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0what is Valuation Analyst?I've been told that being a valuation analyst is a good backup plan for getting into IB. What exactly is a valuation analyst and what are some of the top valuation firms?...362 days 10 hours ago
0Pompous Pronunciation?How do you pronounce "finance", personally? 1.) "FINE-ANCE" (sounds like fine ants) or 2.) "FIN-ANCE" (sounds like a fish's fin, then ants) I tend to find that academics like to use the latter, while most people use the former. How do you say it? Do you use the second one when you ...232 days 11 hours ago
0Who has heard of Ernst & Young Transfer Pricing?Has anyone heard of the EY Transfer Pricing Group? It sounds pretty cool, like they do due dilligence and get to travel alot. Does this fall under the TAS heading, or is it something else entirely? Has anyone had any experience with it or heard anything about it? I would appreciate any sort of i...1502 days 11 hours ago
0CFA Level II exam: study notes enough - Schweser the best option? I simply used Schweser's notes to pass CFA Level I with minimal study time. Has anyone had a different experience w/ the Level II exam? Will study notes be enough and is Schweser the best Level II option? ...1832 days 11 hours ago
0Comfortable shoes...Ok, after having worked in a BB bank for about a month I'm now confident that all the talk on here about having to drop $1000 on a suit and $500 on shoes is not true...people don't really care what you wear as long as you are neat and presentable, and there are some people who don't even meet that s...1052 days 11 hours ago
0Interview Logic Riddles/Teasers1. What is the largest possible number you can write using only 2 numbers - just 2 numbers, no other mathematical symbols? 2.If, having only one match, on a freezing winter day, you entered a room which contained a lamp, a kerosene heater, and a wood burning stove, which should you light first....9092 days 11 hours ago
0What does it mean to Buy Debt?I am a bit of a noob to the i-banking world (I'll admit it), but am gradually getting the hang of industry lingo. Say an investment firm buys another company's debt at a discount. First, what does this mean to buy the other company's debt? Also, I understand that buying the debt at a discount often ...242 days 11 hours ago
0Job titlesDiffrent banks have different titles for employees. I met one guy with a title executive and I didnt quite know what he did. Looked young so asked if was an analyst. Turned out he was a second year analyst so was called a executive. These titles really don't mean anything anymore do they. Some ba...572 days 11 hours ago
0Do analysts ever get fired for poor performance?I've been wondering about this for a while actually. This past summer during my banking internship, there was this one summer analyst in my group who was terrible. He always tried to leave early (he'd start getting antsy around 8pm), avoid being assigned hard work, and the work he did do was terribl...412 days 11 hours ago
0Average age when promoted to Managing Director?Does anybody know the average age of bankers when they are promoted to Managing Director? I'm guessing 31 at earliest, usually around 33 or 34. What is your guess?...542 days 11 hours ago
0When are annual bonuses paid?I am starting out as an associate in a BB later this month. May I ask when annual bonuses are paid (received in bank account, rather than announced)? Do the dates differ significantly between banks? Further, are they paid out all at one go, or are they paid out in several tranches?...122 days 11 hours ago
+1Do the BB's check your college transcripts for your gpa to make sure you aren't lying?Do the HR of BB's check your college transcript to make sure you aren't a liar? Does anyone know of anyone who played this little game of gpa inflation and actually got in the door, despite how its completely unethical and a misrepresentation that may get found out? ...3132 days 11 hours ago
0withdrawing from a class (a big fat W on the transcript)hey, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I was just at an exam where I fucked up immensely on an easy test because I misread the question. This is a class that's not curved, and because of this exam, the highest grade I could get in the class is a 85 which equates to a B (although based on the ease of the co...2022 days 11 hours ago
0Change in net working capitalis CA - CL right? should i include cash while doing dcf?...722 days 11 hours ago
