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+1Is it possible to fix the TRUMP Brand?Please note: This is not a political debate on Clinton vs Trump, please dont start. We know that Donald Trump is one of the most controversial candidates to ever run for President of the United States. His opinions, views and speeches have caused chaos all over the globe, he has made a lot of peo...304 days 36 min ago
0Company Interview: Rothschild04 days 58 min ago
0Most prestigious non-MBB firms in India?Hi all, Sorry if this is a repost, but I couldn't find any relevant info in the forum. I'm currently a Masters student (non-MBA) at a top B-school in Europe (think HEC, London Business School). The consulting job prospects in here for non-residents is extremely competitive so I'm thinking of appl...04 days 1 hour ago
0Career Advice - MM Analyst to no-name PE or stay in banking?Hi guys, I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I'm a second year analyst at a pretty reputable MM bank in Europe and I've got an offer from a MM PE shop that we advised last year. The thing is I'm not entirely sure if this is the right choice to make. My branch is pretty much all relationship banking ...04 days 1 hour ago
0JPMorgan Finance Analyst Development Program: starting as an analystHey everyone. This summer I'll be starting as an analyst in JPM's FADP (in Delaware). Has anyone gone through this program or know someone who has? If so, what are the best teams to work in? What are the exit opps for analysts coming out of the program, in terms of B-school and/or career path...264 days 1 hour ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase04 days 1 hour ago
0Company Compensation: Stephens Inc04 days 1 hour ago
0Promontory Financial First Round InterviewHey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any information about promintory financial. Have a first round interview today for a summer internship position and was wondering what I should expect....04 days 1 hour ago
0Turnaround PE --> Distressed HFI'm currently considering a role at a PE firm that specializes in complex transactions, incl. bankruptcies, turnarounds, complex divestitures, etc. It seems like the role would encompass both a set of financial analysis skills, industry analysis skills, and operational/management analysis skills. ...24 days 1 hour ago
0PE Associate - Co-InvestDo most private equity firms allow associates to co-invest in their fund? ...144 days 2 hours ago
+2Big Banks Getting Bigger?A recent CNBC Article highlighted survey results that showed public opinion on the banking industry at detrimental lows. Public confidence in banks is the one of the lowest ranked, coming in ahead of only newspapers and Congress. Many of the respondents to the survey stated that they would like t...14 days 2 hours ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase04 days 2 hours ago
0Young company valuationHi, So recently I was in a recruiting process for a position as an equity researcher for small/midcap tech companies. As a part of that process we were asked to do a small analysis of a firm. They were happy with my description and analysis of the firm and industry. However they were dissatisfied...24 days 2 hours ago
+1What would you do if you accidentally met a billionaire?Imagine that one day you were just minding your own business and then suddenly, Bill Gates/Elon Musk (or another billionaire) just appeared out of no where and you have him in your line of sights... Now, what would you say or do at this moment when you know you would probably never see them again...104 days 2 hours ago
0Why is self storage business so much smaller in Europe (or anywhere outside US)?The table (worldwide comparison) I attached is a bit dated, but I'm not sure how the proportions changed, but basically self storage space per capita in Europe (exl UK) is ~90 times smaller than in US. UK has around ~50% of self storage space in Europe and yet per capita self storage space is still ...44 days 2 hours ago
+152017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting MegathreadWhen does FT IB Analyst recruiting typically start? I am a recent graduate (May 2017), and am wondering when banks will start taking resumes/interviewing online, or via other methods. Thanks guys!...4614 days 2 hours ago
0Company Interview: Citizens Bank04 days 2 hours ago
+5How early do you get up to seize the day?Was reading an article which states that the likes of Tim Cook and Richard Branson wakes up at 4am everyday to kickstart their productivity. [quote] A new report published in the Wall Street Journal says that 4 a.m. may be the most productive time of the day. [/quote] However, do note that the...564 days 3 hours ago
