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Resume reviewAnd the best advice on their webpage: 2 years 1 month
Resume reviewalso: 2 years 1 month
Resume reviewLet me the first: McKinsey & Company's most useful advice: 2 years 1 month
Resume HelpDear gvc1992, What concers me about your resume is that it focuses on issues irrelevant to Big4. 1. It is certainly a huge achievement that someone commits a part of his/her life to sports, but.....correct stucture for a student on a one page resume is: Education, Work Experience,... 2 years 4 months
Please Help! Resume Critique and General Advice!Hi! I have one short comment. If you, write anything down in your resume it should have an added value. If you have already decided that you take an entire row in your resume to tell us about your interests, you should be more specific. What is the point saying tennis, or chess??? Watching on... 2 years 7 months
Should you pay off your student loans right away?The only debt I had is my student loan. I started paying it off when I was still in college. Minimum payment from what I have earned, while at school. Paid only the interest not the principal. Therefore after graduation, with a full time salary, it took less to pay it off. NEVER pay with a loan for... 2 years 8 months
Milton FriedmanAs the Latin saying goes: "De mortuis nil nisi bonum!" (Chilon of Sparta) (“Of the dead, nothing unless good”) 2 years 8 months
Explain why I didn't wear tie in first roundCon grats! It was a nice story. 2 years 8 months
Bain Phone InterviewEven after contacting a Consultant at McKinsey by email (after open day) in his reply he asked fit questions :) what other firms I am interviewing with for be prepared for even a case on phone 2 years 8 months
Good Resources for Computer Adaptive Practice...Yep, Manhattan is one of the best resources available 2 years 8 months