates were to decline their offers) and another in retail banking. I did not want to go into retail banking because what I want to end u... 121 year 11 months ago
Underwriting large commercial real estate portfolio's for an investment bank and/or mortgage bankDoes anyone have case studies, excel work, or an aid for underwriting large portfolios? I am looking for something that a typical mortgage bank or investment bank would use. Thanks... 11 year 11 months ago
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Exelsior Capital PartnersInvestment management firm that primarily invests in non-performing loans, distressed companies and other special situations.... 01 year 11 months ago
Sophomore Summer Internship HelpSo, after just starting my sophomore year at Ross, I'm starting to realize how lost I am when it comes to recruitment and networking. I ultimately want to end up in IBD, and I feel like I'm very far behind compared to my classmates. I haven't even made a resume yet. Last year, I worked at a summer c... 01 year 11 months ago
Cereal Prestige RankingsNewly released by The Institute for Cereal Prestige: 1. Frosted Flakes 2. Cheerios 3. Weetabix 4. Shredded Wheat 5. Coco Pops 6. Corn Flakes 7. Rice Krispies 8. Alpen 9. Cinnamon Toasted Crunch 10. Lucky Charms Those classed as bulge brackets: Weetabix, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes and S... 521 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH 01 year 11 months ago
Confused over lateral?I am an analyst (commercial) at a BB. I was contacted by a mid-corporate associate about applying for a position that opened up with his group. I originally interviewed with him during recruiting season, and he said I was his top choice at the time. After emailing the MD my resume, he called me almo... 21 year 11 months ago
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EEH: Huge Bid/Ask SpreadEEH is an ETF that's up 145% on the year, most of which is in the last month. I'm seeing a bid of $7.56 with an ask of $28.99. Can someone explain this please?... 61 year 11 months ago
In other news, the government shut down.I didn't see a post on it (or I might of missed it?) and I'm curious about WSO's thoughts on the government shutdown. From what I can tell, Congress has their panties in a bunch and the national parks are gonna take a few days off, but otherwise, business as usual in the private sector. Public secto... 201 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: BlackRock 01 year 11 months ago
Prop trading desks in BrazilDoes anybody know of some of the big prop trading desks in Brazil? BTG is a big one, but that's really all I know of. Any others that pop out? ... 11 year 11 months ago
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MBIAmonoline insurer... 01 year 11 months ago
Tried to go in for the kill, but nothing. Anything else that can be done from here?I remember reading a recent thread about going in for the kill for a job that you really want and I tried what I could with no luck. 1. I first tried to tap into alumni but nothing 2. I also submitted my application online (just in case) 3. I tried to cold email the HR VP responsible for first... 31 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: GE Capital 01 year 11 months ago
How to prepare for entry-level fixed income research interviews? covering a specific sector. Am I expected to pitch a company's bond ,like the stock pitch in an equity research interview?... 31 year 11 months ago
Private Banking vs. Credit Risk at BBHello All, I was wondering what you thought of the two positions in terms of exit opps, business school placement, compensation and the work itself? This would be for the full time analyst role straight out of college. What would you choose between the two?... 51 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Societe Generale 01 year 11 months ago
Relocation Options - YOU chooseMonkeys, Pretty curious to see your thoughts on relocation. Think in terms of: a) Career: Job opportunities, companies, indusry b) Family: Settling down, buying a house c) School: Proximity to MBA programs (part-time or EMBA) d) Intangibles: Weather, fun, family, whatever... In no particula... 81 year 11 months ago
MSFE+CFA?I have finished the three levels of CFA and I am currently completing the work experience requirement. Is the above combination a valuable/worthwhile or should I concentrate on pursuing a top flight MBA to partner with CFA? Disclosure, right now I am employed at a Sovereign Wealth Fund performing... 01 year 11 months ago
WSO DrinksHey everyone, in which cities were already WSO drinks in the past? I just read from london. ;) ... 171 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Harris Williams & Co. 01 year 11 months ago
Capital one business analyst interviewI have a friend who has an upcoming business analyst interview at capital one. On glass door, the feedback states that for the onsite final round interview there are 3 interviews (case and behavioral) and an optional 4th one after lunch for select students. The consensus is that if you are invited f... 151 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Credit Suisse 01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers 01 year 11 months ago
Tuck or SternHi everyone I am hoping to get into one of these two business schools next year. I want to work for a top-tier BB post-MBA. So any thoughts which school is better for me? I hear that Tuck maybe has the best alumni network (correct me if I am wrong), but Stern is clearly at a better location. So... 91 year 11 months ago
Boutique Dallas Consulting Opportunities?Monkeys, I'm interested in hearing about any boutique Dallas based consulting firms. I've had some interviews recently with larger tier 2 firms and am currently waiting to hear back. However, I'm pretty interested in something boutique where I could work my way up. I think I'd appreciate the c... 21 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: KippsDeSanto 01 year 11 months ago
Anyone(Knowing anyone) work at GSAM(IMD)? Interview Questions Thanks ahead for any response. I recently got invited to GSAM IMD full-time analyst interviews by two groups: Fixed Income and AIMS. Since I never had any relevant experience in IMD before. Would anyone kindly offer me any insightful suggestion? What is really important in those roles? A... 21 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: IHS 01 year 11 months ago