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0Los Angeles Financial Sponsors GroupsHey, New to WSO and am looking to recruit for a SA internship next fall. I go to a target school in the east coast but am originally from LA. I decided that I'll probably stay in the west coast upon graduation. I'm looking to ultimately recruit for PE after my analyst stint, therefore Financial...104 days 15 hours ago
0Lateral: Alums are at firm, but not group I want..advice?I'm currently a first year analyst who's trying to lateral into different banks. I'm aiming to join, for the purposes of this post, a special group within banks such as ECM, for example, but I don't have any alums to reach out to in those specific groups. Would it make sense to reach out to alums ...34 days 15 hours ago
0[Advice Needed from Experienced Bankers]04 days 15 hours ago
04 hour LBO modelling - Houlihan (Associate)Hi Anyone had done a 4 hour LBO modelling test for Houlihan? For an associate position in CF team? How is it like? Or generally, for a 4 hour LBO modelling test, what will be expected for a sell-side position? I was told I will be given a US-based company. In that respect, what are the key bal...24 days 15 hours ago
0Would you invest in a bond with 2x leverage and a 10% coupon?Would you invest in a bond with 2x leverage and a 10% coupon? How would you answer the above question assuming that you can ask for additional information?...44 days 15 hours ago
0valuation on biofuel companyI am researching on private biofuels production company. I hope to have a rough idea of its valuation. Is there any widely used multiple for companies in this category? And what is a good list of comparables? My target focuses on waste-to-ethanol/methanol transfer. Appreciate any thought....14 days 15 hours ago
0Anyone know what the timeline is like for 2017 SA recruiting?Curious if any FT employees know when OCR will start. How different will the dates be from school to school? Are there still banks that recruit in the new year?...54 days 15 hours ago
0What to email right after submitting application?I will be submitting my applications this week and I have spoken to many people in the bank (all alum), and connected well with them. I want to basically see if they could put in a word for me to HR to pick out my resume, but obviously not that bluntly - something less intrusive. Any ideas?...04 days 15 hours ago
0Solid MM Summer Analyst HopesHeading into the first semester of my sophomore year I will have a 3.6 gpa, have leadership experience in my schools investment club, and experience as a bank teller. What are my chances of landing a summer analyst gig for the following summer at a good MM I bank? What banks would be classified un...14 days 15 hours ago
0December GraduationI will be graduating in 5 months and I wonder should I be reaching out now to banks or when the open applications in 2-3 months? I know that a lot of banks pull analyst from there summer internship programs so I know i need to be on it now. But it's a little difficult reaching out because almost no ...24 days 15 hours ago
0What is the logic behind unlevering beta?Is there any type of mathematical proof for this? Does this actually come from anywhere or is it just an attempt to lower the beta to adjust for the added risk of debt and since you do the same thing for every company, the results are consistent?...34 days 15 hours ago
0Help for my CL (2017 IB Summer Analyst) Hello, I would like to know if an I-banker form MS can review my CL ? (pm me to stay discreet) THX ...04 days 15 hours ago
0Engineering GPA cutoffs required to get an IB interviewI'm curious to know whats the lowest GPA people who majored in engineering have gotten with. The size of the bank doesn't matter for this post....34 days 16 hours ago
0How many people is sufficient enough for networking before submitting application?I go to a target school on the East Coast and I have gotten on the phone with around 5 alumni so far at a BB. The calls all went really well and received great feedback that I networked during the summer, early on. I am applying to the sophomore internship program for that bank in a couple weeks, bu...74 days 16 hours ago
+1No Summer Intern Deaths This Year (so far) No major stories of intern deaths from banking internship hours so far (to my knowledge - correct me if i'm wrong). Thank goodness, let's hope this trend continues. From what I remember the last two years saw IBD summer intern deaths that arguably were closely related to the amount of hours they ...64 days 16 hours ago
0Hedge Fund Intern: A 'monkey' could be a junior banker at a place like Goldman SachsA monkey, they say? Kid must be a fan of" From Business Insider: [quote]Sharp young Wall Streeters are increasingly finding ways to avoid doing time at investment banks. They're trying to build careers on the buy-side, or hedge funds and private equity firms, instead. ...474 days 16 hours ago
