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0Dude across from me has TWO convex mirrors The fuck is he doing over there......42 years 8 months ago
0how to best answer 5-10 year plan during HF/AM interviews?For hedge fund interviews, if you are interviewing for an investment analyst/portfolio analyst role, what should you say and shouldn't say? How about if you're interviewing for a research oriented role? I'm just curious about the best answers that won't automatically get your resume canned. I ...52 years 8 months ago
0Meredith Whitney Predicts More LayoffsI am kind of tired of hearing about layoffs and hearing about Meredith Whitney: ...52 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG02 years 8 months ago
0thank you.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0Why no undergrads straight to VC?Especially at early stage firms. Why are grads so much more valuable after 2-3 years at an investment bank than they are coming out of undergrad? From what I understand there isn't excessive in depth modeling going on at early stage firms anyway. Coming out of undergrad the VC firm could pay them le...42 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: Greenhill02 years 8 months ago
0Company Review: Houlihan Capital02 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: Booz Allen Hamilton02 years 8 months ago
0bc2.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0That one questionIf given a go back would you choose a different career? For everyone who has/did finance as an career would you go back for another career like becoming a doctor,lawyer or engineer? For everyone else vice-versa? If so/not why?...32 years 8 months ago
0Unofficial Meet-up in Singapore Aug. 10thHey gang! Where: Post Bar When: Around 7pm, Aug. 10th What: I know the holiday weekend is coming up and for anyone that is sticking around there will be an informal meet up at Post Bar Saturday night. Come out for a good time and meet up with some cool people in the area. First drink...32 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 8 months ago
0Company Interview: FMV Capital Markets02 years 8 months ago
0WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 08/03 - 08/09In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: 2 Reasons Why You Should Consider Chicago Over NYC [quote] I had this question from my AMA awhile back about my experiences now in Chicago compared to my previous time in New York, and I figured I'd expound on my respons...02 years 8 months ago
0Downtown Mpls02 years 8 months ago
0Do you want to get a job in IB? I thought this was that guy from Cornell....52 years 8 months ago
0STC Series 7 40th edition practice exams and progress exams onlyHi does anyone want to sell this to me? thx...32 years 8 months ago
0Tren Griffin -12 things about investing learned from Soros My favs [quote]6. “I only go to work on the days that make sense to go to work. And I really do something on that day.” Staying busy trading mostly generates fees and mistakes. Being inactive can oft...12 years 8 months ago
0Business Valuation Billable HoursI was hoping to hear from others at Big 4 in regards to what your billable hour goals are each year? Thanks in advance. ...52 years 8 months ago
0Nuts02 years 8 months ago
0-----...02 years 8 months ago
0Has anyone heard of MasterTheCase.comI went through demo videos of the site and it seems to be nicely done. I didn't like its structuring too much but maybe because it was only a demo video. I tried finding reviews or information about the owner/creation of the content but can't. Just wanted to see if anyone has any experien...52 years 8 months ago
0You Include Consulting Firms?... and No I-Banks?How is it that a list of the toughest companies for job seekers lists zero investment banks, but has a bunch of consulting firms and Teach for America? For an industry with the average company giving offers to less than one percent of its applicants, according to Bloomberg LP, I find it hard to b...32 years 8 months ago
0What do you need to be a Security Analyst in a value investing fund?Do you need a mba, cfa or just contacts, etc. What do you need?...32 years 8 months ago
0What I'm about to ask is ridiculousSo I'm a junior at a top LAC and have been lucky enough to attend 3 BBs' diversity recruiting events (1 in freshman year, 2 in sophomore year). Also been to valuation workshops sponsored by banks and another event by a well-connected foundation (business-type, promoting presence of a minority group ...42 years 8 months ago
0My CV for hedge fund analyst jobs - please review################################################ Note: based on people's comments I've revised the CV and updated it as best as I could - check out the newCV.jpg if you like for the latest version. I think it reads/looks better. Thanks everyone for your comments so far, it's appreciated. #########...92 years 8 months ago
0Public equities - proprietary research for the individualWhen working at a HF or AM firm, you likely have the ear of those you contact - suppliers, customers of the company, management, etc. When working individually, however, it seems that it will be more difficult to attract attention. Trade shows are probably still an option. But what about other ...02 years 8 months ago
+2George Clooney, Stick to Making Movies, PleaseFor a few months now, Dan Loeb of Third Point has been criticizing Sony's management of their entertainment arm. In his view, Sony would be well served to spin off their entertainment arm, as noted by dealbook back in May: [quote]Mr. Loeb said he believed that spinning off a portion of the enter...212 years 8 months ago
