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0What to do before starting full-time?I've got ~9 months left until I start work full-time. Some of this time will be spent in my last semester of school, and some will be spent travelling, but there's still enough time left to pick-up other activities. What's the best way to spend this time? What did you do before starting work? ...112 years 12 months ago
0can an externship lead to an internship?I know externships are designed to give you an overview of what people in the company do, but people have told me they can lead to internships too. I'm not sure if this externship I'm going to means anything special but it's all-expense paid so it would be seem the company wouldn't invite everyone w...22 years 12 months ago
+1CPA for Corporate FinanceHey All, I have a question about corporate finance and its relation to the CPA. Long story short I'd like to know if the CPA is a necessity for a successful career in corporate finance. I am a finance major at a university in Ohio. I've considered several career directions and interviewed (an...102 years 12 months ago
0Vice President, Investment BankingFirm: We are a rapidly growing mergers and acquisition advisory firm that provides strategic and financial advisory services to lower middle market clients, primarily in the restaurant sector. We are focused on the structuring and execution of a wide range of transactions including leveraged buyout...02 years 12 months ago
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0Anyone have an acquisition model for Distressed Second (Position) Lien Mortgage Note?I have been try to track down a model that analyzes buying the b piece and or mezz debt on a distressed asset. Any idea where I can get one (sans cost). Thanks....52 years 12 months ago
0Which firms engage in position trading?Trying to find a firm whose trading style I'm most comfortable with....02 years 12 months ago
0Excel/G-Doc Expert to Build Virtual API system (Quite Simple...)There are a few dimensions of this, but the most important is building a system that effectively API with a top executive at a payment processing company (since they don't offer this API right now this is a substitute) who can give feedback on the status of different accounts that have been referred...02 years 12 months ago
0Do any companies still throw a good Xmas party? My firm used to throw a lavish black tie Xmas party at the Ritz until the recession hit. The lavish excess was toned down to individual groups hosting dinners which has been further diluted into a quick mid-December lunch. Are there any decently sized firms that still host reputable Xmas parties. ...342 years 12 months ago
0andre_ins.jpg02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs02 years 12 months ago
0WSO NYC Happy Hour: Tuesday Dec. 17th, 8:00pm @48 LoungeWe're trying out something a little different for this WSO NYC Happy Hour--a later start time AND a new venue! Please note the official 8:00pm start, NOT the usual 7pm one. I'll be introducing a new Happy Hour chair or two as well! We'll be at 48 Lounge this time, which is located on 48th Street ...02 years 12 months ago
0open floor plan.jpg02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: AIMCO02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Singapore Exchange02 years 12 months ago
0Will algo's end FX and Commodities trading?....62 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: 1861 Capital02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Grant Thornton02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Grant Thornton02 years 12 months ago
0Company Review: Grant Thornton02 years 12 months ago
0Company Review: Scottrade02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Raymond James Financial Inc.02 years 12 months ago
0Ivy MBA vs other Ivy grad programIs it wise to go to grad school ONLY to rebrand myself? In other words, does the program matter if I wind up with ANY Harvard or Yale masters like Computer Science? Would that be better than an MBA from CBS or NYU? The purpose would be for getting a job as a PM or trader at a hedge fund then ...142 years 12 months ago
0Anyone heard from Blackrock yet? I applied last week to Analytics & Risk but haven't heard back yet. If you did hear back from them how long did it take between submitting your resume and getting contacted for an interview?...02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Lazard02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Accel-KKR02 years 12 months ago
0HYP vs GS/JPM/MSJust for some speculative fun, what would you say is harder: getting into Harvard, Princeton or the likes out of high school or landing a job at a top BB after university? ...472 years 12 months ago
0Heavily recruited schools at undergrad levelHi, I just though it would be useful to have kinda an official list of the most heavily recruited schools for analyst positions at BB and MM. I know the ivies and likes are there but I was surprised that some schools like villanova, Indiana Univ. , U Wisc and some others have quite a presence too.....522 years 12 months ago
