At the junior level, is comp the same at regional BBs vs NYC/SF/LA?i.e. Goldman Sachs Toronto office, would summer interns/analysts be paid at street level? Also would this be in USD or CAD? With how strong the US dollar is currently comparative to the CAD, that would make compensation working for a US BB significantly higher than a big 5 in Canada.... 53 days 5 hours ago
Whats an absurd thing you did to get an opportunity? 13 days 5 hours ago
REPE/CRE Firms & IntroductionsHey all, Just curious to know if anyone had any insights when it comes to contacting REPE/CRE firms for jobs/openings. I'm always down to take an employee (any level really) out for coffee or lunch to build that relationship, but are there steps before or after that will increase chances of land... 23 days 5 hours ago
Brad: IntroductionHello my name is Brad. I am new to wall street oasis. I am here to learn everything I can about the world of finance. I will be graduating soon and need to start preparing for job interviews.... 13 days 5 hours ago
Company Interview: Ernst & Young LLP 03 days 5 hours ago
Tie Colour?Looking to buy 2-3 ties from here: Wondering which colour I should go for to go with a navy suit. ... 113 days 6 hours ago
Southern California WSO Real Estate Networking/Meetup GroupDoes this exist (within the WSO community) in the region (LA, South Bay, OC)? If not, are there any in the area who would like to join me in getting this started? **Update** - plans are being made for a meetup, see inside the thread for details ... 253 days 6 hours ago
Dilemma - Disclosing that I am interviewing at the Big 4 firm that audits my companyHello, I'm trying to move into Big 4 Advisory as an industry hire and just did my first phone screen. The group is interested in interviewing me but I would have to disclose that I am interviewing to my current manager at my current job as they are our auditor. As this puts me between a rock and... 33 days 7 hours ago
UnSexy Business - Innovation and How To SucceedSo guys; My dreams of Wall Street come to a halt recently. Long story short, changed degree and accepted a job as an operations / chief assistant to the boss / estimation for a local construction company. Construction, HVAC and welding are all considered unsexy trades and not traditional bu... 73 days 7 hours ago
Working in a very small/recently established advisory firm vs BB/large boutiqueSo I've been interviewing at a very small and recently established (though growing aggressively) financial advisory firm in London for an analyst role. (from a Big Four background myself) What I'm wondering is how does work at such an organization differ from a larger more established firm? Obvi... 53 days 8 hours ago
Really need help narrowing down my list of schoolsI'm currently just starting the application process to matriculate 2015, but one thing I'm having trouble doing is narrowing down the schools I'm applying to. My current list is: 1. HBS 2. Wharton 3. Booth 4. Columbia 5. Stern 6. Tuck It seems like applying to six different schools... 353 days 8 hours ago
MBA - Possible to do 2 MBAs?Is it possible to do two MBAs? Say u go to a small state business school and get an MBA in Marketing or Accounting (1 year program), work for a few years afterwards, and then go to a top business school to get an MBA in Finance, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, etc. I wonder if thats possible...tho... 103 days 9 hours ago
What is Linkedin good for?Is it reasonable to contact a recruiter through the network? ... 23 days 9 hours ago
Company Review: RBC Capital Markets 03 days 9 hours ago
V Neck Undershirt Brands?Curious where you get your v-necks, specifically slim fit, as I've had trouble finding V's that aren't too short/ridiculously deep on standard fit or too large in the torso. Have a few polo v-necks, but they seem to be out of stock online. ... 243 days 9 hours ago
FIG PE CaseI have an upcoming case with the FIG arm of a PE firm and had some quick Qs on modelling / PE in the FIG space. I work as a generalist in IBD and do not have any direct FIG experience. Normally, LBOs are done on a EBITDA multiple basis. I know FIG companies are more commonly valuated on P/E o... 33 days 9 hours ago
Your Brand is More Than Words on a PageI learned a very long time ago that the vast majority of people do business with people, not companies. In most organizations, the degree of success obtained can often be directly linked back to the strength of the relationships developed between provider and client. Remember that old saying, “Pri... 03 days 9 hours ago
Wells Fargo IB HoustonHi all, saw a thread about this but it's dated so wanted to get some current opinions. Does anyone anything about Wells Fargo's Houston energy group in terms of deal flow, culture, types of deals, exit opps, etc? I have an interview there for a full-time IB analyst role.... 63 days 10 hours ago
Starting in right group?--... 03 days 10 hours ago
