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Just Quit Investment BankingI was one of those high school seniors that posted on WallStreetOasis in the ye olde days when it was known as, and well, despite my earlier enthusiasm for the job, I decided to quit this week. I wanted to both share my story and get some guidance/perspective from the... 43 3 years 5 months
Series 79 - Mistake during exam, will I have to...I just took the Series 79 and got a 90% on it. Normally that means I would be getting trashed right now, but I accidentally wrote a calculation on the Exhibit handout instead of on the scratch paper. When I turned it in the proctor made a huge deal about it and said that she would have to report... 7 1 month 3 weeks
Girl AdviceSo I haven't gone out much since coming to New York. The guys in my analyst class seem pretty serious about banking (most of them are practicing their Excel shortcuts or something), so I haven't really been able to get them to go out. Went out with my sublet roommate and made out with this... 43 4 years 9 months
NYC Need a RoommateHey everyone, I'm an incoming analyst at a major investment bank. Looking for a roommate who is also in IB, just to avoid bullshit (roommates partying when I need to sleep). I'm in NYC right now. Looking for someone who is chill and down to go out if he has the time. I'm from California and... 4 4 years 10 months
Getting jipped?Okay, just want to see what the BBs are doing with regards to incoming NYC analysts. Are flights being covered for you guys, or is my non-BB bank just being cheap (like it usually is)? 16 4 years 10 months
Barclays Hong Kong - Word on the StreetHow's Barclays HK reputation? I have a few offers in leveraged finance on the table with banks in NY (Wells Fargo or Barclays level in terms of levfin league tables in the US, but with much less of a global brand name than Barclays). The HK position would be a generalist position doing what I am... 14 5 years 6 months
Shit to do in NYC before SAHopped off the plane a few hours ago, and I have two days to kill in NYC. My summer internship in IB starts in 2 days. First time on the East Coast, and I don't know anyone in the area. I want to keep the sightseeing shit to a bare minimum. I'm thinking just taking the subway to Wall Street... 15 5 years 10 months
"Cheating" during the CFA ExamIt looks like I might have violated the CFA code of ethics... So I woke up early, and drove to the CFA testing center. The parking lot that the CFA exam was using was cash only, so I had to drive around to find an ATM. Got to the test center seconds before the doors closed. I did well on... 29 5 years 11 months
Credit Suisse's Surprising M&A ClimbCredit Suisse's Surprising M... 9 5 years 11 months
CFA sucksCFA sucks. I started preparing the CFA Level 1 exam a week ago. I borrowed my friend's SchweserNotes. Reading through this material is painful. I can't imagine using a tenth of this as an investment banking analyst or in most other finance jobs. The exam fee is ridiculous too. $1,000+ to take... 21 5 years 11 months


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i received this watch as a gift. had it confused...i received this watch as a gift. had it confused for a submariner more than a few times. 300 6 months 1 week
no comment on stern's prestige or ranking comment on stern's prestige or ranking or placement, but I've seen some pretty cute chicks at dsp and akp at stern. would love to crush some of those "bros" 67 2 years 11 months
if you followed recent earnings calls, the...if you followed recent earnings calls, the investor base is concerned about the outsized comp ratio and want to see it come down. it has been rising much faster than increases in revenue. my associate buddies tell me that it's devolved into a world of haves and have nots at jefferies. those who... 6 3 years 4 months
don't be afraid to flirt a little with the lonely...don't be afraid to flirt a little with the lonely male analysts (me) if you're cute. helps keep me sane. 34 3 years 11 months
i know a girl who worked in jef s&t. very...i know a girl who worked in jef s&t. very cute 5 4 years 3 months
Clever Name: MD8: Arguably best group at JEF...[quote=Clever Name][quote=MD8]Arguably best group at JEF. Essentially operate as a BB group and usually rank top 5 on the street for HC. They have separate processes for many things within the bank when compared to other coverage groups, such as timing of bonuses, it's own staffer and sometimes... 14 4 years 3 months
1. oid is never that high. 2. 70 is not enough....1. oid is never that high. 2. 70 is not enough. proceeds need tob e enough to cover the pruchase price. the oid is amortized overtime. as such, it doesn't hit the income statemtn all at once but throughout the life of th loan 4 4 years 5 months
in short, yes. 4 months in. i'm on track to short, yes. 4 months in. i'm on track to close 3 deals by end of next month. 6 4 years 6 months
Macro Arbitrage: Is this event open to NYU...[quote=Macro Arbitrage]Is this event open to NYU students interested in 'networking'?[/quote] assuming you are one of those cute hipster nyu chicks, i am available for all the "networking" you want provided that this event occurs on a friday night. 25 4 years 7 months
went to a public high school, 2390 out of 2400,...went to a public high school, 2390 out of 2400, went to a local state school on scholarship. dropped out and traveled for a year. now i'm an analyst at a large investment bank, a career path that is completely at odds with all that i am. 13 4 years 7 months
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