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Alvarez & MarsalWhat do you guys know about Alvarez... 7 years 1 month
Fox Business is a JokeI deplore Fox Business News. It's almost a joke in my mind and its website and columnist, Liz, perpetuates my view. Check out this very short op-ed piece written by Liz Claman about Lehman (I own a few shares so I follow the fundamentals). 41 7 years 8 months
Edgeview Partners - why so many associates/...I follow PEHUB and saw that a PE Firm I know retained Edgeview Partners, a small IB firm based in Charolotte, NC for a sell-side. I clicked through their website and saw they have 22 analysts and 13 associates! That's a lot of analysts for an outfit I have never really heard of! They all have "... 19 7 years 9 months
Valuation Firm Offer (Moving from IB to Valuation)I've been following this board for a while and figured I should provide an update. As for me, worked in IB for 3 years (at a bulge and then at a MM) and value my experience greatly. In general, I love IB but came to despise my group (lost all our senior bankers) and left recently. Being feed... 8 years 6 months
Risks of Joining a Newly Formed Middle Market PE...I am pretty far in the process with two newly formed PE funds that have around $400MM. One is a completely new fund and the other is part of a larger fund that has $1.5BB (they just raised $400MM, but have been around for 15-20 years). At both places the partners have prior VC/PE experience at... 3 8 years 9 months
Former JP Morgan / Carlyle Analyst Sues BoratJeses, what a tool. JUNE 6--A New York businessman who is seen being chased down Fifth Avenue by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the film "Borat," is suing over his unwitting bit role in the hit comedy, claiming that his civil... 5 8 years 11 months
Managing Analyst Time when Sick is HorribleHow do you guys handle sick time? I just came off the flu/nasty cold for two days and got pretty behind b/c I went home around 730PM on Wed and Thursday + I wasn't productive those days at all due to a high-fever. I couldn't really stay at home b/c my associates were all out traveling and I had... 1 8 years 11 months
KeyStrokes During your IB StintAs I'm sitting here at this absence hour, I realized that my fingers hurt. I understand that much typing is required in this job, but I never thought about how many keystrokes we do in day, month, year, etc... Assume 10 keystrokes/minute (so minutes your typing fast, others you're not). 10 x... 9 years 1 month
Macquarie buys Giuliani’s investment banking...Rudy Giuliani may be gearing for a presidential run, but the former New York mayor’s investment banking firm is ready to be under new ownership. According to an announcement Monday, Giuliani Partners LLC and its subsidiary, Giuliani Capital Advisors LLC, have agreed for Australian investment... 2 9 years 1 month
$4 million birthday party - Steve Schwarzman of...FROM PE WEEK WIRE: Memo to Steve Schwarzman: Hire A Clown Tomorrow night, Blackstone Group chief Steve Schwarzman will throw himself an ostentatious 60th birthday party, complete with some crooning from Rod Stewart. The New York society pages estimate that the bash will cost in excess of $4... 9 years 2 months


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your answers are somewhat misguided. a wind...your answers are somewhat misguided. a wind turbine MANUFACTURER does not produce the electricty, they just assemble the parts that go into the naceclle, etc.... you'd value them like any other hard asset manufacturer (e.g. ev/ebitda) but yes, you do start with a selling price based on MWh. 6 3 years 5 months
Wow, he really is in high school. Astounding!...Wow, he really is in high school. Astounding! They keep getting younger and younger on here... way to fuel the type-A personalities by joining while in HS. 188 5 years 11 months
junkbondswap: I cannot emphasize the importance...[quote=junkbondswap]I cannot emphasize the importance of learning to golf in regards to your career. You don't have to be good but you do need to be able to keep up and be familiar with the appropriate etiquette when at the clubs. I have only been playing for a few years but have had the... 29 6 years 9 months
I have followed it for a year. Salary data is...I have followed it for a year. Salary data is pretty good. Just be careful of when they aggregate salary data (ie 2007 pay might get lumped in with 2009 pay). Beyond that, it's provided me with ammo going into interviews on what my salary expectations are. I am looking at a corp strat job (... 1 7 years 1 month
it's a revolving door from what i have's a revolving door from what i have observed. i just checked their website and they no longer list the names of their associates or "sr" analysts. late last year i interviewed a guy who worked there sometime in 07 or 08 (can't remember). this guy had worked at 4 investment banks during his... 10 7 years 1 month
DontMakeMeShortYou: I think he was being...[quote=DontMakeMeShortYou]I think he was being sarcastic...[/quote] If so, I didn't even register it. Duly noted =) 14 7 years 2 months
Juwanna Mann: I'm sure this has absolutely...[quote=Juwanna Mann]I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with WaMu. Absolutely nothing.[/quote] With respect to scaling back investments in the financial sector it just might. Burned once, why get burned again? Don't rule it out. So, if it has nothing to do with it, why so? 14 7 years 2 months
Where did that come? They don't want to get...Where did that come? They don't want to get stuck holding the cat when the terms of the bailout, etc.. change on a daily basis. Also they invested in Wamu; they got burned to high hell on that and I'm sure their LPs don't even want to be reminded of that. 14 7 years 2 months
This is an awesome thread. I've been out of the...This is an awesome thread. I've been out of the biz since mid-2007 and this is a great way to get a hand-up on the current status of the market's appetite for leveraged debt. I remember the days of L+250 and PIKs galore. Anyways, continue on.... 33 7 years 2 months
GoodBread: Do you think the 35,000 is just an...[quote=GoodBread]Do you think the 35,000 is just an estimate of how many people will leave because of how miserable things are?[/quote] I'd quit if I had to work for BofA, and I worked at ML IBK btw. Big loss in my head. 28 7 years 4 months
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