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0Company Interview: Provident Funding02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Agricole02 years 11 months ago
0Any of you tried Hydrilla or is it too "girly"?Ex-athlete, getting back to lifting as this tiny body is taking on a bit too much stressed/work, etc. Even as an athlete in high school and college, I've gotten by with mostly casein and whey, vitamins & aminos and force feeding (hard gainer, this helped the most but sucked). Not trying to get back ...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: BlueSky Capital Group02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0A6V_UsUCcAEH55f.jpg large.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0A6V_UsUCcAEH55f.jpg large.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Standard Chartered Bank/HSBCDoes anyone know how these two banks stack up against other middle-tier banks? I might be working at one of the Asian offices. From my understanding, they're not entirely investment banks so what would be the best service to try to work for? The corporate finance side? Or financial markets? ...62 years 11 months ago
0Most common modeling mistakes?What are some of the most common mistakes when modeling? What are some good checks to go through when your models don't balance?...92 years 11 months ago
0No relevant PE deal experienceI am currently staffed on a few live deals but they are not M&A. One of them is fairly time consuming. I am afraid that come time to start meeting with PE headhunters in January/February, and even when it's interview time in June/July, I won't have any/enough deal experience. The other analysts in m...22 years 11 months ago
0IBD Consumer Retail InterviewI am getting an interview next friday for the IBD Consumer Retail Group. I would like to know if you could help me with specific questions of the industry, you have received in similar interviews as also valuation methodology for consumer retail companies Thanks a lot ...42 years 11 months ago
0Incoming FT analyst concerned about lack of knowledgeHi, I'm an incoming analyst at a top group/bank (GS TMT, FIG, MS M&A, BX M&A, R&R, LAZ, JPM M&A ). However, I didn't learn that much this summer and am concerned that I'll be far behind my peers when I join the desk. I am interested in buy-side recruiting but I'm unsure whether I prefer PE or HF...202 years 11 months ago
0Looking to get into strat consultingHere's my resume, critique/destroy it all you want. I already know the big thing against me is I didn't get involved in any school clubs and shit, is that really a huge deal? ***EDIT*** updated with critiques/comments from other thread... Update 2 vs update 3, please let me know what you guys th...62 years 11 months ago
0Consulting Resume Review (FT positions)Hey there all. I'm currently a senior and will be applying or Full Time positions to all the consulting firms that recruit at my school (MBB, Deloitte, Accenture, Booz, etc.) MBB might be out of reach, but I'm mainly looking at Deloitte, Booz, Oliver, AT Kearney, etc. Let me know what you think a...42 years 11 months ago
0deletedelete plz...22 years 11 months ago
0Goldman TMT - SF vs NYC?When people talk about GS TMT being very "prestigious" and having great exit opps, etc., is this just for the NYC group? How does the SF group do in terms of hours/pay/exits? For someone in college, is it better to do SA/full time in NYC (for TMT)?...112 years 11 months ago
0MS Generalist in New York vs Goldman TMT San Fran?Which one would you take?...132 years 11 months ago
+1Any freshmen who interned in CS IBD?Hello, I am wondering if it's possible to work at Credit Suisse IBD FO the summer after freshmen year. Has there ever been anyone (non-URM, non-LBGT) who did this? I know there are a few freshmen who worked at JPM IBD due to their formal freshman/sophomore program, but I am less clear on CS. Also...62 years 11 months ago
0101-year-old woman not ready to go after all, wakes up at own funeral Funerals are sad occasions — unless the deceased suddenly comes back to life. Peng Xiuhua's final send-off became an all-out party when she suddenly opened her eyes. Peng's two daughters ha...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Knight Capital Group02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Procter & Gamble02 years 11 months ago
06a00d8341c652b53ef014e89d8900e970d-800wi.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Piper Jaffray 1st Round I have a first round interview with Piper Jaffray next week and was wondering if anyone could supply some helpful information as what to expect. I have searched the forums but they seem a little dated and I have checked the "company research" area on here as well as glassdoor. Was wondering if anyo...22 years 11 months ago
0Seeking help/Mock case interviews Hello there, I will be thankful if any professionals or talents who would like to practice case interview with an adorable candidate: me! SInce it is the peaking season. I know everyone might be busy... I'd appreciate it a lot if anyone want to do it. Please pm me here or to my gmail address ...02 years 11 months ago
0FT recruitment advices I'm in a very tricky position right now. I have already graduated in May. Since I couldn't secured a banking job before graduation I went on to work for a HF's MO as a temp so I can buy more time for FT recruitment in banking. My question is: can I apply for class of 2014 analyst class, given that I...82 years 11 months ago
