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Focus on the GMAT vs Focus on the ApplicationI am applying on Round 2 to HBS, GSB, MIT and Wharton. I'm not going to business school if I don't get into those schools. SHOULD I FOCUS MY ATTENTION ON MY GMAT AT THIS POINT? OR MY APPLICATIONS? Here's my profile: - GPA: 3.65 - Mechanical Engineering (Top 3 engineering school) - 3 years... 3 5 months 3 weeks
Consultants and Investment Bankers Applying to...Hi all! I have heard it would be a better idea for me to apply to business school in round 1 since I come from a "typical background" (i.e. consulting / i-banking). What do you think? My current plan was to apply to some schools in round 1 but to my top schools in round 2 so I can have a... 3 9 months 1 week
Deloitte vs A.T. Kearney OffersHello all, I recently received a couple of consulting full time offers. My final choices are DELOITTE (Strategy and Operations) and A.T. KEARNEY (Strategy). I am still uncertain about which one I should pick. Overall the things I care about are: 1. Prestige 2. Business School placement... 45 3 years 6 months


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#expenseaccounts, In the BCG presentation their...#expenseaccounts, In the BCG presentation their placement graph showed 67% at HBS. This was a presentation at Wharton. I am guessing this is pretty credible. Hence Deloitte numbers sound about right. 45 3 years 6 months
If you look at the overall company, yes, Deloitte...If you look at the overall company, yes, Deloitte hires a lot of analysts. However the Strategy and Operations group is the smallest in the firm. From a graph I saw at sell day, Deloitte S... 45 3 years 6 months
Yeah.. Deloitte is 72.5K (+10K Signing) and ATK...Yeah.. Deloitte is 72.5K (+10K Signing) and ATK is 65K (+8k signing). However performance bonus at ATK is (5-20%) of salary. Not sure if Deloitte might be the same. 45 3 years 6 months
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