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Continue Networking Post-SA Acceptance?Hey WSO. So I was lucky enough to receive a summer analyst position in one of these sophomore programs that some investment banks offer. While I'm extremely grateful to be able to focus on academics the rest of the year, I wonder if I should still be going to school career fairs/company... 1 year 4 months
Morgan Stanley IED Super Day (Sophomores)My guess is that this is a really small program, but is there anyone here that has gone through the interview process? I'm guessing it will be 3-4 interviews back-to-back and I'm wondering how much focus will be on technicals and how much will be focused on "fit" and "why xyz?" types of questions... 1 year 5 months
Winter Olympics or World Cup 2014: Which Will Be...Russia has the problem of Islamic terrorism, and probably a swarm of gay propaganda from the USA delegation. Brazil has unfinished infrastructure, possible price gouging, underdeveloped human capital (a lot of their prostitutes have had to learn English in preparation for their new customers)... 1 year 5 months
Thoughts about Sales (non-IB) InternshipsSo as a sophomore I'm looking for anything remotely related to IB this upcoming summer (I'm really interested in ER but options will remain open). I feel like a Sales internship is something I could spin come junior year recruiting. The position I've been offered is just that. It's not like... 1 year 6 months
Ad Sales Research--->Equity Research?If this is a stupid question, then I ask you to please go easy on me. Or make the jokes really really good. So I'm a sophomore at a target school looking for something related to Equity Research this summer. I ran across a few media companies (or companies with a media presence) offering TV/... 1 year 6 months
Career Investment Bankers: Does Anyone Plan On...After about a year on this site I've noticed that there are very members who are Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, and Partners. As far as those in PE and other things I see a wide range of users at different positions every now and then. Are there any current analysts/associates who plan on... 1 year 10 months
Yellen or Summers?Considering everyone that knows nothing about economics has chimed in on this issue, I'm surprised the distinguished finance and banking fellows of WSO haven't made a discussion about this yet. To be be honest, I'm so sick of the "Obama needs to pick a woman" crowd that I hope he picks Summers... 1 year 11 months
The Huffington Post Finally Got Something RightAllison Schrager: The Problem in the US is Economic Mobility: The article was actually borrowed from Quartz, but that still garners partial credit. I noticed many of the points made were... 1 year 11 months
Detroit and the Mainstream MediaIt just pisses me the fuck off that they basically spend half a morning covering this, only for the President to give them an out to talk about less important things that will produce nothing important. One WSOer said that there are many lessons to learn about the Detroit bankruptcy, but no one... 1 year 11 months
Interning at My School's Endowment Fund....The job is more of an "administrative assistant" than "asset management analyst intern". Answering phones, scanning documents, that whole thing But I figured it might be worth pursuing for these reasons: 1. It's a top tier university (endowment in the billions of $) 2.There will be exposure to... 2 years 1 week


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What part-time MBA If you said that you were Japanese-American, I might actually believe this was legit 10 months 3 weeks
Family wants me to go BB over elite boutique offerI'm younger than you but take my advice as you wish. 1. Sure, your parents paid for your education. But once you start that IBD job you will no longer be dependent on them for money 2. You probably know a hell of a lot more about IBD and financial services companies than either of your... 10 months 3 weeks
CEO for a Global Fortune 100 CompanyWhy don't you shake off the lazy and go ready some CEO bios. The answer is that there is no right answer. Careers aren't linear, so there is no secret formula. 10 months 3 weeks
No Return Offer (Advice Needed)I'm the same age as you, so take my advice as you wish. I think as long as you finish the internship (i.e. you don't get fired), you'll be fine. If you apply for consulting/other, just say that you are no longer interested in IBD (or wherever you are) based on your summer exposure. If you are... 11 months 3 weeks
Intern Dress CodeWhy don't you just ask (via email) HR or your rotation manager? That's what I did. They said suit and tie, jacket optional. 1 year 3 weeks
Asking out a girl at the officeI would buy the book and watch the movie of this thread. 1 year 3 weeks
Steve Ballmer Buys LA Clippers for $2 Billion[quote=ohbeafinegirlkissme] OkComputer: If the Clippers are worth $2billion, How much are the Lakers and Knicks? $3.5 billion? Isn't that more than Manchester United, the Yankees, and the Cowboys? I don't think any of the nba teams were valued at $1bn until the Clippers bidding war started... 1 year 4 weeks
Lucid DreamingOne way to get into a lucid dream is to go to sleep face-up, and go as long as possible without moving around. And try not to flood your mind with random thoughts. What happens is your body falls asleep with your mind still awake. When I started transitioning, it sounded like a hurricane was... 1 year 4 weeks
Lunch Orders/Coffee RunsJust repeat their order to them, like at a restaurant. That way you'll remember it. 1 year 4 weeks
Steve Ballmer Buys LA Clippers for $2 BillionIf the Clippers are worth $2billion, How much are the Lakers and Knicks? $3.5 billion? Isn't that more than Manchester United, the Yankees, and the Cowboys? 1 year 1 month