MSF and MAcc for career-changers?Hello. First post. I graduated with a BA in humanity last year. I have since been taking a year off to do some service projects and have fun. I initially was intent upon going to law school, until I spent a significant amount of time working for a lawyer and researching the field and discovering... 133 days 2 hours ago
PE SA, UK Semi-Target Rising 2nd Year aiming for IB SAHey guys, Like the title suggests, I'm at a semi-target in the UK (I know the concept of semi-targets is vague here) who'll be applying for IBD summer analyst roles at BBs this fall (and probably spring weeks, seeing as how I didn't decide on IB until after deadlines this year). My experience is ... 13 days 2 hours ago
Vanderbilt Freshman OpportunitiesHey everyone, I am currently a freshman at Vanderbilt university pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering and probably also a second major in economics. I'm wondering what steps I should take over these next few months and year especially to set myself in a good position by junior year. I wou... 23 days 3 hours ago
Toughest interview question ever hit with at a BB first round???Monkeys, I am interested here as I want to be prepared for anything. Please give me your insights, questions and hopefully the answers (if good ones). Thanks $$$... 273 days 3 hours ago
My Path to Director in 5 Years 03 days 5 hours ago
Physics and Philosophy Double Major?Should I cram in an Econ or Math major, or is Physics and Philosophy with good internships at a target school acceptable if my goal is to become an analyst at Goldman or possibly go into Hedge Funds? ... 23 days 6 hours ago
Company Review: Wells Fargo Securities 03 days 6 hours ago
(HELP!) CV for asset management summer analystHi everyone, My background: - From HK, just finished my bachelor degree at a top Chinese Uni, and will pursue a master degree in another Chinese Uni, finance program - Several prior experiences in boutique banks and Chinese IB - Main experience focused on marketing / pitchbooks, while with lim... 23 days 6 hours ago
Company Compensation: Piper Jaffray 03 days 7 hours ago
Lateral ProcessHello, Any advice on lateraling from a MM to a BB/ Elite Boutique? I'm a first year looking for advice.. Thanks!!... 03 days 7 hours ago
Company Interview: JMI Equity 03 days 8 hours ago
The Secrets of Peak Productivity 03 days 8 hours ago
Company Compensation: Deloitte 03 days 8 hours ago
Company Interview: Deloitte 03 days 8 hours ago
Cold emailing a person or careers addressI am wondering whether it is better to cold email a careers address (e.g. careers[at]fund[dot]com) if there is one, or a specific person at the firm (e.g. johnsmith[at]fund[dot]com)?... 23 days 8 hours ago
Company Review: Deloitte 03 days 9 hours ago
Company Interview: Munoz Group 03 days 9 hours ago
Who Taught You Math???Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this originally was posted on 11/29/12. We. Are. So. Screwed. It's no secret that the educational quality in the United States has been on the decline for well over a decade. But I had no idea exactly how far we've fallen in real terms. That is, until I read t... 1153 days 9 hours ago
Wells Fargo IB Corp Finance Group?As the title states, I am wondering what the corporate finance team does at Wells Fargo IBCM. I don't think the team's name refers to what WSOers assume to be a forecasting, planning, and accounting function since it's a group within investment banking and not a separate support role. Rather, I'm th... 23 days 9 hours ago
Moelis HoursHow are the hours in the NY office? Are analysts there really pulling 100+ / week on the reg?... 123 days 9 hours ago
Munoz Group 03 days 9 hours ago
Life after PE - the other roadAs I mentioned in a previous thread ("How to Make VP in Private Equity"), a couple years ago I said goodbye to the private equity industry and decided to try my luck in the tech industry. Not as a VC associate. Not as an “entrepreneur”. As a programmer. Yep, you read that right. After think... 373 days 9 hours ago
MBA? Go to Wall Street NOT a Start Up!Now that the title hopefully grabbed some attention... There is a growing trend in the business school crowd where many people are taking higher risk start up positions with the hopes of making it big off of the equity portion of the compensation package. The problem? People don’t seem ... 523 days 9 hours ago
KPMG Deal Advisory 2016 summer internshipI am in my third year at a nontarget. My goal is to get into investment banking. I got offered a summer internship with KPMG’s Deal Advisory in NYC. I am talking to individuals in the IB, but nothing concrete yet. KPMG wants my response soon, before IBD recruitment starts, but will this internship... 13 days 10 hours ago
"Karōshi": Death from Overwork on Wall StreetIt's 2015, and people in America are literally working themselves to death. Let the insanity of this situation sink in for a second. In a country with more wealth and opportunity than any before it in history, young people like Thomas Hughes and Sarvshreshth Gupta are sitting at a desk and s... 153 days 10 hours ago
