[IB career advice] How many internships is too many?I need advice. Never thought I would be writing this post, and I really hope I’m not coming across as a totally insecure/whiny bitch, but here it goes: I graduated last April, and took a risk by accepting a SA stint (IB) at a top bank (satellite office). It did not pay off. While I received a g...22 days 3 hours ago
Help: Non-Financial Aptitude and Athletic Aptitude for Incoming Class Booklet.......22 days 3 hours ago
EU Proposes $928 Billion Crisis Aversion Plan...It's About Time! After months of avoiding the debt refinancing troubles of Greece, the European Union came together this weekend in a crisis summit to address the falling Euro and credit malaise in the EU. Describi...152 days 3 hours ago
Strong currency weakens itself?Hi everyone, I had a question about currency values and googling/searching the forum wasn't able to give me the answer I was looking for so I decided to turn to you guys! Apologies in advance if this question sounds foolish, but would a strong currency ultimately weaken itself? So lets say cou...32 days 3 hours ago
HELP g>KI am doing a stock evaluation project and I am confused what model to use when pricing a stock. my statistical analysis is giving me a RRR higher than the growth of the dividends. so I cannot use DDM because the denominator is (k-g) that will give me a negative price. (the way the market is no...52 days 3 hours ago
LSE Master in Financehey guys, i just want to know whether a Master in Finance at LSE is worth to go ? is LSE treated as top school by BB ? also, any chance of getting a full time offer in england if i study at LSE but i need a working visa?...202 days 3 hours ago
How long to wait to take a day off?........42 days 3 hours ago
Company Review: Deloitte02 days 3 hours ago
MM IB Analyst - Not Doing Much?Just started a FT gig at a top MM IB this past June (think William Blair, HL, Raymond James, etc.) and I don't feel like I've been doing much at all. It's not like I've screwed up on a project and no one trusts me with work - it seems like there just isn't a whole lot of work to go around right now....72 days 3 hours ago
why is EV/EBITDA very high for online companies?why is EV/EBITDA very high for online companies?...62 days 3 hours ago
How Do You Source Deals?I've heard heard countless times that knowing the right people and sourcing deals is way more important than your ability to build a model in CRE acquisitions. How does one typically go about sourcing deals in this space and do you have to be a social butterfly to be good at sourcing deals? I'd assu...32 days 3 hours ago
MBA or MS Computer Science to become a trader I would like to get into trading for either a BB or prop trading company. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in English but took a lot of Computer Science courses allowing me to get accepted to a Masters program in CS. I also did quite well on the GMAT (750) and debating whether the MBA route o...22 days 3 hours ago
TIAA-CREF.......12 days 3 hours ago
cenario capital management........02 days 3 hours ago
Does grad school GPA matter?.........42 days 3 hours ago
BAML Summer Analyst First Round interviewI was informed last night I have a first round phone screen Tuesday with BofA Merrill Lynch. I am coming from a non target, any one have advice on what questions to expect/ what to do to prepare?...172 days 4 hours ago
Any chance for Princeton MFin?Hey, Quick question for the chance of getting into Princeton MFin. Originally from China and currently in an Australian Top3 Uni (Sydney, Melb, ANU) GPA 3.9+ Mechanical Engineering Good calculus, linear algebra, statistics, PDE ranking top 1% One year exchange at a UK G5 Uni (not Oxbridge) ...72 days 4 hours ago
Are you buying stocks right now?........102 days 4 hours ago
Resume help: manage personal portfolio..........22 days 4 hours ago
Suntrust and BB&THello guys, I have been browsing the forums for a while and finally decided to sign up and ask a question. I am currently targeting Suntrust and BB&T to start a career in investment banking. They are realistically my best choices as I am from a state school with a sub par GPA and no connectio...42 days 4 hours ago
Is Education Overrated?I just had a conversation with a friend about education and it made me want to start this thread to get your guys' opinions. This chick that I was talking to is smart (perfect SATs, Amherst undergrad, magna cum laude, etc). In terms of academic brilliance, I think she is one of the most succes...192 days 4 hours ago
Company Interview: Avondale Partners02 days 4 hours ago
US DowngradedUS just got downgraded. My big question, what's going to happen to CAPM/DCFs?...142 days 4 hours ago
Citi CMO NY Superday 9/29/15Anybody heard back from the CMO superday today at their NY office?...122 days 4 hours ago
Company Interview: Robert W. Baird & Co.02 days 4 hours ago
What constitutes a 'business casual' attire?Can you guys give me some examples of what a business casual attire looks like - type of shirt, pants, shoes?...132 days 4 hours ago
Company Compensation: Liberty Mutual Insurance02 days 4 hours ago
Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers02 days 5 hours ago
Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 days 5 hours ago
FIG Multiples - What Trades Higher?What would trade higher, a Community Bank or Insurance Company? How about PC vs. Life Insurance?...12 days 5 hours ago
Company Interview: Croft & Bender02 days 5 hours ago
Love Problem Solution【+91-9828939517】Specialist Baba ji IN UK GERMANY SINGAPORELove Problem Solution【+91-9828939517】Specialist Baba ji IN UK GERMANY SINGAPORE Love Problem Solution【+91-9828939517】Specialist Baba ji IN UK GERMANY SINGAPORE Love Problem Solution【+91-9828939517】Specialist Baba ji IN UK GERMANY SINGAPORE Love Problem Solution【+91-9828939517】Speci...02 days 6 hours ago
PwC Final Rounds Case Interview?Can anyone give me some advice on how to ace this? I just got a case overview for this and I was wondering what type of questions would be asked, how should I format my powerpoint, etc. Has anyone here gone through this before?...02 days 6 hours ago
solution;}}}huSband wife problem solution +91-8239828622 Love MArrIAgE SPECIALIST MOLVI JIASasaSAsa sS SAS AS A SAS...02 days 6 hours ago
UBS Superday adviceHello WSOers, I have scored a superday with UBS wealth and was wondering if you guys had any superday experience insights to add to how I am prepping. I am putting together 5 work challenges stories, nailing my two minute 'about me' speech, keeping updated with the markets, and using a guide f...02 days 6 hours ago
Amsterdam Capital TradingHas anyone heard of this shop before? They seem to operate in a fairly niche market, but I am wondering if they are really known/would be a good company to intern with? days 6 hours ago
IB vs PE vc ConsultingHello All, I am new to the forum and am trying to get a handle on exactly what I want to do for my last summer internship. I am a Finance student from a non-target school in the Midwest, have a full year of PE real estate investment experience (internship), and a 3.17 Cumulative GPA and 3.57 Majo...22 days 6 hours ago
Tesla Model XIt's basically a minivan that goes from zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. Who is ordering one? days 6 hours ago
Newly minted Advisory Manager - Any recommendations on how to succeed? 32 days 6 hours ago
Jefferies & Regulation Why isn't Jefferies regulated and What advantage do they have over other banks that are? ...02 days 6 hours ago
resume; chances122 days 6 hours ago
Company Interview: Brown Brothers Harriman02 days 6 hours ago
Wall Street Prep Course ThoughtsHas anyone taken this course? What is the difference between the $199 and $499 package? As someone coming from a Big 4 TS background with little "on the job" modeling experience is this something that will be looked upon favorably by recruiters/possible employers when I put it on my resume? I...12 days 6 hours ago
Made a jackass of myselfHey Guys, I recently had a superday this past week and made myself look like a total idiot. The interviewees were waiting for a couple of stragglers to come in and just chatting with a recruiter and a couple of first year consultants. One of the first years was telling us about one of his proj...42 days 6 hours ago
Why Private Equity MattersWant to understand private equity?...this article is not a bad place to start. ...02 days 6 hours ago
Corporate Banking SF vs. TMT AtlantaCurrently finishing first year in Corporate Banking in Atlanta and have two opportunities. One would be for Corporate Banking in SF and one for a TMT group in Atlanta. Both banks are regional MM (Raymond James, STRH) Base pay is about the same. End goal would be Corporate Development at a F500....62 days 6 hours ago
Statement of Purpose: First Generation College GraduateDoes anyone give a shit that my Dad was a high school dropout and my Mom never went to college? I've heard being a first generation college graduate helps with admissions, but I feel kind of douchey bringing it up in my statement of purpose....82 days 6 hours ago
Anybody in ER in NYC want a free lunch? Looking to network.I recently relocated to NYC to transition from corporate finance into financial services. I work corporate and strategy finance for a F100 transportation & logistics company, and I am currently looking to transition into Equity Research, covering the transports or A&D industries. I have a BS and MS ...12 days 6 hours ago
Part-Time MBA: To do or not to do? Advice is appreciated!My fellow monkeys, I find myself at a crossroads and I am looking to enlist the collective WSO to put in their five cents worth of advice to help me with the next steps. I graduated from a non-target school with a BA, ECON (3.9 GPA) in 2008. Had some nice interviews in ST, IB (BB & Regional) ...242 days 7 hours ago
Cambridge Associates - Good Start for non-target undergrad?So I'm interested in feedback about whether or not a position as a junior associate would be a good first job. I come from a non-target school with a low GPA (under 3.0) so I understand my options are limited in the first place. But I'm wondering if CA would be a good place to start and get experien...162 days 7 hours ago
Combining GPAs from 2 institutions (transfer)......52 days 7 hours ago