0Boston- How much does it actually suck?I have already accepted what I am repeatedly told by others to be an amazing job starting next year in Boston. I’m excited about the job but am now getting cold feet about moving to Boston (I’ve barely been there but people have impressed upon me a lack of cute girls, decent late nigh...1052 days 11 hours ago
0So what exactly do they mean by off cycle internship?Hey everyone. So I was just wondering what exactly it meant when a internship is listed as off cycle? The internship I am interested in for example says that it will start between April and July and will last approximately 3-6 months. It also said to just say my availability on the cover letter. Doe...92 days 11 hours ago
0Has Wall Street lost the talent war against Silicon Valley?Last week, Airbnb announced that Mr. Laurence Tosi, Blackstone's former CFO, will join their management team as CFO. Mr. Tosi was the latest top Wall Street executive to head west, following many others like Ruth Porat of Google or Anthony Noto of Twitter. [quote] Silicon Valley is also increasi...532 days 11 hours ago
+1What is the risk free rate used in the Eurozone? is it the German?What is the risk free rate used in the Eurozone? For example, if the operations are in Belguim, do we use the Belguim bond or the german bond as its the most risk free bond in the euro area Thank you...202 days 11 hours ago
0Akuna Capital Math Test? (And Interview Process)I've applied for a junior trader position with this firm, and so they've sent me an email with directions to take an online mental math test. Does anybody know what the Akuna test is like, specifically? Can't seem to find too much information about it online. All I know is that there is a 22 mi...302 days 11 hours ago
0Best Double Major/ Major-Minor CombinationsIf you were giving advice to an undergrad, what double major or major/minor combination would you recommend for the following fields? Private Equity IBD HF VC ...152 days 11 hours ago
0Tom James suits?Anybody here used them for custom suits? Feedback good, bad, or neutral?...282 days 11 hours ago
0Bachelor Party - Charleston, SCIn the midst of planning my brother's bachelor party (mid/late April) and figured I'd gauge any previous experience from the forums. I've received solid feedback in relation to Charleston as a destination (strong night-life, positive girl-to-guy ratio, etc), but the feedback lacked the necessary det...1242 days 11 hours ago
+4Got laid off 2hrs ago - is 28 too late for med school?Hi guys, need some advice about what you would do in this situation. I was a trader at a famous boutique based in NYC - worked there for 6 years. I came to my desk this morning (literally 2hrs ago, its 9am here in NYC) to find an envelope telling me that my time is up. There is no severance packa...1022 days 11 hours ago
0Argus AEAlright is anyone actually using Argus AE? Argus keeps telling us that everyone is moving over but I haven't found anybody that actually does. ...882 days 11 hours ago
0Goldman Sachs SSG Interview HelpCurrent junior at a target school, interviewing for GS SSG on Tuesday morning. I've been told that preparing for the interview is pretty similar to prepping for ibd interviews, but I was hoping that someone might be able to offer a bit more insight as to what I should expect. Does SSG have different...322 days 11 hours ago
0Good questions to ask in coffee chatsI'm starting to reach out to ppl and have secured a few coffee chats with BBs, IBD. What are good things to ask in a coffee chat or networking session, with someone (say an analyst/associate) that you have no connection to? Aka not a warm connection I've found in my first few runs that aft...812 days 11 hours ago
0Is it unprofessional to wear a backpack to the office?I will be starting next month at a BB and I was wondering if it would be unprofessional if I wore a backpack to the office....1302 days 11 hours ago
+5AMA: Wells Fargo Financial Analyst Program/ Commercial BankingHere is my overdue write up on Wells’ FAP and thoughts on the process/ program. This is most applicable to Commercial Banking or CRE divisions. I applied with less than 1 year experience, got the offer, and ultimately declined - - they countered w/ better corporate title, base, sign-on, and bo...1012 days 11 hours ago
0Jane Street's New Internship Salary(125k or 10.4k a month)--Thoughts?Hello Perspective Monkeys, I'm just wondering what's your guys' take on this year's Jane Street Salary, which is 125k prorated, or 25k for 10 weeks. Is it almost outrougaus to pay an intern that much money while BBs are only paying 6k/month. I should also mention that JSC will send you to London ...232 days 11 hours ago