+3New to WSO, working at IFCHi, I'm new to WSO and wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm currently working at IFC as an Investment Officer, specialized in insurance. Prior to joining IFC, I worked at the Inter-American Development Bank's Multilateral Investment Fund, which is essentially the 'innovation lab' of th...114 days 16 hours ago
0Private room available in TriBeCa (apartment with one roommate)I am relocating from NYC to SF after 2 years in banking which leaves my great apartment up for grabs. It is located at 328 Greenwich St. Rent is $1,850 per month. You will have your private room. Craigslist link: Please let me know if yo...04 days 16 hours ago
0How do I delete my account?I just got my full-time IB offer rescinded specifically because of a WSO post. I've contacted the admin of this website 3 times, and haven't heard back. Can someone please tell me how I can get rid of this account and it's posts? Thank you....04 days 16 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Aon04 days 16 hours ago
0Healthcare IBI currently go to a top-20 university on the west coast, and have a strong interest in both health and finance. Through my research for careers I came across healthcare investment banking. Would it be better for my future job prospects to have a health major with a finance minor, or a Economics majo...44 days 16 hours ago
0How much do quants at BBs make?Curious to know how much the quants at BBs make... From what I understand most quants have a masters or higher. Can anyone confirm that? Also, is there a type of quant work/product that specifically recruits MBAs over PhDs?...74 days 16 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch04 days 16 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase04 days 16 hours ago
0Yield on Development CostsWhat yields are everyone seeing when it comes to development costs? Mainly interested in multifamily. We all know that developers make their money on the spread between yield on development costs and selling cap rate. However, I have heard conflicting reports that the spread is almost non existen...144 days 17 hours ago
0Floating Rate ModelingI was wondering how detailed is everyone's modeling of a proforma with a floating interest rate. Is it estimation, interpolation, or do you just use the base rate throughout the proforma? I figured that one would have to look at the yield curve and model that plus the base rate to get the all in...84 days 17 hours ago
0PIMCO Business Development AssociateI have an interview this Thursday at PIMCO and am curious if anyone has any insight to what is on the Excel and written assessment. I do not know VBA programming however am well versed in the other aspects of excel. Please help me if you have some tips as to what to study for this assessment. ...04 days 17 hours ago
0CC=>State School=>MSF=>ConsultingSpent 2 years at a CC then transferred to a non-target state school. Graduated from the CC with 3.6/3.7 (would've been 3.8 but got a bad grade in one class after being too focused on ec's) and I expect to graduate from the state school with a similar GPA with a degree in Accounting. Due to going to ...04 days 18 hours ago
+2Non-Target to BB IBD Dudes, I've recently accepted an offer to a BB IBD group after 2 years of absolute torture in terms of uncertainty and leverage. Here's the background: - Non-Target UG, B.S.E. Engineering - Multiple internships in heavy industrial mfg. - One Year post-grad work in sales in electronics mfg. A...274 days 18 hours ago
+9Non-target to BB IBD SA Offer as a SophomoreI have been an avid reader of WSO for the past couple of years and the stories that I have enjoyed reading the most are about non-target kids breaking into Wall Street. I always looked at them with admiration and dissected every article to gain the most valuable information possible to use in my pat...284 days 18 hours ago
0PhD in FinanceHow is the market for PhDs in finance/accounting in the UK and USA? As a sophomore undergrad, how can I best position myself to get into a good PhD program? I plan on doing a masters beforehand, and I was just wondering if it would be in my best interest to seek out work experience prior to appl...1304 days 18 hours ago
0What is Better, CFA, MBA, or CAIA? NPV Analysis...So, the age old question...what is more useful for a long term career in finance, the CFA, the MBA, or the CAIA? Wait, a minute, what even is the CAIA? This article will go through the pros and cons of pursuing each of these three certifications. The upfront economic costs and opportunity costs o...2594 days 18 hours ago
0Dating as an Investment Banking AnalystCould someone with experience please comment on the dating life as an analyst? Especially those who started work already with a girlfriend. Thanks...4924 days 18 hours ago
+167 Practical Tips for Entering 1st Year IBD AnalystsIt’s been over 3 years since I first came across WSO as a junior in college. Eventually, I was able to land an IBD analyst gig at a BB. My experience has largely been great, and I am now a 2nd year analyst who will soon join the buyside. I owe a debt of gratitude to many, not the least of which is...244 days 18 hours ago
