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Senior Spring Internship: Already Accepted Full...I'm already set on accepting a FT offer from one of 2-3 firms that have extended one to me. As I think about my senior Spring, what would the ethics be of taking on an internship with a MM consulting firm? Before responding to the job posting I wanted to hear your thoughts on how the boutique... 2 5 months 1 week
Leveraging a FT Offer: Proper Email EtiquetteHi Everyone, I received an offer not too long ago for a consulting analyst role. Not a "Big 3" but very well known "Tier 2". What would be the proper way to go about leveraging this offer when reaching out to contacts in other places that I am interviewing/will interview? More specifically... 5 months 2 weeks
FoF Interview & Assessment HELPHey everyone. I have an interview coming up in a couple of days. It's the first I have had with a FoF so your advice would be greatly appreciated. The interview would be for a research position. The first 30 min will be a regular interview, and the next 30 min will be an "assessment". For... 7 months 4 days
Continue Networking Post-SA Acceptance?Hey WSO. So I was lucky enough to receive a summer analyst position in one of these sophomore programs that some investment banks offer. While I'm extremely grateful to be able to focus on academics the rest of the year, I wonder if I should still be going to school career fairs/company... 1 2 years 1 month
Morgan Stanley IED Super Day (Sophomores)My guess is that this is a really small program, but is there anyone here that has gone through the interview process? I'm guessing it will be 3-4 interviews back-to-back and I'm wondering how much focus will be on technicals and how much will be focused on "fit" and "why xyz?" types of questions... 2 years 3 months
Winter Olympics or World Cup 2014: Which Will Be...Russia has the problem of Islamic terrorism, and probably a swarm of gay propaganda from the USA delegation. Brazil has unfinished infrastructure, possible price gouging, underdeveloped human capital (a lot of their prostitutes have had to learn English in preparation for their new customers)... 4 2 years 3 months
Thoughts about Sales (non-IB) InternshipsSo as a sophomore I'm looking for anything remotely related to IB this upcoming summer (I'm really interested in ER but options will remain open). I feel like a Sales internship is something I could spin come junior year recruiting. The position I've been offered is just that. It's not like... 1 2 years 4 months
Ad Sales Research--->Equity Research?If this is a stupid question, then I ask you to please go easy on me. Or make the jokes really really good. So I'm a sophomore at a target school looking for something related to Equity Research this summer. I ran across a few media companies (or companies with a media presence) offering TV/... 2 2 years 4 months
Career Investment Bankers: Does Anyone Plan On...After about a year on this site I've noticed that there are very members who are Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, and Partners. As far as those in PE and other things I see a wide range of users at different positions every now and then. Are there any current analysts/associates who plan on... 7 2 years 8 months
Yellen or Summers?Considering everyone that knows nothing about economics has chimed in on this issue, I'm surprised the distinguished finance and banking fellows of WSO haven't made a discussion about this yet. To be be honest, I'm so sick of the "Obama needs to pick a woman" crowd that I hope he picks Summers... 5 2 years 8 months


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From my observation, the black community doesn't...From my observation, the black community doesn't hold finance in the same regard as medicine, law or engineering. One thing I've observed at my target school is that it's a lot more difficult to pry away black college students from the "Big 3" professions. Combined with the other factors that I'm... 79 2 months 3 weeks
I agree that you should pull all of your other...I agree that you should pull all of your other applications. Let's look at the POV of the BB you are trying to interview with: you're already dishonoring an contract you have signed. A month from now, you'll find out there is an opening from a boutique PE firm, you go and crush that interview,... 13 3 months 1 week
Not that it matters much, but wanted to finish a...Not that it matters much, but wanted to finish a sentence that I cut off midway (it's bothering me a bit). I have a friend from high school who will be in ACN non-NYC/SF (still a large city though) , but I assume the salary is consistent. 47 3 months 2 weeks
Can confirm the $80k for NYC and SF from 3...Can confirm the $80k for NYC and SF from 3 friends who will be working there. I have another friend from high school. For all the heat that Acn takes they seem to pay competitively. Probably a consequence of 1) building a formal Strategy/MC unit in the past couple years and 2) wanting to... 47 3 months 2 weeks
As someone who had a solid sophomore internship,...As someone who had a solid sophomore internship, I would encourage you all to not go back Junior summer or at least shop around as best you can. Keep contacts after the summer, offer or not, go somewhere else, and double your network/opportunities. PM me for more details of you would like. And... 11 4 months 22 hours
I did the following filter on LinkedIn: Former...I did the following filter on LinkedIn: Former Employer: Accenture School: 12 MBA Programs (M7 + Duke, Yale, NYU, Dartmouth, Haas) Location: United States Of the 6000 profile matches (the same result gives 7000 for McKinsey, for what that's worth), the most represented MBA programs were... 8 4 months 1 week
We all know that that 90% of the post was filler...We all know that that 90% of the post was filler. "Better recruiting" for IB is what he's concerned about ;) 32 4 months 1 week
Do you mean a rotational program across different...Do you mean a rotational program across different divisions (like 3 weeks each S&T/IBD/ER)? 6 4 months 1 week
Compared to other groups within financial...Compared to other groups within financial services that is pretty low. And over-hiring interns for a shrinking groups screws over a bunch of people considering finance recruiting in the fall for full-time is much tougher as far as spots available. Thanks for the unsolicited advice though, I... 10 4 months 4 weeks
worked in MS but in another part of the firm as...worked in MS but in another part of the firm as an SA. They over-hire like crazy for Fixed Income summers. It's an absolute bloodbath when giving out offers. Less than 50% would be my guess. 10 4 months 4 weeks
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