0Most Important PowerPoint SkillsI see we have a thread of popular/essential Excel skills for consultants. I was wondering if we could begin a thread for PowerPoint as well. From what I'm told, most consultants, even in Financial Services, don't use alot of Excel but use tons of PowerPoint and maybe Project. Thanks....102 years 12 months ago
0Anyone have experience with the group Rialto Capital Management [out of Miami]?Anyone here work or interview with these guys? Any stats/comp/reputation intel?...52 years 12 months ago
0Xerxes is back!So some of you who have been members for a long time may remember this guy and his firm where they make first years stand all day, and they pump Rocky music in the hallways Seems he's in the news again. I can't find the original posts, but i know someone made a great picture of him Granted ...52 years 12 months ago
0The most important question of your life.Is it really hip to be square?...82 years 12 months ago
0Delated .....32 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: MF Global02 years 12 months ago
0Open Letter to Edmundo BravermanOriginally I was going to pm this to Eddie, however I don't have the banana credits to do so. Being that this is the next laziest option, I settled on making it an open letter: First off, I wanted to say I really enjoy the content and candor of your blog, it makes for very entertaining reading,...72 years 12 months ago
0Negotiating Salary on Hourly BasisThis has obvious advantages if the number of hours per week is very uncertain. Any thoughts?...12 years 12 months ago
0Canada's rising dependence on commodities trade makes it vulnerable to price declinesCanada's economy remains vulnerable to weakening energy and other natural resources prices. WTI crude oil price for example has dropped significantly over the past two months, making some economists wonder if the nation's recent economic stability can be sustained. Here is what's driving ...12 years 12 months ago
0Career progression- compliance?Hey, so long time reader first time poster, and I realise that many of you here are FO orientated and that this may get a lot of heat, but I was wondering whether anyone had an idea/ knows anyone who has an idea of the career progressions in compliance? Im due to start at a BB next year, and no ...02 years 12 months ago
0Chinese Buying Detroit Real Estate The main problem is convincing people to relocate to Detroit. This will require creating more jobs. The weird thing is that a lot of US manufacturing is being outsourced from Detroit. Many of the parts are produced in China. Ford assembles cars in Mexico. GM and Chrysler Assemble cars in Ca...302 years 12 months ago
0Is there anyway to do this in Excel?Using Excel on both monitors and you're in two separate files, but you want each file to recognize each other. Example: You have a number on one file in left monitor and another number in another file on your right number. How do you multiply (or do anything really) the number in file X (left ...72 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Travelers02 years 12 months ago
0How exactly is China's financial system different?I know for a fact there's more similarities than differences (since it's pretty much based on America's), but where are the key areas where it is different? For instance, I know you can't own personal checks in China....172 years 12 months ago
0Business Valuation Vs. SFA at Tech Hey WSO, Want to pick your brains a little regarding this dilemma. If my ultimate goal is to work in the corporate finance / Strategy group of a prestigious Tech company, would it make more sense to get into Business valuation at either a Big4 or mid market firm and do that for afew years and get v...62 years 12 months ago
0deletedelete...132 years 12 months ago
0Instinet Info?Have a connection there, trying to schedule a call with them. I would just like to know a bit more about the firm, seems like basically a flow execution quant shop. Also looks like they provide a solid trading platform to their clients...other than that, I don't really know much. Looks like a ver...12 years 12 months ago
0BB Trading vs Microsoft Software Engineer Compensation ComparisonHello. I am wondering if there is any consensus on the compensation difference between a BB Trading Analyst vs a Microsoft Software Engineer. In particular, I am wondering if there is a significant gap in either the starting salary or several years down the line. Thanks for the input....72 years 12 months ago
0Regional Offices of Large PE Firms?What do jobs in the offices usually entail? Do you usually work on deals in a specfic sector, etc? Is it harder to get entry level jobs in these offices due to less openings, or easier because it isn't the PE fund headquarters? I'm sure this varies a lot from fund to fund, but does anyone have any i...02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Kurt Salmon Associates Capital Advisors02 years 12 months ago
0KPMG Business Consulting Strategy GroupHello, I'm a long time reader but first time poster. I searched for info on this specific group but have found very little. I would appreciate any insight anyone on here has regarding this group’s reputation and also more detail on the day to day of what they do. Thanks in advance for any rep...32 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: BSNOO02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: FTI Consulting02 years 12 months ago
