Staff Accountant 02 days 6 hours ago
Ross vs Anderson vs Johnson for IBIf I don't care about the location of post-MBA job, which do you think is best for IB?... 52 days 6 hours ago
Low interests loan leverage a good start ? Interest rates are a very important part of a market condition. With Obama opening discussion to raise the Fed interest rates, the market might change. Canada did the exact opposite by lowering their rates to .75% which enable canadian to borrow cash at prime rate 2.85%. Considering the market s... 02 days 6 hours ago
Real estate investment analyst to IB/PE/VC?I currently work at a boutique I-Bank and I am not really learning that much/getting involved. I may have an opportunity with a large multi-billion dollar real estate investment firm in an investment analyst role. My question is: is it hard to move back into IB or PE after a few years as a real esta... 92 days 7 hours ago
Cold CallsIm a rising Soph Finance/Accounting Major at a non taget private school in Tx. The prospects of a summer internship are looking bad at this point, and I was planning on cold calling all the IBs in the area as a last resort. I'm just planning on saying where I go to school, major, what I want to do, ... 152 days 7 hours ago
Practically No Recruiting @ NYUJPM is only recruiting for IB. Merrill Lynch has 6 unpaid positions up. Morgan Stanley has 1 posting. GS isn't there at all. They only took 4 Stern kids for the GS securities class last year (10 from all the ivies), so that's no surprise. I remember going to a business honor society volunteer wor... 592 days 7 hours ago
wolfe researchso obviously ed wolfe was a stud at bear and is the authority on transports equity research. any opinions on institutional sales positions at this shop? in terms of comp/environment? ... 02 days 8 hours ago
book about financial marketI guys, I'm a finance student, I'm intersted in pursuing a carrer in banking, Asset Management etc.. I'm asking for an advide about a good book, which will explain me the financial market. I would like to have a more technical view, to understand better and also to succed during the application pr... 62 days 8 hours ago
Advice: Deciding between two 1st-year internships?This is sort of a question between technical vs. personable skills in the finance industry, and which skill set is more highly valued by recruiters. I'm a freshman at a target school and my desired career path is Investment Banking. I'm trying to build my resume this summer and was really fortuna... 32 days 8 hours ago
Booth vs Fuqua for BB IBI've been accepted at Fuqua and Booth. My goal is BB IB in NYC. I thought Booth would be the obvious choice due to its higher ranking but from looking at the employment numbers, they appear to be about the same in terms of BB placement. Duke is hands down the much better school for me in terms of... 62 days 8 hours ago
for ib which is more imortant CPA or CFA?just for better looking resume... 102 days 8 hours ago
Best job for intraday downtime?I am perusing the WSO compensation report and i’m am entirely underwhelmed by the salary + bonus figures across the entire industry. Not just IB, but all the other categories as well. I will throw out a number to anchor the discussion: 150k. I would rather not work at all than make anything less t... 42 days 9 hours ago
MBA - CorpFinHello, I've been working at a mid-sized bank's treasury for 4 years and I'll be applying to MBAs in Round 1 next year. I'd like to get your thoughts on programs (top 25) that are especially good at CorpFin/Corp Treasury since that's where I'd like to end up post-MBA (with a preference for the Eas... 42 days 9 hours ago
Vice President - Equity Research 02 days 9 hours ago
Summer intern 02 days 9 hours ago
Can anyone offer some help with interview preparation?Hi All, I have applied for a Corporate and Strategic Analyst entry level role at an international manufacturer. The role is supporting corporate dev, strategic planning and corporate communications. I’m through to the final stages, and despite having demonstrated an interest in finance and h... 02 days 9 hours ago
Summer Analyst 02 days 10 hours ago
Official Petition to Bring Back Brady4MVPWe, the monkeys of the Wall Street Oasis online community, hereby petition the resurrection of the user famously known as Brady4MVP. Currently said individual is operating under a moniker highlighting the distinction between mba's and muffins, and he is struggling. Having recently updated his avatar... 422 days 10 hours ago
I hate my job...My job is so fucking unbelievable. I'll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with: First, there is this supermodel wanna-be chick. Yeah, okay, she is pretty hot, but damn is she completely useless. The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on makeup. She is extremel... 52 days 10 hours ago
I'll work at Abercrombie & Fitch this summerI already have investment banking experience to add in my CV, but it was just 6 months as an intern. That's all my work experience and I couldn't get any offer related to finance for this summer... Should I also add in my CV that I'll work as a shop assistant in an A&F store? If so, how would ... 12 days 10 hours ago
Why is my resume not working? Please annihilate my resumeSomething about this resume isn't working. Could you please slap some sense into it?... 22 days 10 hours ago
how does financial sector look like university ECs?What are some of the best ECs? how do banks look at TAs? I have an oppurtunity to become a first year TA next term, but it will cut into my workout/sports schedule is it worth it?... 12 days 10 hours ago