+2How do you handle a (nice) boss who takes credit for your ideas?I work as an Investment Analyst at an Angel Investor network and report to the Partner. He is a good guy in general and has been supportive in all aspects. However, we were having our weekly meeting the other day with our Advisor and I was surprised to see him take credit for a couple of ideas of mi...254 days 3 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Liberty Mutual Insurance04 days 3 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase04 days 5 hours ago
0FP&A Technical Mastery Boot Camp -- Chicago, Oct. 19 – 21, 2016Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...04 days 5 hours ago
0KPMG case interviewGot a 2 hour case interview with KPMG for a rotational program with transaction services, M&A and valuation later this week. They sent me an IM on a fictitious company. Don't know what to expect. Anyone who has experience tackling this? I guess it's going to be valuation related. What kind of detail...04 days 5 hours ago
+1HF Legend on The Equities Bubble and the Future of Hedge FundsHF legend Julian Robertson shared some interesting thoughts on the HF industry and its future. [quote]Hedge funds are facing the most challenging time Tiger Management’s Julian Robertson said he’s seen in an investing career spanning several decades, and the industry pioneer cautioned that thei...164 days 6 hours ago
0A switch in departments from Ops to Front officeHi everyone, So I applied to a firm for Operations as I thought it was the easiest way to get. I am not part of the sales and marketing commodities support team. I got an excellent grade in my university surpassing most of the student body and realised I could have aimed for something in the FO o...04 days 7 hours ago
+1Why does nobody talk about HSBC?Seems as though HSBC is a ghosttown on this forum since I have yet to see a thread about them in months. Are they really that bad or is it because they are an internationally focused bank?...164 days 7 hours ago
0Myriam Touimer Los AngelesI have happy to see this strong connections between beautiful models with her business. Read this great post and know about the successful models and how they all are working with her industries. ...04 days 8 hours ago
0LBO model: reflecting an OID correctlyQuick technical question regarding the correct treatment of debt tranches with OIDs on the pro forma balance sheet. The precedents I have found within my team reflect the debt amount correctly, (i.e. less the OID on the PF balance sheet), but then appear to calculate goodwill incorrectly (i.e. th...34 days 9 hours ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers04 days 9 hours ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley04 days 9 hours ago
0Interview at EY Leads DubaiHi all, I recently had an interview with EY Leads in Dubai. I am posting the interview qs asked here to help other candidates and even get my own doubts cleared on the Qs. Questions asked were: 1. While you calculate the DCF - US treasury rates are used - which one 20 yrs vs 10 yrs should be t...04 days 9 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company04 days 10 hours ago
0Accel-KKR repAny update on this firm - reputation, salary, experience? Used to have strong ties to Accel and KKR, but seems to be independent from both now. Plays in low/mid-market software PE space with respectable AUM and exits....04 days 10 hours ago
0Company Interview: Guggenheim Partners04 days 10 hours ago
0Opinion and readings on Blockchain Blockchain is a hot topic - therefore I was wondering what the opinion of Blockchain is here? Sounds like it could make a lot of back office work redundant. Any interesting companies around? Interesting readings on use-cases?...14 days 10 hours ago
+1How are Ivy League graduates taking our jobs if there are no business/finance/accounting majors? WTFI don't get it, most of the Ivy leagues do not offer business/finance/accounting majors unless you get an MBA. How is Wall Street filled with these Ivy League graduates who did not graduate in a related field?...104 days 10 hours ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs04 days 10 hours ago
+5WSO Private Equity Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!Big Announcement: WSO Private Equity Official Resume Template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience is Now Public!: Click here for the free investment banking resume template for college students. For those of you with deal or project experience coming from Investment Banking ...244 days 11 hours ago
