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0Company Compensation: Citigroup04 days 16 hours ago
0CFA or internship before masters of financeHi everyone, im in a bit of a dillema. I have 3 months free till college starts in October 2016. In september 2017 ill start my masters in a new country, germany, as i want to get a masters of finance there as well as a job. I speak german by the way, and was thinking. What would be better for me...64 days 17 hours ago
0Will my GPA affect me getting a job?I started at a small school as a health science major. I did poorly my first year, which caused my GPA to be low. I switched to Finance my sophomore year and did much better. I had a 2.6 and 3.0 my first year. My second year I got a 3.7 and a 3.7. My overall average right now is at 3.25. Will it aff...04 days 17 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase04 days 18 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital04 days 18 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital04 days 18 hours ago
0SOTP Valuation - 70% stake in subsidiaryHey guys, I was asked to perform a SOTP valuation for a case study. There is this company with multiple divisions, which I separately valued using trading multiples. Now this company also holds a 70% stake in a publicly listed company. How do you take this into account? Can I take the EV of 100% ...14 days 19 hours ago
+1What is so bad about UBS?It seems like UBS is an ongoing joke on this forum for being known as "the worst" of the bulge bracket investment banks but I have always wondered why? I talked to a lawyer at a major M&A law firm and he even he knew how bad their rep is amongst bankers. We talked about different banks and he said "...384 days 20 hours ago
0Interview tips: nothing wrong but we have chosen a candidates with a better resume than youHi all, Some times I have to be rejected for a interview and i asked for feedback, asking maybe something that I did wrong during the interview or something that made him chose the other candidate every time I was told that I had not done anything wrong but they have chose a candidate with a bet...04 days 20 hours ago
+4Still no MD after 30+ YearsMy wife has worked for a big IB in NY for over 30 years. She's 60 years old. Of course, her goal is MD. She's now an ED. Every year, she gets passed over for MD. I'm ready to retire & move to warmer climates. But she is stuck on the MD issue and wants that title in her arsenal before leaving th...354 days 21 hours ago
0What jobs are there in finance for a high school student who just wants to learn?Hello all, I will be 16 this comming summer. During my time off from school, I want to work or be in some sort of environment that will help me to possibly learn about the financial industry. Any ideas on what I can do as a high school student? I just want to learn. I live in Philadelphia if that h...34 days 21 hours ago
0Door to Door ruining my resume?Hey guys, I'm currently a rising sophomore in a well known Canadian university and I started looking for summer opportunities pretty late. I applied to several firms but they all told me that they do not hire first years and that I should apply for the position next year (Especially since I don't ha...44 days 22 hours ago
0Stress levels and HoursI often hear in this forum how "relaxed" a career in corporate finance will be. Mon-Fri, 9-5 (with many tea breaks in between), and doing work that doesn't require much thinking.. For those who are in the industry, how's your experience like? Is it really the case for you? ...215 days 31 min ago
0KPMG EVS or S&P Credit Rating Intern?Hi everyone, I am a junior in west coast and currently very frustrated in choosing my. My two options are Economic Valuation Services in west coast office and S&P Credit Rating in NYC headquarter. As for me, I would definitely love financial industry and maybe IB as my ultimate goal.(well actually ...25 days 2 hours ago
0MBB (Mck Research Analyst, BCG Knowledge Analyst, Bain Research) Career/Exit OpportunitiesHi everyone, I would like to ask would any of you happen to know about the exit opportunities for MBB Research related positions? (e.g. Mck Research Analyst, BCG Knowledge Analyst, Bain Research) I do acknowledge it is a consulting role, however does it open doors for finance research roles such ...75 days 2 hours ago
0Real Estate Private Equity- Real Estate licensing??Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not a real estate sales or broker's license would be beneficial for a person looking to pursue a career in Real Estate Private Equity? Thanks...115 days 2 hours ago
