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0Summer Internship at Chardan Capital MarketsHello, I am planning to spend the summer interning with the equity research division at Chardan Capital Markets. I would really appreciate any information or insight into the firm since google searches have not been very informative. Thanks a lot...22 days 37 min ago
0MS Richard B Fisher for sophomores 2016Has anyone heard back after the initial phone screening? I haven't heard anything and am curious if anyone has had a superday yet. ...72 days 55 min ago
0Investment Banking Plan BI am a senior graduating in May interested in pursuing a career in investment banking. However, I was abroad working for a PE firm during most of FT recruiting, and as a result, I missed a lot of interview opportunities. Considering the recruiting season is over, I am trying to find a position that ...02 days 56 min ago
0STRH SF office / Mizuho NYC insight?Hi. I know SunTrust is strong in the southeast, but i haven't heard much about their SF office. Does anyone have insight on this???? Also is anyone familiar with Mizuho Securities?? heard they are growing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! ...12 days 1 hour ago
0Company Interview: Capital One Financial02 days 1 hour ago
0I want to be Charlie Munger (OK, Warren Buffett would also do)Hi everyone. This is, finally, my first post here and it's going to be a tough (meaning maybe long and complex to express what I want to) one. I ask you here your advice and feedback regarding my unconventional profile and, moreover, unconventional ambitions with regards to the former. I am...32 days 1 hour ago
0Areas of Finance Where a Law Degree is Most ValuedHello everyone. I come seeking your guidance. I recently graduated from law school (yea, I know, this story may seem familar but your anticipated advice is greatly appreciated). Over the past year or so, I have become a bit disenchanted with the thought of practicing law and have looked more and ...372 days 1 hour ago
0Company Compensation: Raymond James Financial Inc.02 days 1 hour ago
0Company Interview: Pacific Life Insurance Company02 days 1 hour ago
0Company Interview: American Century Investments02 days 1 hour ago
+1Are Hungry Enough? Motivation InstagramI hope 2016 is off to a great start for all of you. I think it's safe to assume that everyone on this forum has a higher degree of motivation than the average individual. If you're anything like me, you're constantly looking for new sources of positive energy to fuel your drive and strengthen your s...62 days 1 hour ago
0PwC Management Consulting vs Strategy& ?Can someone explain the difference between PwC Management Consulting and Strategy&? I understand that Strategy& is the former Booz & Co., but it does not appear that Strategy& is the name of all of PwC's MC operations....72 days 1 hour ago
0Company Interview: CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce02 days 1 hour ago
0How can I switch from Big 4 auditing to IBD or PE?Hi, I am looking to get out of public accounting and hopefully into IBD or PE. To give some background, I am a first year auditor at a Big 4 firm, have passed the CPA exams, and went to a smaller state school that I know most big investment banks would overlook in a heartbeat, but grades were ste...62 days 1 hour ago
02016 Compensation StudyPosted for discussion. The always interesting Charles Aris consulting compensation study has been updated. Check out the link below: Anything on here make you guys want to leave?...32 days 1 hour ago
0Morgan Stanley Fund Services?Hi, does anyone have any ideas what they do in Fund Services? The location is in Purchase, NY. I got an summer internship interview with them, and I googled a lot, but there was really limited information about this division. Or, what do ppl do in fund services in big banks in general? ...52 days 2 hours ago
0Equity Research, Toronto - Please Critique My ResumeHello everyone, I just finished writing my resume. I am trying to break into Equity Research (particularly in mining) in Toronto. I created this thread to ask if you could look over my resume and give me feedback. I understand most of you have busy schedules, so any type of criticism would be gr...22 days 2 hours ago
0Company Compensation: D.E. Shaw02 days 2 hours ago
+3MSF Class of 2017With the MSF recruiting cycle quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to create an updated MSF thread for everyone applying to the 2016-2017 MSF cycle. Feel free to post questions for this years upcoming applications here. I will answer what I can. Good luck everyone! ...1612 days 2 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Harris Williams & Co.02 days 2 hours ago
0L/S Equity HF and PE Offers (Post-MBA dilemma)x...12 days 2 hours ago
0Help with L.E.K. second round interview in LA office Thanks to all the fellow monkeys for this amazing resource! I am looking for some guidance on my upcoming second round interview with L.E.K. LA office for life sciences consultant position. This is a post-mba experienced hire position. It would be great if someone can share his/her experience an...42 days 2 hours ago
+1AMA | Universita' Bocconi #7 ranked. Finance & Econ with heavy passion for business & investment.Hello everyone. This is my first WSO post. I'd like to talk about who I am, where I live and work, and why I have joined WSO. Next, I'll talk about how and why I chose Universita' Bocconi, and why I love Economics/Finance and my other passions. Lastly, I'd like to open the floor up for an A...22 days 3 hours ago
0What is the best way to work with Boomers when you are a Millennial?Working in an industry of where our bosses are boomers. And asking more ideas and up-to-date technology apps. Its quite hard to teach them with the latest tech. So, all of the online works were given to me. Do you think, we millennials are perfect match to work with boomers now a days?...22 days 3 hours ago