0WSO Hall of Fame: Private Equity ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Private Equity Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best discussions on the private equity industry. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews please navigat...04 days 11 hours ago
0Group: Energy TradingThis group is a place where energy traders and students trying to break into energy trading can come to discuss recruiting and the industry....124 days 11 hours ago
0Company Review: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney04 days 11 hours ago
0Company Compensation: BNP Paribas04 days 11 hours ago
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services04 days 12 hours ago
+1Cornell Hotel vs Cornell EconI just externally transferred into the Cornell Hotel School this year. I'm currently a first-semester sophomore, and I want to break into investment banking. I was wondering if I should transfer into econ in CAS (perhaps that might be better). I am also thinking about possibly majoring in computer s...114 days 12 hours ago
+1Eastdil Secured Equity Sales Compensation and Exit OppsI know this topic has been discussed before although most answers in past threads were pretty ambiguous. Does anyone have an idea of what first year analyst compensation figures (base+bonus) look like on Eastdil's equity sales team in NYC. Also for a person who ultimately would like to work in REPE ...94 days 12 hours ago
0Company Interview: PJT Partners04 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: McGladrey & Pullen04 days 13 hours ago
0Background Check Questions...Hello All, I have had a few unfortunate run ins with the law over the past ten years. In 2010 I was arrested and convicted of DUI, then 9 months later, also in 2010, I was arrested and convicted of shoplifting after I took a prescribed sleeping medication, and blacked out, then walked out of a st...24 days 13 hours ago
0How Do M7 Schools View BigLaw Experience Do certain M7 Schools hold an unfavorable view towards applicants who are exiting biglaw? Furthermore, if my law school grades are better than my UG grades, will that help at all? ...44 days 13 hours ago
0Company Interview: KPMG04 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Bloomberg04 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup04 days 13 hours ago
+1Levfin at a Japanese BankHi everyone! long time lurker, first time poster. I was wondering if LevFin at a Japanese bank is considered investment banking. The structure is as follows: Analyst (2) Associate (2) VP/ Directors [RM's] 5 Head of group: 1 So the RM's are relationship managers and they manage relationship...104 days 13 hours ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs04 days 14 hours ago
0Deutsche Bank - Wise to take an internship opportunity this summer?Hello experts -- does anyone have thoughts about the possible risks of taking an internship at DB this summer? Or is the scope and track record of the firm make the experience "worth it," despite its current situation? Other options for me would be MM IB. Thanks!...34 days 14 hours ago
+3BB vs EB in LondonHi guys, I have been following the forum for some time now and I need some perspectives regarding this question. How is the elite boutiques or independent advisory firms generally viewed, compared to bulge-bracket banks in London in terms of PE placement, US business school and general comps, presti...284 days 14 hours ago
0Company Interview: ZXL04 days 14 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse04 days 14 hours ago
0Non Target School - NetworkingI am an undergraduate from a non target school looking to land a job in equity research on either the sell side or the buy side. I have diverse internship experience ranging from ratings analysis to PWM. I have tried to network with alumni, but most of their firms (hedge funds mostly) are not hiring...04 days 15 hours ago
0Company Compensation: BMO Capital Markets04 days 15 hours ago
0Company Interview: Brookwood Associates04 days 15 hours ago
0Laid Off from Buy-Side, Has Anyone Experienced This?Hello, Today is my first day as being a member of Wall Street Oasis and this is my first post. I was quite fortunate to enter the buy-side immediately after graduating undergrad. The company I worked for had 6 mutual-funds and while we were small we had great success initially. I worked my way...14 days 15 hours ago
