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0Company Review: Avondale Partners01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: MSCI Inc01 year 10 months ago
0College DecisionI'm a high school senior looking to find an internship in investment banking in the future. Would it be more advantageous study at the business school of a large public university or to get an economics degree from a liberal arts school?...71 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Bloomberg01 year 10 months ago
0Last minute tips for a soon to be Intern (Boutique IB)Hello Everyone, After networking like crazy, I got lucky and landed an Internship with a boutique IB. Any advice and/or tips on how to: * Prepare for the internship * What to ask.. or NOT to ask when I start... * How to distinguish myself and be their best intern Please help! Thank ...21 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: MSCI Inc01 year 10 months ago
0Best investment banking/valuation blogs I'm trying to develop a reading list of investment banking/valuation blogs. I am a big fan of Professor Damodaran's blog (Musings on Markets). Anyone have any other recommendations? ...11 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs01 year 10 months ago
+1New to the whole wall street stuffI am a business finance major in a focus in investing and financial planningr at a cal state in California. I am new to this whole excitement about wall street. After watching the movie "the wolf of wall street" I had mixed feeling about wall street. not only the partying and alcohol but also the l...71 year 10 months ago
0Why MBB over 2nd Tier? I spent time with MBB and 2nd tier consulting firms recently, and I am now rethinking my MBB goal. This is not a slam against MBB. I appreciate the value of those great brands on a resume. 1. Every MBB office that I've been to has a "we are all best friends" environment. I'm concerned this comes...181 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Blackstone Group01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Lightbank01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: The Motley Fool01 year 10 months ago
0Anyone knows about Deutsche AWM?I am looking into opportunities there, and the only thing I heard so far is that the ppl are really nice. Anyone have insights on how the business is doing, what are the product/function exposure, and how much career advancement you can get within Deutsche AWM? Thanks in advance...21 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Marshall and Stevens01 year 10 months ago
+4Interview with Credit Risk Associate (Part 1/2)The following is an interview with Credit Risk Associate Pirho (he is also available to answer your questions). Are you a professional and want to do an interview? View our interview template here and then email me your responses to [email protected] What is your current job title and...231 year 10 months ago
0Networking Success StoryI have taken a lot away from WSO over the past few years, so now that I have a story with a good takeaway I thought I would share it with all of the aspiring bankers here and maybe it will help someone. I am a senior heading to a top BB full time next year. I'm also a founder of a group on campus...51 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP01 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Fannie Mae01 year 10 months ago
0Hey EveryoneI'm currently working on my undergrad in finance and a minor in economics at a school in New York. I'm hoping to go on for my masters in quantitative finance. I'm hoping to land a job as an analyst when it's all said and done. Just trying out this site to meet some people and hopefully get some help...31 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Warren Averett Pender Newkirk01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: BDO01 year 10 months ago
0Does a prestigous MBA outweigh (or help counter balance) a non-Ivy Bachelors on Wall street?In high school I really didn't take anything seriously. I partied way to much, never really did much work, and suffered a less than optimal GPA. I was inherently smart, a 34 on my first and only ACT, as well as 1500+ SATs, but my GPA kept me out of the Ivy's. Fast forward 5 years later to today, and...31 year 10 months ago
0Credit Risk to Credit ResearchHi Guys, Basically the title. How hard would it be to make that move? Is it better to move early or later(2+ years). Thanks in advance....11 year 10 months ago
0Risk management from non-targetDoes anyone know how hard is it to get a FT credit risk management offer from a BB coming from a non-target undergrad school? Thanks in advance....61 year 10 months ago
0Where do you park your sign-on bonus?I received a nice chunk a couple of weeks back that I'd like to set aside completely. Any recommendations?...131 year 10 months ago
0Risk Management Exit OptionsHi - I have a year experience as Risk Analyst with HSBC,India, where I worked in Stress testing Unit (majorly building statistical models for capital calculations in stress scenarios). Then I moved to Credit Suisse,India where I am with the Chief Trading Risk Office for emerging markets since 5 ...31 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: PricewaterhouseCoopers01 year 10 months ago
0Petroleum Engineering to Energy Private EquityHi all, I'm looking for some advice, and I'm hoping someone on here can help me out! As a first time poster/user of WSO, please forgive my ignorances. I think I've posted this to the right place..? I'm currently studying in the UK as a Chemical Engineering undergrad and I will soon be going to...31 year 10 months ago
0Renege?hey guys, So I got a summer offer in a non-NYC, non-banking position at a non-financial firm. Long story short, I got it from having a very good friend who works at a subsidiary go to bat for me. I asked/received an extension and the explosion date is next week. I networked like hell and am ...81 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services01 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs01 year 10 months ago
0Who earns more: Investment Banker or AccountantJust genuinely curious, also, what about the hours and social life outside the office?...201 year 10 months ago
0Amusing Goldman court caseI just stumbled on this gem today... The full complaint, which the article below links to, is highly recommended reading. [quote]Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Sued By Prominent Singapore Investor For $34 Million Loss Caused By Fraud, Misrepresentation And Misinformation. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc...341 year 10 months ago
0RFP Writer - MassachusettsRFP Writer - Massachusetts The purpose of the RFP Writer is to respond to the more complex questionnaires. These complex questionnaires may include Requests for Proposals (RFPs); Requests for Information (RFIs); Due Diligence Questionnaires; information requests from consultants; industry surveys; ...01 year 10 months ago
