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0Typical income/promotion timeframeAssuming you do everything right, what is the average income at each stage of investment banking? I've always heard of it being very lucrative, so I'm wondering just how lucrative. ...13 days 17 hours ago
+3Wells Fargo 2017 SA Anyone else have a first round today? Just wanted to create a thread for everyone that's going through the process ...493 days 17 hours ago
0F500 Financial Analyst Internship vs. Middle Office Internship at PWM/Regional SuperbankWanted to get some advice on this. Trying to decide where to intern this summer. On one hand, I could intern at a F500 and receive a potential job offer upon graduation that's pretty appealing (this particular company promotes to SFA/Manager pretty quickly and the pay is 100K range pretty soon a...13 days 17 hours ago
+1WSO: What Do You Hate and/or Love?Dearest Fellow Primates...I feel like it's time for another assessment on WSO and hear from you where you think we should be focusing our efforts the most. Before we talk about where we should go, let's recap what we have done recently: #### New Server & Software This past Saturday we upgraded...53 days 17 hours ago
0Current Bankers: Office Names/LingoAll you current bankers out there, what office slang/pejoritive attention grabing words do you hear the most....273 days 17 hours ago
+1Paper LBO ExamplesHi everyone, Do any of you have paper LBO examples you can share with me? Tried to look online and didn't have much luck. Thanks in advance....13 days 18 hours ago
0DST vs TICWas interested in hearing feedback on practical differences that exist between DST and TIC structures. Anyone have experience with a firm that has worked through both structures and has a preference for one over the other? ...23 days 18 hours ago
+1Can someone explain what post MBA MBB exit opportunities are really like? I am headed to a business school in the fall and my goal is to exit into a rotational program in industry. But I am also exploring other options because well, the full time MBA is my one chance in life to totally change the trajectory of my career. So why not look at what's out there. With that s...93 days 18 hours ago
0Percentile and RankHow often are the banana point rankings and percentiles updated? I've been at the same number for a couple weeks and I was just curious to see how much I've posted compared to other users. Also, it would be cool to see the users above and below you in points when you click rank in addition to the...33 days 18 hours ago
+1Deleting CommentsAll dudes and dudettes should have the option of deleting one of their own comments in addition to editing it (with the usual caveat that it hasn't been quoted yet). This would remove a lot of clutter on the site, where bros accidentally double post and such. OP's can already do this for the OP itse...33 days 18 hours ago
+5Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-CampFinancial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing enroll in self-study financial modeling train...443 days 18 hours ago
+1Mark Read buttonCan a 'Mark Read' button be added to the forum so users can clear out the 'x new' counts on threads without having to access every single one?...53 days 18 hours ago
0Consultancy in BangaloreLayoffs raining good news for the Start up industry ! ! Globalization means lots to us and that does not matters to two thirds of the population in the world and at no time in the history of the universe has the cancellation of Christmas orders in California meant layoffs in India. A recession is ...13 days 18 hours ago
0Which one is best Airbnb or CorporateHousingByOwnerI want to rent out my home in Austin; Please suggest me a good website where I can list my home to find a best and high paying tenant. I have checked two websites Airbnb and CHBO which one you suggest? CHBO is paid but still I think I should go for it what do you suggest?...33 days 18 hours ago
0Regarding 1031 exchangesNever been on the buy or sell side of a 1031. Had a couple of general questions, and then one that's more opinion based. * From the date that the sale/downleg closes, the investor has 45 days to identify replacement properties. Are there any cases where the 45 days can be extended, or is it pr...13 days 18 hours ago
+1Are Robots coming for Wall Street jobs?**“All these guys, they’re gone,” the trader said, pointing out over the large trading floor. “In their place, we’ll have five programmers.”** "Trading will migrate to hedge funds. Jobs in the back office and stock-research departments will be done by machines. The heavy lifting of fu...03 days 19 hours ago