Include non-traditional high school on resume?I am a rising sophomore at a semi-target university and am wondering if I should include my high school on my resume. I attended a ski academy that was an incredibly small community and allowed me and my classmates to travel around the world to train and race, but sacrificed some academic rigor to ... 13 days 10 hours ago
Company Compensation: Barclays 03 days 10 hours ago
Worth of JD/MBA?Is a JD/MBA at Harvard worth the $80k-100k additional cost for someone who is doing the CFA program? I'm currently in the JD program (top 15% of the class), studied economics at Ivy UG, have VC work experience, and passed CFA level 2. While most of the current JD/MBA students I know have prior busin... 93 days 10 hours ago
OFFER FOR LEASE BG,SBLC Sir, We can deliver financial service/instrument(BG/SBLC/MTN/DLC/LC) at affordable price to our customers in other to derive maximum utility. We understand that finding the right company to provide financial instrument is not easy. We are certified financial company that delivers banking instrum... 13 days 10 hours ago
Company Compensation: PwC 03 days 10 hours ago
What should I do in NYC?Hey bros, Going to NYC on a vacation soon. Obviously going to Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building etc. etc. what else should I do? Any cool things to do that mostly only New Yorkers would know about? ... 163 days 10 hours ago
No Money Down DealsWhat types of no money down deals are you seeing these days?... 63 days 10 hours ago
Company Compensation: Barclays 03 days 10 hours ago
Honesty in IB?Hi all, I have a friend who was in IB who is of the opinion that there is an inherent amount of dishonesty in the industry. I'm very interested in the industry, but I'm also fairly religious, so I was wondering if you guys agreed with his opinion. I know that the goal in IB is to present the c... 193 days 11 hours ago
Job Sponsored MBAs: How often does this happen?Hey monkeys, I've heard a lot about a bank or some other employer financing a worker's MBA. Does this happen a lot? I was talking to a friend of mine about to head off to MIT (I'll be applying to schools in a couple months) and she told me she was almost banking on the fact that she could land on... 83 days 11 hours ago
Company Compensation: Barclays 03 days 11 hours ago
Building off of my Summer InternshipDeleted... 03 days 11 hours ago
China- The next 2008 waiting to happen?Hey guys, I am sure you all have seen the news recently about China and its debt situation. Currently, China's debt is approx $3 trillion. "IPOs have been shut down, short-selling has been banned, more than 700 shares – about a quarter of the market – have been suspended from trading, and... 43 days 11 hours ago
what would you do? 23, no bachelorhi guys, i'm almost 23 and i'm from france. i made some cash playing poker (a decent amount), and i drop out of university after the 1st year because the money was too good. i had a solid money managment and things were going well, then i had the crazy idea to boost my bankroll: i was aiming to 1... 73 days 11 hours ago
Best books to learn in depth hedge fund strategiesHi everyone. I am currently looking to learn more than I already know about various HF strategies. Anyone know any good books that will teach more in depth about various strategies such as distressed, equity hedging, option hedging, quant, HFT etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thx g... 03 days 12 hours ago
What's happening in China? China is having some turbulent times at the moment: debt, reforms, anti-corruption etc, some bulge bracket banks are increasing their IBD hiring in China. Does anyone (in China) know what's going on? There is no doubt about the long-term prospect of working there but I'm quite dubious about short-te... 33 days 12 hours ago
Valuation Question - Returning Cash to ShareholdersHey guys I was on the phone with an analyst the other day talking about a company I was covering (it pays to network!). He said that returning cash to shareholders that the company has not earned does not create value for shareholders. Some background: - The company operates in a niche mar... 63 days 12 hours ago
Linkedin photo.......formal or business causal?I actually prefer business casual over the typical suit and tie just because there's more of a personal touch to it. I doubt anyone would look down on you just because you don't have one of those cookie cutter photos (by business causal i'm not referring to cocktail attire or anything too inappropri... 353 days 12 hours ago
Fantasy Stock Market Performance worth telling employers?I just signed up to -- it's like FanDuel but stocks -- if I do well, is it worth putting on my resume? I've done things like the CNBC Portfolio Challenge when I was in high school... 63 days 12 hours ago
