Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 day 17 hours ago
Company Compensation: Hines Interests Limited Partnership 01 day 17 hours ago
Skype Case PartnerHi, PM me if you would like to practice cases via Skype or Hangouts. I'm thinking 3-5 cases a week with someone consistently. I'm usually free after 7pm Eastern.... 01 day 18 hours ago
What is the best major city for residential real estate investing?According to Forbes (See: "The U.S. Cities Where Buying Beats Renting A Home") Ohio and Michigan have the most cities in the top ten lowest P/R ratio. I am guessing that MI has less upside potential than the others. ... 101 day 18 hours ago
Company Compensation: Noble Group 01 day 19 hours ago
IB or Fund OPs Career PathHey! Just recently graduated from a top European Business school. I have been working (6/7 month internship) at a Dutch Bank in sector coverage/relationship banking, dealing with entities that generate over €500m in revenues. - Which I applied just to gain some credible experience and build my ... 11 day 19 hours ago
Sellside ER to AMHey all - looking to see if I can get advice/leads from anyone on moving from sellside ER to the buyside (preferably AM/long-only/value type investing, though I acknowledge that beggars can't be choosers). Bit on my background, started my career at a Big4 and got out pretty quickly into ER. Curre... 01 day 19 hours ago
Exiting Military Career PathWhats going on fellas, Initially I was going to exit out of the military with 4 years of W.E. and then pursue directly into a top 20 MBA to either get into consulting or IB after business school. After doing some further research, I want to be on the buy side in the long run (even a botique or mi... 81 day 19 hours ago
Pension Deficit IBM Can someone help me out with a puzzling set of figures in IBM's 10k. In the income statement there is a retirement related benefits loss of 9,799 for year ended Dec 31. I cannot seem to make sense of the loss or find the matching details in the notes. ... 01 day 21 hours ago
MBB Consulting -> Top Tier IBDHi all, Jerry is currently a non-MBA 3rd year consultant at MBB Europe and wants to switch to a top-tier M&A investment bank (think JPM/GS/MS). Academic background: Non-business, but technical (think BSc+MSc engineering/computer science/maths). Non-target school GPA 4.0 and GMAT 770. Consulti... 21 day 21 hours ago
Professional Trading Masterclass by Anton KreilHey guys, I´m still at college and I´d like to work at a Hedge Fund after studying. I´m very interested in trading and really want to become better in it and learn how the professionals are doing it. So I found Anton Kreils "Professional Trading Masterclass" and would like to take this course. B... 261 day 21 hours ago
Professional Trading Masterclass - Anton Kreil?I am still in High School and I got interested in trading just a couple months ago so forgive me if I make silly statements or ask dumb questions. I was learning the basics using online materials and just glimpsed at the market using demo accounts and I found out about the Professional Trading Ma... 151 day 21 hours ago
Anton Kreil - Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management MENTORING PROGRAM. Scam. Rip off. Overpriced and Undervalue.A) Totally disappointed with the overpriced and undervalue 3 month Mentoring Program (USD7001) I am totally disappointed with Anton Kreil’s Institute of Trading and portfolio management’s 3 month Mentoring Program. This is because the mentoring program is overpriced and undervalue. I have r... 21 day 21 hours ago
Water Island CapitalWater Island Capital is a dedicated event-driven investment manager focused on delivering to clients an uncorrelated absolute return investment solution.... 01 day 22 hours ago
Boston College or University of Notre Dame (Undergraduate)?Hi. I've been admitted to BC and ND for Economics major (in A&S college). I know Notre Dame is ranked higher in the national ranking, but in various rankings of Economics departments it seems like BC is slightly above ND most of the time. Both schools offered me similar financial aid packages. Where... 21 day 22 hours ago
BBA Real Estate vs. BBA Finance vs. BBA CISHey how's it going everyone? First off I want to say that although this is my first post here, I frequently browse through these forums in search of career info. I think this is a great community that is defiantly one of a kind. Background info: - Upper Junior at CUNY Baruch (Zicklin Business... 141 day 23 hours ago
