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+1Macquarie Group PlacementI was wondering if anyone had any experience with Macquarie group placement and could give me some advice for summer. I know the infrastructure is very well regarded, but I was wondering if the Principal Transaction Group is better as it is very similar to PE. I want to make sure to join the group t...73 days 4 hours ago
0Industrials deals done by JPM I am trying to research deals on this topic - I only found the one of Stanley Black & Decker buy Newell Brands Inc's tool business and am trying to find others but it seems difficult to find. Can someone pitch in to share more info on this? Thanks....23 days 4 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JMI Equity03 days 4 hours ago
0Non-Target Senior seeking advice on Boutique Consulting Firms in NYC areaHello WSO consulting community, I am a senior at a Non-Target school on the east coast who will be graduating with an Econ degree in the spring. I've interned at a boutique wealth mgmt firm for the past two summers doing mostly research/analysis projects (finance/equity stuff). I'm looking to bra...03 days 4 hours ago
+1Corporate Strategy Analyst ?Hey guys, so I'm in my senior year in SoCal (one of the two UCs..) A HR just approached me on LinkedIn. I did some research about his headhunting company and it seems to be pretty legit : Addison group. He says he's been headhunting for a "fast growing tech company in LA" and here's a general jo...93 days 5 hours ago
0Mutiple GMAT ScoreHow do consulting firms, including MBB, consider multiple gmat scores? Do I have to disclose every score or is it permissible to present only my highest score? Thanks!...23 days 5 hours ago
0Need help on an internship projectHey I'm doing a project right now. My boss wants me to identify potential targets for a buy-side client. Like: XXX is currently working on a search for profitable US/Canada based solar companies. These companies need to be tightly held (not public companies and not owned by private eq...03 days 5 hours ago
0Alcohol, what a substanceHello, So I am on what is know as the emerald isle helping set up new trading desks, new employees and shit, and in true Irish fashion I have been sampling the booze on offer, so right now I am board, slightly drunk and have quite a lot of work to do, (modeling shit and reports), so my question i...03 days 5 hours ago
0How Important Are Non Finance Based Case Competitions for IB Recruiting?Hey everyone, sophomore finance student here wondering how important case competitions are for IB recruiting. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of fliers going around my business school advertising the upcoming case competitions. However, most of them are non-finance related, and are geared more towards con...33 days 6 hours ago
+1CMBS Cash Flow modelHello All, Planning to build a cash flow projection model for CMBS pool, interested to know if I can find some templates for reference. To give more detail, want to simulate Intex/Trepp projections in excel so I can use it when a security is not traded or not in the library. Much appreciate the ...103 days 6 hours ago
0Equity Research Final Round - Quarterly Results Write-upHello! I have an upcoming final round interview for an ER shop that is designating a 1-1.5 hour time frame with which I will be asked to do a write-up on a company's quarterly results. I was wondering if any of you have had experience with something like this in the past? I assume a lot of compan...13 days 6 hours ago
0Finance major or General Business majorIf you had the option to get into the best university in your state but for a general business degree or go to another university and get a finance degree. What would be better for the future and would a general business degree effect by decreasing your chance to land a job in the corporate world?...03 days 6 hours ago
0Undergraduate Target SchoolsHi, I'm a high school student, and I'm interested in finance and have been trying to learn about the subject. I would like to know what I can do to get into some target schools. I have an excellent academic track and scores, so what else can raise my chances of acceptance? Also, would any of you kno...23 days 6 hours ago
+1Barclays vs Allen & Co (FT)(NYC)Which is the better firm in terms of culture and PE placement/B-School placement? I know that Allen analysts tend to stick around rather than exit, but just curious. EDIT: NYC for both...113 days 6 hours ago
0Private Equity - Equity Placement FirmHey guys, Usual poster here but posting under this account to remain anonymous. Currently have an opportunity to work within a small PE firm with ...13 days 7 hours ago
0Professional Engineering (PE) License?I'm an engineer considering making the switch to consulting...before I get my MBA, would getting my Professional Engineering (PE) license greatly help my profile during recruiting? I'm thinking it won't hurt but it would take a some time to prepare for and pass the exam. I don't want to do engine...33 days 7 hours ago