0Knit TiesAre knitted ties acceptable in the office? BB banks? If so are there any brands you'd recommend? thank you...23 days 19 hours ago
0Real Estate Case - Palms Casino Resort03 days 19 hours ago
+1Interesting Podcasts To Help The Day Fly ByI understand that there have been previous podcast threads in the past, and I listen to all the main "Finance and Business Related Ones" Barry Ritholtz, Planet Money, WSJ xyz, Bloomberg Deal of the week. I also listen to a couple non-business related ones: The Moth, Radiolab, Ted Radio Hour etc. ...23 days 19 hours ago
+1Nail In the CoffinThe same publication that began the spectacle that is Elizabeth Holmes's decline... The Wall St. Journal seems unrelenting with their Theranos stories. It looks like they are in for more hard times. [Theranos Slashes Staff, Voids More Test Results]( days 19 hours ago
0They're in the TreesI'm an incoming first year analyst. I'll be working as a coverage analyst. A large majority of the deals that I was exposed to throughout the course of my summer internship pertained to financial sponsors work. Obviously, as a SA, my deal exposure was typically only skin deep. Nonetheless, I kept he...23 days 20 hours ago
+1What is everyone's opinion of: Castellan Real Estate PartnersI see these guys posting from time to time on the cornell-baker board. What kind of shop are they exactly? What is their reputation? Analyst/Associate comp? Exit ops? Would you want to work there, etc? Cheers!...173 days 20 hours ago
0Finance- Finance and Accounting Division Goldman Sachs SuperdayI recently got invited to a superday for the Finance and Accounting at Goldman Sachs! Any tips or any body that has gone through this process! Thanking everyone ahead!...03 days 20 hours ago
0Goldman IB Intern Background CheckI received a summer offer from GS in IB in the early fall. Accepted immediately and thought I was good to go. A few days ago, I was charged with a misdemeanor for possessing a fake ID. My court date is in march, around the same time that Goldman carries out the background check. Anyone know whether ...03 days 20 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company03 days 20 hours ago
0MetaTrader Demo Account: Uses and BenefitsThe foreign exchange market is an attractive place where people from all over the world trade. As you need a trading platform for trading in this market, it will be best if you use a demo account. The MetaTrader 4 trading platform can be regarded as the best forex trading platform. There are a numbe...03 days 21 hours ago
0MM & Boutique REIBHi All, Is there a list or database out there where I could find what MM and Boutique Investment Banks have strong Real Estate groups? Even better if I can drill down by city... Doesn't necessarily have to be free but that's always better. Thanks!...23 days 21 hours ago
+2Undergrad at an LAC?Hi! I'm a senior and applied to mostly LACs, some universities (but lower tier). I'll major in Econ, maybe science (or should I avoid science?) I'm wondering which schools offer best internships/jobs (preferably on WallSt) because I would like to pursue an MBA. Also, I'm not joining a Greek house o...123 days 21 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group03 days 21 hours ago
0Company Interview: Houlihan Valuation Advisors03 days 22 hours ago
+1Warwick Econ or Cass Quant?Hello! I am applying for my master degree(in UK) these days, and I received 2 conditional offers. I am not sure which one is seeking advice from you here... Warwick - MSc in Economics and International Financial Economics(not in WBS) Cass Business School - Quantitative Finance ...53 days 22 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 days 23 hours ago
0PhD Economics - value added?!Profile: Current Position - Derivatives Trader at mid size European Prop Firm MSc Finance & Management - Target UK School BSc Chemistry - Non Target UK School Would adding a quantitative PhD Economics from a UK Target school help me transition into HF/ Investment Research?Advice on value ...34 days 19 min ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase04 days 1 hour ago
0Big 4 Audit=Golden Ticket to CFO/Controller Track? For those Current or Former Auditors out there or for those that know the industry: Is it really true that a few years(2-3) in audit is able to set the foundation towards becoming a CFO/Controller? Obviously, there are many routes to CFO/Controller(IB, Consulting, Transaction Services, etc), but...34 days 1 hour ago
0Company Compensation: 2100 Xenon Group04 days 1 hour ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo Securities04 days 2 hours ago