0Is baruch college attractive for future ib career???Hello I am currently in high school...and I am foreigner from Korea.(please don't say any bad words like go off..etc). And I am planning my life in USA. Also, I wanna have career in Investment banks as an analyst. So I found that Baruch is attractive for foreigners because of its tuition...and I j...61 year 10 months ago
0Can you make $10m+ trading at a BB?Im soon to be a college student. I know making that type of money would be incredibly rare, but I am trying to learn more about the type of potential that there is in trading and how many traders can get that large of compensation. Would appreciate any answers....151 year 10 months ago
0GMDP vs. FLDPWhat are the differences between a global management development program vs. finance leadership development program. I understand that FLDP's rotations are solely centered around finance, but it seems like some of GMDP's rotations are as well. Is it that the GMDP gives you an intro to a wider variet...11 year 10 months ago
0Paycut for potential career switch?So many people on here state they are looking to make a career change either into finance or out of. I am looking to make a change from an operational role to a more analyst/trader type role. Tough to do no doubt but I've come across an interesting opportunity that should take me that direct. Proble...121 year 10 months ago
0What is the best way to prepare for technical interview questions for IB?I'm a sophomore who wants to do IB next summer. As a person with little financial experience, can someone suggest a comprehensive guide to technical questions? I'm taking economics courses in school and, corporate finance and Accounting courses from Coursera. A lot of these interview guides seem exp...11 year 10 months ago
0Women's interview dressWearing a dress to an interview... with a black or grey blazer?...41 year 10 months ago
0Interest Rates Book?What's a good book on interest rates? Specifically trading, bonds, etc and something that's not in textbook format. Thank you!...51 year 10 months ago
0Rothschild Long-Term Internship Global Financial Advisory 2014Hi guys! I was wondering if there is anyone here applying for this internship. I applied on October 13th and haven't heard back from Rothschild since then. I only got the usual confirmation e-mail saying they received my application. From other posts on the internet I figured out it does take a b...51 year 10 months ago
0wage per hour.jpg01 year 10 months ago
0Truthful Pay Scale About Pay, Wages, Earnings, And Salaries In China & Fees of Agents & RecruitersI am tired of getting a mailbox full of spam China job ads - especially since I am already working in China! But every time I go online, I see a ton of pop-up and google ads luring me with "Great Paying Jobs Teaching In China". There is no such thing friends. All the good jobs in China are never adv...01 year 10 months ago
0imagesS64OTWH2.jpg01 year 10 months ago
0Public Warning About CRCCAsia.com01 year 10 months ago
0Glasses or Contacts?For those of you analysts that wear glasses or contacts... which of the two would you recommend? Forget about the way glasses look.... for the purposes of comfort and practicality, are one them easier on the eyes at 2am after staring at a screen for 10 hours? I'm afraid contacts might dry your e...191 year 10 months ago
0Credit: HY LO to DistressedCurious to hear if any distressed guys have seen analysts move from long only HY shops (BDCs, CLO managers, whatever you want to call Eaton Vance/Fidelity/Invesco) to distressed type houses (more event/special sits style than workout). More interested in shop to shop moves, but also interested in he...61 year 10 months ago
0Russian speaker with P/E, SWF in EMEA / MENA / APAC regionGood day, #username I am bulge bracket IB analyst with tier 5 bank. And I am looking for opportunities with MENA (preferred) or APAC region which is looking for Russian speaker. Know from press that several Arabic SWF funds are working with Russia (QIA, Invest AD, ADIA). Also Chinese CIC invest $...91 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Investment Technology Group01 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Advantage Capital Partners01 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Investment Technology Group01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce01 year 10 months ago
0Where and how to find investors for a startup media Company I need funds for my small business but I don't know how to attract investors.. help.......01 year 10 months ago
0unpaid internship with hour commuteHi, I am currently a master in finance student at Santa Clara University and I am interviewing for an unpaid ibanking internship with US capital partners. It will be 40 hours in SF but I live in south bay so the commute will be 2 hours. Is it still worth it? That is the question I am asking myself. ...121 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers01 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: HSBC01 year 10 months ago
02 Offers 2 Different Comp Packages. Help Deciding?Hey Monkeys - Have 2 offers, both great offers, great jobs and would like to assume for this purpose all is equal except pay packages. Would love to pick your financially astute brains for wisdom on how I should properly look at these two packages. (Not actual dollar amounts) Job 1: Private Co. ...101 year 10 months ago
0Getting into management consulting tips - soon-to-be-recent graduate in need of some helpHi everybody, I am a soon-to-be-recent graduate, who is really interested into getting into consulting. Me and my team competed in the KPMG business case study competition and did really well. Although it started as a why-not challenge, it turned out to be quite the insight into the whole industry ...11 year 10 months ago
0Accept or Reject Stanford GSB admission? Looking for Views/opinions? I am 30 year old female No assets, salary of ~100K Have a PhD and work in healthcare as a product developer for last 3 yrs in fortune 100 company Got admission in Stanford for fall 2014 Debating if I should accept it...301 year 10 months ago
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0.....161 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: AlphaSights LTD01 year 10 months ago
0.....101 year 10 months ago
0Canadian Undergrad - Ivey AEO fin mod vs. UW Math/BBA double degreeHey WSO, So I think I've gained a little insight which undergrad program I will be choosing and it's looking like it will come down to Western Financial Modelling (Ivey HBA AEO) vs. Waterloo/Laurier Math Double Degree. I've compile a couple main factors; the main one being the career/job aspec...311 year 10 months ago
0.....11 year 10 months ago
0.....01 year 10 months ago
0S&T WaterlooIf I choose to go to Waterloo (which i hear is rather reputable through the eyes of the S&T recruiters), which program should i be taking exactly? Do i take Math, Accounting and Financial Management, the Financial Risk program, or something else? Do people often see Waterloo alumni at these tr...561 year 10 months ago


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