Audit Associate 02 days 11 hours ago
Beach Point Capital interviewCredit hedge fund. Anyone has experience interviewing with this shop / know what to expect?... 22 days 11 hours ago
"Billions" - a new series about hedge funds is coming to Showtime in 2016I just saw this article posted on Business Insider. Showtime will be airing a series written by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The cast seems strong based on the mention of Giamatti, who likely won't be drinking any f%cking merlot, and Damian Lewis, the guy from Homeland that... 102 days 11 hours ago
WSO Hedge Fund Interview Prep Package in the Works!***NOTE: I am willing to pay cash AND give you a free copy of the package if one of your cases or pitches ends up in the actual guide.*** Please send me an e-mail ([email protected]) explaining the case or pitch (long vs. short or type of case study) and I'll tell you more. Now we are... 192 days 11 hours ago
50 cold call with no lead?I have made over 50 cold call and email and now we are approaching April. Should I continue on? I feel like at this point, there isnt much I can do to secure a summer placement. ... 92 days 11 hours ago
Abbreviating Numbers in a ResumeI've been working the last few weeks on trimming a two page academic CV down to a one page resume. I've cut most of the fat and have made enough progress to reach a pretty concise one page. However, for some bullets I've had to reduce numbers less than 10 to numerals in order to prevent any one bull... 62 days 11 hours ago
Analyst, Index Research 02 days 11 hours ago
Analyst, Index Research 02 days 11 hours ago
Risk Analyst 02 days 11 hours ago
Most common resources used in conducting market research?Hi there - I have an idea that I want to pitch to some folks and wanted to conduct due diligence/market research. I was wondering what resources are used by ER folks? I would like to answer questions about market size, competition, trends, demographics etc. Are any of these affordable for individ... 02 days 11 hours ago
What finance topics should I touch up on for a Summer in Corp Dev?I'll be working at a f500 and I was wondering which finance concepts should I touch up on? ... 02 days 12 hours ago
Relationship Headline Examples For WomenRelationship in the Catholic world may be very completely different than relationship for non-spiritual people. These questions stem out of a worry of being alone ceaselessly, study to problem this fear, and begin to really feel higher in the present day. What an extrovert is, life ans an extrovert... 02 days 13 hours ago
Equity Research writing test+modeling test next Tuesday, seeking for adviceHey guys, I am going to attend a 2 hours writing test + modeling test for an ER position next Tuesday, since I dont have any experience or much knowledge about ER, could anyone give me some advice on what the test might cover or what should I prepare for it? Thanks.... 762 days 13 hours ago
Analyst 02 days 13 hours ago
FAS SA to IBD FTI'll be interning in Financial Advisory Services (deal dependent mix of M&A and restructuring) with a decent firm this summer. I'm planning to network a lot with a strong alumni base from a target/semi-target school, but with a middle-ish/lowish GPA, no prior IB experience (some PE though if it coun... 22 days 13 hours ago
Sales & Trading typical interview questionsHello All- Wanted to get a sense from the community of what in-person typical Sales and trading questions are with the appropriate responses. TIA.... 12 days 13 hours ago
Elliott Management / Elliott AssociatesWhat's the word on this hedge fund run by Paul Singer? They seem almost as secretive as Rentech. Anyone who has information to share - I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks...... 152 days 13 hours ago
Shaved Head Looking through all the threads on this topic, it appears that there are not many serious answers to this question, so I'll ask it here. What are your opinions on a student completely shaving his head when applying for SA/FTA positions? I normally keep long hair, but recently cut it short a few mont... 82 days 14 hours ago
Quick PE QuestionIs Equity Capital Under Management the same as Assets Under Management? Thanks.... 12 days 14 hours ago
Info needed about CanadaNeed some information about Canada and Canadian Asset Management market. 1. I plan to cold call people working at Canadian asset management firms. I would like to know how Canadians are towards receiving cold calls. To rephrase, What I am looking for is whether they are receptive like Americans (... 92 days 14 hours ago
Can't find search barI'd search for it, but, well, I can't find it.... 12 days 14 hours ago
Vice President 02 days 14 hours ago
Hit Pause when you get Overwhelmed (and other tips)Recently an analyst in my office was obviously overwhelmed. History showed that this analyst was a very high performer, but something was off as his work product was subpar and he was being short with all of us. I asked him what was up and he said, "I can't get everything done, and the work keeps st... 02 days 14 hours ago
Analyst 02 days 14 hours ago
Last Day in NYCIt's our last day in NYC. Any must sees/dos before heading home? Thanks!... 12 days 14 hours ago
Summer Analyst 02 days 14 hours ago
Graduate 02 days 14 hours ago
hello all wso usershello all. a friend told me about this website. sorry about the poor formatting i am using my crappy phone ;) ... 12 days 14 hours ago