0Rothschild GFA FT Analyst InterviewHi - I just graduated from a non-target college this past May and am currently working in MO at a buy-side shop. Through my contacts at the current firm, my resume was sent to Rothschild and I was contacted by HR to come in next week for interviews for the analyst position in their Global Financial ...72 years 11 months ago
0Love the company! Love the product! Love the stock? An Update on AppleMy first computer was a Mac 128K. I was a budget-constrained doctoral student from UCLA, teaching my very first class at UC Berkeley. At $2,500, in 1984 dollars, it consumed all of my discretionary income for that year, but it was love at first sight. Having sampled what the PC world had to offer, w...112 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Polaris Financial Technology02 years 11 months ago
0Accepting my non-IB SA-to-FT offer - help?Alright, I'm stuck and need your wisdom, WSO. I did an non-IB SA stint at a BB this summer and got the FT offer, but they gave me a really tight deadline on it. I figured I better take it because I probably wouldn't get anything better; realistically, I'm a non-target with a sub-3.5 GPA, and ver...72 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 11 months ago
0AQR InterviewI have a first round interview for AQR in a few days and am wondering what the interview is like and what types of questions they typically ask (statistics, fixed income, derivatives, mathematics?) Examples of questions would also be greatly appreciated!...42 years 11 months ago
0Career in real estate securities vs project-level investing Was curious if experience as an analyst at a firm that invests in REITs is beneficial if my main goal is to work on project-level investing for an investment firm. Or I thought that was my main goal, but a position investing in REITs opened up my mind to consider other career paths in RE. What doors...62 years 11 months ago
0Fundraiser Started For Homeless Man Who Turned In $40,000, PassportUPDATE 09/16: A fundraiser started for a homeless man in Boston who turned in a backpack full of cash has nearly reached its goal of $50,000. Beyond that, the fundraiser’s organizer, Ethan Whittington, said in an update Tuesday evening that he has spoken with people about finding the man, Glen Jam...32 years 11 months ago
0CUNY CC -> CUNY BARUCH -> NYU STERN...?hello monkeys I am currently enrolled in a Community College in NYC. My major is Business administration and my future major would be Finance. I would like to work at hedge fund, investment banking, consulting. I almost got 60 credits at CC. Here are my questions. Do I need to graduate fro...192 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Oliver Wyman02 years 11 months ago
0Consulting - stay or leave?.I am considering leaving an MBB for an Industry Role. What do you think are the chances of going back to MBB / other consulting if I don't like Industry? It's hard to know without trying... Comp is the same, role in industry looks great......32 years 11 months ago
0 Philadelphia Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp, 9/25Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...02 years 11 months ago
0New User from IrelandHey everyone, I've been following the site for some time and decided to join. I'm sure there's a few more Irish users. Lots of great information here, love the site. I'm a law grad from Ireland and beginning an Msc in Finance now. Hope to work in asset management. No finance experience, so thinki...02 years 11 months ago
+1European Private Equity Associates backgroundsI have made a research into the backgrounds of PE Associates in Europe to find where and what they studied and where they worked before to repeat their steps and land among them in the future. I analysed 28 companies and found 162 analysts that had information on their background on their websit...132 years 11 months ago
0second year InternshipReading around I get the impression that, and correct me if I am wrong, if you go to a non target under graduate university and then go to a target uni to do a masters, you can then do an internship after your masters whether it be a off cycle or for a year. My interest is finance and I dont th...22 years 11 months ago
0Dumb Question I need to ask anywayHello everyone, So I foolishly stretched my ears in high school past the point of no return. I've sized them down to about a 0g which is the smallest they can go without surgery. I am a sophomore in college now and beginning to look for internships and starting to build a network. I cannot afford...92 years 11 months ago
0How is a boutique i-banking internship viewed for soph summer internship?Assuming I am aiming consulting (MBB), how would a sophomore summer i-banking internship at a no-name boutique be viewed when I enter SA or FT consulting recruiting? Will it be viewed as so-so (since it's a no name boutique) or will the front office role (M&A Advisory) make up for it? Moreover...12 years 11 months ago
016 Ways To Dress Like A Grown ManIn case you haven't seen this, check it out! years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps02 years 11 months ago
0acgla.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Rickshaw Dumplings - any good? I am thinking of putting one in Houston. ...72 years 11 months ago