0wso weekly wrap up_3.preview_7.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0Does Houlihan Lokey not accept summer interns?I was talking to a friend recently who told me that Houlihan Lokey does not even entertain the idea of perspective interns applying for summer positions. I looked on HLs site and couldn't find any starting summer internship information. How could this be true?...52 years 8 months ago
0Living in the City of LondonJoining an M&A group in the City.. and everyone keeps saying not to live in the City. Which neighborhood near the City is good/affordable? Barbican? Near the Shard? Thanks...302 years 8 months ago
0Potential Accenture + Booz & Co. Merger?I can't post the link apparently, but Nasdaq released an article rumoring this merger. Reminds me of Deloitte's acquisition of Monitor Group....252 years 8 months ago
0Cold Emailing/Calling Large Companies for Internships can cold calling/emailing large companies (public/private) in HR or someone you know help you get an internship? ...12 years 8 months ago
0Corporate finance from a target school...a waste?I'm a rising freshman headed to Dartmouth this fall. Most on-campus recruiting at Dartmouth seems to be geared for IB, consulting, etc. However, I value work-life balance over money (to a reasonable extent), so I've been looking into other careers in business such as corporate finance. My parents...222 years 8 months ago
0Failing in CollegeWhat were some of your most memorable fails while in college? Perhaps you bombed a class, ran a business in to the ground which you founded yourself, or failed to seduce that cute girl who lives a couple blocks from your house? Let's hear it monkeys. "Fail Forward. If you're taking risks, and y...262 years 8 months ago
0220px-StickFigurePortrait.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0Consulting - Health issuesOther than the weekend and maybe Friday, is there a single day in the week that a consultant is able to exercise/go to the gym? Do clients provide access to a gym or perhaps, do you rely on the hotel treadmill for staying fit? I know per diems are generous, but I hear they usually lead to poor ea...112 years 8 months ago
0House of LiesHey WSO, Thought i'd share this new show called house of lies with all the monkeys interested in consulting on the site.I came across the show after finishing suits and although it isn't as good as suits (in my opinion) it has all the same characteristics that makes suits such a great show (bante...162 years 8 months ago
0Career change to ConsultingLooking to see if a career change into Consulting is a viable option for me. My background. B.S. Nursing with 4 years as ICU Nurse 10 years in sales and distribution for medical devices. As a distributor I have experience with Fortune 100 companies and small start ups. Currently working on MBA i...92 years 8 months ago
0Chinese student has a shot?Hi, I am a graduate student with a Master Degree in Applied Math from Columbia and a bachelor degree in finance from Hong Kong. Did a summer analyst program in equity research with a hong kong local investment bank. Now I've graduated from Columbia. You guys think I have a shot with US consultin...172 years 8 months ago
0Why aren't there more 'life of a consultant' blogs?Although there is more content than banking/finance analyst blogs, there really isn't much out there. Is it due to compliance issues?...72 years 8 months ago
0Banking/PE Informal Interview Study MaterialsSo as a part of me figuring out my future, I set up some informal interviews over the course of this week with a MD from a mid/small market local IB boutique, a partner of the mezzanine capital investment arm of a major retail bank, and a partner at a relatively well known private equity firm. M...02 years 8 months ago
0300_268425.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: State Street Corporation02 years 8 months ago
0Dog sunglasses.JPG02 years 8 months ago
0How to keep in touch with your cold email contacts?Hi guys, I sent a lot of cold email to alums, and met many of them for a coffee chat. Some of them a very helpful. However, I'm struggle to keep in touch with them and I don't know how to follow up. Are there any advices for this? Thanks in advance...02 years 8 months ago
0redactedthis post has been redacted...52 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 8 months ago
0WSO IBD FT Resume CritiqueWSO, I have thoroughly enjoyed being apart of this forum for almost 2 years now. This is actually my first post and I am asking all monkeys out there to help take a look at my resume. I am prepping for FT and it obviously has to be in top shape. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...62 years 8 months ago
+2Bonus Bananas August 9, 2013Bronze Medal Ping Pong GOD Bravely Resigns From Goldman Sachs Well, this one isn't actually from this week, or even this year for that matter, but I think it's an appropriate Friday to drag up the resignation letter of former Goldman Sachs Exec Greg Smith. Why? Because it has lines like this: ...62 years 8 months ago
0Alternative short-term job to IB - need adviceHello all, Here is my situation: Finance major from non-target school. Living in London. So far have been unable to find the type of role I am looking for in Finance, and have been spending the last 2 years either in the Finance or Marketing department of a major F500. My ideal role would ...32 years 8 months ago