Quit CRE appraisal after 2 monthsI recently ... 141 day 23 hours ago
European Seeking AlphaSA is great to get several opinions on stocks and interesting insights. I am looking for a similar website but with a focus on European equities. If someone knows anything it would be really appreciated. Meanwhile I will keep looking and post here if I find something worth mentioning. Cheers... 02 days 29 min ago
Woman Awarded $18M in Sexual Harassment Suit Against Wall Street BossNo doubt that the CEO made some pretty terrible decisions, and surely he deserves some punishment for stalking and threats...but $18 million? Probably a small dent for his part, but the lady is set for life. From ABC news: (Link inside the post) [quote]Woman Gets $18M in Sex Harassment Suit Aga... 472 days 38 min ago
My GMAT Study PlanI just took the GMAT this past weekend and scored a 760 (Q49 / V44), so while everything was fresh on my mind I wanted to make a post here about the process that I went through. I know that there are a few threads like this already out there, but when I was trying to figure out how to tackle the GMA... 342 days 51 min ago
Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps 02 days 59 min ago
The exit opportunity for ey FAS and Process Controls advisory groupI'm currently an auditor (1st year senior) in one Big4 firm. Thinking about going to advisory in EY. Wondering what group I should go into, Financial Reporting & GAAP Advisory or Transaction Accounting Advisory in FAS seems pretty interesting. On the other hand, Process Controls in advisory group ar... 22 days 1 hour ago
Senior Graduating In The SummerHi guys, please critique. I'll be graduating this summer, with a slightly higher GPA most likely. 12 days 1 hour ago
Is Wharton easier to get in now more than ever?Wharton's acceptance rate has skyrocketed from the low to mid teens a few years ago to 20 percent this past year. It seems that Wharton is focusing on GMAT as a way to hold steady in the rankings. What seems to be causing this increase in acceptance rate? Are H/S leaving W in the dust or Booth/CBS/K... 12 days 1 hour ago
Private Equity Internships as an UndergradHi. This might be kind of a dumb question. Currently, I'm in the middle of a private equity internship (and loving it). I'm a rising Junior, and looking ahead to next Summer a bit. I'm extremely interested in PE, and interested in IB to a lesser extent (though I realize the incredible value the e... 62 days 1 hour ago
Resume Review - Consulting hopeful - no brand name work experienceHi Everyone, Was hoping to get some candid comments about my resume. I feel I have a interesting story and background but the lack of a brand name internship is really hurting me.I will be gunning for an off cycle internship in the UK when I am abroad for the second degree. Anyways, please fee... 12 days 1 hour ago
Getting coffee with MDI currently work in ops at a BB investment bank but want to move into research. My manager was able to set up a meeting with an MD from research. Nothing formal, just grabbing some coffee and getting career advice. I've never really done these kinds of meetings and I don't want this to turn into jus... 12 days 2 hours ago
SSE Finance vs. FGV EAESP CEMSdelete... 02 days 2 hours ago
Rewind - Week in the life of a Sports Consultant (UK) + How I Broke In + Q&AIn case you missed our April 22nd webinar entitled Week in the life of a Sports Consultant (UK) + How I Broke In, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar can be found below (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our video library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 mentoring session with Donal?... 02 days 3 hours ago
Wall Street Oasis SEO Interns Needed NOWWall Street Oasis is looking for several hard working individuals to join our intern team to help with online-marketing tasks, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link-building. See inside the post for more info >>> The internship is unpaid, but here are some of the benefits ... 512 days 3 hours ago
From non-target to BB CEO: My storyI was like many of you at one point in my life. I was a non-target student with big dreams. Luckily, I was an extraordinary networker and worked my way into Lehman on the commercial paper desk. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I breathed the CP market and built a reputation from a... 2422 days 4 hours ago