0Coming out of the closet--I don't drinkI started my IB analyst stint and I've attended these events where everyone would be drinking. I choose not to for my own reasons, but it feels so very awkward that I don't. I know that a huge part of advancement in finance involves being able to bond with your peers outside of the office, and drink...1802 days 11 hours ago
0JD/MBA for Distressed PE and/or RxSo the topic of using a JD/MBA as a gateway to IB and finance has been shot down before and rightly so the JD and law in general is not quantitative AT ALL, so it does not prepare anyone or add any real value in the traditional sense and traditional avenues of finance. Would the JD/MBA add value ...452 days 11 hours ago
0Goldman Sachs SSG (Special Situations Group)SSG seems like the most elite but opaque group at GS. Does anyone have any information about it? I worked at a top BB IBD last summer and am wondering if I have a shot here. How do they recruit? Somebody told me they only take 1-2 kids a year and are even more selective than GS TMT or Blackstone ...652 days 11 hours ago
0Oliver Wyman Numerical reasoning testHello, I just applied for an Entry Level Consultant at the firm and received this email saying that I have to complete this 30-min numerical exam in 2 days. Because I am very interested in this firm, I want to prepare my best and I'd love to know more about what kinda numerical questions I should ex...932 days 11 hours ago
+1Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street: Working at Google vs. Goldman SachsHey WSO, I felt that this was a pretty interesting comparison. This isn't meant to attack investment banking careers, but to provide an insight into what else is out there. Which worker would have the more luxurious lifestyle? Many investment bankers today turned to Wall Street for one reason. I...1242 days 11 hours ago
0WSJ vs. Economist vs. FT vs. BusinessweekHey monkeys! I've recently freed up a bit of cash, and I've decided to subscribe to a newspaper. I have enough money to subscribe to one, max two different publications. If you were my position, which publications would you subscribe to and why? PS. I'm a student...592 days 11 hours ago
0Post MBA at Chevron/Exxon/ShellAnybody know what life is like at these companies after you get your MBA? I've searched their websites and have found some useful info but nothing about salary or work-life balance. I work in Energy right now for a different major but would be open to moving after getting a part-time MBA fro...932 days 11 hours ago
+2Cover Letter review for Private EquityHi Guys, I am looking for an internship opportunity in the private equity sector. I come from an Engineering background but currently doing a master in Finance. Should I customize my cover letter better? Please criticize freely :)...122 days 11 hours ago
+236Acing the investment banking analyst interviewMod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/27/13 Been a while since I posted so I thought I’d write in especially since we’re in the midst of investment banking interview season. I was in your shoes about 5-6 years ago, worked as an investment banking analyst at a M...1272 days 11 hours ago
+10A Guide for Switching From Commercial Banking to Investment BankingGiven the number of messages I continue to receive with questions regarding my switch from commercial banking to investment banking, I thought it'd be helpful to provide a few guidelines for those looking to make the switch... 1. Aim low(ER). I guess you could technically move from a middle-marke...1742 days 11 hours ago
0Series 7 - STC Scores Vs Actual OneHello, I am working on my Series 7. I did some of the 130 Questions Exams (12 are available in total) by not looking at the book. I didn't start yet the big exams (which are a repetition of the 130q ones). What were you score on the preliminary exams? I don't really feel that the big exams ...332 days 11 hours ago
0Energy Investment Banking in Houston? Anyone have rankings?Hey everyone, I'm a junior getting ready to recruit for energy banking in Houston. I've heard that things are changing alot with a lot of MDs moving to different banks in the last couple of years. Are Barclays and CS still the best? What banks have done the biggest deals in the space recently? Ho...6722 days 11 hours ago
0CFA Level 1 candidate on Resume?I'm a recent Finance target, applying to S&T at BB I have stuff in my resume that shows im good with my technicals I'm thinking of registering for CFA in June, should i put "CFA level 1 candidate" on my resume. Initially, one may think "oh, it wont hurt", but what if they focus their attentio...432 days 11 hours ago