+2Consulting Firms that accept International Students (F-1)A list of firms that do/do not sponsor visas for international students. I've added ✓ or ✗ for firms that I know this for based on responses and other sources. Please comment if you have info on the ?s or if any of the firms change their sponsorship policies. Thanks! ✓ Boston Consulting ...202 days 3 hours ago
0MS RE vs. MBA RE + RE Work Exp Required + Distressed AcquisitionsMy background is in equity research, not related to real estate. I got interested in RE after buying a property through a foreclosure and I want eventually to do this type of investing full time (but first, part-time while I work). I don't have the type of wealth where I can buy enough property and ...42 days 3 hours ago
0Series 65 helpHelp! Failed the 65 once with Training Consultants. Has anyone had success taking this darn exam???...112 days 3 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 days 3 hours ago
0Price targets?Hi all - very amateur-ish question, I think, but I'm not sure of the answer. I'm looking at a company that just ended the last FY (end of January). I'm seeing 1-year price targets set on Yahoo and other similar resources of $30. Can someone help me understand-- is that "1-year" targeted price the ta...62 days 4 hours ago
0Company Review: Raymond James Financial Inc.02 days 4 hours ago
+1Lincoln International Summer Analyst 2016 recruitinga...62 days 4 hours ago
0Lateral Hire Modeling TestHey all, I have an upcoming interview with an EB that will consist of a modeling test. Any idea of what they could test? Not really sure how to approach this and any help would be greatlty appreciated!...12 days 4 hours ago
0Study abroad grades are out but transcript is not yet available. Should I make one up? Hello, I apply to some companies and they require the unofficial transcript. I heard that these companies DO look at transcript (they aren't i-banks). I usually get the transcript by pdf-ing my student record online portal; however, now it only has up to Spring' 15. The reason is that I studi...12 days 4 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Macquarie Securities Group02 days 5 hours ago
0Company Compensation: McGladrey & Pullen02 days 5 hours ago
0New job opening for a Senior Investment Analyst in Boston, United StatesThe Senior Investment Analyst responsibilities include but are not limited to Rigorous in-depth research and analysis across investment products including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and alternative investments Assist in creating customized Investment Policy Statements in accordance with...02 days 6 hours ago
01-Day Superday - What To Wear To PlaneHey guys, Have a superday coming up. I will be flying to and from the office the same day, so I don't think I'll be checking any luggage. Do I wear a suit the entire day (airport, taxi, etc...) or do I have any additional options? Thanks for the help....82 days 7 hours ago
0Multi-manager compensationHi all - Was hoping to get input on what market compensation for typical multi-manager platforms is (think citadel / surveyor, BAM, milleniums of the world). I'm a Senior Analyst (graduated in '11) making a transition from a single manager fund (>10B AUM; think Eminence, Highline, Soros of the wo...32 days 7 hours ago
0Deutsche Asset and Wealth ManagementAnyone interview here and have any tips? Types of questions? Culture?...12 days 7 hours ago
0MSF Admit from UB School of Management- New YorkHi, I am looking for some guidance on whether to join a full time MSF or not. Below is my profile. Kindly take a look and please advise -- Bachelors in Computer applications ( GPA -3.8) -- 7 years of experience as a software tester testing the broker, wealth services and compliance platform...42 days 7 hours ago
0best way to network/approach investment research professionalsbefore you throw some nasty words at me, yes I've read about networking, how to write some emails that weren't total instant-binned but now I am at a point where all the positions I am interested in are not advertised (in my area, regional europe) - Equity Research Analysts / junior PMs - and the re...32 days 8 hours ago
0Terhab Hotel & Residence (Sharjah)Terhab Residence" offer the premium elegant lifestyle, which encounters the luxury in an integrated community that provides a great investment opportunities and exceptional living standard....02 days 8 hours ago
0Big 4 Audit to TAS Exit OppsI'll be starting at a big 4 in audit and I wanted to see what kind of options would be available to me if I were to move to the transaction advisory after a couple years. The clients in the office I'm going to are mostly manufacturing/retail with little financial services exposure. Making the move...52 days 9 hours ago
0Private Banking - Credit StructuringApologies for the simple question. I've been offered a job within a large-ish Private Bank in Hong Kong (top 10) as a Manager/Associate Director of Credit Structuring within the Private Banking business focusing on Greater China. I come from a M&A background (7 years) myself, whilst the role is ...02 days 9 hours ago
0Private Equity Case Study: RJR Nabisco02 days 9 hours ago
0Stock & Bond Market Analyses (1/25 - 1/29)Stock Market Analysis It was a good week for stock holders. Larger stocks, like those of the S&P 500, gained nearly 1.8%. Smaller stocks, such as those of the Russell 2000, also advanced and were up almost 1.5%. Some of the best plays on the week happened in Utility and Energy sectors. Both were ...02 days 10 hours ago