0Company Review: Morgan Stanley02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: The Vanguard Group02 years 12 months ago
+1(Not Your) House PartyWhen I was in high school we would break into this (pretty nice) beach houses in the winter time and throw a party. One winter we did it like 4 or 5 nights in a row, literally going down to the next house over the following night(s) until finally on the fourth or fifth night a swarm of police cars ...122 years 12 months ago
0background check - potential issueI took a full time offer after a May-August contract job - on my resume this experience is listed as continous, i.e. Analyst: May 2009 - June 2012. My daily duties didn't really change but my pay did drastically. The problem is when I was on contract I wasn't on payroll - I had to invoice the firm (...82 years 12 months ago
+5Q&A: PE Authors Talk Dividend Recaps, Blackstone, and Future of AM Fellow Monkeys, I have a very special Q&A to share with you all tonight! I had the pleasure of sitting down with John Morris and David Carey to discuss their book- King of Capital: The Remarkable Rise, Fall, and Rise again of Steve Schwarzman and Blackstone. I highly recommend King of Capital to...112 years 12 months ago
+2How much sh*t do you have to go through?WSO, They say not to give up and that you'll succeeded, but how much sh*t do you have to go through? How many times do you have to fail in order to succeed? Need motivation monkeys, dont post YouTube videos of athletes or pornstars...I need real stories. Mod (Andy) note: See great responses ...732 years 12 months ago
0100% Estate Tax and 0% Income TaxI'm not even sure if the math works for this in terms of providing enough revenue for the Government, but my two questions are: 1) Would you personally agree to to a 100% estate tax in exchange for a 0% income and capital gains tax? 2) Do you think this would benefit or hurt the economy as a w...162 years 12 months ago
+5Top 5 Must-Have Skills for 2013The pressure to excel is higher than ever. With the economy, market, and political structures of our society rapidly fluctuating, job prospects are becoming limited and competition is becoming incredibly difficult to maintain. Parents, mentors, and peers continue to add to the pressure. Parents h...112 years 12 months ago
0Lehman02 years 12 months ago
0dillian02 years 12 months ago
0early-cell-phone.jpg02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Jefferies & Company02 years 12 months ago
0MBA Considering Pre-MBA PE RoleI just wanted to get some feedback from those of you that are/were in the space. I feel like I have a somewhat unique background and would like to make the transition into PE. Background I went to non-target undergrad, then spent two years in Securitization Origination and Capital Markets, an...82 years 12 months ago
0Are all post-MBA associates with no banking experience complete morons?Nothing else to say. Are they?...82 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Greenhill02 years 12 months ago
0Can the Federal Reserve invest in off-shore projects?I.e. Provide financing? Or is this usually done by the Treasury? Looked across the net and haven't found anything useful, so just curious if this happens or not....02 years 12 months ago
0Giving Back-- Holy Grail for Contacts in HF IndustryWell, I've been down on my luck lately, I got turned down for a Fund of Funds Analyst role and I'm waiting to see if I can get into Santa Clara University for an MSF. I figured doing something good will turn things around. And up to this point, I've been exceptionally greedy in regards to my resourc...52 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Gelber Group02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Air Liquide US02 years 12 months ago
+1The CFTC Needs to F OffOften when financers hear of the term “democratic legitimacy’ they’ll either go running for the door as if the FBI HRT team is try to catch for crimes against humanity, or simply shake their heads. When it comes to the commodities houses and the CFTC, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission...02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank02 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: The Glenmede Trust Co02 years 12 months ago
0Preparing to start at a boutique life sciences/pharma strategy firmI recently got an offer at a boutique strategy firm that focuses on life science/Pharm and I think I will accept it. What would you do to get ready to hit the ground running? Are there any books that I should read either on consulting in general or life sciences/pharma/biotech? I'm planning on doing...32 years 12 months ago
0BB's evaluate transcripts?Do BB's look at the grades you received in each individual class, or do they just look for your overall GPA? I ask because I received a B (average is a C-) in Financial Accounting, and I wanted to know how much this would hurt my chances. I still have a relatively high GPA (3.70). I go to a non-t...132 years 12 months ago