+2"No drinking rule" established for employeesLloyd's of London, an insurance company in Europe, recently notified its several hundred employees that drinking alcohol between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm is forbidden. Apparently, it used to be popular to consume liquor with lunch, but the practice has died out over the years. ["Lloyd's was one of...213 days 7 hours ago
0BlackRock - Test?Testing...does BlackRock San Francisco hair test or urine test for drugs?...73 days 7 hours ago
0Company Interview: Cowen Group03 days 7 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Keefe Bruyette & Woods Inc.03 days 7 hours ago
0I-banking source for articleI'm a reporter for Poets&Quants working on an article about some investment banking data we've received. Looking for recent grads (graduated **undergraduate** business school from 2014 to 2016) working in I-banking. Send me a personal message if interested. Thanks!...03 days 7 hours ago
0Best 1 year MBA for Real Estate Investment JobWhat do you think is the best 1 year MBA for Real Estate Investment Job? (US or Europe as well.. but only 1ear program.)...23 days 8 hours ago
0High Customer Traffic Boosts Walmart's Sales during Q4 2016 [Walmart]( )'s international business delivered strong sales growth in constant currency in 4Q17 and Sam's Club delivered its best comp sales growth of FY17. The company added that it expects to train more than 225,000 department managers and hourly supervisors by this fall....03 days 8 hours ago
02017 Morgan Stanley Early Insights ProgramI applied to this a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything. Has anyone else applied or heard anything about the program?...13 days 8 hours ago
+8AMA - Non-Target >> Valuation >> MM IBAttempting to share my knowledge and experience lateraling from valuation to IB in an effort to give back to the WSO community. The situation: Non-target, landed a valuation role out of undergrad. Leveraged my valuation experience and was able to network into a MM IB analyst role after a year a...423 days 8 hours ago
+14AMA: I grew up in Consulting and reinvented my brand 3 timesHappy to answer any questions about how to decide if consulting is right for you, day in the life type questions, how to build a long term, fulfilling career in consulting, and if you are in consulting how to gain experiences without pigeon holing yourself, as well as build a case for promotion. Bel...363 days 8 hours ago
+3Clemson MRED ProgramI got my acceptance to Clemson's MRED program about a month ago, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on it. My main concern is the cost (55k for 18 months). I'm just not sure if I can justify taking on that much debt without having a better idea of what entry level pay is. I've been to...303 days 8 hours ago
+2Fixed vs. Floating Rate Wanted to get some feedback on a term sheet we received from a bank lender (Top 10 bank AUM). We requested a fixed and floating rate option from the lender. We received a term sheet with a 7-year fixed option and a 1-month LIBOR option (floating rate) that required a swap. Has anyone seen a bank le...223 days 8 hours ago
0Strategy& OfferHello WSO-folks, I just wanted to get your opinion on an offer that I have received from Strategy &. I'm currently an economist at a G-7 Central Bank, and through some networking was able to interview and land an offer with Strategy&. The job is not based in a G-7 country, and is in fact a develo...43 days 8 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Towers Watson03 days 8 hours ago
0Co-op offersGood Morning guys, I just need a little bit of advice. I am a sophomore at Drexel University and I got a few offers for my first co-op. For those of you who don't know about Drexel, it's not a target but the co-op system gives students great exposure to their fields. It is a five year three co-op...33 days 9 hours ago
+13How to get the MD to push your resumeMod Note (Andy): You can read his ongoing AMA here: "BB Operations MD AMA" We all know that the best person to push your resume for a internship at a BB is the MD. We have a high amount of authority and really can get someone in who might have less than stellar experience or some mediocre state s...403 days 9 hours ago
0How much money did you have saved up at 30?Heard a bunch of bankers with numbers between $50-$200k. They are always bragging about how much more money they make than consultants. Guess they forgot to factor in cost of living....43 days 9 hours ago
+1Showtime's "Billions" - What are your thoughts? For those of you who have seen Showtime's new show, "Billions," I'm wondering what you think of it? It "borrows" a lot from the SAC Capital story and includes some corny moments, but overall I thought it was entertaining. Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis are both good actors, if nothing else. If y...503 days 9 hours ago