0accept not join.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Baruch vs NYUI'm currently at a large financial firm and looking into a masters in either economics or finance. If I go to Baruch my company will pay for it. If I go to NYU, They'll pay about half. Any opinions? I'm leaning toward Baruch b/c I already have name recognition from my current employer. Also...32 years 11 months ago
0WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 09/14 - 09/20In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: Mid-Market PE Fund Associate taking questions. [quote] I haven't been on here for a while and I figured instead of going out tonight with the lady or reading a pitch-book I'll give back to the community. [/quote] Ho...02 years 11 months ago
0wso weekly wrap up_3.preview_7.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Emerging Markets Private Equity OpportunitiesStarting in M&A next year at an elite boutique in London and just looking at exit options after 2 years. I am quite keen on working in the developing world in the long-run, particularly in an area like microfinance/impact evaluation studies but this would need a Masters degree at some point (only fi...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Kershner Trading02 years 11 months ago
0Accenture Talent and Organization vs. PWC People and ChangeHi there, Currently working in Org transformation and change management at Accenture. Recently got a lucrative job offer from PWC in their People and Change practice. I am looking to apply for my MBA in the next year or two - some mentors have suggested that Accenture has a better reputation and ...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Neuberger Berman02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Natixis02 years 11 months ago
0Low GPA/Better School v High GPA/Lesser SchoolHey guys, could use some help. Currently go to a LARGE public university in the southeast. It's one of the best public schools out there, but admittedly it's not a top target school or anything. I've completed 4 semesters (currently taking a semester off to figure out some stuff) and my GPA is...52 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation02 years 11 months ago
0Five Years Since LehmanWhere were you monkeys five years ago when Lehman collapsed, and how do you think it impacted your career decisions? I know that many people here were likely still early on in college or even high school when this happened. I had just graduated from college and was working at a consulting an...202 years 11 months ago
0Different backgrounds for different asset classes?Just curious, are certain backgrounds advantageous depending on what asset class you are dealing with? My intuition says yes. For instance, I feel like a strong macroecon background is good for bonds, since they are so dependent on interest rates. Corporate finance background for equities to be a...02 years 11 months ago
0Unpaid Internship AdviceHi all - I've recently been given the opportunity to intern at a boutique buy-side M&A Advisory firm (basically consulting). The time commitment required is very small, but the work given seems to be extremely menial (Using google to find possible acquisition targets and the contact info for th...32 years 11 months ago
0CV2.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Federal Reserve: The Hedge Fund of Hedge Funds[quote]“The Fed is the greatest hedge fund in history,” Buffett told students yesterday at Georgetown University in Washington. It’s generating “$80 billion or $90 billion a year probably in revenue for the U.S. government", he said. “And that wasn’t the case a few years back.”[/quote]...22 years 11 months ago
0When/how to post your anticipated GPA for the end of a semesterI did a search and some chump a few years back thought it would be a good idea to post his expected GPA 3 semesters out. Please note that that is not the nature of this question. I have a lame GPA regardless, but this semester is going to help it over the edge of a psychological benchmark, allowi...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Eaton Vance Corp02 years 11 months ago
0GS, MS, CS, DB FT IBD Analyst AppsIs there a point to apply to these at this point? I've heard that their FT Analyst classes are full already. What do you guys know about it?...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: The Option Clearing Corporation02 years 11 months ago
0Working in TrafiguraHello everyone, I am currently applying Graduate Scheme of Trafigura. I am interested in the Trade Finance Department. So would any one applied before or now work in Trafgiura can share your experience with Trafigura? And why do you choose this company? Thank you! Jiajun...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Cambridge Associates02 years 11 months ago
0Recruiting Season: Summer of 2014When does the recruiting season start for SA positions for summer 2014? (i.e. when do banks start accepting applications?)...192 years 11 months ago
0resume.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers02 years 11 months ago
0bernake.gif02 years 11 months ago
0Thinking Monkey02 years 11 months ago
0JPM SA Application DeadlineDoes anyone happen to know the official deadline for submitting applications for JP Morgan's investment banking internship for current juniors? Their website says that for non-target applicants, "most" positions are taking submissions from December 15- January 15, which is very vague. In addition...12 years 11 months ago
