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0Final Year at University and NO Finance Work pleaseWork Experience in the last 3 years: Paid Teaching Assistant for Secondary School & Special Needs Student, Paid Field Marketer (Fundraiser), Founder and president of a successful University society Academics: Bsc Economics at not top University, GCSE 2A* 5A 4B, A level in Economics, Extended Pr...23 years 1 week ago
0Help please regarding final round interviewsHi there, Last Friday I conducted a superday with an investment management firm, which thereafter I was one of three to be invited to a lunch with one of the MDs. This MD told me during our conversation that a candidate would be selected by Tuesday. It is now Saturday, and I have yet to hear ...63 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: National Securities Corporation03 years 1 week ago
0Rip off? You tell meThe investment group at my school is advertising that Wall Street Training is coming for a 2 day seminar for $100. Whereas every other prep/boot camp program I see is much more expensive. Anyone have any knowledge on this? ...123 years 1 week ago
0QUESTION!!!! Company trading at premium- what is actual value! PLEASE HELP!!Hey everyone, If you have a company that is trading at a 64% premium of 1.95 billion dollars, what is the company worth? Would it be worth 702,000,000?...33 years 1 week ago
0Extra Time on the CFA?I know it's pretty much impossible to get extra time for the GMAT. I'm guessing the CFA doesn't give a shit about people with ADHD either?...73 years 1 week ago
0Analyst at BB vs Associate at MM?Hello all, appreciate your help in advance. Coming from unique background - do not want to get more specific than that, but all else equal, would like to hear pros and cons of Analyst track (let's say 2nd year analyst base) at established BB in S&T but on rotational program so no desk assurances ...83 years 1 week ago
0Questions on Investment Banking InterviewsI had a first round interview with a BB for a IB Summer position, I had two questions: Do they call/email you if you haven't made it to the second round? Or do you only hear from them if you've made it to the second round? Is it possible to get an analyst summer position even with soft technic...03 years 1 week ago
0Small fish in a big sea HELP!I am pretty much new to this website. What brings me here is as I watched a video on how to land yourself an internship I realized how far behind I am. In trying to pursue a career as an investment banker I have no mentor to help guide me with steps to take. I am still in college, in my second year....13 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: 40/86 Advisors03 years 1 week ago
0DRW CommoditiesJust wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them? Whats the culture like and the people? was offered a potential internship there....13 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: 1861 Capital03 years 1 week ago
0BAML adds its own analyst/associate weekend policyJust got forwarded the email below. What do you think, Monkeys? 4 weekend days per month sounds pretty awesome to me, but the increased flexibility makes me think this would be even easier for seniors to ignore than the GS rule. *** Jan. 10, 2014 Improving the Banker Experience A message fro...103 years 1 week ago
0WSO Company Database Access?I was wondering how long it usually takes to get access to the WSO Company Database? I replied to the email to Ivy with my username, and still haven't gotten any access over 24 hrs ago. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for all your help....03 years 1 week ago
0I have a friend who has been working with Benson & Assoc as broker. Is there any credibility to him saying he made 200k I have a friend who has been working with Benson & Assoc as sales broker for commercial properties. Is there any credibility to him saying he made 200k his second year doing it. I have not seen his lifestyle change so I am curious if this can actually be true. ...203 years 1 week ago
+1Is Adderall cheating?A few weeks ago one of my co-workers admitted that he and everyone he knew at his elite private college (target school) used Adderall religiously to study and prepare for tests. A bunch of people from his school are my co-workers so I asked them about their experience--all the same. All of them used...1033 years 1 week ago
0Rate/rate derivs trading ideas and strategiesHello and happy new year! can anyone please tell what are your favourite sources to get trading ideas and strategies on rate and its derivatives? I would really appreciate your help... will need to pitch some ideas for an interview in S&T and a HF, thanks a lot!! ...363 years 1 week ago
0Applying for foreign Internships (IB) - strategic advice appreciatedHey, firstly thanks for all of you participating in this forum. I've been reading WSO for quite some time now, mostly recreational, but now I am actually looking for some some important advice. I am currently finishing my bachelors in finance & accounting and looking for a summer internship - I'm...03 years 1 week ago
0Raymond James ER InterviewsRJ had some positions open in NYC, Chicago, etc., wondering how the interviews went and if anyone has gotten any final word yet?...03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Centigo03 years 1 week ago