+1WSO Mobile Offers: Text "WSO" to 38470 and get...165 days 2 hours ago
+3Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-CampFinancial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing enroll in self-study financial modeling train...415 days 3 hours ago
0Commercial Banking earning potential and other questions. I know this may not be the most popular topic on this forum, but any information is greatly appreciated. I am struggling to get accurate information on salary expectation and typical career progression in the top 4 CB's. Is MM Commercial Banking similar to that of Corporate Banking in terms of model...65 days 4 hours ago
0GoBuyside.Com - Can someone explain what it is and how it works?I have come across a lot of profiles of Analysts that I worked with during my internship and I was wondering how works. Naturally, I would think it's a little risky to have your ambitions to move to buyside out in public. Also, I saw that many people had stars next to their jobs. Is th...05 days 4 hours ago
0RENT ADVICE: 1st year analystSeeking advice from current NYC residents who are in banking. I know there has been threads in the past, but just want to get some updated info on the rent. Basically, would paying $1900 (not inclusive of utilities) per month for a 2 bed/1 bath with free gym access for a location with ~15-20 min ...45 days 4 hours ago
+4Top IdiomsI'll start things off Better the devil you know than the devil you don't Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater...505 days 5 hours ago
0Sell-Side Macro Research Associate CompA friend of mine (econ PhD from a top school and currently working at the fed) is interviewing for a sell-side macro research role at a BB and is getting close to getting an offer. Any idea what's market for total comp for Associate 2 or 3? My buddy doesn't know a lot of people in finance so I was t...55 days 5 hours ago
0Active Day Trader Looking For InvestorsHello, I am going to keep this short. I have been studying option trading for quite some time. I began paper trading to practice and developed a strategy that I am comfortable with and profitable. Attached is a small sample size of my trading which I highlighted in green. The other trades/positio...05 days 6 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation05 days 6 hours ago
0Aegis Capital Corp.Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody has anything to say about Aegis Capital Corp. Any information would be highly appreciated. Thanks....15 days 8 hours ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG05 days 8 hours ago
0Boston College (CSOM) v. Northwestern (Econ)I was recently admitted to Northwestern University as a rising junior. I currently go to BC (concentrating in Finance and Econ) and am doing well there. Is it worth transferring to Northwestern? Is the SA recruiting better than BC? ...15 days 9 hours ago
0Any NYC firms that hire fall interns?I will be attending a school in NYC. Just curious if there are any big firms (like JPM, SG, BNP, BlackRock etc.) that hire fall interns?...85 days 9 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase05 days 9 hours ago
0What’s the industry endgame for consulting?Longtime reader, new poster. While a fair amount of consultants may aspire to work in PE or go off and start their own business, I’m curious about those that plan to transition to client-side roles in strategy groups and what the long-term play is for this cohort. I’m sure there’s a subset...135 days 9 hours ago
0Investment Banking Internship after Freshman YearI am a rising college sophomore at a target undergrad and am interested in pursuing investment banking once I graduate. I did not give to much thought to an internship this summer because it is still pretty early. However, now that it is summer and I have nothing to do, I am looking around trying to...05 days 9 hours ago
0What is it -really- like to be a woman on Wall Street? To what extent is that thread true? I read this Quora Q&A recently and was rather (and probably naively) shocked. The answers I've heard before are usually more akin to the third response from Erin Parker....145 days 10 hours ago
0JP morgan sales and trading off cycle internship Superday interview ...15 days 10 hours ago
0Going from Management Consultant to Venture Capital AssociatePre-mba monkey here, 2+yrs consultant specializing in pharma/biotech industry, and before that did product management at a fortune 500 med tech. Looking to switch over to the VC side (at a firm interested in health tech), but do not have any contacts in the industry. Any advice on making the transit...05 days 10 hours ago