0Pre-Recorded Video InterviewDoes anyone have any experience with pre-recorded interviews (e.g. BlackRock)? This usually takes the place of the 1st round phone interview and the candidate is usually brought in after this. I've been asked to complete one, but do not have any experience with it. 1) Do I need to wear a jac...44 days 18 hours ago
0Exit opps for Wall Street temps?What is the training like and how do other banks view a 6-month stint on your CV?...44 days 18 hours ago
+4A girl on tumblr wrote a guide on targetting different types of bankers for money....I follow the investment banking and economics tag on tumblr for study notes and stumbled upon this post. I thought it I'd post it on here for reference for people of all levels. I can't post links but if you search said tags those on tumblr the post is still up and it led me to a whole community ded...1194 days 18 hours ago
0Why can't I close interviews?I keep getting interviews for jobs (think mid-front office corporate finance, some FO roles) and I keep getting positive, sometimes excellent feedback. But three times in the last three months it has happened that the other party simply drops off the face of the earth. "We want you to come in one la...54 days 18 hours ago
+3Ask DickFuld May 2015Ready to answer questions......2654 days 18 hours ago
0Finance internships NYCwhat firms are still accepting non target applications...14 days 18 hours ago
+3End of elitismSomething I've witnessed working for almost 3 years in the industry is the beginning of an end of elitism in banking. I'm at a BB and it's not just ivy league finance majors getting in. No, we've hired some finance majors from nontarget colleges, there's even some marketing research analyst folk who...1124 days 18 hours ago
0Advice for Winter Internship SearchHey Everyone, I'm a Finance and Econ double major at SUNY Oswego. This Summer I wasn't able to get an internship in the field and am splitting my time between interning on a Gala Committee and an environmental campaign. This next semester I'm entering my Junior year, so I feel like obtaining an i...04 days 18 hours ago
0Leave BB BO after three months to take offer at unknown boutique?alright, looking for you monkeys advice. working BO at a BB right now (not NYC). there is a slight possibility of lateral to a FO role (probably ER, because I do know people who have done it). I may have an offer at a small, unknown boutique in a small city. basically, its pretty small so i wo...244 days 18 hours ago
+2AMA: Consulting > F500 > bschool/startupsHey all - been part of the community for several years now. Figured it was my time to lead one of these. Background: worked several years in management consulting before transitioning to a strategy position at a F500 company. Also recently accepted to a number of M7 business schools. Happy...194 days 18 hours ago
0Cookin' The BooksAnyone who prepares management accounts or has involvement in that process; have you ever been asked to do something that you haven't felt comfortable with? How have you dealt with it?...04 days 19 hours ago
0Jumping on the Resume Review Bandwagon - Have at it!No holds barred. Rip into my resume and tell me what should be changed. Thanks in advance!...94 days 19 hours ago
0M&A vs. Equity Raising ExperienceHow do the exit opportunities differ between primarily M&A & Equity offering experience? Obviously, the M&A experience gives more modeling experience, but what are the advantages if any to great Equity offering experience? Thanks...44 days 19 hours ago
0Adderall Everywhere? I recently read (link inside post) that adderall is very common among analysts. Some have said it has become the legal cocaine for bankers. [quote]Study: Investment Banking is Bad for You, Will Make You An Alcoholic Adderall-Addicted Paranoid Shell of a Human Being Some are addicted to prescrip...194 days 19 hours ago
+3Top 20 Best Interview Tips/Responses (very srs post)Credits to an unknown author (found this stuff on a random FB page). Edit: looks like it's from Enjoy. 1. Intro 2. Belching 3. Eye contact 4. Subtlety 5. Facebook photos 6. Interviewer's name 7. AppliCAN 8. Delegating 9. Leadersh...14 days 19 hours ago
0DB Jacksonville OfficeI've done a few searches and cannot figure out who to believe. Are there any front office positions in the Deutsche Jacksonville location, specifically Investment Banking?? Can anyone with knowledge give me an answer on this?...164 days 19 hours ago
0Deutsche Bank JacksonvilleDoes anybody know much about DB Jax? What is it like there? What types of deals go through there? How much are the analysts compensated? ...164 days 19 hours ago
+1Fashion ----> Finance (Yep I know)Let me make this short and simple. Background: I went to one of fashion school ivy leagues (FIT) and finished undergrad with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I wanted to be a planner. Fashion Merchandising: Business degree with a focus on consumer retail Planner: ...154 days 19 hours ago