0BBA to Masters of Engineering.. Is this possible?I'm in my senior year at a target school and I've landed a job offer. The job won't be too stressful (40 hrs/wk) and I have recently started to think that I don't want to do finance at all. I don't have the most impressive gpa (3.20) but is there some way I can get into an online masters of engi...63 years 1 week ago
0Do whatever it takes03 years 1 week ago
0Any short-end rates traders around?Starting a new thread at Martinghoul's suggestion... Would anyone be able to give us a primer on the short-end/money market instruments like OIS, Eurodollar futures, FRA(?), and more that I'm missing? More specifically, which specific rates (LIBOR, FF) do these instruments "imply" or "price in", ...343 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Jane Street Capital03 years 1 week ago
0pay as intern.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Status of Job Market in LondonHey Monkeys. I've heard that Europe is pretty slow at the moment, which is surprising to me as the job boards seem to be a bit more active (compared to other countries I am looking at). Is it true that hiring is slowing down? I am asking because I am thinking of relocating, after taking a few wee...73 years 1 week ago
0london market.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Looking back at 2013, how did my 13 picks do?Last year about this time I suggested 13 stocks for 2013.  The stocks I picked were a subset of my overall portfolio, stocks that I felt at the time were still attractively priced.  The stocks typified the types of companies I like to invest in, somewhat dull, but often attractive on an as...383 years 1 week ago
0Corporate Development vs. Operations/Research (boutique investment firm)Hi - hope that somebody can give me some advice I've been looking to break into the front office for a while (over here in Asia) - been working odd jobs here there for the past four years. I recently got an offer as an associate at a corporate development gig at a sizable insurance company - ...03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Google03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: CIBC World Markets03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 1 week ago
0Financial Data Associate for Funded Growth-Stage Internet Startup (Chelsea)Our Firm is a leading provider of private company financial data and funding activity. We are a rapidly-growing, funded, and profitable growth-stage financial internet company founded by an internet industry pioneer. Why We'll Be Successful: (1) The Press Loves Us! We are now cited daily by th...03 years 1 week ago
0Junior Aviation AnalystOur client, a ratings and risk consulting firm based in New York, NY, is seeking a Junior Aviation Analyst to join their growing, successful firm. Please note that qualified applicants will be asked to submit writing samples. This position is based in New York, NY. About the Job: Perform cred...03 years 1 week ago
0Vice President, Financial Guaranty RatingOur client, a ratings and risk consulting firm based in New York, NY, is seeking a Financial Guaranty Rating (Vice President level) to join their growing, successful firm. Please note that qualified applicants will be asked to submit writing samples. This position is based in New York, NY. About...03 years 1 week ago
0Investor Relations/Client Services ProfessionalThis position is Temporary or Temp-to-Perm. Our client, a growing and highly regarded hedge fund based in New York City, is seeking an Investor Relations/Client Services Professional to join their team. The ideal candidate has previous experience in Investor Relations within a financial services...03 years 1 week ago
0free time.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: BHP Billiton03 years 1 week ago
0How about we all together start a hedge fund WSO capital? Thoughts? ...143 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: nomura securities03 years 1 week ago
0xxxyyyyxxxyyyy...113 years 1 week ago
0How to answer THIS TYPE of question in interview!!- "How many taxis in NY"?I have been asked in some ib interviews, and have another coming up where I KNOW they'll ask me this question & I'm just wondering how to go about answering questions similar to this in an interview: "How many taxis are there in NY" "How many baseballs can you fit inside this room" "How man...53 years 1 week ago
0new to investment bankinghello, I see myself a novice to when it comes to investment banking but I found this site out as a result of my uncompromising zest for knowledge and seeking the land unknown. I would like to know what investment banking is all about and the knowledge areas, prospect and how to go about seeking a ca...43 years 1 week ago
0bachelors party.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 week ago
0Job at Big Four before joining as AnalystHi Monkeys (haha) So, I am a senior at High School, and have some questions for you. I have been offered a fulltime job at KPMG and PwC right out of high school, where I will be a trainee. It is 30-40 hours a week, and I will required to read part time at the University 2 afternoons a week (abou...73 years 1 week ago