+11List of FT Financial Leadership Development Programs, and other such thingsHey everyone, In thanks for all of the valuable info and advice I've gotten from WSO over the last couple years, I thought I'd 'pay it forward' and share the list I made of FT FLDP-type programs that I applied to (or seriously thought about applying to) during my senior year. I know several peopl...175 days 10 hours ago
0Columbia MBA or Columbia MSREDMy ultimate goal is to open my own fund where I not only invest in Multi Family real estate in NY but also develop multi family properties and townhomes. What route would help me achieve this and bring about the maximum earning potential?...35 days 10 hours ago
0Financial Advisory or Enterprise Risk (Deloitte)?I would like to get into management consulting later down the road. Deloitte has a summer internship for college students for ERS and FAS functions. I applied to ERS and was selected. The internship will last about 3 months. ERS as I understand is IT audit, although they also have risk analyti...25 days 10 hours ago
0MSF to top MBA, what's the chance?I am a non-traditional career switcher who worked as an engineer for a year before getting my MSF from a good second-tier school (think Vanderbilt, WUSTL, UTA, UVA) . I was aiming for IB/AM but didn't get in and ended up working in F500 finance for a year before spending another year in real estate ...05 days 11 hours ago
0Warwick University (International Management) or Durham University (Economics)I'm a prospective university student currently holding two offers one for International Management at WBS and one at Durham for Economics. I'm aiming at either a Strategy Consulting/Corporate Strategy job or a role in Asset Management after university; given my aspirations which course do you think ...55 days 11 hours ago
0Preparing for Summer Analyst StintPoint taken, thank you...55 days 11 hours ago
+38Week 2 of IBD Internship: Hitting the DeskThe very talented author of this post, moneymogul, is also the author of our Finance Internship Guide. Want to read more of his stories? Order the guide now for 80 pages of extremely detailed day-by-day reports from an actual bulge bracket investment banking intern. This week's report is a contin...855 days 11 hours ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock05 days 12 hours ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase05 days 12 hours ago
0Background check with undisclosed DUI at Goldman SachsHi there!I got interviewed for a position at Goldman Sachs during the first week of September. I had to take a drug test and go through a background check. Last Tuesday, after more or less two months, someone from Goldman Sachs called and told me that she was working on my background check. She a...25 days 12 hours ago
0Positions/Hierarchy in Middle OfficeHey guys - Is the Analyst --> Associate --> VP --> Director --> MD progression generally true for middle office too, or do they have different titles/hierarchy? Specifically risk assessment, corporate strategy. And are there staffers in strategy/risk/middle office, or is that more of a front ...05 days 13 hours ago
0Frankfurt school of finance & management- real value compared to ft rankingIve read how many people here on WSO say that FSFM isnt that good of a school, however, their pre-experience master of science is ranked #21 in the world, and #4 in europe, according to financial times 2015. So, if anyone who knows FSFM a bit more or was there or is studying there or knows how it co...05 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: The PrivateBank and Trust Company05 days 13 hours ago
0What to know prior to internshipI'm about to begin a fixed income S&T internship that I got through a connection. I have some knowledge of the fixed income world, but what specifically should I look into reviewing before I begin?...15 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Morningstar05 days 13 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Northern Trust05 days 13 hours ago
0McKinsey Transaction Service Line - Research AnalystAnyone have experience with the transaction service line (research analyst) at McKinsey? From the position description it seems like this is BO, but it's hard to tell from all the fluff on the job description (attached in this message). Was told that this would be in a knowledge center, and in a...35 days 14 hours ago
0Company Compensation: Standard and Poors05 days 14 hours ago
0Recruiters in SFHello, I am in the process of looking for new jobs in ER and AM, and am trying to find recruiters to talk to. Does anyone know of good recruiters in there SF Bay Area to contact? Thanks!...25 days 14 hours ago