0Electricity Market Policy/Design -> Solar/Utilities Private Equity? This is just a hypothetical. Crux of my question is whether a career in *electricity market* policy (design) can ever lead to a career in Private Equity in the electricity space. There's an ongoing shift in the provision of electricity infrastructure, which AFAIK will result in new decentralised ...24 days 2 hours ago
+5Best Place to buy suits for IBD Analysts?Hey all, I will be working as Investment Banking Summer Analyst at a BB in the NYC office. I was wondering where some good places to buy reasonable priced, slim fitted suits are (think $600-900 range). I bought a suit from brooks brothers last year but thought the fit was too bulky. Any suggestions...334 days 2 hours ago
0[Help] Finishing college late - 26yo - digging into financeHi to all, I'm glad to find this Community. I'm 26 and I'm finishing my Economics undergrad only now in Portugal. When I finished high school I was accepted at a college in the united states but I needed to "abort" that dream because I needed a bank loan at that time and loan's interest just s...34 days 2 hours ago
0Coverage Banking/Group - Day in the life (REQUEST)*Disclaimer: I am requesting for someone on WSO to submit a "Day in the life" post of thread. WHY? --- I am currently working with HR to secure a move internally into coverage banking/into the coverage group in IBD (I am coming from MO, but with FO experience). WHAT I WOULD LIKE ANSWERED --...14 days 3 hours ago
0Company Compensation: KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts)04 days 4 hours ago
0Company Compensation: AXA Advisors04 days 4 hours ago
+1MSF vs mbaI am 26, without a college degree as I dropped out in my sophomore year due to financial trouble. Since I have worked several jobs mostly mean jobs and now I am making close to six figures by trading derivatives? I want to restart my academic career and starting college again in fall and complete my...74 days 5 hours ago
0Any long-time Apple users make the switch?I own multiple apple products: I have a apple desktop, macbook, ipad, iphone, even a watch... In the past, I considered switching over to the other side as a lot of my accounts are google-linked and I thought a integrating google into my life over apple might be the move. I never made the move be...14 days 5 hours ago
0Staying in St. John's University or Transfering to Baruch I'm currently attending St. John's with a 3.0 GPA as a sophomore majoring in Finance, is it worth it to transfer to Baruch? I don't mind finishing undergrad in 5 years as long as its more worth it in the long run. What would you guys do in my situation? If I attend Baruch I will be attending for fre...24 days 6 hours ago
0Company Interview: Citadel Investment Group04 days 6 hours ago
+2Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here make sure you're ready for it with a Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done in a hurry? Expedited Service is available (72 hours or less*). If you're not serious about breaking into Wall Street, you shou...454 days 6 hours ago
0Deloitte S&O lay offs?Seeing the extent to which the big D gets hyped here in a constant basis, can a few of you shine some light on why there are a lot of lay offs to be happening in S&O and why campus hiring is minimal? I know Tech and Digital are doing fine. Is Deloitte trying to specialize towards Tech and Digital an...14 days 7 hours ago
0Choosing major, career path, graduate candidateHello everyone, I will try to make this short and to the point. I am an incoming graduate student at an NYC school. I have always wanted to be a day trader who can work from home. I do not have the funds to start this on my own and I also need to support a family one day (reliability). I would l...04 days 7 hours ago
0Point72 versus boutique IB for sophomore year internshipI'm a sophomore at U-M, and last summer I worked at Point72 in the front office doing research for one of the groups there. I had a great experience and really like the team. However, my goal is to land a BB internship my junior year. I'm wondering: If investment banking is my goal, would I be best ...44 days 8 hours ago
0Personal Portfolio Management SoftwareA lot of us here on WSO run personal portfolios. I currently use Excel to manage mine, but that's becoming increasingly inefficient. Any suggestions for alternatives? I heard that Personal Capital wasn't too bad. Portfolio123 is pretty good, although it's mainly used to manage quant investments. ...04 days 8 hours ago
0Differences between BS Lender and Debt FundWSO - Was curious if anyone could go over some of the differences between balance sheet lenders and debt funds. I'm new to the RE world and would love to learn from some of the more experienced guys out there. Few things that come to my mind: * Modeling: BS lenders usually take senior pos...24 days 8 hours ago