When do I start contacting?Soon to be sophomore at a non-target, I've been searching for a while and have a decent list of 35 - 40 local PWM firms that would be good options for an internship the summer after this coming year. None of the firms on the list have formal applications for intern positions, it would all be cold ... 43 days 11 hours ago
Company Interview: Dimensional Fund Advisors 03 days 11 hours ago
MSF Class of 2017With the MSF recruiting cycle quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to create an updated MSF thread for everyone applying to the 2016-2017 MSF cycle. Feel free to post questions for this years upcoming applications here. I will answer what I can. Good luck everyone! ... 273 days 12 hours ago
Company Interview: American Express 03 days 13 hours ago
How should i improve chances at top programs? I'm currently a big data consultant. My current company will sponsor most of the tuition if I decide to get an MBA (applying for class for class of 2018). I'd ultimately like to stay in big data consulting, as this is an industry that I really like, but apparently getting an MBA really raises my sal... 13 days 13 hours ago
Which offer? Prestige vs experience? The following are for part-time positions during the semester. 50hrs/week each, so not unsubstantial experience (I am taking a very light courseload) Choice 1: -Lazard/Evercore-type firm with amazing brand -Unpaid -It was made very clear to me that I would pretty much be doing bitchwork (resea... 63 days 13 hours ago
"The Professor" in Drobny's bookRereading The Invisible Hands a few years later, I found myself gravitating toward different characters versus the first go around. Was especially struck by "The Professor" this time around - did anyone manage to uncover who he was? For those of you in the business, which of these profiles resona... 03 days 14 hours ago
Company Review: JPMorgan Chase 03 days 14 hours ago
Big4 salaries (Advisory/TS) in CanadaHi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had info on this ? Say what would be your post mba salary at a Big4 in the canadian market (with a canadian mba of course) I've read this article : 13 days 14 hours ago
Jobs with an expunged recordHello everyone, Im currently in college and looking to continue o pursue my goal in Financial and Investment planning...However having had a problem a few years ago with the law I am concerned at what problems I may face down the road with my past. 2 months after I turned 18 years old in high schoo... 133 days 15 hours ago
Company Compensation: RBC Capital Markets 03 days 16 hours ago
You Know A Market Peak Is Near When...The market could rally 20% annually over the next few years, who knows? But the general consensus right now is that we are approaching the end of the bull market. Right or wrong, I enjoy the humorous events that tend to occur as a market gets frothy. My bosses have always told me stories of things t... 373 days 16 hours ago
Importance of Pre-MBA experience in Post-MBA associate recruitingI missed the boat on banking out of undergrad and joined an FLDP program and now work in FP&A at a Fortune 100. I’ll be applying to MBA programs this year, and I’m interested in associate positions post-MBA. How hard is it to get into a good firm from a Top 15 (but probably not Top 5) MBA wi... 113 days 16 hours ago
Do I need to network for diversity programs?Some diversity programs such as Barclays Generation Next and Citi SOARS. Do I need to network with alumni before applying to these programs? Or I can directly apply? Who is evaluating my application, banking analysts or HR department?... 63 days 17 hours ago
Law student wants $$$$I am a first year associate at a V20 law firm (I'm a niche litigator who knows nothing about finance/securities/M&A). I graduated from one of Penn/UVA/Duke at around top 25%. I make 160k, but fucking hate law. I only went into law school because I wanted to make money (I didn't grow up with means so... 103 days 17 hours ago
Company Interview: Citigroup 03 days 17 hours ago
2015 MBA Application ThreadAlright, So who's struggling through R1 apps like I am? Trying to find the time between my 70 HR week, my needy GF, and life's general bullshit has been tough but I'm through a few first drafts of essays and have my R1 school schools down to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Booth, and Sloan. Who ... 253 days 19 hours ago
Company Compensation: Deloitte 03 days 19 hours ago
Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank 03 days 19 hours ago
Long days in the same shoesFirst off, thanks to everyone who helped me pick out some decent shoes. We wear our shoes for like 12-16 hours per day. How do you keep your feet from sweating and ruining your high end shoes? Thicker socks?... 173 days 20 hours ago
Offer decision - Lazard Asia/Hong Kong/BeijingReceived an offer from Lazard in their Asia office. I am a lateral hire and eventually want to be placed into a mega PE fund. Any thoughts or advice would appreciated. Thanks.... 13 days 23 hours ago
Structured Products Career Mobility/Exit OptionsHey all, I recently received an offer to be an analyst for a structured products group (ABS, CLO's, etc.) upon undergrad graduation. I interned with them this past summer and found the work really interesting and that I jived well with the team's personalities. My one concern/question is the career ... 13 days 23 hours ago