0How do I know which Big 4 to work for?Hey guys, I am currently a student at the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin in their 5 year integrated BBA/MPA program. As a third year its about time thinking about what I want to do internship wise and even career wise in the future and I recently decided to go into the big 4 audit for a ...892 days 11 hours ago
+20Physical Oil Trading Basics (Part 1 of 2)I have seen a few posts on the Commodities Trading forum asking about how petroleum trading is priced, hedged, etc. I was reasonably high up in Risk Management for a “major” trading company in Houston for a few years and am now running a hedge book at a smaller company, so I thought I may be ab...632 days 11 hours ago
0CFA Q-Bank QuestionsHi All, It's that time of year again, so I'm posting one of the hundreds of CFA questions. In addition to normal reading, video sessions, etc., I'd assume many are using the q-bank to determine where they're at with respect to being up to speed. How do these questions stack up compared to t...392 days 11 hours ago
0What to Expect as a Big 4 Intern?Hello all, As the title reads, I am going to be an intern at one of the Big 4 firms this summer. I know 90% of the people here shit on Big 4 but I didnt want to go that route and I was happy to get the offer I did. It is for an audit position in financial services and is located in a major city on ...272 days 11 hours ago
0McKinsey Problem Solving TestI managed to work my way into getting a interview at McKinsey. I've been scheduled an interview along with a problem solving test next week. I was wondering what the best way to prepare for this is. Any sites I should know? Are there sample tests around somewhere? Thanks!...1522 days 11 hours ago
0List of Investment Banks in Toronto, Canada?Anyone have a list of the major/medium and small invetsment banks, hedge funds etc in Toronto? ...652 days 11 hours ago
0When is it acceptable to add a job to Linkedin?If I've accepted a job offer and start two months from now, is it acceptable to update Linkedin to show the job?...1692 days 11 hours ago
0what drinks do you guys order at an open bar?You know I go to a lot of events so there is one thing that I have to deal with every single time: the open bar. I don't drink much at all in personal life. whenever I feel such needs arise, I'll just grab some Absolute or Jack Daniels from the closest liquor store and drink straight. So this prob...4142 days 11 hours ago
0PhD in FinanceHow is the market for PhDs in finance/accounting in the UK and USA? As a sophomore undergrad, how can I best position myself to get into a good PhD program? I plan on doing a masters beforehand, and I was just wondering if it would be in my best interest to seek out work experience prior to appl...1322 days 11 hours ago
0Louis Dreyfus Trader Trainee Program or Commodities Trading in GeneralDoes anyone know about Louis Dreyfus Trader Trainee Program? I have a few questions: - How long does it take for you to actually start trading? - What are some future exit opportunities? Into BB S&T? - How is bonus calculated for 1st year? - Change location? I appreciate any contri...242 days 11 hours ago
0Thoughts on fashion belts? (Ferragamo, Gucci, LV, etc.)I've never seen anyone wearing Gucci or LV belts (or even Hermes) but I constantly see Ferragamo belts. So what are your thoughts on this? Is Ferragamo ok but Gucci and LV not?...732 days 11 hours ago
0Let's talk ArgusNow that there's a dedicated RE forum I feel like we should have an Argus thread. Argus website here: Argus Software I've talked to a few people in the industry over the past week and they have stressed how important an Argus certification will be to break in straight from undergrad. Being a stud...672 days 11 hours ago
0What is the best double major to accompany Finance?So I will be entering non-target college (UMD Smith) this fall and I planned my classes for freshmen fall semester. After doing some calculations of stacking classes that met multiple requirements and coming in with quite a few AP/IB credits, I realized that I could pretty much be done with my major...1482 days 11 hours ago
+5Jane Street Final Round - What to ExpectThis site has been invaluable for me during recruiting so I thought I would pay it forward now that I have graduated and am gainfully employed. Specifically I wanted to address the Jane Street final round interview for a full time trading position, which I had last year and could not find exactly wh...352 days 11 hours ago
0net debt confusionI'm confused on the concept of net debt. I've heard 2 ways: short term debt+long term debt - cash and cash equivalents and total liabilities - cash and cash equivalents is total liabilities = short term debt+long term debt?...322 days 11 hours ago