New to the IndustryHello Everyone, 2012 College Grad. I am relatively new to the industry. Quit my job about a year ago (not finance related) which I got right out of college, to get into a trading job. I got trained/traded prop for a year and learned a ton. While there I got licensed (series 56) and got some real ... 12 days 14 hours ago
Extra Year of CollegeHi everyone: I am a transfer student at a top 30 school, and I was wondering if it would look bad if I spent an extra year in college. I have a lot of work experience (relative to my age). I currently intern for an investment bank, and this summer I will be interning for a large private equit... 12 days 14 hours ago
Hello from a wholesalerHey everyone I have been a MF wholesaler for going on 5 years for a boutique fund company, recently turned 27. Tonight my Dad, of all people, suggested that I start looking into furthering my education to advance my career and hopefully move into a national sales director or director of national... 12 days 14 hours ago
Medical Student looking to do IB in South AfricaHi I am a 3rd year Medical Student(3rd year of 6) looking to switch to IB in South Africa. I would like to know which is the quickest and most feasible way to break into IB at one of the top banks in SA 1) Finish my medical course and then try getting in some way? 2) Study Bcom with Fina... 12 days 14 hours ago
Happy to join WSOHello everyone.. I am a central banker with previous experience in financial markets. I am looking to make a transition in my career, to corporate finance. Currently I am applying to B-schools and MSF programs in the bay area and I am scouting the website for any info I can get. Glad to have joined ... 12 days 14 hours ago
Andrew Garret INC ? I'm currently in the process of trying to switch fields into the financial world. I had an interview with Andrew Garrett INC in NYC, was offered a position, however, was informed that the first step in their process is that you put up the fee for the Series 7 & 63 along with the appropriate books ... 12 days 14 hours ago
engineering studentfrom a non target school , trying to get to ibd , but also aiming for MBB... 12 days 14 hours ago
engineeringfrom a non target school , trying to get to ibd , but also aiming for MBB... 12 days 14 hours ago
Security AnalysisHi, I'm a college Student taking a Security Analysis class. My professor doesn't teach and expects up to read the book. The book we are using is Security Analysis and Business Valuation on Wall Street by Jeffrey Hooke. Im not very fond of the book and I was wondering if someone could suggest a book... 12 days 14 hours ago
Networking in Salt Lake City?How many folks on this forum are working in SLC? There's several major banks located downtown so I'd imagine at least a god few of you. Anyways, I saw some other threads of people organizing networking events at bars and clubs in NY, London, and other cities, so I'd figure I'd see if any would be in... 12 days 14 hours ago
Potential InvestmentsHi everybody, My name is Vinh. Now, I'm working as an Investment Banker in Apecs (Asia Pacific Securities Joint Stock Company) - a Securities Holding in Viet Nam. During meetings with lots of companies, I realize that they really need some strategic investors to raise fund, or they can consider ... 12 days 14 hours ago
New monkey looking to growFor the past few months, I have been studying in Finance and really found a passion for the subject. I'm still in my early university years but even with very low experience I had couple of success I would like to share and learn about what I could do better. Please keep in mind that I live in C... 12 days 14 hours ago
I preferred older version of WSOI dont want to diss the new site, but honestly I preferred the old site. It just seems like its harder to read with this interface. Please dont throw monkey shit at me for this, was just really wondering if anyone else felt this way. Also, I have to admit I'm very bad at dealing with tech updates lo... 22 days 15 hours ago
CFS does not reconcile with BS?So I'm studying the accounts of BHP Billiton and I find that more than half the items of the CFS do not reconcile with the BS. For instance: Inventories on CF: 54 is subtracted means they went up by 54 Inventories on BS: -36, so they went down by 36. I did manage to find out in the AR that the... 22 days 15 hours ago
What Watches do You Wear?Need to get a watch, but from all that I've seen, none fancies my eye. What do you you guys wear on a daily basis?... 1632 days 15 hours ago
Switching from Sell Side to Buy SideDoes anyone have experience in switching from being a sell side equity research analyst to a buy side analyst? If so, was it difficult? Or is this a natural progression? I ask because I would like to start out in sell side, focusing on a sector, understand it thoroughly, and then later on mov... 02 days 16 hours ago
How is Credit Suisse Holding Up in LA?Going through the forums, it looks like people were talking, especially around 2013, about CS LA going downhill. I know that they used to be one of the biggest players in LA, but are there any updates on them (I couldn't find any recent info)? How are they doing compared to current top shops in LA (... 72 days 16 hours ago
Project Finance - exit opportunitiesWhat kind of exit opportunties at Associate 2/3 level in Project Finance with a top player?... 82 days 16 hours ago
Moyer - distressed debtAnyone know where to find an electronic copy/ pdf. Any links appreciated. Thanks... 332 days 16 hours ago
Project Finance exit oppsHi all, I was wondering what the general exit opportunities are (if any) from Project Finance? Thanks very much.... 02 days 16 hours ago