0Update transcript Hello, I am applying for a summer internship at a firm that requires an unofficial copy of my transcript. When I turned in my initial application, my transcript did not have my grades for the Fall 2013 semester on them. I just received all my grades today and they were pretty good(all very hard c...13 years 1 week ago
0Offer Help: JPM vs MS vs GSI need your advice on how to go about these offers. The offers are not group specific, but I will have the opportunity to preference groups later on in the spring. The offers are all in IBD, and I understand that all three are great companies to work for, but I am struggling to choose between them...153 years 1 week ago
+1How many traders does a BB in fixed income on average employ?Hi, I have very limited knowledge on S&T tbh. I was just wondering: how many traders does a top bb (say, Citi or Morgan Stanley) employ? and since im interested in fixed income, how many traders are there? take government bonds as an example: is there one market maker for, say, us treasuries, anothe...73 years 1 week ago
0Industry Primers for Media I am working on M&A but I am really interested in tech, internet, media and telecom and try to read as much as possible on it. I am having some problems trying to find some industry primers related to Internet and Social media. I have read some for telecom and tech but not the others so if you guys ...103 years 1 week ago
0Does my pre-MBA job/title matter for post-MBA recruiting?Hoping you guys can give me some advice... I've been accepted into a top 10 US b-schooll and will be matriculating with ~3 years of work experience (all in corporate strategy). Will the title I hold pre-MBA have any barring on my post-MBA recruiting opportunities? I have the option to take a prom...43 years 1 week ago
0AllianceBernsteinI have a phone interview coming up for a summer position in their fixed income client group. Any advice or experiences with this would be much appreciated. what sort of questions would they ask? at the moment I'm assuming mostly behavioral. ...113 years 1 week ago
0Ravid & Associates Insurance Fraud Lawyers : ArticlesArticles Being involved in an accident or incident that results in a serious injury can often leave an individual struggling to recover and in need of help to fully understand their legal rights and options. At Ravid & Associates, P.C., our Detroit legal team understands how hard it can be for th...03 years 1 week ago
0Robert Half Internional (NY)Has anyone had any success with them for Finance positions? I am not looking for anything big, just middle office finance roles and maybe tax. I am very hesitant to provide them with references up front as I do not want them soliciting them (I have internship experience at a BB Bank)...13 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 week ago
0IBD Bonus Announcement / Payment DatesHi, I work at a small M&A boutique in Asia. Wanted to check if you there are any links or posts on the bonus announcement / payment months in public domain in NY. Would be grateful for help. Specifically looking for dates for - Citi - DB - JPM - GS - Barclays - Morgan Stanley. - BAML ...13 years 1 week ago
0Which Head Hunters?I was just wondering, which HHs have which of the well known PE firms? For example, I heard last year that Amity did Apollo (based on knowing an analyst that got the offer through Amity). What about the other funds?...03 years 1 week ago
0Summer intl exchange - worth it?So my university has this summer intl exchange study programme, and i was wondering if it would make a difference at all? I do not desperately need the credits, and the summer programme will cost close to 10k in total. Is it gonna be worth it?...43 years 1 week ago
0makecase.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Cowen Group03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Robert W. Baird & Co.03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup03 years 1 week ago
0technical-analysis-for-dummies-bulls-v-bears.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Credit Suisse03 years 1 week ago
0Middle Market SA schoolsNYU 3 Boston Col 1 Columbia 3 Cornell 2 Duke 3 Elon 1 Fairfield 1 Franklin & Marshall 1 G'Town 5 Hamilton Col 1 Johns Hopkins 1 Miami U (OH) 3 Middlebury 1 Princeton 1 Rhodes Col 1 Rice 1 Stanford 1 UCONN 5 Michigan 5 Wisconsin 1 PENN 1 UT Austin 2 Williams 1 ...173 years 1 week ago
0WSO Stock Pick Contest #6: BAC#2 in volume today is Bank of America (BAC), it's at $16.66 - what will its stock price be Friday at market close? Closest guess to the closing price on Friday wins a free WSO tshirt. Rules: You must submit your guess by 11:59pm ET Tuesday (Dec 17th)....433 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 1 week ago
+1Bonus Bananas January 10, 20141) Pakistani Teen Dies Stopping Bomber From Striking School (NPR) - Top billing this week, hands down, no question. This is what happens when courage collides with cowardice. 2) JP Morgan Pulled $275 Million Of Its Own Money From Madoff Feeder Funds Months Before His Arrest (Business Insider) - N...313 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 1 week ago
03 yrs accounting work experience + MBA = IB offer?Hello Guys, So I want to break into IB and I would appreciate any perspective. I'm an accountant, mainly creating financial performance analysis and reports for a huge asian company in the US. I've been recently admitted to Cornell to pursue an MBA. Could I break into IB with my background...63 years 1 week ago