AMA: CS/Finance Major -> Software EngineerHey all, Recent graduate here trying to kill time before work starts. I've seen a number of recent posts about people in finance getting burnt out and considering picking up the skillset to become software engineers. I'd be happy to answer any questions about this trade-off, or about software eng... 412 days 4 hours ago
Eight Habits of Top Bucket IBD SummersWhen I was starting out in finance a while back, WSO was an amazing resource and really helped me so I thought I'd give back. This is my first real post on WSO and I don't think I've seen one of these posts recently so I thought I'd put it up. With the start of the summer, I've received a lot of ... 172 days 5 hours ago
Industrial Alliance Portfolio Management 02 days 5 hours ago
Hedge Fund recruitingHi all, I'm a second year analyst at an elite boutique investment bank. I was a lateral hire halfway through my "first year" and was just bumped. I didn't recruit on the typical PE schedule at the beginning of the year because I had just switched firms and wasn't sure about PE. However, I'm still pl... 22 days 8 hours ago
Schwarzman advises waiting before starting own firm (article is from months ago, but interesting)If this has already been talked about here, then I apologize, but I don't see anything about it on old WSO threads and I thought this was interesting: [quote] “The biggest mistakes I’ve... 52 days 9 hours ago
CFA Level 1 Anyone else taking it in December?Anyone sitting for it?... 72 days 9 hours ago
Pursue CFA for entry into ER/PMHi everyone, I just got my first job in IT in a consulting firm that does business with major financial/insurance companies in NYC. On my last year in college, I did what I could to gear my job placement to something related to finance( was too deep in my engineering degree to switch plus wanted to ... 02 days 10 hours ago
Summer London internship visa process for US citizens Hello everyone, I am curious as to how the Visa process works for US undergraduates looking for a junior summer internship in IB may work, and what my chances may be for attaining an internship. I would seriously consider living in London for two years after graduation. I currently have a 3.... 72 days 10 hours ago
Am I screwed for FT Banking recruiting?Junior intern this summer at GS/MS DCM and capital markets is definitely not for me. I'm not a fan of how the floor is set up and find it to be too loud- in addition, I also find the actual work itself to be extremely uninteresting. I understand that every intern is just going to be setting up calls... 22 days 11 hours ago
Company Compensation: Citigroup 02 days 11 hours ago
Heard on the Street PDFIt seems like the links on scribd requires a subscription. Can anyone PM me a pdf copy of this book? Thanks!... 52 days 11 hours ago
My first case study - please give commentaryI've never done a formal case study before and would love feedback from you MBA veterans. This class was on derivatives, so my job was to write a 5-8 page report on how a gold-mining company could use derivatives to solve a problem.... 02 days 11 hours ago
(Accounting and Finance) Double Major Vs Finance & Economics from Non - TargetI am currently in between about pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance vs Finance and Economics. Is a degree in both Accounting and Finance actually worth it? I thoroughly enjoy both majors as I have taken a few of each courses, which is the reason for my consideration of both majors. In te... 22 days 11 hours ago
Duke vs Cornell AEM vs SternRising senior in HS. Considering applying Early Decision to one of the schools above. Need help deciding which is best from personal experience on WSO. They all seem to be very different. Duke - I really like Duke. It's very close to home, and they will likely offer great aid to me. They also of... 62 days 11 hours ago
Company Interview: Goldman Sachs 02 days 11 hours ago
Please suggest which job you think I should pick....Hi All, I am currently an associate covering the restaurants sector at a small sell-side shop. I have interviewed at a couple of places recently, and now have 2 offers - one covering the Food & Beverages sector (eg. PEP, MNST etc) at one shop, and the other offer to cover the TMT sector at a seco... 72 days 12 hours ago