0Slide beltsAre slide belts OK for a finance environment (i.e. investment banking, private equity, etc.)? I figure as long as the belt buckle is not ridiculous or not too flashy, it should be fine, but let me know if I'm wrong....13 days 10 hours ago
0Next step after PEI know pe is every banker's dream but what happens if one gets bored/burnt out/fed up with pe too? What would be a logical next step preferrably with humane work/life balance?...73 days 10 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Aberdeen Asset Management03 days 11 hours ago
0SA w/ Briefcase?Do those in your office look down on summer analysts who carry a briefcase. If it ends up being necessary for an analyst to carry a few items, should a backpack be used instead? I have a briefcase (as the one below) and wanted to know if carrying one would cross into the realm of ferragamo loafe...703 days 11 hours ago
+5Best Up-and-coming/MM PE fundsName some funds outside the KKR/BX/Apollo megafunds that you would love to work at. Shops with impressive management teams and foreseeable future growth...633 days 11 hours ago
+1Blank space on resumeSo I'm following the M&I template and I have some blank space on the bottom of my resume, around 1/6th of the page is blank. Do you think this is okay, or should I add in some activity from high school to fill in the space? Or perhaps, should I add in projects that I have done in class related to...103 days 11 hours ago
+5Books are back because Amazon likes themDo you guys read hardcopies still or more on iPad/Kindle? [Good article in the FT:]( [quote]Ten years ago, as Jeff Bezos launched the Kindle ereader in New York, he declared that “the book is so highly evolved and so suited to its ...653 days 11 hours ago
0Real World Mechanics of Currency and Hedging?So I understand the mathematical principles of currency and currency hedging very well; however, I have no idea how the industry operates in practice (given that it's a 24/7 business). I've got a business now that may require, in some respects, substantial currency trading and even currency hedging ...03 days 12 hours ago
+9The Best Sector, Asset Class, or investment idea for 2017 (that WSO didn't know existed)Now that it's bonus time for many people, I figured it would be a good time to ask an investment question. Since the stock pick question has already been taken, I wanted to throw out best Asset Class or Sector. As I enter my thirties, I am starting to have more money than ideas. Besides that, a...393 days 12 hours ago
0Verbal and contract Hey everyone. I received a VERBAL offer from a U.S. mm bank for an ibd position about a month ago, but I have not received a contract. I emailed the interviewer about a week ago, but I did not receive a reply. Last I heard she was working with HR to get the contract prepared. My question is: Do I...03 days 12 hours ago
+1'The Alchemy of Finance'Hello there, I've just acquired an another interesting book written by Mr. Soros, 'The Alchemy of Finance'. If any of you have read it (I assume some must have), what did you like about it, is it still relevant and, very importantly, what do you think about the theory of reflexivity in financial mar...93 days 12 hours ago
+9Staying Alive: 4 Tips for Surviving Corporate LayoffsAs an Oil and Gas professional, Fridays are both a curse and a blessing depending on whether or not I have a job at the end of the day. Since the price of oil has been on a perpetual decline and showing no signs of a recovery, thousands of employees have been laid off. Everyone from Jim the tool ...243 days 12 hours ago
0Bridgewater Investment EngineerHey everyone, Does anyone know anything about this position? I was contacted by a recruiter on linkedin and I was wondering if this is a good opportunity. My background is a top biomedical engineering undergrad/grad education, and I currently work in the medical device industry. I am indeed in...23 days 12 hours ago
0EY TAS Valuation and Business Modeling I recruited heavily for IB from a top target school but haven't had any luck yet. I have an interview set up with EY Valuation and Business Modeling this week and was wondering if anyone can speak at all to this division. -How similar/different would it be to an analyst role at an investment ba...73 days 12 hours ago
0Weiss Asset Management InterviewHi all, I just received an interview opportunity from Weiss Asset Management. Is there anyone who can shed some light on what to expect? WSO reviews say they are purely technical. Would reading "WSO technical interview guide" be helpful? (Although it's for IB..) Only got three days to prep, an...133 days 12 hours ago
0RBC Investment Banking FutureHey guys, I'm a current junior and have accepted an offer from RBC IBD for a summer internship. I'm just curious what the general opinion is about the future of RBC. From what I hear, RBC has a great culture and is recruiting aggressively to try and grow it's presence and brand name in the US. Pl...1033 days 12 hours ago