0Does Deutsche Bank Summer Analyst program ask for College Transcripts when doing a background check?aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...14 days 8 hours ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley04 days 9 hours ago
+1WSO Hedge Fund Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!HF Resume Announcement: WSO has released a hedge fund resume template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience!: Click here for the free investment banking resume template for college students. Just like our PE resume template, this resume is for pros with deal experience coming ...74 days 9 hours ago
0Is AM/IM still a good place to start out?I have an internship offer for a top IM Firm (PIMCO/Wellington), and am wondering if these are still good places to begin a career. I understand the outflow of money from active to passive,as well as shrinking fee structures, but am not too familar with the intricacies of the trend beyond that. Are ...24 days 10 hours ago
+1Call for advice from PE professionals - Undergraduate hopeful in distressThanks to anyone who takes the time to read this. I appreciate even more anyone who decides to contribute. So the situation is the following- I was just confirmed to attend an "Undergraduate Investment Clinic" for undergraduate students in New York City on January 7th. The 9-hour session is said ...84 days 10 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank04 days 10 hours ago
+1McGill Desautels vs Queens Commerce vs Western Ivey? for undergraduate business with an end goal for investment bankingI am deciding on where i want to go to university next year. I am deciding between McGill Desautels (hopefully honours in investment management), Queens commerce, and Western Ivey HBA. My goal is to be recruited to a big bank in NYC right out of school, get an MBA and go work for a hedge fund. pro...54 days 10 hours ago
0Oakmere Home Group of Companies - Home Quality Review of Strawberry Fields at KendalStrawberry Fields at Kendal features Oakmere Homes Advisors’ high-end four-bedroom homes priced at a minimum of £295,000. Like all its other home projects, Strawberry Fields boasts of scenic surroundings and numerous amenities which offer expression for the local residents’ multi-faceted cultu...04 days 11 hours ago
0Tech APM to VC AssociateJust graduated in 2016 from a top CS school, currently an Associate Product Manager at a large startup that's doing quite well on a great trajectory (think Zuora or Okta). I'm thinking about next steps (for 2018), and VC seems like a great fit for me; my career goals long term involve starting a com...04 days 11 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley04 days 11 hours ago
+37What your liquor of choice says about you In a rare moment, I've found myself at a local, wooden, quiet neighborhood bar sitting alone drinking my 3rd Budweiser with a closed out tab. I thought it a pleasant way to break up my week though I hope not to make a habit of it. With not much else to do, and tired of looking at screens all day (un...874 days 12 hours ago
0Company Interview: Kinder Morgan04 days 12 hours ago
+1Bates/Colby College - IBD / Top InternshipsHow are Bates/Colby College viewed on the Street? I have a choice of either pursuing a Math/Econ Double major, an Econ Major, or doing the 3-2 Engineering program with Columbia (in which I would major in Financial Engineering). However, the courseload is completely brutal for the Columbia program; r...84 days 13 hours ago
+2Blackrock Financial Modeling Hirevue First Round InterviewHi everyone, I received an email regarding a first round "virtual interview" with BlackRock's financial modeling group (for a summer internship). They offered me two choices of assessments I could take, one coding based and one based on "financial modelling statistics," which they describe as foc...54 days 13 hours ago
0Company Interview: Cowen Group04 days 14 hours ago
0Company Interview: Bank of America Merrill Lynch04 days 14 hours ago
+1McKinsey SHL On DemandJust wondering if anyone is familiar with the new McKinsey SHL On Demand test. It is a 45 minute Verbal + Math test. I guess it is replacing the PST. Anyone know the passing rate/how to study for it? I got a notification that I need to take this test now. ...64 days 14 hours ago
0Shl questions, help me!!Does anyone have any links to practice SHL questions apart from the ones on the SHL website? I always fell down on the numerical test. :( Any help/links would be appreciated. Thanks....54 days 14 hours ago