0Michigan Monkeys, where you at!?So, my fiance' and I are currently living in NYC, but she just about cries every day about wanting to move back to Michigan. I was planning on starting my MBA this fall at Fordham, but it's possible to move back at anytime. My question though, what are the job prospects like in Michigan? I haven...42 years 8 months ago
0Elon Musk and Richard Branson on entrepreneurshipTook all of my will power to tear myself away from this vid and share the link with everyone. Still watching but it's been great so far. ...82 years 8 months ago
0Aaron Korsh on Bankers vs. LawyersThis forum is going nuts about the Suits line. I just wanted to provide some more color: Switching the jobs of the guys in the "Suits," he said, had less to do with likability than with practicality. "Look, investment bankers . . . they're below the rung of lawyers in the public's perception thes...12 years 8 months ago
0Company Review: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers02 years 8 months ago
0CFA Results Mod note: Now that you've gotten your results, how did you do? Results come out Tuesday Morning. Who's ready for this? Passing level 2 would be such an awesome feeling that I can't even put it into words. 4-5 months of torture and it all comes down to this. I REALLY don't want to take this ex...1162 years 8 months ago
0How I Work02 years 8 months ago
0Apply now or wait for an internship to start to improve the CVHey guys, I have a problem. I am studying at a semi-target in the UK, and am getting ready for SA IBD applications (I am entering my penultimate year). The story is this: Applications have opened in some investment banks (like Barcap and CS) on the 1st of August. A few of them are gonna be openi...32 years 8 months ago
0Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp (New York City) SOLD OUTAttended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...02 years 8 months ago
0Summer Hiring-Are responses this slow, or was I rejected?So I last Monday conducted an interview with a financial news company, and the interviewer, who talked about second round interviews, how the company is expanding, asked me a decent amount of questions, says that they'll be interviewing for the rest of the week (last week,) now its the next week. I ...92 years 8 months ago
0Can personal trading experience affect on hiringI'm just wondering how much affect personal trading experience can have on getting hired on a prop desk. Obviously anyone can open a trading account, but if you can demonstrate what you've learned from that experience in a way that is applicable to a prop desk, how much will that help you? I'm just ...52 years 8 months ago
0chase.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0Eliminating associate from the cash flowHello! I have a question regarding an associate company and would really appreciate any help. If we take one company as a potential investment that has its own core business + shareholding in another company (e.g. 15% of shares --- associate company) , then if we would like to know how much we are...12 years 8 months ago
0diff. between LTM and TTM / shortcut for wrap/ shortcut for merge cellsMonkeys, Is there a difference between LTM and TTM? I'm under the impression that it just means the previous consecutive 12 months before a certain date, which doesn't necessarily have to be today. (For example, LTM EBITDA as of 3/31/2007 would cover the 12 month interval prior to 3/31/2007. Is t...82 years 8 months ago
0DeletedDeleted...02 years 8 months ago
0Dropped/Repeated UG- hurt chances for top MBA program?I have a 3.98 GPA from mid-tier school and 760 GMAT, solid recs/essays Double-majored in finance and physics In a 2-year IBD analyst program at a BB bank PROBLEM: During undergrad, I withdrew from three courses (none in the same semester), leaving me with three W's on my transcript. Also, I...142 years 8 months ago
0ambition.jpg02 years 8 months ago
0Public Shaming - Yay or Nay?I’d like to share with you all a brief story – something that recently happened to me. Will do so ‘in effect’ rather than verbatim to protect anonymity of the counter-parties in this story. What you should take away from this, young monkeys, is something you should never do. With that, a ...302 years 8 months ago
0Mfin/MSc in fin/ financial engineering at LBS/LSE etcHi, I am looking forward to mfin/msc in fin programs at LBS/LSE/Oxford or top U.S. b-schools. Have the following profile:- Bachelor of Engineering from University of Delhi with 67% marks MBA from a top-ten Non-IIM Indian B-School with GPA=7.5/10. The method followed is different from that of th...192 years 8 months ago
0Work hours as you move up the consulting ladder?Hi all, Undergrad here curious on how things go as you (hopefully) move up the ladder. I know it starts at around 55-65 hrs/week for analyst consultant right out of undergrad. But what's it like from there, in the senior consultant (after MBA), project leader, etc all the way up to partner? ...112 years 8 months ago
0Blocking users on WSOShould WSO have an option to block certain users from seeing your profile and posts (à la Facebook)? Those certain users obviously being colleagues. I'm in a small boutique and one of my colleagues recently made an account on WSO. If by any chance he comes across one of my old posts, it'll be prett...72 years 8 months ago
