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The Truth About NetworkingMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 1/24/13. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. From observing the general population in America, I've come to the conclusion that most people are awful at networking. The vast majority of people in this... 64 4 months 2 weeks
Simultaneous Part-Time Internships?I'm not sure how common this is, but I have had a few concurrent internships going on throughout undergrad. Oftentimes I get away with it because they are only 10-20 hours a week each. Just wondering how this is viewed? I would hope that they see me as hardworking, but I could also see this... 3 3 years 2 months
How I Get Top Grades in UGFull disclosure: I'm currently a senior about to graduate in May, and unless I flunk every class this semester, I will leave with a 3.9 and summa cum laude honors from a public university. I see a lot of people on Wall Street Oasis who I feel are much smarter than me-- at least brainpower-wise--,... 21 3 years 3 months
Questions for Head of Global Currency StrategyHey guys, I have an opportunity to interview the head of global currency strategy at a major firm. I was wondering what questions you guys would be interested in asking him regarding the business, careers, etc.? 7 3 years 3 months
Lose Weight... and Profit? Maybe Not?This new article by Leslie Kwoh of WSJ states that there's a correlation in perception between a slightly larger waistline and one's ability to perform in a leadershop position. Researchers have shown that people in general believe that being overweight is linked with inability to do one's job, a... 8 3 years 3 months
To Be Good in Finance, You Have to...I was recently invited to attend a presentation at a well-known middle market bank, where one of the managing directors gave a speech about the state of the finance industry. There were a few things mentioned which have been echoed numerous times on WSO: the industry and its compensation may never... 21 3 years 3 months
Are You "IBD or Bust"?As much as I love Wall Street Oasis, I can't help but raise an eyebrow at how narrow some of the mindsets on this website are. I'm specifically talking about in regards to careers; obviously, this is a finance community-targeted website, but it seems unbelievable how many students go beyond "IBD or... 91 3 years 3 months
Stories That Make Us GratefulI read a book review in the Wall Street Journal this morning that really made me rethink my priorities. The book being profiled, entitled "Bend, Not Break" was written by Ping Fu, the Chinese-born chief executive of the high tech company Geomagic. Geomagic is a 3D-imaging company which enables... 16 3 years 3 months
When Huge Returns Aren't What They SeemIn the WSJ article "How Huge Returns Mess With Your Mind," written by Jason Zweig, the author explains a major issue that investors face during great weeks like the one we just had. After the White House and Congress agreed on a new tax-and-spending package to avoid the fiscal cliff, huge gains... 3 years 3 months
Importance of Types of Internships?Something I've always been curious about: I understand that if you are trying to enter IBD, the best thing to have on your resume is demonstrated finance internships/experience. However, what if you have 3-4 experiences at business firms, in either a strategy/consulting/management role instead... 3 3 years 3 months


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It's always interesting to hear these stories, as...It's always interesting to hear these stories, as it demonstrates that true success usually comes from being proactive and taking a little risk. Actually, a lot of risk-- it takes balls to randomly request a salary 10x your current one, and then holding that eye contact for 45 seconds. Must have... 4 3 years 2 months
The 10,000 hour rule applies to only one...The 10,000 hour rule applies to only one particular skill. As an analyst, you're not only learning to be a beast in excel, but you're also working on your ability to sell a product, becoming better at reading/understanding/analyzing financial statements/projections, and also learning about the... 13 3 years 2 months
what was the 130 hour week like?what was the 130 hour week like? 40 3 years 2 months
Does anyone else think Kate Upton is really not...Does anyone else think Kate Upton is really not that hot? 23 3 years 2 months
BTW, DonVon, shot you a PM a while backBTW, DonVon, shot you a PM a while back 29 3 years 3 months
I think these questions are pretty reasonable......I think these questions are pretty reasonable... they just require a solid understanding of the basics of finance and a little thinking outside the box. 46 3 years 3 months
I genuinely think finance is fascinating. I think...I genuinely think finance is fascinating. I think of it as a really fun game, albeit with lots at stake-- which just makes it more interesting. 29 3 years 3 months
@reformed, if he was indeed Asian, and the MD cut...@reformed, if he was indeed Asian, and the MD cut him because of race, then the guy lucked out because that's certainly not somewhere he'd want to work anyway 45 3 years 3 months
@Northsider - is that right? Are there really...@Northsider - is that right? Are there really more MDs than internship spots? 71 3 years 3 months
You have to realize that these people don't have...You have to realize that these people don't have to do anything for you. Since when was maintaining a networking/business relationship "hard work?" Are kids on this site really that pompous? 71 3 years 3 months
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