+3Meredith Whitney shuts down hedge fund because...well...she blew itThis is what happens when you think you're smarter than everybody because you were right once (see: Citigroup stock price, 2007-2009). from WSJ:[quote]Meredith Whitney shut her fledgling hedge fund, a setback for the ex-banking analyst who became one of Wall Street’s highest-profile women durin...294 days 19 hours ago
+1How do you balance where you want to live / offers you get?FT recruiting is on my mind more and more often nowadays. I've come up with the current dilemma... Say you have an offer for a strong MM IB in its regional HQ. Think Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Petersburg, Memphis. This offer would be better than another offer that is either a "lesser" bank or a reg...154 days 19 hours ago
0Future of Investment Banking from 2015 onwardsSorry if this topic has been beaten to death, but I cannot find too many topics with accurate answers on this. A few days ago, RBS announced to cut 14,000 jobs, mainly in its investment banking division. Last year, Blackstone announced to spin off its financial advisory arm and Barclays announced...254 days 19 hours ago
0Is the center of power in banks shifting? Back in the 80's, bankers were at the top of the pyramid at investment banks. The booming economy, lower taxes and regulations, all prompted a massive M&A and IPO wave, and bankers reaped the rewards. In the late 90's Equity Research Analysts, especially those covering the hot tech sector, were ma...154 days 19 hours ago
0Standing Desk - 1st Year AnalystI will be starting as a first year analyst at an EB in July. I did not complete an internship with the group so I am not intimately familiar with the group's culture. I was a division 1 athlete and as a result have recurring back issues. Nothing major but sitting down for 15 hours+ a day is prob...324 days 19 hours ago
+3Ever Want to Just Say "[email protected] it" and Move to Thailand?Lately I've been fantasizing a lot about moving out to Southeast Asia. I have a great job; it's challenging and pays me reasonably well, and frankly a lot of MBA's would probably love to be in this seat. But imagine just moving out to one of the islands in Southern Thailand (Ko Samui or Ko Pha Nga...484 days 19 hours ago
+1Keep Getting Asked about my Non-Target UG schoolI keep getting asked "why did you go to (ultra non-target) University" in my interviews, and I'm trying to figure out what to say. I now go to a semi-target MSF school but clearly I'm not gonna escape my UG. Admittedly, I went because at the time it was the easiest school to get into I could back th...124 days 19 hours ago
0Decision needed today : Investment Banking Associate at no-name boutique vs Corp Strategy & Development at $3B FirmHi, recent top 15 MBA grad here. Until today I had no luck with recruiting. I just got 2 offers. Offer 1: is for IBD Associate at a ...94 days 19 hours ago
0Drexel University MSFI am currently a senior at Palm Beach Atlantic University and am considering whether to go straight into an MSF program at Drexel or to work for a few years and shoot for Villanova.. That said, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Drexel's MSF students' job placements after completing the ...164 days 19 hours ago
0Linkedin photo.......formal or business causal?I actually prefer business casual over the typical suit and tie just because there's more of a personal touch to it. I doubt anyone would look down on you just because you don't have one of those cookie cutter photos (by business causal i'm not referring to cocktail attire or anything too inappropri...354 days 19 hours ago
0From operations to Equity Research Looking for advice on breaking in to equity research after 1yr in operations at BB and another 2 with a SIFI Custodian. for the past two years ive been following the markets on a daily basis to gain a better understanding of its intricacies. Ive also enrolled in the CFA program (sat for level 1 in j...44 days 19 hours ago
0Easy InternshipsIm a rising sophomore at a non target with no finance experience and a 3.5 gpa. Are there any specific divisions of banks, where they consider candidates like this for summer internships. I know I-banking is out of the question but I just really want to get my foot in the door. Thanks in advance...114 days 19 hours ago
0Valuation Question - Returning Cash to ShareholdersHey guys I was on the phone with an analyst the other day talking about a company I was covering (it pays to network!). He said that returning cash to shareholders that the company has not earned does not create value for shareholders. Some background: - The company operates in a niche mar...64 days 19 hours ago
0Sales Assistant-where will it take me?Start out as a sales assistant, then get the series 7 and 63. Start working as a junior broker. Other than staying with that firm, what are the other logical progressions from this? ...94 days 19 hours ago
0Anyone know how FP&A is at a clearing house?'curious if anyone knows about the FP&A role at a clearing house (CHIPS, DTCC, etc.). What is the level of exposure to the actual market? can you lateral into risk/am or are you just pigeonholed into 'accounting' with no real exit opps?...14 days 19 hours ago