0Double Major--is it worth it?I'm currently a rising sophomore attending a bulge bracket target, UChicago. I will for sure get an economics degree. My GPA is sitting at a humble 3.1. However, I've already taken the good majority of grade-deflated classes within the econ major. Econometrics is the last intense class I have to tak...1532 days 11 hours ago
0LTM, NTM and Forward multiples - Confused? Could somebody please list in a simple manner when for EV/EBITDA and P/E multiples would one use NTM, LTM and 1yr-forward numbers? I'm confused with that....382 days 11 hours ago
+1Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services - ValuationI'm posting this here to get some take on this full-time position with E&Y. I'm very interested in investment banking at some time in my career (even if it is later than sooner), and I have an interview for this position. Here are two questions i have regarding it: 1. Would investment bankers see...572 days 11 hours ago
0Test score section of Linkedin profile?I was perusing linkedin and noticed the "Test Scores" section that they added to your profile. When should you add your scores on there and when should you leave them off? For example - I have really high scores, would it look bad to have them on there (ie don't want it to appear as if i'm just try...122 days 11 hours ago
0Interview Question - Cost of Equity ALWAYS > Cost of DebtI recently had a phone interview which was pretty standard with the fit stuff and then jumped into the basic valuation type stuff and then I started getting some questions that were digging a little bit beneath the surface to see if I actually knew more than the M&I guide, which, after a decent summ...662 days 11 hours ago
0McKinsey PEI questions?Hello, I had first rounds at McKinsey last week. Made it through but I think my PEI answers were the weak point. Although I knew that would go in depth I wasn't really prepared for how much and I had to spend way too much time thinking and trying to recall details. I'd like to make a list of s...212 days 11 hours ago
0JP Morgan Chase Commercial Banking Analyst ProgramHey everyone. I have a interview for the JP Morgan Chase Commercial Banking Analyst Program coming up, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this interview or the analyst program? Has anybody ever had this this interview? What types of questions are asked? Anyone know the sala...682 days 11 hours ago
0No Belt?Is it ok to not wear a belt with a suit on Wall Street? Just curious because I stopped wearing belts to parties. I like the look, but was just wondering how it looks for like an interview, etc....862 days 11 hours ago
0Commercial Banking - Salary progressionHi everyone, I was recently offered a position within a bank's commercial banking analyst training program, and I was wondering if anyone may have any say as to how I should expect my earnings to progress in the coming years. The bank is largely regional (Midwestern), with its commercial bank i...542 days 11 hours ago
+1Best CFA Level 1 Prep Material...for the money. Looking to start studying for level 1 now. Your guys' input would be great. Thanks in advance. My background: non-bus major, IB analyst, taken finance/accounting...2082 days 11 hours ago
+1Levered Free Cash Flow CalculationWhat do you do with the principle part of an amortizing bond when calculating levered free cash flow? I have heard/read about two aspects of levered free cash flow. The first is that it is cash flow available to equity holders. The second is that it is unlevered fcf - tax effected interest paym...312 days 11 hours ago
0STARTING SALARY FOR BIG 4 ACCOUNTING FIRMSDoes anyone know what the starting accounting salary is for someone at the Big 4 who has 150 credit hours? (I know you can start at 150 credit hours and still be working toward your MBA). I plan on starting during my last year of grad school, I will have 150 credit hours but no MBA for another ye...612 days 11 hours ago
0How Bad Is It To Leave Your Job After One Year?Hypothetically, let's say that someone quit their first real job out of college after one year? Would potential (second) employers look down on this? Does the reason matter? If I did something like this, it would be strictly for location reasons. The city I'm currently living in, I'm not a huge ...372 days 11 hours ago
0Bostonian vs Bass vs Cole Haan vs FlorsheimWhich of these are good brands that'll last a couple years? I do a considerable amount of walking everyday and take the subway so I need something that'll handle the NYC pavement, i.e. NOT leather soles so please keep your Allen Edmonds, Edward Green, Ferragamo bullshit to yourself. No man should sp...492 days 11 hours ago