Ever Want to Just Say "F*@k it" and Move to Thailand?Lately I've been fantasizing a lot about moving out to Southeast Asia. I have a great job; it's challenging and pays me reasonably well, and frankly a lot of MBA's would probably love to be in this seat. But imagine just moving out to one of the islands in Southern Thailand (Ko Samui or Ko Pha Nga... 473 days 12 hours ago
How to ask a GS partner for a referral?Hello, I am good family friends with two global head Goldman Sachs partners and was wondering: (1) how should I go about asking for a referral so I come across as respectful and not entitled? (2) should I take a 1st year job at a boutique and ask for the referral next year? (my school and gpa... 53 days 13 hours ago
Fellow conservatives, how alarmed are you by Trump's rise? Trump has been giving me nightmares lately. No, I don't think he will win the GOP nomination or ever become President. Problem is twofold. First, Trump has sucked all the oxygen and media coverage from the GOP race, which is a major issue since the 2016 GOP field is the strongest since 1980. Rat... 453 days 13 hours ago
Possible to break into I-banking with liberal arts degree + masters in information technology?Hi all, I recently graduated from a top-3 public university with a 3.4 (3.35 to be exact) and a liberal arts degree. With a lot of luck, I managed to get accepted into a top-2 ranked Computer Science program for my masters in information technology (focusing on ebusiness technologies). I do not have... 23 days 13 hours ago
Friend of mine wants to build a next-generation film finance companyHi guys, so this is my second post so far, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the feedback I've been getting from ya'll (especially from @DickFuld"). This particular subject involves entrepreneurship, so I decided that posting this in the VC section would be best. So I've come to ask your opinion about... 103 days 13 hours ago
Engineering--->HF. No IB Experience...Possible?Would an engineer be able to transition from an engineering role straight to a hedge fund (most likely with an MBA), or would doing this be unlikely without prior experience in investment banking or trading?... 03 days 14 hours ago
Non-Target rising sophomore w/ SA experienceHey WSO, I'd appreciate any feedback on my resume, which I'll be using to apply to sophomore banking/consulting internships for summer 2016. Especially would like some feedback on the description of my SA stint. Thanks guys edit: hey cole... 23 days 14 hours ago
Is it possible to find a job in USA for accounting professional with over 6 years of experience with work permit sponsored? I work for california(US) based mnc here in India since 5 years into accounting. Will I be able to get any chance to work in USA with proven experience?... 13 days 14 hours ago
Deloitte Federal S&OThere's a lot of talk about S&O salaries, but anyone know specifics for Federal S&O? About to start Full-Time next summer as a first-year business analyst. Also, any concrete word on bonuses would be a bonus, thanks!... 103 days 14 hours ago
List of Companies with the highest US employeeshey guys, I'm looking for a list of companies with the highest amount of employees working in the US. I can't seem to find a good one - every time I run a search, the results show companies by total employees globally. I know this is work that I should be doing, but I am totally stuck. Any help h... 33 days 14 hours ago
Office Location; Where do you work, and why?When going through SA recruiting with a bank, how is it determined what office you'll work at? If it makes any difference, I come from a non-target. I assume that most SA positions are in New York, but if recruiting with a bulge bracket that has offices in many cities throughout the United States... 13 days 14 hours ago
Incoming Sophomore - HELP/DESTROY - Applying for BB Soph. Programs Hey guys, incoming sophomore at a semi-target. I would love some help on this, I've been making changes recently and would appreciate to get some input as I'm starting to aggressively network for BB programs. Much Appreciated ... 53 days 14 hours ago
How much help can ROTC do for your resume? Currently in undergrad and was wondering how much help it can do for your resume if you have a 3.5+ and some other extracurriculars. I wouldn't be accepting the scholarships they give at my school for 4, 3, and 2 years because I already have it taken care of. If I don't accept any aid from them I wo... 13 days 14 hours ago
Want to work two internships at onceI currently work at a bulge bracket bank in their retail segment as an intern. I was recently offered a position at a boutique IB specializing in M&A, and would like to have the M&A experience while remaining at the bank I am currently at as I see future opportunities moving up. Has anyone had an... 63 days 14 hours ago
Junior Year Undergrad (non-target school) ResumeHey guys, I am new to WSO and have been looking around and just recently found this page. I am a Junior Econ major from Wagner College on Staten Island looking for a summer analyst position in either investment banking or economic consulting and wanted to see what you guys thought about my resume... 93 days 14 hours ago