0Thoughts on FinTech?Hey all, A brief intro - I'm a junior with a respectable S&T internship in NYC this summer (non-BB but respectable nonetheless). I've been thinking a lot about my future aspirations - I've wanted a BB IB gig since I first was exposed to the banking world during the fall of my sophomore year. Howe...34 days 19 hours ago
+3Try out these 10 technical IB interview questions We all know the most dreaded part of an investment banking interview is the technical questions. Sure, you might be terrified of faking your way through the cultural fit stuff when you secretly hate the place, and yeah, you might be afraid of getting a question with no good answer, like, "If this is...24 days 19 hours ago
+3MSF Class of 2017Mod Note (Andy) - this was originally posted 8/25/15 but we know @TNA" loves answering these questions so bumping up again to the top With the MSF recruiting cycle quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to create an updated MSF thread for everyone applying to the 2016-2017 MSF cycle. ...2354 days 19 hours ago
+155x price hike on "Essential Medication" - Smart move?Turing Pharmaceuticals, led by former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli, upped the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill after acquiring the marketing rights. Not surprisingly, this instantly made him "the most hated man on the internet / in the world" on Twitter, etc., with his use of ...864 days 19 hours ago
+6Random Musing on Mr. MarketAgain take everything I say with a grain of salt... 1) Are we happy yet value investors? A while ago, I was once asked if I was happy. It was a weird question since I'm generally a happy person but this investor thought I wasn't expressing an appropriate amount of happiness doing my job (duri...84 days 19 hours ago
0Student loans - this will piss you off ugh, how much does this piss you off? Is this what some students in debt really think?! fwiw: i'm very liberal on social matters, fiscally conservative, but this makes me want to punch someone. DON'T TAKE OUT THE DEBT IF YOU CAN'T PAY IT BACK*, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE TAKING OU...1044 days 19 hours ago
0Virtual Reality and Finance: A revolutionary marriage? The issue Honestly, excepting bankers, wealth managers, and so on, virtually everyone finds finance to be dry and boring. I mean, print outs splattered with numbers, graphs, tables and paragraphs don’t exactly narrate a thriller. Virtual Reality and Applications But what if Virtual Rea...34 days 19 hours ago
+68You don't know anything— 5 things to do about itThroughout my career I was constantly reminded of how little I knew. When I interviewed for the job at Goldman Sachs, as a finance major writing a thesis on option pricing and having interned at JP Morgan, I thought I knew the job. But when I started I realized I didn't know anything. On the...414 days 19 hours ago
+1Things to Read While Pretending to Work – Nov. 26, 2015Things to Read While Pretending to Work is a weekly column compiling interesting and useful articles from across the interwebs. It's designed to be a mental break from work, while also giving you some tangible, actionable advice that will make your life better. I'll follow the same format each...44 days 19 hours ago
+9AMA First Year Wharton MBAI hosted a WSO webinar (link here) on Thursday, December 3rd about my application to Wharton and how I got in, despite having a low gmat score (only 10% of admitted students had a GMAT under 700, and mine was definitely nowhere near that). I'll be talking about the specific things I did in my app...644 days 19 hours ago
0Morgan Stanley Bested by Goldman?Delete ...84 days 19 hours ago
0Disadvantages of starting in a non-financial hub?Delete ...124 days 19 hours ago
0Seeking Sublet in NYC3br luxury condo in Hell's Kitchen from August 20 - October 13. PM for more details....14 days 19 hours ago
0Los Angeles airport to build special terminal just for celebritiesStars including Reese Witherspoon and Michael J. Fox have won a campaign to build a secluded celebrity terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Yup. Can't hang out with you bums. days 20 hours ago
0Sports Trading CareerThis is a long shot, but can anyone works in the sports trading industry share their experience? Just wondering how to get into the Sports trading industry; i have s&t internship experience and math degree, how can i make myself better suited for those jobs? I know that most of the jobs are in E...04 days 20 hours ago
0Include role model/specific person on Resume?I've decided to add some of my interests to my resume. All three I can talk in-depth about, however Bill Murray seems a little risque and just kind of odd... but he's the man. "Portland Trail Blazers, deep-sea fishing, and anything Bill Murray" Yes/no?...04 days 20 hours ago