0WSO Intern - Interested in SA IBD 2014Thanks for the positive feedback! ...33 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Bridgewater03 years 1 week ago
0legality of American investors in foreign sports betting entityI have been having trouble with a bit of legal research and while my next move is making a JD oasis account and asking there too (Strong I know) might as well see if any monkeys here can point my in the direction of a resource or person in the know. I have been in talks with a sports analytics fi...13 years 1 week ago
0Wilmott on HFT Whole thing: So regarding Paul Wilmott's comments about the state of HFT, what do you think?...63 years 1 week ago
0The 20 Minute DCF: Free Excel Template DownloadJustin's Note: This is a nifty DCF for newbies. You will learn more complex, real world models in our financial modeling packages.(WSO users get 15% off!) From Axial You’ve probably built more discounted cash flow models than you care to remember. But, when was the last time you updated your...103 years 1 week ago
0Informational Interview adviceHello all, I'm pretty sure this question has been answered time and time again but I wanted to get some tips for this specific question. I am a college sophomore at a non-target school in Texas interested in breaking into investment banking and have resorted to cold calling bankers in my area. Sinc...03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 week ago
0Koala03 years 1 week ago
0TGIF.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Carrer: Advice neededHey Guys. Help!. I was offered a junior position in Sales and Analytic at a company that provides Financial Services, Mass media and Technology(Terminal)... Currently i am an intern at Trustee/Trust department in a Bank. So, my fear is go too far away from the Financial Market and not be a...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 week ago
0new user introductionI'm finishing up an internship at a middle market M&A firm in Denver, CO and looking to make a career of either M&A or prop trading. I graduated from West Point, spent 5 years in the Army as an officer, and am now completing my MBA with certificate in Finance at a non-target school. Looking to lea...03 years 1 week ago
0Fashion company due diligence? Hi guys, I'm interning at a small PE firm and we're looking to work with a fashion company. Does anyone have a checklist or any notes of what to look for in a due diligence process for companies in this industry? How to properly evaluate their health, growth potential, licensing potential, etc. Any ...13 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Verizon03 years 1 week ago
0What licenses do you need to take to trade commodities for a bank or energy firm?Say you wanted to apply for analyst position to be a Commodities trader at Morgan Stanley or a trader at BP/Shell, what FINRA or other licenses do you need to obtain? Is it wise to obtain them before applying? Can you or do you need to be sponsored? ...23 years 1 week ago
0Too old and experienced to land an analyst position?Hello! I am 23 years old 3.5 GPA recently graduated with a degree in actuarial science (non-target). I am currently working as a sales consultant for a software company. I haven't had any finance internships. My questions are: 1) Am I too old to apply for an ib internship or analyst position? ...173 years 1 week ago
0Road Warriors: What are your orders of operations to handle yo biz on the road?I do a lot of international travel and between red eye flights, wrinkled clothes, lousy food, jet lag, uncomfortable hotel beds, and booze fests with clients (when all you want to do is go to sleep), I have developed a game plan to survive this onslaught. How do you manage? Me first: When I hav...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: McKinsey and Co03 years 1 week ago
0quit.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0$70 to spend @, what to buy?I have a $70 gift card to that I need to use sometime within the next week or so. I am considering buying Grand Theft Auto 5, a case of Gatorade, and a pack of Snickers bars. SB to whoever can give me a better idea of what to spend it on. Background: I'm a college student and should h...83 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 week ago
0Am I too old to break into Investment Banking ?Hi, Because of my "weird" path and my age, I would like to know your opinion concerning my chances to get into IB. I am 26 years old, i used to study medicine before but was kicked out because I couldn't attend the courses due to a sickness and to money issues... After solving all theses issue...13 years 1 week ago
0Money Market DealerHi, I'm in the process of interviewing for a position in Money Market Dealer in a Treasury of a bank, however, my goal is to work on a forex or fixed income trading desk. My initial understanding is that my job scope will be trading in short-term fixed income instruments and currencies, but my i...13 years 1 week ago
0lso.gif03 years 1 week ago
0MSc Finance Student w/co-op Experience Resume ReviewHi, I am a Canadian masters student applying for IB, HF, and PE interns for this summer. I modified my resume based on another thread here. Would really appreciate some feedback/criticism. Thanks!...33 years 1 week ago


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