How do you decide on a multiple? - Technical question (DCF)When you're doing a DCF, a common way to project into the future is to use a terminal. One is the EBITDA multiple. Which can be something like 7x, 8x, 9x, etc. How do bankers decide what the multiple should be (ie 7,8,9, or whatever)? ... 73 days 14 hours ago
Student mathematician with limited investment banking and management consulting experience seeking analyst/associate positionEdit: resume has been updated in response to sound criticisms received, below. Hi all, how's it going? Recently took an indefinite leave of absence from graduate studies in abstract mathematics. Looking for an analyst or associate position in investment banking or perhaps private equity. Mo... 93 days 15 hours ago
Straight to Hell...Thoughts?I just finished reading Straight to Hell by John Lefevre. Definitely an entertaining read, but I've heard that many of his stories were wildly exaggerated. Wondering if anyone else has read this yet and had any thoughts on the book.... 53 days 15 hours ago
Company Compensation: Edelweiss 03 days 15 hours ago
rule of thumb for price of optionSay I want to buy an option on a piece of land. I have the right the buy the property for $1,000,000 in the next 24 months. How would you calculate the fair price for the option? Is there a rule of thumb or is it totally deal by deal? never done this before.. thanks... 03 days 15 hours ago
Second Position Mortgage?So I'm currently putting together a deal where the bank is only willing to loan 75% of the purchase price, and I need to figure out how I'm going to cover the rest. I approached the seller for possible seller financing, but the seller's attorney won't let them, saying seller financing is "too compl... 23 days 15 hours ago
Company Compensation: Lazard 03 days 16 hours ago
Bro down by drinking protein in the office?Is it kosher to drink protein shakes as midmorning or midafternoon snacks in the office? Half the guys on the floor came from S&T backgrounds and the other half from banking. I just want a well balanced diet without getting heckled at by some rando VP.... 403 days 16 hours ago
Best Schools for Southern IBI'm a senior in high school looking to go into investment banking out of Undergrad and want to go into Charlotte/Atlanta/Houston IB or even in LA/SF.... Ill just say now that my grades and SAT won't get me Ivy or Vanderbilt or Rice (2120 SAT... 4.0/4.0 weighted GPA) which schools that are too ridicu... 593 days 16 hours ago
Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP 03 days 17 hours ago
Rewind - Transitioning from the military to a top MBA + Q&A – 8am ET, 7/30/2015In case you missed our June 30th webinar entitled Transitioning from the military to a top MBA, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our Video Library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 ment... 03 days 17 hours ago
Positioning Myself (hopefully) CPA + CFA = Corp Finance?Okay so with my background. I graduated from the 2nd smallest Division 1AA school in the country (obviously non-target school) in 2011 with a SH!T gpa. I attribute it to being immature and just overloading my schedule. I was an Accounting, Finance, and Management major. I also played football and... 93 days 17 hours ago
IBM Unica Campaign Module online trainingIBM Unica Online Training in India. 21cssindia offers best IBM Unica training course in USA,UK,Canada,Australia and UAE Training is an costly Affair …….But what if it is done Online at the convenience of the Trainer & the Trainee sitting in any part of the World………. ... 03 days 19 hours ago
Welcome to 21st Century Software Solutions21st Century Software Solutions is a globally unique IT Domain, which offers Outsourcing solutions, IT Solutions, Network Services, Corporate & Online Trainings, Software development, Product / Application Development and maintenance and SEO services.21css india offers end-to-end solutions, from co... 03 days 19 hours ago
Consulting SalariesJust thought I'd toss this here for anyone thinking of consulting as a career: Latest information from Management Consulted - UPDATED 2015 = = = = = 1st Year Out of MBA/Grad Program = = = = = Accenture MBA Salary Signing Bonus: $35,000 (Canada: $15,000) Base: $135,000 (Canada: $140,000)... 153 days 20 hours ago
Mckinsey Round 1 with AlumniI have a round 1 Case interview coming up with McKinsey and it is with an alum. Is that normal? I fall into the experienced hire category. ... 53 days 20 hours ago
Best Commodity Tips Today : 31 July || MCX Bullion TipsGold became cheaper by 7% this month , in a strongly declining crude. MCX gold with 0.50 per cent at Rs 24 591 per 10 grams level, is trading at . Silver also declined , while the same . Rs 33 856 per kg on MCX silver prices slipped occurred. MCX Bullion Tips Today : Gold (August futures ) Se... 03 days 20 hours ago