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True 2BR in West Village for $3,000-A Success...I stand here today as living proof that it is possible to find a true 2 bedroom in West Village for $3,000/month total. Before you go freaking out and telling me there's a dead person being eaten by NYC's giant rats in my basement, everything checked out. Did I get absolutely violated by broker's... 20 2 years 11 months
which financial offices have gyms. 2 3 months 3 weeks
"Creative Workers" Driving Down...Anybody see this WSJ article the other day? It's basically stating that the influx of "artists" and tech employees are keeping rents flat in Manhattan due to their mediocre wages.... 6 3 years 2 months
"Following" a PostIs there a better way to follow a thread than adding it to your bookmarks? I would like to be able to get email updates when new posts are added to a certain thread without writing on it myself. There may be something like this out there already but it isn't obvious to me at this point. 3 3 years 2 months
Student Loan Asset Backed Products?Anyone know of any liquid products related to student loans at this time? I know Sallie Mae has a few packages on the market but I'm not sure that you can get in and out of them easily. Looking for any info on pricing, funds, risk, etc. 3 years 3 months
J. Hilburn Custom Suit Reviews?Has anybody ever bought suits from this company? It's a custom shop with local reps offering 30% off near me if you spend over $500. I saw they have write-ups in Esquire, NY Times, USA Today, etc. but I'm not familiar with them. I'm looking to get 1-3 starter suits (basic black grey navy) and want... 5 3 years 3 months
Private Banking Analyst Attire?What are analysts expected to wear on a daily basis in PB? Obviously if you are in front of clients you would be in a suit but are the entry-level positions also suiting up each day? Question mainly for the New York offices. Thanks. 15 3 years 4 months
Ballpark for Private Banking Analyst BonusesDoes anybody have a ballpark for a PB Analyst end-of-year bonus? What are analysts measured against to determine these? I understand there is typically a $10k signing bonus but I am mostly looking for the performance-based bonus numbers. Thanks. 5 3 years 4 months


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No you'd most likely need a press for that unless...No you'd most likely need a press for that unless you get creative. 10 2 years 10 months
Steamer is the way to go. Cuts your time...Steamer is the way to go. Cuts your time dramatically and allows you to get wrinkles out of virtually all clothing items. This is the one I bought and with their 20% off coupons you can get it for $120. Well worth it after the reductions in... 10 2 years 10 months
@JSonDx paperwork was pretty standard: past two...@JSonDx paperwork was pretty standard: past two pay stubs, letter of employment, last year's tax return, last two bank statements. The entire process from viewing the apartment to approval took less than 6 hours, they are mainly looking for good credit and steady income. @DaisukiDaYo nothing... 20 2 years 11 months
Any information on corporate partnerships with...Any information on corporate partnerships with gyms offering discounted rates for those BB's without gyms in-house? 35 3 years 1 month
Saw right after I posted it...thanks for the link...Saw right after I posted it...thanks for the link. 2 3 years 1 month
I typically do that while we're walking to the...I typically do that while we're walking to the interview room during the few seconds of awkward silence after the initial greeting. However if it's a Superday where they're waiting for you in the room already you're right it would be a little weird. The point of the "conversational" interview is... 8 3 years 2 months
I've found my best interviews start off in a more...I've found my best interviews start off in a more conversational manner rather than the typical Q... 8 3 years 2 months
Here's some direct quotes from the WSJ article...Here's some direct quotes from the WSJ article: "An influx of artists, designers, young people in the city's burgeoning technology sector and other industries is helping to drive rent prices down because they typically make less money than those in financial services, which has seen weaker job... 6 3 years 2 months
Lots of variables here-if you're getting...Lots of variables here-if you're getting interviews at the firms, positions, and locations that you're wanting then there is no reason for the MSF degree. If you feel like you could do better or that the recruiting is sub-par at your university then it could be a real option. MSF programs vary... 4 3 years 2 months
Depending on what career path/location/size of...Depending on what career path/location/size of firm you are looking for post-grad, a MSF degree can be a great way for a non-target candidate to replace his undergrad degree with a marquee name in one year. This can get you into a different category of candidates, will benefit you in networking... 4 3 years 2 months
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