0Bad grade, internship this summer - should I be worried?So, this semester didn't go so well for me. Ended up getting 2 C's in 2 of my finance classes. I have an internship with a Big 4 this summer and they just asked me to submit my transcript. Is there any chance my offer could be rescinded due to this? Has this happened to anyone before? My GPA is stil...05 days 14 hours ago
0How to get a Consulting Internship with a Crappy GPA.So Freshman year just finished and my GPA is terrible (2.95). I have a trading internship for the summer, which I don't know how I got but somehow I did. The reason why my GPA is so low is because i came into college as an EE major thinking EE is what my interests were in, turns it I'm not intereste...65 days 14 hours ago
0Company Interview: Optiver05 days 14 hours ago
0Duff & Phelps M&A to bulge bracket/MM IBD?Hi, I was wondering if Duff & Phelps M&A/Corp Fin analyst/associate will have a RELATIVELY easy time move into bulge bracket/MM IBD teams? Has anyone here encountered that? I am mainly interested in moving into a real IBD shop after a stint here at Duff & Phelps. How is Duff & Phelps as a fir...135 days 14 hours ago
0Top Banks for SponsorsI've been trying to figure out what the top banks for sponsors/LBO-financing are and I've been having trouble finding actual information. I keep seeing CS/Jefferies in the news but is there any current information on what the best sponsors banks are?...85 days 15 hours ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley05 days 15 hours ago
0Company Interview: UBS05 days 16 hours ago
0BMO Commercial Banking, Commercial Real Estate vs. EY Capital Markets, Real Estate Investment BankingLet me start off by saying that I do not have an offer from either of these groups, this is strictly informational. I am in the early stages of researching potential opportunities. If anyone has experience from either working for or with these groups I would love to hear your opinion. These are of c...05 days 16 hours ago
0Line Management/GM - Day in the LifeWould be great to get experiences from those who have worked in or alongside "line" managers or general managers in industry. Can those with experience willing to share provide some context regarding: what a day in the life is like, general responsibilities, compensation and progression, work/life b...05 days 16 hours ago
+18Week 4 of IBD Internship: InitiationThe very talented author of this post is also the author of our updated Finance Internship Guide. Want to read more of his stories? Order the guide now for 80 pages of extremely detailed day-by-day reports from an actual bulge bracket investment banking intern. This week's report is a continuatio...375 days 18 hours ago
0Private Bank Superday Anyone at Citi Private Bank superday last Friday? ...55 days 19 hours ago
0Citi Private Bank InformationI have been trying to research Citi Private Bank, but there really isn't a lot of information online. I have an offer from Citi Private Bank and was looking to hear what people had to say about them. I was wondering if anyone had any experience/insight on Citi Private Bank - would really appreciate ...55 days 19 hours ago
0What books are most important to read? I know reading is very important and i also know that read the right books is also important. Im wondering, what books should I read to become more knowledgeable on finance? What books are important for every finance professional to read? ...115 days 19 hours ago
0Studying the CFA Level 1 full-time in one month I will graduate from a Finance undergrad program in April and will have the whole month of May to study the CFA level I . Has anyone here passed it this way? Do you think it would be enough? I started to study last month but the problem with this strategy is that I tend to forget the bulk of wha...165 days 20 hours ago
0Advice wanted for career pathHello, I need some advice on what path to choose... last year I was an assurance intern in Big 4 and now I'm considering joining another Big 4 in TAS department from EY with the option of exit to IB(not GS, JPM, etc. smaller banks from Europe considering I'm from Romania) or continuing with audit...05 days 20 hours ago
0Transition Trading / ManagementHi All, I'm looking to get onto a desk that involves transition management, optimal execution of equity trades for multi-managers. Hoping someone can give me interview advice, as well as possible resources I can look at to improve my knowledge of the equities space (I currently work in FICC) a...05 days 21 hours ago