Chose the wrong summer internship, what options do I still have for FT recruitment? (credit to equity?)My background: -undergrad going into my senior year at a top Canadian business school (think Ivey, Queen’s) -fairly average GPA -interested in investing, although deal teams are good too Basic situation: This summer I’m working at a multinational insurance company as a part of the fixed i... 42 days 12 hours ago
Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase 02 days 14 hours ago
MSF Odds 22 days 16 hours ago
STC Series and AMT training materialsSelling my training materials for $100 total. Series 79 and 63 study manuals, which retail over $350. Excellent condition with no notes or writing on the material. Please PM or message me if interested. I have several AMT training materials as well: • Valuation, 250+ pages with questions a... 12 days 16 hours ago
Ivey MSC with ManagementHey guys. So I was considering this program, along with the MSF's I am applying to as I want to keep my options open because I dont have a great finance background and I dont know how well people like me place. Anyone at this program or considering it or have goo... 122 days 17 hours ago
Seo by us | all in one seo link site. We have lots of type of backlinks list, Just like social bookmarking sites list, directory list, Forum Posting, Articles submission, Web 2.0, wiki links, Free video sharing, Free File sharing and Many more. Please visit our website to get all free backlinks and increase your website visitors. seob... 02 days 17 hours ago
Vacation to New York from UK - NetworkingGoing on vacation to New York next month, who's coming out from models and bottles? Yeah baby... 02 days 18 hours ago
Informational interview how-toI'm grabbing coffee with an alumnus from my school tomorrow who currently works at an EB. It'll be my first informational interview, and I don't wanna fuck it up or come off as just needing him to pass my resume along. So do you have any tips on how I should go about it? Any specific questions I... 42 days 19 hours ago
Can I move into finance?I am 28 year old foreign national and work at a central bank of an advanced economy in east asia. Mostly I work on economic forecasting and publishing reports on macroeconomic issues(income, labour, exports and imports data et cetera) and nothing related to stocks and finance, but I may be able to g... 02 days 19 hours ago
Ivey MScDoes anyone have info on the Ivey masters in management program in Canada? I've tried various searches and the program seems alright, but I can't find placement information. I tried a few searches on LinkedIn and there aren't too many results, plus a lot of them were of current MSc candidates (w... 12 days 20 hours ago
howdy ya'llUniversal traveler found his home in business.... 02 days 20 hours ago
2016 Grad FT Recruiting Schedule for BBs/Elites?Hi, I am a 2016 grad (undergrad) at a top Canadian B-school (non-target to BBs obv.), and was wondering what the schedule looks like for online apps, interviews and such for FT IBD at the BBs - this would include any accelerated rounds as well. Also, since I am from Toronto, I am open to any tip... 22 days 20 hours ago
Company Review: Credit Agricole 02 days 20 hours ago
Company Interview: Lazard 02 days 20 hours ago
Company Review: Lazard 02 days 20 hours ago
Company Compensation: Lazard 02 days 20 hours ago
Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs 02 days 21 hours ago
Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business SchoolCurrent HBS student here. Wrote a post about some of the things I learned from going through Harvard's new FIELD 3 class: 62 days 21 hours ago
Career changer - MBAHi guys, I'll be looking to go to B-School next fall and I'm a career changer (F500) looking to get into IBD (Boutiques, mostly). I live and work in Europe and I'd like to stay here after I get my MBA. I've heard great things about INSEAD's program but it's placement in Finance seems pretty b... 92 days 21 hours ago
BB Banks: Groups vs Brandsdsaf... 112 days 21 hours ago
Talking to other firms after signing offerdfs... 32 days 21 hours ago
Sell Side Equity Research ---> HF?I plan to go into sell side ER after I receive my MBA. I've also passed CFA L1 and L2 and I'm hoping to pass L3 very soon. After a couple years in ER, I want to transition to the buy side, specifically a L/S hedge fund job. If you worked as an ER associate and transitioned to a buy side job, can you... 62 days 22 hours ago
Company Compensation: Aon 02 days 22 hours ago