0Projecting Net Debt in DCFI have read about DCF in Rosenbaum's book and the Vault guide but both seem to take the present net debt of a company when calculating equity value. What if the company is expecting to pay down its debt. Where would I fit this into the model seeing as the change in NWC calculation only includes curr...242 days 11 hours ago
+1Is AXA Advisors a place to start?So I've been searching for Fall Internships here in Hawaii and the first to respond and arrange an interview was AXA Advisors. I interviewed today, and was offered an internship position with possible hire upon completion. They claimed newcomers averaged 6 figures right out of college, which to me i...282 days 11 hours ago
0Big4 First Year Salary+BonusDoes anyone have any info on big4 Transaction Services and Advisory salary for first years? In New York, I assume less thanl BB IB but is it even close? Cant find much info on it....442 days 11 hours ago
0Calculate monthly returnsHey, I don't know whether this question is appropriate here but I don't know where else to go so please help me! ;-( I have a really important (dumb) question that is driving me creazy. On, for example CNBC, the stock return of ING Group NV is: 5 day return = 6.87% 1 Mo return = 6.17% 3 Mo ...122 days 11 hours ago
0Best paying real estate jobs?I am graduating college and am seeking a position in commercial real estate in Chicago. I am trying to gain a better feel on the highest paying positions in this field and what areas are the most lucrative to get in to, (ex. Commercial brokerage, RE IB, REPE, Development, etc.) I am also seeking a...792 days 11 hours ago
0CFA Study TipsI just started to study for the CFA Level 1 exam coming up in December. I thought I'd see if anyone on these forums (please, only those who have took the CFA Exam) could give me some useful advice regarding studying for the CFA Level 1. Thanks in advance... ...912 days 11 hours ago
+1Getting sponsorship to take the Series 7 and Series 66I am trying to take the Series 7 and 66 a year from now and have started studying. I have been looking for a FINRA firm to sponsor me, does anybody know which firms are easier to get sponsorship from? I am still in college and want to have this designation before I graduate or right around the time ...372 days 11 hours ago
0Best agricultural commodities book out there?I have not a grain of clue in agricultural commodities; I'm really a beginner in softs and agrinomics yet I'm eager to learn. A bit of googling gave me these titles below , and I don't know which book would be best for elementary-intermediate-advanced(separately) level readers. Or if anyone in th...462 days 11 hours ago
0Senior Positions in Corporate FP&A?Hi, I'm thinking about pursuing a career in corporate FP&A and I was wondering what senior positions FP&A may lead to at the company. People on WSO like to shit on this stuff because it's not as high-profile and more vanilla than i-banking/consulting, but for those that are good and successfully ...242 days 11 hours ago
0What is Better, CFA, MBA, or CAIA? NPV Analysis...So, the age old question...what is more useful for a long term career in finance, the CFA, the MBA, or the CAIA? Wait, a minute, what even is the CAIA? This article will go through the pros and cons of pursuing each of these three certifications. The upfront economic costs and opportunity costs o...2592 days 11 hours ago
0Northwestern Mutual InternshipsI'm going in for an interview next week. Does anybody know anything about their internship program? It's seems like it's going to be a lot of cold cal...1462 days 11 hours ago
+1Bain vs McKinsey ?? which is the better place to start?Hi everyone, I have offers from both the Bain and McK offices in London. At the moment, I don't know precisely what I'd like to do in a few years time. I'm thinking I'd like to stay in consulting and work my way towards Partner. This may, of course, change as I start work and have new experiences a...332 days 11 hours ago
0Do interviewers respond to Thank You notes?Is it a bad sign if an interviewer doesn't respond to your thank you note? I've been doing interviews through on-campus recruiting and some of them respond warmly while others don't bother to respond at all. Does it generally mean they didn't like you if they don't respond?...1982 days 11 hours ago
0similar companies but different EBITDA multiplesInterview question I got--Why would two similar companies, same industry, same growth prospects have different ebitda multiples? What about different P/E multiples?...172 days 11 hours ago