0why oil&gas / Energy & Power from an M&A PerspectiveHi gents, what makes these industries attractive from an M&A Perspective ? ...62 days 10 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 days 10 hours ago
0BCG Consulting Case Seminar - UrbanPlanning & City Development02 days 10 hours ago
02015 Investment Banking Interview Prep Pack PLUS ...New updated version just released!We are excited to announce a brand new new and improved 2015 investment banking interview Prep Pack, just in time for recruiting season! As always, we keep improving our resources at least once a year to make sure we are staying on top of current trends. This version includes countless more in...22 days 11 hours ago
0Top Groups at Jefferies curious about which groups are the best to work in at Jefferies, based on exit opps/ deal experience. I know everyone has a huge hard on for HC and energy, but I was wondering if there are any other solid groups there (specifically, how are M&A, FSG, and Industrials)? ...82 days 11 hours ago
0Not quite sure what position I'm interviewing forA few weeks back I received an offer to interview first round with a BB for a securities sales position. I accepted the interview, but later that day emailed HR to let them know that while I was incredibly excited about moving forward, I didn't think sales was a great fit. I mentioned a few other a...52 days 11 hours ago
0How can I switch from Big 4 audit to an analyst position in IBD or PE?Hi, I am looking to get out of public accounting and hopefully into investment banking (IBD) or private equity (PE). To give some background, I am a first year auditor at a Big 4 firm, have passed the CPA exams, and went to a smaller state school that I know most big investment banks would overlo...52 days 11 hours ago
+6Would Non-Targets Be Interested In a Guide to Cold Contacting Investment Bankers?Hi Folks, First things first, I'm not an investment banker. I'm a data room sales rep with an extensive background in cold contacting (email/phone) Investment bankers world wide. I've joined WSO to better learn about my target market, however, have come across many threads asking for cold calling...162 days 12 hours ago
0Too late for IB Summer Analyst Internships?Wasn't sure what I wanted to do this summer and got into applying to internships late. I've sent in tons of online apps and now working to network my way in with as many bankers as possible. Any suggestions to mitigate applying late while still trying to get a spot at a good firm? Coming from a non-...22 days 12 hours ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank02 days 12 hours ago
0Intel Finance Business AnalystSo I applied for this position on my school's ocr and have an interview soon. Has anyone heard of this position at Intel and is being a "Finance Business Analyst" the same thing as what their traditional junior corporate finance roles entail (if they have them) The job description on ocr see...12 days 13 hours ago
0Vornado Realty Trust02 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays02 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Oppenheimer02 days 13 hours ago
0Company Interview: Platinum Equity02 days 13 hours ago
+15Ask an ex-IB MD anything.........Mod Note (Andy): Don't miss his webinar coming up this Sunday! "Hedge Fund Investment Pitch" You can ask me anything. I know there are probably a lot of questions you wish you could ask your boss, but can't. I was at bulge bracket IBs in IB, quant and sales roles. Retired after a few years of ma...1572 days 14 hours ago
0Allianz Global Investors Trading? Hi, does the Asset Management Department of Allianz GI have a trading floor? If yes, do you know whether it is possible to do an internship there? or they do not offer internships in trading? Thank you ...02 days 14 hours ago
0Meeting with near Fortune 500 CEO - How do I go about it?I am currently a freshman in college and have been networking for an internship, and just to get my name out there (I go to a non-target school). A near fortune 500 company, who mainly focuses on manufacturing, operates their HQ in the city I attend school at. They recently promoted their CFO to CEO...22 days 14 hours ago
0Company Interview: RBC Capital Markets02 days 14 hours ago
0GPA MBA Question[Deleted]...22 days 14 hours ago
02016 Sophomore IBD Internship Advice Hi all. I'm a sophomore at NYU (non Stern). I recently interviewed with a top BB (GS/MS) in their IBD, and was put on the alternate list for the superday and/or offer. I have close contacts within the firm and they have assured me that they will do all they can, continually follow up with HR and kee...12 days 14 hours ago
+3BIG NEWS: WSO Compensation Report is OUT!Dear WSO Community, I'm pleased to announce the release of the WSO Compensation Report! We had another great year with even MORE entries than last year (over 5,000)! It took many months of hard work and finally, it's here ...and it's still free :-) Yes, that's right, access to the FULL 155 p...432 days 14 hours ago
0Webinar: Hedge Fund Investment Pitch -- 3pm ET, 1/31/16WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Sunday January 31, 3pm ET Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Hedge Fund Investment Pitch", with a q&a session to follow. More info: Hedge Fund analysts need to know how to understand what makes a good business and then how to go about finding the...02 days 14 hours ago
0Delaying start dateI have a full-time offer with a BB. This fall I faced some severe medical issues and had to withdraw from a few classes and drop my second major, forcing me into a difficult position as I may not be able to graduate on-time. The medical issues are resolved and won't impact my ability to perform on t...22 days 14 hours ago


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