0Finance Major vs Msc Finance vs Masters of Management in FinanceIs it better to go through udergraduate with a finance major or to go through udergraduate undeclared (i.e. general business degree) and do either Msc Finance or Masters of management in Finance? Is the latter vastly better than the former in terms of career prospects/ advancement. Which one is m...05 days 21 hours ago
0BA in Political Science and MBA admissionHey guys. I am will be freshman college student this coming this upcoming year. I did not get into the business school at my current university, I will have to reapply after my 1st year is over. I was told if I get good grades that I have a good shot at getting into the business school at my scho...45 days 22 hours ago
0Pleasure with Night Lover Mumbai Escorts Service GirlMumbai Pia Pandey is Mumbai based Escort Agency provides stylish newest Mumbai Independent Female Escorts desire to meet up amid lively girls among enjoy who fancy toward include their ghost with covered needs befall really....05 days 23 hours ago
03.2 GPA rising sophomoreI'm a rising sophomore with a 3.2 GPA at a semi-target. I'm doing an online internship this summer for a boutique investment management firm, and I have leadership positions in a few big clubs on campus (non-finance related), but otherwise nothing. How screwed am I for recruiting next summer? Should...26 days 24 min ago
0Emerging Markets Trading - QuestionsHello Guys, One q: Can somebody please explain what EM traders do? I know there will be some ppl who would point me in direction of another thread or would bash my question, but all I am trying to do is to learn. All I want is the description/ example of what they trade (e.g. product or range of ...266 days 1 hour ago
0DCF templateDoes anyone have a DCF template they can PM me? I am trying to teach myself DCF method.... Thanks...86 days 1 hour ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company06 days 1 hour ago
05/20/16 - WSO Weekly Wrap UpIn case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics: How many of the senior bankers on your team do you reckon will die alone Post By @KREBSCYCLEOMG" [quote]I never really thought of my superiors as being human. I just wrote them off as being married, divorced or terribly...06 days 1 hour ago
03 statement dynamic model with projections templateHi Guys, I am in third round equity research interviews and have to put together a 3 statement, dynamic, financial model that is capable of doing not only historicals obviously but projections. Problem is, my group never uses these type of models. Does anyone have a template they could pm me (...106 days 1 hour ago
0................................. ...16 days 2 hours ago
0From Tech to Finance Hello all. For the past two years I have been an analyst at Google but have been wanting a career change. How would one be able to transition from THE tech industry to Finance? I'm really interested in trading but don't really know what's our there or where my skills would best translate to. Any tho...26 days 2 hours ago
+18INTRODUCING: The WSO Applicant Database. Take 5 minutes on WSO to Reach Hundreds of Finance Recruiters and Finance CompaniesGiven that we have built up relationships with hundreds of companies and finance recruiters, we thought instead of just a simple job board (which you can find right here), we would also create a WSO Applicant Database. This vision for the database is to allow all WSO users to create a detailed "A...886 days 2 hours ago
0Total Comp for Bulge Bracket Equity ResearchHave a question here. Am a BB IBD VP and thinking about going to research. Obviously will be pay cut in terms of total comp but how much exactly?...156 days 2 hours ago
0Best Lifestyle/Culture Tech GroupsDelete...96 days 2 hours ago
0Big 4 Transaction Services - Questions to askHi, I am currently working at a Deloitte in the audit department, but am looking to transfer over to the Transaction Services group. I am meeting with the recruiting senior manager and another manager informally for coffee or lunch to discuss the opportunities. What are some good, insightful ...46 days 2 hours ago
0Imperial vs LBS Urgent!Monkeys I need urgent help! I have received offers from: LBS, Masters in Management and Imperial College Business School, Msc. of Finance I have 2 days to confirm LBS and just got in Imperial...I REALLY don't know which one is best to get into investment banking...please I need someone'...216 days 2 hours ago
0Sign-On Bonus Used to Repay Undergrad LoansI received a 10k sign on bonus from a consulting firm I will be starting at in the Fall. They already took out taxes, so its like $6,xxx. Can I ask the company to take this un-deposited check back and have them pay $10k directly to my loan company (with whom I have more than $10k in loans)? That way...96 days 2 hours ago