0I have friends on the other sideHi folks, I'm having an ER associate interview with a BB bank next week. Let's call it XYZ. One of my best friends works at a $40B AUM asset management firm ABC as an analyst, covering the same sector. Currently, the sell-side analysts at XYZ bank has no relationship with ABC. Do you thin...72 years 11 months ago
0Question for Distressed Debt folks about a concept introduced in Moyer's bookHey guys, There is a concept in Moyer's book that I am not sure I understand. Any clarity would be appreciated. On page 113, Table 5-9 'Preliminary Valuation of Target', there is a line item called "F-EV/Shares" The book explains that this is calculated as follows: [(LTM EBITDA × 6) ...22 years 11 months ago
0VC -> PE, can it be done?How difficult is it to go from an early-stage VC to a large-cap PE firm? How about post-MBA (VC before b-school, PE afterwards)? I know that most PE firms expect PE experience for post-MBA hires, but does VC count as a close substitute?...42 years 11 months ago
0College Senior here- should I go for CFA? Here's my situation: I had a summer analyst stint this past summer with a BB bank in asset management. Summer was awesome and I have accepted my offer to return full time next year. In the meantime I am leaning towards sitting for the CFA level I in June 2014 (I will be graduating in May). M...92 years 11 months ago
0Does anyone have an email address of a recruiter at Goldman Sachs?Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has an email address of a recruiter at Goldman Sachs that you can please give me. Thanks a lot!...222 years 11 months ago
0th.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Find a Wave and Ride It to Career SuccessYesterday, I started the Technology Entrepreneurship MOOC taught by Stanford's Chuck Eesley, and I am loving it. (Big shout out to @Edmundo Braverman for recommending the class.) The class only opened last night, and already I've teamed up and hit the ground running with engineers in the Netherlands...122 years 11 months ago
0All pitching, no live deals; how to describe in my resumeDid an investment banking internship at a medium-sized universal bank. All I did (I was there for 8 weeks) was work on pitch books (mainly updating, some creating my own slides) and trading comps (only updating). I also worked on some internal memo-type stuff (i.e. outlining prospective transactions...42 years 11 months ago
0I Want To Take Out A LoanAfter I complete residency, I will make around 300K post-tax. I am going to take out a gigantic loan and go to Vegas. Shot at becoming a multi-millionaire right off the bat with a game of blackjack. With no risk comes no reward....222 years 11 months ago
0Help on FA Job DescriptionHi all, I have been selected for an interview for a finance associate position and would like some thoughts as far as what the job entails (Is this FP&A? Corporate Controllers? Cost Accounting?) Some of the job responsibilities are: - Ensure monthly close and reporting processes are complete ...32 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Citigroup02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 11 months ago
0California Overtime lawsI have a summer analyst offer at a BB and was wondering what the deal with California overtime law was. My offer only states one dollar amount as the hourly wage. I still have not indicated my preference yet, but if I can make more in Cali then I may do that. Can someone please provide a breakdo...42 years 11 months ago
0Will this constitute a typo in my cover letter?In a large majority of cover letters I've sent out, I've put "large account receivables" as opposed to "large accounts receivables" is this going to be an auto ding? Thanks...32 years 11 months ago
+1Top 5 Misconceptions from Info SessionsWith info sessions coming up soon, I thought I'd write something on fantasy vs reality. HR & alums you meet at info sessions are all trying to sell you to their bank, but as I found out this summer, a lot of the things they say simply aren't true. Here are the top 5 misconceptions you'll face (note...52 years 11 months ago
0Sophomore resume; rip it apart!Hello everyone, I am a second year student at a non-target large state school pursuing a dual major in finance and accounting. I am looking to either do an internship this summer or a summer abroad program (I asked for advice on which route I should go in the job discussion forum this morning; I ...52 years 11 months ago
0hedgefund-joe-healy-healthcor.png02 years 11 months ago
0Be Serious.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Middle office to Harvard with all the talk about harvard apps lately ive been wondering if its possible to go from middle office (underwriting, customer service, marketing, etc) at a commerical bank (wells fargo/ chase/ BofA) to HBS. I havent taken the gmat yet. What do you think? What recommendations would you give? It see...52 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: The Retirement Group02 years 11 months ago
0Looking to get a IB internshipHey, I don't have any work experience in IB or Finance, but my previous co-op term was as a business analyst in an operations department for one of the largest IT companies in the world, so there was still a lot of analytical work done. I tried my best to highlight all the analytical work that I di...22 years 11 months ago


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