I used to be a teacher and I want to be a FInancial Advisor. What should I do?I used to be a science teacher for two years and have been in education for three years. I have an undergrad degree (not in finance) and I plan on getting my MBA in the near future. Currently, I am interning for an independent FA. My goal is to be an FA and am unsure on what path I should take to ac... 54 days 15 min ago
CFA Materials: Schweser vs BloombergHello all, This week I registered for CFA Level 1. I registered for the June 2016 exam. I am wondering if anyone has used the Bloomberg study materials for the CFA. I know Schweser is the go to for most people but it looks like Bloomberg's product is pretty strong. You can get either program for ... 84 days 32 min ago
Don’t Waste Your 20s at Google or McKinsey 214 days 46 min ago
Succeed in Consulting How to Build a 30-second Performance Story 04 days 49 min ago
What is the best transition to enhance entrepreneurial skills?Hey all, currently working in Big 4 Audit, engaged on a Fortune 25 client, just finishing my first year. I initially chose accounting and Big 4 audit because I thought it would enhance my business acumen with the end goal of becoming a skilled entrepreneur, but I'm finding it to be dry and not nearl... 14 days 50 min ago
Hedge fund analyst salaryHi, I know hedge fund salaries vary massively. However, trying to get an idea of what is the going rate, or at least the salary range for a credit analyst/ trader (on the portfolio side, not execution) in London at a top tier fund. My role is varied but I would say in progressing towards becomi... 04 days 1 hour ago
Whats everyone's obsession with finding a job with purpose or fun?I mean to want a job with purpose implies you think your life matters compared to everyone else who is simply a statistic and that you have to do some grandstanding thing with your life. Then with the whole fun issue, I don't see why work has to be super fun. Have work be work and use the quality... 384 days 1 hour ago
Company Compensation: Accenture 04 days 1 hour ago
Company Compensation: UBS 04 days 1 hour ago
Whole loan securitizationJust wanted to ask how funds make money from acquiring loan portfolios and then securitizing them? A specific example with numbers would be great... 04 days 2 hours ago
Recruiting for IB out of an MSF Degree 04 days 3 hours ago
What makes a deal interesting in your opinion?This is following the "If you could have worked on any deal of the last few years, which would it be?" (no links allowed as new on the website) topic Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Did a quick search and did not find anything related but the question seems relevant - and I don't have... 04 days 3 hours ago
What makes a deal interesting in your opinion?This is following the "If you could have worked on any deal of the last few years, which would it be?" (no links allowed as new on the website) topic Hello everyone, this is my first post here. Did a quick search and did not find anything related but the question seems relevant - and I don't have... 04 days 3 hours ago
Resume Review (Rising UK Target 2nd year)Hi, I'm a Singaporean studying in a UK target school. I'm hoping to apply for internships in Asset Management and equity research, and would like some advice on how to improve my CV. I am still thinking about whether to apply for internships in the UK or Singapore though (probably will try my luc... 04 days 5 hours ago
Wall Street Training Bundle on StackSocial for $99Has anyone purchased this? Not sure if it's actually a real sale or just a watered down version of the real thing. Wall Street Training seems to have a good reputation. 24 days 5 hours ago
A Week in the Life of a Fund Analyst at a Large Asset Management Firm 04 days 5 hours ago
Working on a deal in which client is familyQuick question here. Are there any laws or regulations prohibiting a banker from working with a client that has a family member of said banker on the management team? It sounds like something that might not be allowed, but when thinking about it, I can't come up with any reasons why it would cause i... 04 days 5 hours ago
Which one: UBS or BCG?Hi guys, need some opinions over here. I am a fresh graduate, have recently received two full-time job offers from BCG and UBS, both in Kuala Lumpur. UBS offers me an IB analyst role, while BCG offers me their analyst role. I am trying to gauge general opinion from you guys on the reasons why choosi... 24 days 7 hours ago
Thompson & KnightThompson & Knight is an international, full-service law firm based in Dallas, Texas, known for its capabilities in energy finance, taxation, business transactions, particularly in the energy (with a specialty in oil & gas) and private equity industries.... 04 days 7 hours ago
TerraMedica International, British Virgin Islands 04 days 8 hours ago
Macro/Microecon needed?Is the material in Econ 101 (intro level at undergrad) enough to work at a L/S fund? Looking to retake a refresher course both for personal interest and recruiting purposes, but not sure if also necessary to take 1) Macroecon and 2) Microecon courses on top of an intro to econ course...thanks for an... 94 days 9 hours ago
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Company Interview: Harvey & Company 04 days 9 hours ago