+1Ask Meredith from Vantage Point MBAMeredith from Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting answers your questions about how to navigate the MBA application process, particularly coming from finance. Remember when the world loved a nice cocktail of leverage, LBOs and CDOs of all types? Well, that's how Meredith got started before she we...604 days 20 hours ago
0Company Interview: General Mills04 days 20 hours ago
+513 Habits of Self-Made MillionairesItalics ( Courtesy of Business Insider) I decided to give this article a more self-help feel and pull out the advice. 1. They read consistently The three types of books they tend to read include: [quote] biographies of successful people, self-help or personal development, and history.[/quote] ...174 days 20 hours ago
0B school options and dillemaA little background: Originally I went to a non-target school that most have likely never heard of. Ended up transferring to a semi-target my junior year and getting a job in tech IB. Non-target GPA: 4.0 Target GPA: 3.0 Both GPAs represent about 63 credit hours so we can assume the GPAs are...44 days 20 hours ago
0What kind of tie knot is this? days 20 hours ago
0Ackman's Herbalife shortSo we all know about Bill Ackman's war against Herbalife, he's been short the stock for like four years now. Recently he has been releasing youtube videos of people claiming to be defrauded by the company and yesterday on CNBC he renewed his crusade, calling the company a pyramid scheme and hinting...124 days 20 hours ago
0Situational Judgement test Hey, Can an insider tell me what banks expect from situational judgement test ? What does it mean if you succeed ? Because when you are interning, things will be totally different and you will probably have to do something that you thought was the worst answer when you took the test.. Thanks...14 days 21 hours ago
0Internal transfer from Hong Kong to NY in BB IBD I am in a US top target school now. I have received a mid-tier BB SA offer in HK (say BAML/Citi/UBS/DB). I know the first thing is to secure a return offer after summer internship. However, due to personal reasons, I hope to move to NY office after 1 or 2 years. Is it possible to achieve an internal...84 days 21 hours ago
0Recruiting Process for Hedge Fund from IB Analyst RoleI'm gonna be an incoming analyst at an EB in NYC, and I'm interested in eventually moving to a hedge fund rather than PE shop. I know that headhunters reach out to IB analysts, but it seems that the path to PE is much more structured. Can anyone shed light on the HF recruiting process for an IB anal...44 days 22 hours ago
0Switching career rolesHey, What would be the best way to get into sell/buy side research? I am currently working for the sales department of a brokerage firm. I do odd research assignments and excel sheet assignments for them, however, I am not learning anything or feeling challenged. I am only 1 year in the finance wor...04 days 22 hours ago
0BMO Nesbitt BurnsPrivate wealth management. Investment management ...04 days 22 hours ago
0Recommendations for study materialsI'm a rising junior in Finance, looking for some online materials to improve my technical knowledge. I know there are many good packages out there, but can you guys name some specific courses that you find truly valuable and worth the money? ...04 days 23 hours ago
0At what point in FP&A (in New York City area) should you break $100K?Just curious as to the typical salary range for each "level" in an organization within the FP&A function. At what point, bonus included or not, should you be approaching $100K annually? What, in your opinion, is fair market value? Thanks!...54 days 23 hours ago
+3International Students breaking into banking - ask and I'll try to helpHi all, I've enjoyed reading the posts on WSO and have personally been helped by numerous forummers, including one that went the bat for me and wrote a lengthy email to his HR because I was dinged the first round of my on campus interview. He never even met me and helped me unconditionally, it to...394 days 23 hours ago
0CFA vs. GMAT I'm going to start off by saying this is not another CFA vs. MBA thread. The purpose of this thread is to address a completely different issue. I'm trying to figure out what percentage of the college educated population is even capable of passing all three levels of the CFA and what percentage of th...1024 days 23 hours ago
+121 Years Old: Looking to rent property to college studentsFirst off, I want to thank all of you for providing me with a plethora amount of responses and discussions to read and learn from. A little about myself, I am 21 years old, MBA Candidate at a NY school. I am very familiar with my schools area and the current off campus housing situation. I am a v...215 days 8 min ago
0MOOC's to stand out for JobSo I've spent two years in audit and I'm looking to stand out a bit by getting some knowledge outside of audit for a TAS rotation. I've been looking at some MOOC's and I found one on edx which has support from schools like MIT, Harvard, UT, Berkeley and etc. One of the classes they have offered...25 days 8 min ago


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