0where to download SHL testHey guys, Does somebody know where I can find torrents to download some SHL tests (and Kenexa by the way) ? Thanks ! ;) ...44 days 14 hours ago
0MM Chicago Baird Blair HL CompThrow away account, I'm active under another username. I was wondering about comp for 2nd/ 3rd year Analysts lateraling into a MM bank in Chicago ...14 days 14 hours ago
+2Citigroup SuperDay Chicago 11/02Anyone hear back from Citi IBD superday today yet in Chicago? They had a couple schools down so maybe someone can let us all know ...134 days 14 hours ago
0AR Write-OffsI have been doing some research and looking through the guides, watching videos etc... and am still confused on accounts receivable write-offs, bad debt expenses and allowance for doubtful accounts. It seems like some companies have allowances while others do not. If you have an allowance, does ...44 days 14 hours ago
+1Seeking advice on Development (Prop Trading)Greetings Monkeys, I have been hovering around this topic on my own over the past few months, for reasons you will get introduced to further in the post, and have not had much of a chance to discuss it with other people from the industry as I do not really know many Prop Traders outside my firm. ...24 days 15 hours ago
+1Mck Dallas vs BCG BostonWhat factors (i.e. prestige vs. career trajectory vs. geographic location vs. ease of firm) would you weigh when deciding? Also, is BCG an easier firm to be successful / turn consulting into a career? I know they both have Up or Out....64 days 15 hours ago
+1Analysts...Help me figure this outIts evidently clear that famous large cap stocks (Apple, Google etc) have many analysts (on both sides) covering them and they also happen to have the most daily trade volume on average. All these companies started small and gradually grew, attracting more analysts and investors over time. I came...74 days 15 hours ago
+1Most tax efficient thing to do with my 40k+ bonus??I'm currently on a 80k salary base, but I currently don't have a 401k, retirement thing set up at my work yet because, long story short, I declined to do so because I need to take care of personal family things, etc. Anyways, I've been doing well at my work and will probably will be getting a big bo...104 days 15 hours ago
0Real Estate Case Study (Commercial Office Building): Acquisition Underwriting, Execution, Sale04 days 15 hours ago
+1French Foreign Legion Considered Prestigious Work Experience? Do business schools understand foreign armies or military services such as the French Foreign Legion and consider it as a prestigious work experience leading to MBA? All for a US born, US educated individual. For example, doing sales for two years (really well) and then joining the French Foreig...54 days 15 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley04 days 15 hours ago
+1doing FIG sophomore year?Would it be bad if I interned at a FIG IB shop over the summer as a sophomore? Or is the pigeon-holeing thing more relevant to juniors and full time people?...54 days 16 hours ago
+1Thoughts on using Yesware for cold emails?As a junior at a non-target who hasn't landed anything yet for the summer, I've resorted to cold emailing to try to set up informational interviews which hopefully lead to formal interviews. I've done this in the past and didn't get many responses so this time when I learned about Yesware I definite...154 days 16 hours ago
+1Always the last analyst copied last on emails -- Any psychological significance to this?Analyst in a product group at a BB. Whenever VP's or MD's send my four analyst group emails, I am always the last analyst copied. If someone is referring to all of us by name, I am always last. Maybe I am being a bit insecure, but it kind of makes me think I am the last analyst that they think of...194 days 16 hours ago
0Rate my chances at getting into LSE's MSc in Finance & Private EquityHi, I'm a Pakistani Student in a new private Turkish University (not very well known). I've been dreaming to get into LSE's MSc in Finance and Private Equity. I'll be graduating in 2018, and sending my application in by November 2017. - Anticipated GPA: ~3.6/4.0 - Anticipated GMAT: ~ 700+ - ...04 days 17 hours ago
0Any thoughts on these next generation activist hedge funds?I am researching for my next steps after finishing the 2 years of investment banking with a focus on restructuring at a BB. I am interested in joining one of activist hedge funds in the future. Can anyone here help share some of your opinions for the following shops? 1. Engaged Capital (Glenn W...24 days 17 hours ago