0Upenn Econ or Rutgers UndergraduateOk...So what do I do. I currently go to Rutgers University and study Finance and Math. I got accepted transfer to UPenn Cas-Econ. My options are as follows... UPenn- Econ - 58k of debt total, payments look to be $700/month for ten years. Rutgers - Finance & Math - No debt or I could ch...334 days 15 hours ago
0Invited to Bank of America New York EventI was invited to attend a BAML Asia Pac. event in NYC with no travel stipend and I live in VA. Should I personally pay for an amtrak or email hr? Thanks...24 days 16 hours ago
0San Francisco HousingHello Monkeys, I will be starting FT in SF near the end of the year and felt that it was an appropriate time to look for housing. It seems that 2Bedroom apartments are a lot cheaper than studios and 1BR, so I am looking for a roommate that would be willing to share a 2BR apartment with me. I will...34 days 17 hours ago
0Any SoCal analysts here? I need helpI'm working on a large SoCal development deal and am looking for some help gathering up and packaging comps for several asset classes. Lease/Sale comps for Hotels, Class A-B Office (MOB?), Retail... CoStar wants a disgusting sum from me to sign up for all the counties I need access to. Here is...04 days 17 hours ago
0Sophomore Asset Management InterviewI have an on campus interview with a decently sized Asset Management firm in a few days. I'm a sophomore. Any idea on what type of questions to expect? ...04 days 17 hours ago
+1PJT Advisory PlacementAnyone have word on how well the 1st PJT (not BX legacy) class placed? Heard good things but yet to see any tangible results ...154 days 17 hours ago
0Company Interview: Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO04 days 17 hours ago
0How important is MBA for Real Estate Finance? And how much does the location matter?Hello All, I have a 2 fold question. But let me tell about myself first. I am working for the Real Estate division of a well-known bank (one of the largest in this country). It is a senior analyst position for the Residential Real Estate division. But I want to go to the Commercial side as a Commerc...14 days 17 hours ago
+9Mid 90's was the wildest lending I've seenAnybody here that's about my age (39) and older will remember the mid to late 90's resi lending as being far more aggressive than the 2000's. In 1996, at age 19, after working for a large consumer finance lender (similar to TransAmerica), I got in the mortgage business. Times were very different...34 days 17 hours ago
+8AMA: I'm an Agricultural Commodities TraderI'm a senior trader with 8 years of experience in the ag markets. I currently trade physicals only but have traded futures and options to a small extent in the past as part of my hedge book. I have experience in grains and a wide variety of other ag byproduct commodities. Feel free to ask me anythin...1304 days 17 hours ago
0Eclipse tradingI have an interview coming up with these guys in a week or so. There seems to be fairly little information available on the company in general and their interview process. I know an ex-Optiver guy is behind the company and all traders are pretty much expected to follow his trading philosophy, but do...04 days 17 hours ago
0Effective Reading TipsHi WSO, I am a freshman at a semi-target. I am interviewing for an investment banking club in December, so I subscribed to the WSJ and the Economist. As a guy who hasn't read that much before college, I was wondering how to get the most out of these two publications. I'm assuming reading the ...24 days 17 hours ago
+1Please d-stroy my resumeI am working on submitting my resume for IB and Commercial Real Estate full-time positions. Please let me know what I should work on.... I am trying to decide on splitting my resume into work experience and extracurriculars so I have attached two versions. Thanks a lot!...54 days 18 hours ago
0Why Do You Recruit for PE in 1st Year Rather than 2nd Year?Why do PE firms recruit Analysts in their 1st year, rather than 2nd year? Also, is the only reason to hold out on recruiting during your 2nd year because you will have to do a 3rd year of investment banking. In my opinion, it seems smarter to do 3 years of IB and significantly increase your chanc...14 days 18 hours ago
+2Twitter: To Charge Or Not To ChargeOct 10 (Reuters) – “Twitter Inc's shares slumped more than 13 percent in early trading on Monday after a weekend Bloomberg report that top potential bidders, including Inc , had lost interest in making a bid for the company.” “How is this app still free?!!!” is a popular...64 days 18 hours ago
0Company Interview: PNC Financial Services04 days 18 hours ago
0Company Review: Boston Consulting Group04 days 18 hours ago