0Not a bean counter? Dinged.Obviously accounting is important in IB, but with all the focus on valuation, modeling, and general corporate finance knowledge in interview discussions and prep talk you would figure a lot of the banks won't grind accounting questions beyond the standard "link the 3 statements" in first round inter...22 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: Moelis & Company02 years 8 months ago
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services02 years 8 months ago
0Gbenga Akinnagbe looks like Curtis JacksonI dare you to disagree with me....42 years 8 months ago
0Company Interview: Sovereign Santander02 years 8 months ago
0confused02 years 8 months ago
0Email Title for Responses to Job Listings What is the best thing to include in the email title? Would it be beneficial to include GPA if it is significantly greater than 3.5?...52 years 8 months ago
0Advice Sought for Non-traditional Getting Into ConsultingBackground: Graduated from target, public ivy with 3.3-3.5 GPA Studied in the sciences, minor in econ, premed Summer internships at research hospitals Worked at ER after graduation while preparing for the Peace Corps Interest in IR/development/entrepreneurship became greater than desire for m...82 years 8 months ago
0Investment Banking Offers Low GPAI'm curious has anyone landed a Bulge Bracket offer or know of anyone that's landed BB Offer With Subpar GPA ...532 years 8 months ago
0Private loan modeling - any model examples?I'm interested in exploring the world of private loans. Initially something like lending club is interesting to me, but I have an idea that I think could create a new class of loans. I'm really interested in modeling out potential for this idea, but I have limited experience modeling debt items. ...12 years 8 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley02 years 8 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 8 months ago
0Adwords02 years 8 months ago
0Beansy the bean counter02 years 8 months ago
0Equity research/investment management from CSI am currently a undergraduate at a target school majoring in computer science. I have been interested in investing for a very long time and have been passively following the market for several years. I am very mathematically inclined and enjoy primarily computer science and math classes in colleg...32 years 8 months ago
0We went to WhartonJust saw this clip from Suits floating around my social circle, and thought I'd share it with you guys. It's classic: ...172 years 8 months ago
0Company Review: Barclays Capital02 years 8 months ago
+1Los Angeles WSO Social: Thurs Aug 8th, 7:30PM, SmithHouse Tap & GrillGuess what monkeys, the LA social is back! Great beer selection, award-winning BBQ. Under 21 friendly! Join us at the SmithHouse, just a mile east off the 405 on Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City. Where: SmithHouse Tap & Grill, 10351 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angel...132 years 8 months ago
0PWM Analyst -> Top 15 MBA program?What are the chances of a ML, GS Private Wealth Management Analyst getting into a top 15 MBA program? A VP was telling me how a 3 yr analyst stint would be a great way to prepare for an MBA. I would like to hear your thoughts. Obviously, you won't get much modeling experience, but it's not like...22 years 8 months ago
0Can I make it to top MBA Program?I am currently working on my undergrad while working at a finacial advising firm. I go to University of South Florida. What im wondering is when im done with undergrad will USF be good enough along with a couple years of industry experience to get into a top MBA program?...42 years 8 months ago
0Banking to Hedge Fund/PE/Asset Manager (Accounting/Finance)I'm looking to transition from a bulge bracket accounting/finance position to a similar function on the buy side, getting more involved in the alternative investment space - be it with a Hedge Fund, FoF, PE or Asset Manager. I have an MBA, I started off in public accounting, a firm just below big ...22 years 8 months ago
0Company Interview: US Capital Partners02 years 8 months ago
0Law graduate from England looking for a job in banking. Basically, I have recently graduated from Newcastle University with a 2.1 in Law. I plan on taking a masters at the LSE and trying to get some internships. Up to now, my experience isn't great. I did develop and successfully market PPC campaigns (as an online affiliate marketing venture) online from...02 years 8 months ago
0Company Review: GCA Savvian02 years 8 months ago
0BB Final Round AdviceHey WSO, After a whole slew of interviews with a BB (think MS/UBS), I managed to secure a final round with their IB team. I've been to a lot of interviews at BBs and worked briefly for a boutique, but have never done a super day at any BB. Any advice I should heed before going in for this? I'm...62 years 8 months ago
0Company Interview: State Street Corporation02 years 8 months ago
0ER interviewsAlmost everyone tells me not to talk about a firm which the analyst is covering since he'll know more than me. What I want to know is what is the most reliable source to get this kind of information? I would have thought this kind of information would not be easily accessible...62 years 8 months ago
0Found a job opening, how do I find the most likely point of contact for hiring?Hey, So there is a job opening I am interested in at a very large firm. The job is only available through their career website's form. I know which team the position is for, but unfortunately the team is 50+ people. How do i go about finding the right person to contact? I cold called one M...32 years 8 months ago


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