Verus InvestmentsSince 1986, Verus has been helping institutions achieve their enterprise objectives with a combination of unbiased research, customized advice, and top-rated client service. Today we advise on over $100 billion in client assets, through non-discretionary consulting and discretionary OCIO services...02 days 7 hours ago
PE Funds where Ops works with deal team pre-dealDoes anyone know of any funds where the Operating team gets involved pre-deal? Possibly in the form of giving an opinion including potential operating improvements with the idea of executing the recommendations after close. If this doesn't exist, or even if it does for that matter, what are som...62 days 8 hours ago
Bloomberg: How 2 Guys Lost God and Found $40 MillionHave a look, this is gold. Hasidic Judaism to loan sharking, it's like the kosher version of Dan Bilzerian. (link inside post) days 8 hours ago
Best Self-Study Financial Modeling CourseHey guys, I'm starting FT at a boutique PE shop at the end of July. The firm is really new so I'll be the only analyst in the office. Needless to say, there is no formal training program so the partners have asked me to find a self-study financial modeling course. I have listed the three courses ...172 days 8 hours ago
Sourcing Deals - AnalystAs an analyst at a upper-mm PE shop, what are people's thoughts on deal sourcing? All the deals we have looked at come from bankers who are connected with the senior guys at the firm. However, I wanted to go out on my own to contact some of the lesser known banks to source some smaller deals that mi...32 days 8 hours ago
Company Interview: Bridgewater02 days 8 hours ago
Target Transfer Seeking Resume AdviceHi, I'm seeking resume advice. Primarily interested in S&T (more in Sales) and Asset Management, but also considering consulting. Which one would you say my experiences might be better suited for? Here's my story: Grew up in Russia, spent a big part of my life working as an artist in two diffe...32 days 8 hours ago
Hurricane SurvivalAnyone living in the DC area stocking up for a potential storm. I know ill be stopping by the store after work and stocking up on beer, dip, and snacks. What about you guys?...42 days 8 hours ago
Company Interview: Ernst & Young LLP02 days 8 hours ago
Corporate Strategy Interview Prep AdviceI have an upcoming FT interview with a corporate strategy group at a F500 Media & Entertainment company. I'm really excited about this opportunity, but I'm not too sure what kind of technical questions I should be expecting. I know corp strat interviews vary a lot from firm to firm, but I'd apprecia...32 days 9 hours ago
Deletepls02 days 9 hours ago
PE/HF | Summer 2017 Recruiting ProcessFigured this will be starting here in a month or 2 with all of the 1st years getting settled in. I know I have seen/heard that a lot of the headhunters have already sent out the lists to 2nd years they know to get the emails for the 1st years. Any 1st years getting pinged yet?...92 days 9 hours ago
I don't know how to progress my careerI work as a performance analyst for a small shop. I create performance reports for institutional clients at BB's. Right now I can't get promoted at my current office because it is small and has no room for growth. I'm getting bored with performance and I'm wondering what other career options should ...12 days 9 hours ago
Does anyone know what kind of swap this is?Does anyone know the name of the swap I have outlined below: 1. let's say Notional principal = 100. You grow your notional principal each period by inflation, then: 2. Calculate interest payable each period as: "Interest Rate Payable x Average (Opening Inflated Principal, Closing Inflated ...02 days 9 hours ago
Straumur Investment BankA specialized investment bank in Iceland...02 days 9 hours ago
Should I Quit After Only a Month? So I ended up settling on a job when my first choice fell through. I've been at this startup for almost a month and while I love my boss, I'm incredibly bored with my work (I.e. I'm not stimulated intellectually or challenged). It doesn't seem like this will really change either. My first choice end...02 days 9 hours ago
London Shopping: Shirts, ties, shoes and, well, suits! Dear fellow chimps working in the City (or CW), I have recently moved to London from continental Europe to start working FT. I have a few questions regarding shopping in London but also regarding business attire advice in general. 1) Which places would you recommend for buying a suit? (Prefer...52 days 9 hours ago
Sold business-career shiftsold my business, need career advice I just closed the sale of a oilfield equipment business I started ~2.5 years ago. Started it with around 100k I made in real estate brokerage and a borrowed 50 now selling for ~750k net. This was a unexpected offer and I initially did not take it but the gri...22 days 9 hours ago
Can someone give me their opinion on the Carlton Group in NYC (Equity and Debt Placement shop) from rep, comp, exit op, work envWhat does the group think about this NYC outfit? Comp? Value of exp? Exit opps? Work environment? Thanks....02 days 10 hours ago


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