0Bus. Dev. Intern at a Boutique Investment BankHi everyone! I'm currently a sophomore at a top-50 non-target that's in the process of seeking a summer analyst/internship position within IB. One of the boutiques (Provident Healthcare Partners) I applied to/got in touch with for IB stated that they would like me to interview with their busines...62 years 12 months ago
0Do BBs usually pay for flights to interviews? I had one interview with a very large European BB that did not offer to reimburse me for millage, approx 250, to a DCM interview. Now I have another firm, a top 3 BB, that will not reimburse for flights to a BO interview. ...152 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase02 years 12 months ago
0Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.52.54 PM.png02 years 12 months ago
0Company Interview: BulwarkBay Investment Group02 years 12 months ago
0Private Equity in Dallas?Anyone have any info on the PE environment in Dallas and some of the top shops in the area? I know NGP is a big one, but who else is in the area and how have they done recently? Where do DFW area firms tend to recruit from - BBs in NY/Houston or smaller Dallas-area firms? How should I best position ...32 years 12 months ago
0Valuing a Licensed ProductionIf I want to sell a lease of an industrial building with a production inside of it that generates $1m in annual revenue in perpetuity. The value of the building is a license that is attached to it that allows the buyer to continue this production and collect the revenues. How would you guys v...02 years 12 months ago
0HF Compensation ReportDoes anyone have access to a recent hedge fund compensation report they can share with me? I understand Glocap and Sumzero put out pretty good ones. Any help is much appreciated....22 years 12 months ago
0Villanova 2013 Master in Finance PlacementsBoom. This info will be posted on the Villanova website soon enough, but I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible since there have been some lively discussions going on. This is not 100% complete as a few students are still finalizing things, but good enough to show people. I posted more...52 years 12 months ago
0Do top consulting firms recruit from Duke Fuqua for their New York offices?Topic says it. I would love to hear from any Fuqua alums, current students, or those who chose not to matriculate at Duke. My goal is to jump back into consulting after earning my MBA, hopefully in the New York area....02 years 12 months ago
0DB Achieve Internship 2014Did anyone apply? Has anyone heard anything? DB says interviews will take place in December and I haven't heard anything yet. Also, online app says "application under review", not sure if it means anything but it did change. ...152 years 12 months ago
0B school entrance with poor gpa but good qualificationsSo I am one-year into an entry level analyst position with Deloitte (started right after graduating from CU Denver), considering options for MBA. Here is the issue, I have a really poor GPA (2.9). However, I do have pretty good qualifications; 780 GMAT, passed all 3 CFA tests on first attempt, mensa...202 years 12 months ago
0Way to find company presentations for stock ideasI was reading the Dow Chemical deck released around 12/4/13 about their strategic plans, which I had found randomly drifting around on the internet through someone's blog post. It occurred to me that finding actual presentations such as that one for companies making big changes would be a very good...32 years 12 months ago
0anyone heard of CITIC securites, not CITI.already know they are a leading IB in China/HK along with CICC, how's like working there as an analyst? life style? excel? pre-training? exit opps? Thanks in advance....142 years 12 months ago
0CICC HK IBHi, I was wondering if any monkeys here have had experience with CICC (China International Capital Corporation) IB in Hong Kong? Background info on the bank. It's a joint venture bank between CIC (China investment Corporation - China's sovereign wealth fund) and KKR, TPG, GIC and formerly Morg...142 years 12 months ago
0PE/IB internship in BeijingHi guys, I've got 2 internship offers: an IBD offer from China International Capital Corp(CICC, a chinese IB, pay quite well for FT analysts), and one from Cerberus Capital Management Beijing office, but I'm seriously considering which one i should accept. Given that my ultimate goal is PE fi...72 years 12 months ago
0IBIS WorldAnyone have access to this. I need a report. Thanks a lot guys....12 years 12 months ago
+3James O. McKinsey was an Accountant.He wrote a damn textbook on Managerial Accounting. WSO prestige whores, proceed to writhe in cognitive dissonance. ...62 years 12 months ago
0Company Compensation: Grant Thornton02 years 12 months ago
0Need to work in Moscow. Any suggestions based on my skillsets At this point, I am open any financial job because of the time crunch I am in. I have around 4 months or so to move there so here it is: Below is a list of my experiences and skillsets. -- econometric time-series modeling experience -- Can build out relevant financial statements such...152 years 12 months ago


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