0Cover Letter Fail The title speaks for itself. This got chain mailed around to most of the major BB's on Friday. This is a great example of what not to do if you ever want to work on Wall Street. ...616 days 2 hours ago
0Infographic: The Life of an AnalystHey guys, I'm back in Paris and getting back into the swing of things. I came across this set of infographics on the life of an analyst while I was on vacation and I thought you guys would appreciate it. My favorites include "The Mindset" and "The Heart Attack". I know you'll be able to relate. ...136 days 2 hours ago
0First Official London WSO Meetup Upcoming, Help Us Plan!London monkeys, London Social Chair EuroGorilla and I are starting to plan the first official London WSO meetup / happy hour for early November. 1. Dates we're looking at are between November 7-9th (Wed/Thur/Fri). Which day would be best? 2. Location: EuroGorilla said a bar in the West...206 days 2 hours ago
0Vacation DaysI was surprised that my offer letter said that I will get several weeks of vacation days. Is this for real, or would I anger people by actually using these days?...416 days 2 hours ago
+1Google Glass will fail miserablyGoogle glass is doomed to fail because it's simply just not a "cool" product, see below for a particularly funny site: I remember when the very first iPhone came out (I got one right when it came out). I would take that thing to a bar and everyone w...556 days 2 hours ago
0Is the Money Honey Leaving CNBC?It's all starting to make sense now. For the past several months I've been watching a subtle re-branding of Maria Bartiromo, a re-branding unambiguously distinct from CNBC. Unlike her colleague Amanda Drury (whose Twitter handle is @MandyCNBC and who is in for an awkward conversation whenever she mo...186 days 2 hours ago
0Average Market Return – Interview Question?Hey everyone, I'm currently going through the WSO Technical Guide (super helpful by the way), and came across a question asking about the market risk premium. From a conceptual standpoint, I understand that the market risk premium is calculated as the average market return minus the yield on a 10-ye...56 days 2 hours ago
0London WSO Meetup: Wed Dec 4th, 730PM, George PubFYI you can call/text if you can't find us: 07880 453 999 London blokes - I'll be in London Nov 30th-Dec 8th and would love to host a meetup. London social host @Asatar will be there as well. Anyone is welcome to attend. Informal event. Don't bring your resume. Round of shots on me for the f...526 days 2 hours ago
0WSO Caption Contest - Dec 4th... Collect Silver Bananas and Win a Free Wall Street Oasis T-ShirtWe have a fun new contest each week to let our funniest members win a free WSO T shirt with their witty inner genius. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post with a caption you think is most fitting for the cartoon posted below. The winner will be determined by the community based on the ...566 days 2 hours ago
+2"Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day"Hanging out at the airport (flight delays, thanks polar vortex), and just came across this article ""Here's What Consultants Actually Do All Day". As a newish user, I can't post a link so either Execu|Search for it on Business Insider or read the highlights below: [quote]4:30 a.m. — Wake up an...316 days 2 hours ago
0Has Silicon Valley replaced Wall Street as the prestigious post-college job?Mod Note (Andy): Add it to your calendars: Kevin Roose will be doing a live Q&A on WSO next Wednesday (Feb 19th) from 3-5pm ET Hi WSO: I'm the author of "Young Money," a new book about junior Wall Street bankers. I'm a writer with New York magazine (formerly with The New York Times), and I've be...286 days 2 hours ago
0WSO Caption Contest - March 5th... Collect Silver Bananas and Win a Free Wall Street Oasis T-ShirtYou guys know the drill, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post with a caption you think is most fitting for the cartoon posted below. The winner will be determined by the community based on the number of Silver Bananas awarded to each comment. In the event of a tie, the admins of the si...316 days 3 hours ago
0Difference between TMT Bulge Brackets - in the Light of 2016Hi everyone, I recently took an internship offer at one of the Bulge Brackets' TMT groups in San Francisco area. Just to get a clearer picture of this industry, I am interested in knowing more about the differences between BBs in the TMT space. I have looked online and asked around, but so far, ...126 days 3 hours ago


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