+1Bank of America Merrill Lynch Capital Markets FO considered IBD?a couple of quick questions that i couldn't find answers to after googling/searching around. 1. is capital markets considering an investment banking position? I have an offer from BAML Capital Markets and was wondering if it's considered a FO investment banking position or not? Would I be able to...313 days 12 hours ago
0Optiver Interview Process?Hi, So I passed the online numerical arithmetic test for Optiver (by the skin of my teeth!) and now I have a phone interview for a campus hire execution trader position coming up soon. I've been told it's an "informational interview" with HR, from what I've gathered it's also something of a behav...453 days 12 hours ago
0PNC Corporate and Institutional BankingHello, I have a super day coming up for PNC's Corporate and Institutional Banking Development Program. I was told that I would have to pick between two tracks to start my career 1)Corporate Banking or 2)Business Credit. I just wanted to know what are the differences between these two and if anyon...313 days 12 hours ago
0DBO Partners?Resolved --Outdated--...63 days 12 hours ago
+1How is Credit Suisse Holding Up in LA?Going through the forums, it looks like people were talking, especially around 2013, about CS LA going downhill. I know that they used to be one of the biggest players in LA, but are there any updates on them (I couldn't find any recent info)? How are they doing compared to current top shops in LA (...263 days 12 hours ago
+10Learn How to Decode Body Language from an FBI GuruThis is the next book review in a series of installments that will be coming from See my other book summaries on WSO here. If you find my summaries to be useful, sign up at the website here to make sure you don't miss any. Let me know in the comments below if you hav...203 days 12 hours ago
+1Capital Group Equity Research Associate programAnyone have thoughts on CapGroup's equity research associate program (not to be confused with TAP)? Seems like they hire a lot of IBD analysts who have completed their 2 year programs, with less of an idea generation role and more of a modeling monkey role? Thoughts on the program would be appreciat...253 days 12 hours ago
0REIT Compensation and Other ?'sHey WSO, I am evaluating a REIT offer cannot seem to find any info online or through WSO. Sorta curious to me how much real estate REITs control but a website like WSO and glassdoor have very little comp info. Anyways, I am looking for help with the following questions: 1) what is market comp ...543 days 12 hours ago
0Corporate Development InterviewI have an invterview coming up for a Corporate Development Associate position for a public company that is in the fashion/retail industry. I come from a background in TAS at one of the Big4, so I just wanted to see what kind of things you guys would think they would potentially ask. I have already...343 days 12 hours ago
0What kind of person wears a bow tie to work?I feel like theses guys are all part of a cult and secretly meet on weekends...403 days 12 hours ago
0Wells Fargo Leveraged Finance I know the group has the best deal flow and revenue at WFS. The threads in the board refer to it as the strongest group within Wells; however, my understanding is that Sponsors owns the LBO modeling. I've been told they do high yield and term loan b (mostly refi). With this in mind, would it still b...213 days 12 hours ago
0BAML Sophomore GBAM ProgramHave any of you monkeys been through the program? If so, what did you think of it? If not, have you heard of the program and is it well know on the Street? What sort of hours/tasks can you expect as a sophomore analyst? Thanks in advance - Trent ...1073 days 12 hours ago
0any ideas on interview questions from venture capitalI have a phone interview with venture capital next week. HR told me it would be around 40 mins with their senior analyst. I am an engineering phd candidate, and applied for their senior analyst position. So my question is besides the personal experience questions, what other they would ask. Will the...93 days 12 hours ago
+1JPMorgan Corporate Analyst Development ProgramHas anyone here participated or have any knowledge of the JPM Corporate Analyst Development Program? Is starting salary for analysts normally below $50K?...293 days 12 hours ago
0Review of Arisaig PartnersArisaig Partners is a Boutique AM/HF operating in emerging markets. Any thoughts on the firm? Roughly USD 3+ Bn under management, HQed in Singapore....133 days 12 hours ago
0Intrepid Investment Bankers Anyone has any insight into this firm? It's based in Los Angeles....113 days 12 hours ago
0The Weatherly Group for Lateral IBHas anyone on WSO had any experience with The Weatherly Group in terms of lateraling? I had a promising informational meeting with them and wanted to hear other people's perspectives....113 days 12 hours ago