0Valuation multiples across different industries - Similar scenarios for different industries? When calculating multiples for comparable company analysis, which multiples are used specifically for certain industries and which are specifically not used for certain industries? I know that EBITDA isn't used for financial institutions because a large portion of their revenues comes from interest....562 days 11 hours ago
0Quick help!!! Difference between credit trading and rates trading???Hey, is there a difference between credit trading and rates trading? I thought they are both just trading bonds? Thanks a lot!...272 days 11 hours ago
0Top B School for sub 3.0 GPAIts no secert guys I have a sub 3.0 gpa but looking to apply to b school. Which top programs do you know of that have accepted people with sub 3.0? I am looking at Texas and Rice and know two people who go there now with sub 3.0 so all good there. However, what other programs are open to low GPA...3312 days 11 hours ago
0TEV / EBITDA vs. TEV / Sales multiplesHey guys, Is it 'wrong' if my enterprise value based on the mean TEV / Sales multiple of the peer group is much much higher than my enterprise value based on the mean TEV / EBITDA multiple of the peer group? What would be the main reasons for a huge difference (say about $200 mm difference bet...142 days 11 hours ago
0Cold Messages through LinkedIn -> Informational Interviews?To those in industry, how would you feel about getting a message asking for an informational interview through LinkedIn? Assuming the message comes from some kid in UG you don't know, and maybe share a random, large group with. My school's alumni database is subpar when it comes to people's position...532 days 11 hours ago
0Can we wear a STRIPED suit but without striped pants?Can we wear a lightly striped jacket but the pants are not? I tried it on once and it looks normal to me - the stripes are barely noticable from afar and it looks good. But that's just my opinion. I'm not sure if the "popular accepted view" is that someone who does that looks silly. Anyway...332 days 11 hours ago
0Forward Libor RatesI am in the middle of building an lbo model and was hoping someone could suggest a free site where I might be able to get forward LIBOR rates for my debt schedule. If such a site does not exist, would someone mind pulling some rates through 2014 for me from Bloomberg? Thanks, I would really appr...312 days 11 hours ago
0JD vs. MBA It seems as though almost every mba program is now offering a JD/MBA program. However I was curious to know people's opinions on getting one degree over the other, not both. As most people know, many lawyers never spend the duration of their career as actual lawyers. I wanted to list some of the "...472 days 11 hours ago
0JPMorgan Email AddressesDoes anyone know the email format for JPMorgan? I have an alumni's name, say John Z. Doe, what would his email be? I feel like I've tried every combination in an email verificator, but nothing works....222 days 11 hours ago
0levered FCF vs unlevered FCF for DCFusually i know unlevered FCF's are used for DCFs. but why do we use unlevered FCFs instead for DCF's and when are you supposed to use levered FCFs?...1152 days 11 hours ago
0CFA Level 1- Can it help me get a job?As my name states, I am a miserable JD. Top-ten law grad on a one-year deferral from big law, with the increasing likelihood of a prolonged job search floating on the horizon (i.e., Unnamed Firm to Miserable JD: Drop Dead). I’m looking to escape this ignominious fate; I want to change sectors. ...592 days 11 hours ago
0Difference between "Management" and "Strategy" consulting?Doing MBA research and a lot of schools break 'management' and 'strategy' consulting into two distinct categories in employment reports. Clearly the majority show MBB as 'management' consulting, but there are also some listing strategy. What are the differences between the two?...362 days 11 hours ago
0Math Vs Physics Vs EngineeringWhich is harder Math vs Physics vs Engineering. Let the debate begin! My vote is for math....612 days 11 hours ago
0Equity multiples vs EV multiplesFor public comps analysis, there are 2 categories of multiples to use from .. Equity multiples & EV multiples. Under what circumstance should we use either of the 1 .. and what are the differences between the 2? Eg. PE multiple vs EV/EBITDA multiple. Thanks!...252 days 11 hours ago
0Why Deutsche Bank - First round interview with corp finance I have a first round interview with Deutsche Bank corporate finance coming up. Anybody know what to expect? I've never had a finance interview before. More importantly, can anyone tell me "Why Deutsche Bank?"...312 days 11 hours ago


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