0Lump sum payment of land + building + Equipment. Can you amortize loan for land and depreciate for building and equipment?When receiving one loan of $1m from a lender for 4.5% annual rate to purchase Land (300k) + Building (200k) + Equipment (500k), can you amortize the $300k for land as if its a mortgage loan and depreciate the Building and Equipment amount? or if you are amortizing the total $1m loan, you can't depr...04 days 19 hours ago
+1Should I Accept This Offer? - Recent Grad Seeking AdviceHi All, I recently got an offer at DBRS (4th largest credit rating agency, but not in the Big 3) in their FIG group in their NYC office. My eventual goal is to enter investment banking, is this job leverageable in the future for a position in banking? Would it make me attractive to FIG groups at ...64 days 19 hours ago
+1How would you discover small businesses (with elderly owners) near NYCIf you were targeting founder-owned businesses in the NYC area to acquire, how would you go about finding businesses in which the owner was elderly / may retire soon? ...54 days 19 hours ago
0Lifestyle/Hours at different Asset Management groups?I am an undergraduate student looking to go into Asset Management, and I wanted to get some insight on the culture/lifestyle/hours at different AM firms. The most important thing to me is that I have a good work/life balance...I don't mind working a 70 hour week every now and then, but I don't want ...84 days 20 hours ago
+1Top M&A teams at JPMHi, I'll be joining JPM's London office in IBD and have to state my team preferences soon. I was wondering whether anyone knows what the best coverage teams at JPM are? According to dealogic and the ft, JPM rank either no.1 or no.2 in pretty much every coverage team but I'm not sure how accurate ...14 days 20 hours ago
+1Wealth Management Internship Interview Questions and Pointers?Hello! So I have an interview for my very first internship coming up in a few days...I'm getting really nervous. The internship kind of just fell into my lap, and I ran with it, but I'm still kind of clueless. Not too sure if I want to get into wealth management, I just wanna get out there and pract...104 days 21 hours ago
0GMAT Quant vs. Verbal weightsHey, I wanted to ask if schools assign higher weight to the Quantitative part when looking at applications. I am from a country where the spoken language isn't English, and although I studied my first degree in English, my Verbal part grade isn't good. My Quantitavie GMAT grade is 50 and my exam gra...04 days 21 hours ago
+1Asset Management MBAI am thinking about transitioning into a career in Asset Management, with limited experience in finance... I am thinking about doing an mba at nyu, cornell (johnson) or dartmouth (tuck).. would any of these programs help me to break into the industry? (I understand that there "might" be other progra...104 days 22 hours ago
+2How many of you other PE guys only use IRR?My group is small but widely known in our industry market backed by ex-Wall Street execs, NYSE CEOs, etc. I was shocked when I got here to find that they don't use NPV as an investment decision metric, strictly IRR and cash-on-cash, revenue growth prodictions. Is this a norm with other shops as well...244 days 22 hours ago
0Jane Street Capital FIRST ROUND phone Interview.. what to expect?Hey Guys, I have my first round phone finance interview with JSC in 4 days. What should I be expecting? Anyone who had their ph interview with JSC.. your insight would be of great help. Also, any site where I can get a good prep?...974 days 23 hours ago
0WSO Happy Hour: Thur 1/19, 7:30pm @5th and Mad: The New Year's Edition!Happy almost 2017, dear monkeys! A resolution of mine is to be more consistent with monthly happy hours, and to that end we are starting 2017 off right with a drink-a-thon at our usual watering hole, 5th and Mad! Last time was a very pleasant event indeed, and there were requests for a Thursday nigh...04 days 23 hours ago
+1Enlighten me about the Sales and Trading Division Can someone tell me more about getting a job in sales and trading? What are the hours like? Can someone get into this job with a bachelor's right after college? Are there internships for this division? Is the pay sufficient enough? Is it worth it? etc. Any insight would be tremendously helpful....24 days 23 hours ago
+9Forbes 30 Under 30 2017Forbes came out with their annual 30 under 30 for 2017 yesterday. It's that time of year where we feel bad about ourselves, but at the same time motivated, because no matter how well you're doing, there's always someone out there who's doing even better. Unless you're a 29 year old Partner at Pershi...584 days 23 hours ago


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