+2All about Treasury/ Corporate Treasury! Hello Everyone, I searched through the forum and could not find much structured info about treasury. So wish to compile scattered info about treasury. Anything from what is treasury? entry barriers, how to be a treasurer, salaries, best organizations to work with, exit options, relevant certifi...723 days 12 hours ago
0Investment banking preparation during High schoolHey guys, I'm currently a high school student looking into Investment Banking. I'm quite interested in the field, and for the last year or so I've been playing around with stocks to get a feel of things, as well as reading up on various material (books, articles, etc.). My brother suggested that if ...483 days 12 hours ago
0Leerink PartnersInvestment banking summer analyst interview coming up next week (phone). Anyone have any insight on the culture, prestige, exit ops of the firm? What about advice for interviewing?...453 days 12 hours ago
0Deutsche Bank Special Situations Groupanybody heard of them / know anything about the group?...153 days 12 hours ago
0Capco Associate Talent ProgramI got an interview coming up for Capco's Associate Talent Program. Has anyone been through it? Any pointers? Thanks!...123 days 12 hours ago
0Lazard in San FranciscoWhat does everyone know about this firm? I know a few friends who interviewed at this firm from UCB and I am interested....483 days 12 hours ago
+2What should I do with 6 months of free time before starting FT?I just graduated and will be starting work in July. Any ideas on what to do with the free time besides traveling? Can't really travel since I'm broke. So far, I am looking for a part-time job to make some cash and planning on doing a GMATs prep course in a couple months. Any other ideas? ...1653 days 12 hours ago
+1J.P. Morgan Group SelectionHey guys, I recently accepted a general IB offer from J.P. Morgan in NYC next summer. I have been networking with a few groups and currently my favorites are LevFin, TMT, and M&A. Does anyone have advice on what are considered the best groups at JPM in terms of prestige and exit opportunities (PE...503 days 12 hours ago
0Barclays TMT group, Menlo Park: people and dealflow?Hi guys, I did some research on the forum, but couldn't find anything recent and/or relevant about the TMT group at Barclays in Menlo Park. Does anyone have some insight on the group? I know they are ex-Lehman (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm mostly interested in what people are like and if...323 days 12 hours ago
0The Best Sources of Financial News & CommentaryThe world today is chock-full of information, far more than any one person could possibly digest or hope to read. For this weeks blog post I decided to give a list of the news sources I use and find helpful, as well as inviting others to share their ideas. So, here goes. General Business: ...763 days 12 hours ago
0Morgan Stanley Private Equity InterviewHey guys, Does anyone know anything about MSPE? They seem very solid. Curious to hear if anyone has any experience interviewing them and what to expect for an Associate role? Also would love to hear if anyone has perspectives on firm culture (in the PE group), comp, work / life balance, etc....83 days 12 hours ago
0Got into NYU, not Stern thoughI applied to NYU and got in, but now I want to transfer into Stern for IBD. In order to do this, I need to take a semester of a writing class and a semester of Calculus. What are my chances? Should I also join clubs and such to boost my chances?...293 days 12 hours ago
0BB vs. EBSolid group at top BB (GS/MS/JPM) vs solid boutique (GHL/Centerview/EVR) for FT? See a lot of talk about comp not mattering at junior levels but to focus on what would position you the which of type would give "better positioning"?...583 days 12 hours ago
0UC San Diego semi target?I have been admitted to UC San Diego undergrad and was wondering whether it is possible to break into investment banking from this school. I am majoring in comp engineering but plan to switch to comp sci as it will be easier to maintain a high GPA for grad school....153 days 12 hours ago
+1Bulge Bracket TMT vs. Qatalyst PartnersIf you had an offer from GS or MS TMT group and Qatalyst Partners for an analyst position, which would you take? I'm honestly having a hard time with this. Since starting in 2008 Qatalyst has done $70B in TMT advisory and has truly set itself apart as an best in breed boutique. On the flip side, ...443 days 12 hours ago
+2Jefferies PayHow is Jefferies these days?...1263 days 12 hours ago
0Did I screw up: Chose Barclays over Lazard?Hey Y'all, I was lucky enough to land around 8 offers during recruiting. 2 BB 2 Elite Boutique 3 MM 1 Non-IBD I ended up choosing Barclays over Lazard (which was my second choice) after consulting with a bunch of people in the industry, talking to many people at both banks, and analyzing...683 days 12 hours ago
0Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) Prep Courses?I'll be writing the BAT at my school this Friday, March 15th. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good preparatory resources that may be useful in reviewing/studying for the test. I would have preferred to have left myself more than 4 days but unfortunately, I was busy with other exams. Also, if a...833 days 12 hours ago
0Going to Interviews after Accepting an OfferIs it okay to continue to go to interviews with other banks after accepting and signing a contract with a BB?...743 days 12 hours ago
0Credit Suisse HOLT Valuation ChallengeRecently got accepted to Credit Suisse's HOLT valuation challenge; however, it has been postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to find out more about the competition. Has anyone on here participated in the challenge or will anyone be participating in this y...183 days 12 hours ago
+1Top Reasons for being a FIG AnalystHello everyone, I have been lurking around for sometime, but was too lazy to post/express my views. To give everyone esp prosp. monkeys a background of myself. I just finished my 6 month placement internship at GS/MS/JPM in the FIG team with a FT offer based out of London. Some might say I am...1073 days 12 hours ago
0IU Kelly v UIUCI'm transferring from a CC and am planning to go into IB. Which school would be better as far as job opportunities. Im assuming I get into both of course. Indiana University Kelly School of Business or University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. UIUC is a better school all around but IU is a top te...223 days 12 hours ago
0Blackrock PAG prestige?I want to know how prestigious BlackRock PAG is. I am deciding between some offers between this and a prop trading shop called trillium. I'm leaning towards BlackRock right now because i hear it is very analytical and has great exit ops into hedge funds or investment banking because of the Black...283 days 12 hours ago
0Raytheon Finance Executive LDPAnybody here have experience with Raytheon LDP's, specifically post MBA? I am looking to compare Raytheon's salary, benefits, experience, etc with similiar LDP's in Energy. I already have a clearance and think I would be a good candidate, but I've dealt with government contracting before and n...163 days 12 hours ago
0Urban Land Institute (ULI) or others worth it?Hey guys, Anyone working in RE (specifically in NYC) and a member of ULI or another group like it? What do you think of it? Pros/cons? I'm trying to decide if it will be worth joining. Thanks...263 days 12 hours ago
0Equity Capital Markets interviewI am interviewing on campus with a BB firm for ECM. What types of technical questions should I expect? ...733 days 12 hours ago
0hall capital partnersanyone know about the exit opps / pay/ anything at hall capital partners in SF? i'm interviewing for research analyst ...93 days 12 hours ago
0Liberty Lane Partners LLC - Has anyone heard of them?Does anyone know anything about Liberty Lane Partners? They're recruiting at my school for OCR, for a Private Equity Summer Analyst position, but there is no job description and their company website doesn't say much. Can someone point me in the direction of where I could find info on them? Or d...83 days 12 hours ago
0BB CMBS Loan Origination GroupsI was curious if anyone has any insight into exit opps for top CMBS shops loan origination groups. Assuming your group works on various deals (mezz, bridge, senior debt, construction, land etc), how marketable are you to REPE firms? Even though you didn't work in the REIB group and gain exposure to ...223 days 12 hours ago
+1What color dress shirt can you wear with a suit?With a dark suit, are you pretty much forbidden from wearing anything but a white/blue dress shirt underneath? I like the look of a dark gray suit + black shirt with a gray or black tie, but I've heard this is a huge no, especially for people new to the industry. Are different colored shirts some...413 days 12 hours ago
0Why insurance companies are bad for a finance careerSorry for asking this question which definitely exposed my outliner's nature. But I'm really curious why insurance isn't counted as a serious financial product, apart from equity, debt, commodities and FX? And why my ibank friends hate insurance guys. Is it because they always try to sell insurance ...663 days 12 hours ago
0CFA JobLine - Worth the Expense?Has anyone paid the fee to access the CFA JobLine database? I'm interested to see how many jobs are posted for someone looking to move laterally as an analyst with about a year and a half of experience....33 days 12 hours ago
+1Interview with boutique investment bank. How should I prepare?I won't go into my background or anything unless anyone asks. I just want to know what I should prepare for. It's a phone interview. ...1203 days 12 hours ago


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