0PE interest from FMCG marketeer backgroungI graduated from the best high school & college (with low GPA though) in Turkey- now have 2 years of FMCG marketing experience and aim to apply for top MBA schools, aiming to focus on PE afterwards. Any advice and comments on feasibility? Thanks in advance!...04 days 19 hours ago
0Credit Checks for Consultants at UBS Hi: Does UBS conduct credit checks for consultants from EY, Deloitte etc.? I am fine with drug and other tests, but poor credit due to a medical issue in my family. ...04 days 19 hours ago
0Im at a crossroadHello WSO, So I have been searching for an equity research analyst role for months but cant get any hits. Anyone have any tips or would be willing to look at my resume? ...14 days 19 hours ago
0Breaking Out of BO to FO through networkingHello All, I recently graduated from a non-target but top 10 public business school in May and am currently working BO at a local AM shop. Now I could go on all day about how much the BO sucks but to describe how I feel about the BO in the words of a coworker: "If they ever taught a monkey how to...34 days 19 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch04 days 19 hours ago
0moving from a boutique to Wall StreetCan anyone provide some information on this topic. I appologize the post is so broad and open-ended. I recently accepted an offer at a small boutique firm in Atlanta. I am extremely excited; however, its not the place I want to spend my entire career. I'm interested in banking long-term. Does any...34 days 20 hours ago
0Company Interview: GCA Savvian04 days 20 hours ago
0Company Interview: FTI Consulting04 days 20 hours ago
0Company Interview: Ernst & Young LLP04 days 20 hours ago
+1Private Equity interest from a Physician backgroundHi All, This is going to sound unrealistic..but here goes.. I am an older surgeon (50 yo) who is interested in Private Equity/Hedge funds (involved in hospitals, clinics etc). Have an EMBA from a top 5 school. How would I combine my interested in PE/Hedge funds with my background and current life-...74 days 20 hours ago
0Lateral move - compensation increaseI am curious as to the % compensation increase other monkeys have experienced when making a lateral move. For example, Level: Senior Analyst Group Focus: Healthcare M&A Bridge: regional no name to regional no Name Comp Increase: 15% increase in base, similar expected bonus Other Notes: f...04 days 20 hours ago
0Company Compensation: US Bank04 days 20 hours ago
+1The route to investment banking for an Accounting MajorFor those of you who are accounting majors or accounting/finance and are looking to pursue an internship/1st year at a BIG 4 firm, this is one of the best ways to go if you want to break into IB/PE/HF in the future. PwC - Deals: Helping our clients get the best deals done at the appropriate price...574 days 20 hours ago
+1SA at Goldman Capital Markets vs. MM Generalist IBD (Think Jefferies/Guggenheim/HLHZ)The title says it all, offers all for SA. Would the GS name brand help in FT offer at top IBD shops? ...54 days 20 hours ago
0F500 Corp fin.. please help!............................................................................................................................................14 days 20 hours ago
0MS Commodities Analyst Internship Essay?Hey guys, Anyone on here apply for commodities analyst internship at MS? Got an email a few weeks ago to submit an "application supplement" (essay about oil/energy/ etc...6 options to choose from) and was wondering if anyone else has gone through this process before/ is going through it now. I k...24 days 21 hours ago
0Commercial Bankers - How do I write a credit review?Hi WSO, I have some interviews coming up for commercial banking analyst positions and was hoping that someone who currently works in commercial/corporate banking could provide me with a template for writing a credit review for a new or outstanding transaction (i.e. a term loan or revolver). It wo...14 days 21 hours ago
0Company Interview: Fidelity Investments04 days 21 hours ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs04 days 22 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase04 days 22 hours ago
0Getting into an Investment Bank in India.I graduated with my Bachelor's degree with a major in Finance, in 2015. I am a CFA level 3 candidate awaiting my level 3 exam results , which is scheduled to be out on 9th august,2016. I am really looking forward to get into Investment Banking. I have some knowledge about trading as I have been man...34 days 23 hours ago


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